Betty Wright - Grapes On A Vine Lyrics

[Intro: Betty Wright]
Ooooh (Oh, oh, oh)
Mmmmm (oh, oh)
Oh (Oh, oh)

[Betty Wright]
Daddy always told me to be real
Daddy always said that, I should say just what I feel
People, they will judge you cause they just don't understand
You're in it for the long ride, you don't just give up on a man
And like every woman who's been through the fire as well
We ALL got a story half afraid to tell, yeah
People they will judge you 'cause they just can't comprehend
You're headed for the long ride, you don't just give up on a friend

[Pre-Chorus Bridge]
(Now the ones have moved on) Gone to where the sun shines all the time
(We're still standing) Though some might think we've lost our minds
(We shall fulfill) our legacy divine
It's just that we're so different, makes our place a little harder to find

Grapes on a vine (Grapes on a vine) don't always make sweet wine
Grapes on a vine, yeah, don't always make sweet wine
Grapes on a vine (Grapes on a vine) don't always make sweet wine
Might be bitter, but it gets better with time

[Betty Wright (Lil Wayne)]
Momma always said that, it's okay to dream
Momma always warned me things ain't always what they seem (and my momma told me...)
People, they will judge you; leave you sittin' on a shelf
Remember it's a long ride, just don't you give up on yourself
And like every man, who wants to make his mark
We ALL got a secret hidden in our hearts, yeah {We all got a secret}
People they will judge us, 'cause they just don't really see
We're in it for the long ride, just don't you give up on you and me, no!


[Lil Wayne]
Uh, uh
Grapes on a vine, ain't nuttin' sweet
You gotta pay the price, just keep your receipt
I can make the world have a seat on my feet
And I come from New Orleans where the water too deep
Money bring problems, the funny thang 'bout it
Everybody want it, want it 'til they got it
Sometimes I forget and put my trouble in my pockets
Then hang up my pants, now I got monsters in my closet
Get right with me, Miss Wright with me
Die hard, I got too much life in me
Shades on, I'm seein past that
Bittersweet wine, where your glass at?
Toast! You haters are ghost
I make y'all sick, you need a full dose, ha!
And my momma told me do me
and stay away from that fruit tree, because..

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro (Lil Wayne)]
{Do you, do you}
So do you, do you, do yooooooooooou...
(Miss Wright with me) Be your own best friend
(Miss Wright with me) Be your own best friend
(Miss Wright with me, Miss Wright with me) Be your own best friend
(Miss Wright, Miss Wright, Miss Wright with me)
You gotta love on you before anybody else can learn to
You gotta love you, LOVE you, yeaaaaah, love you, love you

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Betty Wright Grapes On A Vine Comments
  1. Arvion Grey

    2019 and it still slaps

  2. Oliver Queen

    I discovered your video on Grape grower folio - there are plenty more good videos there that may help out


    ~~ Much love here for living legend Betty Wright ~ Honour, Love, Respect ~ Where Is The Love!! ~ Cheers, DAVEDJ ~~

  4. James Buchanan




  6. Biggie Favors

    My whole family luvs u

    Adam Joseph

    Likewise. Love love!

  7. Jazzy Fizzle

    This shit is too sick 

  8. richard bao

    Betty Wright... The Roots... and Lil Wayne! Damn, this is good

  9. Lakeisha Robertson

    B.E.T Awards

  10. Lakeisha Robertson

    Repeatttttt all day

  11. Lakeisha Robertson $hit....likeee

  12. Marlon King

    Wow! How did they convince a living legend to collaborate with The Roots

    slEEzEE-E in the place 2 be

    The Roots are overrated trash that were praised because they sounded different(a little of the present mixed with the past) at the time.. Betty Wright & D'Wayne Carter are both LIVING LEGENDS!

    Louise Laliberte

    ​@slEEzEE-E in the place 2 be kick rocks fanboy. Stop filthying up Ms. Wright's channel with your trash mouth.

    C. Ændino

    @slEEzEE-E in the place 2 be Lil Wayne a living legend? he and his autotune voice? really?
    show some respect for the real ones.

  13. Fuckhowufeel504

    this isnt their first time either, she was on (tha carter 3) "playing with fire"


    Didn't know that I have to listen to the cd again now.

  14. IrishiPhoneTutorials

    They collaborated a lot :)

  15. Mariokart360

    Grapes on a vine dont always make sweet wine... Three people didn't make sweet wine.

  16. Deundrae Goodwin

    Betty you will always be my number one soul sister thank you for the many things you've done for me

  17. Bandar K



    welcome back BETTY!!! classic ish!!!!

  19. 23vld

    I wish i could see a video on this song ...

  20. xdark0zerox

    Alright Betty is Back!! Love it!!!

  21. victornewman06

    Lil Wayne????? Really???

  22. antimattermind

    boring sound, great voice

  23. Born2Assist

    Grammy - this is an original collaboration for real!

  24. Vanessa Ellington


  25. David Bilcliff

    Betty is Back. The best album of 2011

  26. souprulez

    shit is fire..

  27. Povilas Gra

    @Baskir0v youre a fuckin dumbass

  28. Trevon Corey

    #It's dope how wayne id collabin with artist like this hes the best

  29. 7sixesssss

    @Baskir0v hahahahhaa...ur life sucks if u think its starts there

  30. voicemaker18

    i luvvvvvvv it

  31. verbatimmags

    Go to itunes or Amazon and listen to track 11. "So Long, So Wrong". This should have been the lead single. It's a great throw back to classic Betty and soul. It's a great cha cha, and steppers song. There's a lyric "Wanna make this plain, brother you must love Pain. Well, I've had enough of that ride. time to step a side". If you are familiar with the "Pain" saga (Pain, After The Pain, Not Pain No Gain, From Pain To Joy), this one lyric pays homeage to those classics. Support Ms. B (buy the CD)

  32. verbatimmags

    I just bought the CD. The cd isn't bad. The LA times gave it 2 1/2 stars out of 4. I kind of agree. The NY times gave it 4 stars. It will grow on you if you play the CD in it's entirety. I think that's the point of Betty calling it "the Movie". It has to be played in it's entirety to really appreciate it. It's like listening to a LP back in the day when you played the whole album. I think the lil wayne song is the wrong lead single. It's not bad, but there are better songs. Thank you.

  33. knowledgeisamust04

    This song is filled with a lot of SOUL. I love IT!!!!!!

  34. Baskir0v

    the real song starts at 3:00

  35. Robert Tanner

    i like her old classic stuff way better