Besomorph - Who Am I Lyrics

You've seen their nightmares come alive
You've seen their sweetest dreams blossom and die
You've seen it all before, you've seen it all
So why do you build us up to crumble and fall?
Why do you build us up to crumble and fall?

Give me strength and gratitude
Tell me what it is I can ask of you
Tell me what it is that I can't see
Tell me now, oh, tell me now who is it I'm supposed to be

You've given us a glimpse of paradise
You've given us a glimpse of what will be our sweet demise
You've given us everything and nothing at all
So why do you build us up to crumble and fall?

Give me strength and gratitude
Tell me what it is I can ask of you
Tell me what it is that I can't see
Tell me now, oh, tell me now who is it I'm supposed to be

Something is wrong with me, can't make up my mind
I'm falling apart at the seams, I can't deny
I'm losing grip of what I thought I knew
Oh I'm losing it, I'm losing it for you

Give me strength and gratitude
Tell me what it is I can ask of you
Tell me what it is that I can't see
Tell me now, oh, tell me now who is it I'm supposed to be

Something is wrong with me can't make up my mind
Something is wrong with me

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Besomorph Who Am I Comments
  1. demonoid

    Am I the only one who feels the chorus could've been so much more than what it was?


    But I love the song anyways

  2. Kriston Quartz

    THE ART♡

  3. KittyKitKat 522

    YouTube in 2020: i'm about to ruin everyone's whole career

    me: *insert Who am i? by Besomorph (ft RIELL)*

  4. Phoenix


  5. Tei Vq

    this voice **^**

  6. Besta iLudida


  7. OPetch : D

    FIREWALL 154

  8. Ginny pebble

    I finally found who made this song. It took forever

  9. I'm a cat

    I used to think this was by Selena Gomez

    I think I'm the only one 😅

  10. Arsonist

    Teeeeeeeeell meeee, why is this song so good?

    Bloomy Skylar

    tell me now, tell me now~

  11. KitTheKat

    Love the strong vibes from this <3

  12. John Gonzales

    For some reason, I think this relates so much to Percy Jackson.

  13. Pyrius HC

    This is fire. I'm serious - my house is set ablaze; send help

  14. flo077

    There is a chicken slaghterhouse just to the left.

  15. Jason Layton

    I’m so amazed by this song. Awesome.

  16. Eda Kovár

    wait those are not wings, those are white pigeon-like birds flying out

    Dark Light

    doves of love UwU

  17. Hiderr

    It's soooo great

  18. MaulMachine

    So is this a routine dovectomy or a radical dovectomy?

  19. Mira Jane


  20. Flower of Colour Blue

    this is great!

  21. BIGMAN#1

    So powerful and motivating!

  22. SuperMadhattar

    *I love this song so much. When I hear it...I want to cry.*
    *Because everything about it speaks to me on such a deep level.*
    *The lyrics, the melody and her voice. I love all of it.*
    *I'm constantly playing it in my headphones, in my car and in my head.*

  23. Shlayg


  24. Hristina Mihaleva

    This song is amazing 🤩 ❤❤❤

  25. Timmy


  26. Fabusquish Undercover

    this is so incredibly powerful, I don't think I'll forget it for years to come

  27. Anon. Person

    She SNAPPED ❤️🔥😍

  28. 배지나

    Someone that's afraid to let go uh

  29. victor Dornas

    Gostei muito👍❤

  30. Joud Abuali

    Me liki

  31. Z Alice


  32. [Blank]

    This is a song about a woman, that goes trough a tragedy, and seeks God for an answer as to why we die.

    It’s a sad thing that we may have to ask one day, and definitely will be asked by those that will miss you....

    Kristin Walz

    Love hearing songs that r deep n spiritual n not jist about sex n breakups altho i have written all 3 types of songs

  33. Jasmine Wysote

    I stumbled upon this beautiful peice of work after I woke up from a horrible just fit so perfectly and made me feel so inspired. You ever listen to something and instantly feel like you are there in that song? It lifts up your spirit and gives you something you can finally feel after being numb for so long. Thank you so much for this song that I didn't know I needed🥰

  34. faburil

    This is so heroic.

  35. iceninja2

    *Who am I?* o.O Well isn't it obvious? :) I am your father! >:D

    (Just Kidding. XD )But this song is really sick. >w<

  36. Anaïs A

    So good. Oh my...'

  37. Account Name

    0:59 Noice

  38. Lolypolv Dimonul

    Gta red lips

  39. Fireblood 1996

    This song is soo good

  40. Nothing L3ft

    Everything, My Queen. *kneels*

  41. JordanRA

    Riell and Besomorph have been killing it!!

  42. Capuccino Fofo

    So cool, good job ☺️

  43. DoshamiTV

    Can someone send me the wallpaper video link without the logo please ? ! :)

  44. chan Music

    I love it ❤

  45. Scare League

    When your backs itchy but you forgot your back scratcher on the couch...

    [REDACTED] some weird shit

    *i can definetly relate*

  46. rogue

    yuumei is just amazing

  47. Epico94

    Mistake in facebook link to Besomorph

    Miria Hun

    Right the Facebook link is broken. xKito mama hear us :)

  48. ᴀɴɢᴇʟɪᴛᴀ -


  49. GdawgGamerTV

    i love this, theres a part where the musical note takes an unexpected direction and i LOVE when stuff like that

  50. zepiir

    nightcore or original? BOTH ARE AWESOME!

  51. manal naeem

    This artist is underrated and deserves more credit. Like if u agree!

  52. Yveltal 1


  53. I AM DRY

    0:00-3:15 Just Lovely

  54. Arduno Dragner

    I am you, You are me. What else?

  55. Altronza

    Odd how much this song fits for the chapter I'm reading. Strange my timing as always. A great song btw

  56. ScreamNoCopyright


  57. bk-x records 記錄

    M a g n i f i c e n t 🌻🌠🎇 💛

  58. Little Gameboy

    I'm actually really a fan of this

  59. Atul Kumar

    Epic song

  60. armoredzebra2

    mm, good stuff.

  61. Fully03

    All I hear is Beastomorph

  62. Alexander Garcia

    I like the song and the amazing effects

  63. Hossam Ibrahim

    Magnificient song from a magnificient kito💗

  64. Toothless

    The question I asked myself before church camp this week. Today was our last day of cleaning up and going back home. But before, I was losing myself.. I pushed people away, I did things I shouldn't have... But thanks be to God. He never wanted me to be alone, He leaned down to me and said "Child, what are you doing? Why do u do this? Stop pushing the people I send you whom you know you love dearly, but know this: I will always be here for you, I chose you... Now it's up to you if u choose me. Don't worry, I never left, I have yourself right here next to Me, so come back to me if you want the Eternal Fire within you💛" And that's what I did. He brought me to camp yet again, missed a few days but that's ok, it still was worth every minute I was there😄 I found myself again, gave a testimony of where I've been and showed them that you are neither left nor forsaken by Him, and He will always show His reckless love when you feel lost ✝ I'm glad I went... So you're asking me who I am? I am a child of God, and I've never been closer to Him than that whole week of camp🙌📖. I'm missing it already, but now it's time to take my newfound fire, and shine it for all to see Christ in me🕯

    Have a great day and blessed life🙏😄👋

  65. Memorandum1231

    embrace me angel....

  66. Forget-Me-Not

    Ouch. So good that it hurts.

  67. Makakaualii Beck

    Man I love Besomorph

  68. Emilia K

    Besomorph back at it again. Wow

  69. Kimeii Akira

    I've been subbed to you even before you've reached 1M subs. Been listening to almost every upload since then. Even the older ones. Good stuff. Kimochi/10.

  70. Christian K.

    Just like that

  71. Pixal Izaraw

    can u take some arabic songs

  72. Stake Vibes

    I see besomorph i click
    and have a nice weekend <3

  73. Fouda TV

    what a legendary music

  74. gredethw

    😆When I get the last video ... the last ones will be the first LOL 😂🖤


  75. Scorpions Hunter

    Angel a good and beautiful but i like demon because they cool and more reality

    Maya Gunton

    That’s not an angel it’s a women with a group of birds flying out of her back.

  76. Yael Maldonado

    Acapella from?

  77. Hago ASL

    you are kito-sama!


    Loving it!

  79. VIVEK V S

    ♥️Such awesome Cover I love this 💞

  80. antman xD

    this would be the perfect music for darling in the franxx

    Gatto Gigi

    True this would fit perfectly

  81. 8D TUNES

    Thanks for the support 💙

  82. KimSahalio

    Ouff, amazing <3


    You are yourself,
    Never thought that you were forgotten of who you are,
    At least you could try to remember who you are,
    And as always be yours.

  84. Royal

    hey i am early <3

  85. Uchiha Kirito76


  86. bjw gaming

    I needed this...

  87. QuÉ VergA S.r Wey


    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  88. Rebbecah Israel

    Love it 💙💙💜🎼🎵🎶

  89. Who Am I?

    Such coincidence

    Who Am I?

    @Besomorph xD

  90. Forgotten

    Absolutely love Besomorph

  91. Hirai Music

    _awesuumee~_ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

  92. Franco, passione natura

    Nice friend

  93. Luffy Monkey.D

    This is Good Song 👏👏👏👌👌👌😁😁

  94. S . L

    I fall in love with every song you post, they're so amazing...

  95. Illumi Music

    Her voice is so good! 😍

  96. Gytis

    Oooh wow the music is flowing

    I never get likes (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  97. Besomorph

    Can't thank you guys enough for your recent support <3 Let me know what you guys think about this ☺️ And have a nice weeeknd ❤

    Darkray Accel

    Gonna listen to it nonstop this whole week. ^^

    Kimmy Promotions

    I love you Besomoph <3
    Hope you see this comment one day.

    Merrlia Chan

    I wish you'd come to a concert near Europe ! ^^

    Jose Nucre

    Super powerfull voice, I loved it. <3


    god besomorph your music gives me *that* feeling