Besomorph - On The Line Lyrics

You took it too far last night
I need you to make up your mind

Cause you been playing with my heart
Lying to me from the start
I never know, what you want
This is not, what I thought

I think we need to make a move
It's time for you to pick and choose

You played me for a fool
One too many times
My love for you is on the line

When your heart is on the line

Chain up your love
Throw away the key
Your filled with tainted kisses
And they're killing me

I should run
Get as far as I can
It escalated too high
We will never land

You got me hooked on you
Took advantage of my heart
And you never tell the truth
Your soul is dark

You played me for a fool
One too many times
My love for you is on the line

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Besomorph On The Line Comments
  1. CraftyRayRay

    You're* but still dope 😂😂🌻

  2. Tiwey LP

    date: nov.24th.2019
    views: 238000
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  3. Semaj Evans

    🔥🖤Love this song! Listened to this like a hundred times already!🖤🔥

  4. Marshall


  5. Muhammad Bham


    You took it too far last night...
    I need you to make-up your mind
    Cuz you-been playing with my heart
    Lying to me from the start
    Never know what you want
    This is not what I thought
    I think we need to make a move
    It's time for you to pick and choose...
    You play me for a fool, one too many times, my love for you, is on the line...

    (Base drop)
    (Your heart is on the line)

    Chain up your love, throw away the key
    You're filled with tainted kisses and they're killing me...
    I should run as far as I can
    It escalated too high, we will never land

    You got me hooked on you, took advantage of my heart and you never told the truth..
    Your soul is dark...

    You play me for a fool, one too many times
    My love for you
    Is on the line...

    (Base drop)

  6. Daryl Dixon

    This is amazing, only wish I had an hour version 😢😂.

  7. Drake

    Not Bad at all

  8. Vegito

    I am on fire but my heart is made of paper

  9. Wok Fadz

    I don't know why, but I freaking love the way he sang this.

  10. jack Rodrigo

    Por favor quem sabe a tradução dessa música em português BR

  11. jack Rodrigo

    Queria tradução BR

  12. Anthémos

    I don't understand the quote... What it means? "you're playing" or "your playing"? Sorry, i'm a French guy :)
    Does it mean that the heart is made of paper and the "love" has burn his hearth?

    Erza Scarlet

    You're playing means like you're not acting seriously, you doing something as a joke without thinking about the consequences.

    And paper heart is an english expression which means like a fragile heart that can be damaged easier, and since fire can burn paper, they're saying the person destroyed the singer's heart.

    Je peux parler en francaise un peu, mais je ne parle pas couramment. J'espère que je vous aide !


    @Erza Scarlet Yeah, thanks for the answer i understand now :)

  13. ExcuseMe IsThisYoutube

    You're *

  14. MaestrO Frags

    32k views 15k me

  15. Helios9826


  16. Anisoara Ani


  17. Ghost-kun Say Fuck U

    The background pictures gave me ideas, like creepyass serialkiller with supernatural mix in, in a post apocalyptic worlds after the 3 days of darkness that plunge the world into chaos... Mysteries of missing people all around the world, evil entities roam the Earth, people were under a sigil tatoo in order to protect the vessel from death, pretty much turn them immortal, but it is a trick of an evil priest that trying to become god by enslave them via the Beast Tatoo for the entrapment of their immortal soul .. Now they all cannot escaped via death but trapped in The world that was slowly but rapidly turn into a living birdcages.. People who does not receive the tattoos can only suffer once then they turn into spirits but cannot be enslaved , the slave cannot had the luxury of escape via death and being killed over and over again... Turning them all insane puppets.. So much wicked ideas..

    Ghost-kun Say Fuck U

    Dancing enslave corpse in a metaphosis black cacoon, tortured souls of the wicked , puppets of the deads, rebirth to an evil entity avatar .. Imagine all the people it kill turn into a dancing corpse in a black cacoon ( i knew it was a corpse bag, it is a symbolical cacoon none the less) . If somehow the avatar body got killed, the other cacoon replace it but in order to metamorphosis into an avatar, a sacrifice must be made, a soul for a soul... 😂 what am i thinking?

    Thunder Bird

    If you made this story on the internet tell me and I will definitely will read it ❤❤


    Ya should write a book or novel from this i would buy it and wait for it to become a movie. It can also be a good plot for an anime.

  18. Mike Spiegel

    The typo is killing me lmao

  19. FIN

    Just love the Samurai 🤟💙

  20. Ian Crawford Brunt

    Besomorph just swinging and swinging. on the money. current favorite

  21. Hawkeye979

    Saddly i only had bad things happening from love. I kinda gave up on it, it feels horrible but at least im not working on something that will probably end up like the last few times... Now its just me and i try to get happy alone. Songs like these really are my crack, goes right into my heart since ive burned myself quite a few times with people i thought i could end up for more than a few months...

    borinto bunto

    ​@Stygian well you do care a lot, that is very clear in your second paragraph. i think having a few people around you is better that having a lot. i think that like under 5% of people need a hobby and like 95% some kind of heavy responsibility as a reson to live. so having a dog or adopted chilldren and maybe 3 to 5 people you can speak with is all you need. oh and ofc something to do. oh and 3 to 5 people also includs like a particular person you see like at least every second day, a bakerbutcher or something

    borinto bunto

    that might be not very clear, but what i maen with under 5% of people need a hobby,, i tried to say there are only under 5%of people that only need a hobby as a reason to live


    @borinto bunto Oh haha. I do have a hobby. I love it soooo much! That is basically what keeps me going! One day I hope it can make a difference in the world. If not, at least I created something only I could create!

    As for peeeeooooplllleeee, uhhh, I do have about, hmm. Let me count. ... I think 6 friends? Only two of them I'm comfortable with. Out of all of them, I cannot think of anyone I could go too if I needed emotional support and all that kind of stuff haha. I was told by many people to keep my problems to myself. Nnnnice! Real nice.

    Pets! I soooooo want one, but I'm scared now. This family dog we had for like 6 years started biting me all of a sudden last year. Twice within 6 months. I have scars on my face. Not a single apology, nor did it get disciplined. It's like the dog was more important than me haha so I'm good on pets. Don't trust animals anymore. 😂😂

    An adopted child sounds nice! I currently have a baby brother that turned 1 a few months ago. It's a wild ride, but I'm happy. :D

    To each their own, right? 😋

    Whatcha Doeng

    @Stygian People and the relations between them are overrated. Unless you have some form of impairment, the only things you can't do by yourself are love and children. Well, you can make love to yourself, but it tastes different... Whatever. Unfortunately, usually the opposite sex never gets it. You only need them for 2 things, they offer everything but those 2 things. Some guys persist, some give up... The women still fail to understand, IDK why.
    I can cook, I can wash, and most important of it all, I fell better if I never have anyone by my side in my darkest hours because only alone I am free and determined to use whatever means are needed to overcome. When I accept anyone else by my side in a conflict, I must obey their moral code and that makes me loose. It's a hindrance, not a help. I don't need a shoulder to cry on and never needed it.
    Yet every woman I ever met wants to give me moral support, to cook and wash for me and to give me the least sex possible. I kind of gave up already.


    @Whatcha Doeng Awesome! Glad to see someone else understands my mindset! I can cook, do laundry/wash, perform chores on my own, all that fancy stuff haha. I do have impairments, but I have learned to live with them.

    Do I come off as the type of person that needs a shoulder to cry on?! Oops. I don't need one. I was giving out examples on how I ended up the way I am haha. Examples to let others know that sometimes their way of thinking faithfully in life about accepting strangers into their heart brings about more pain than it does a place of comfort and contentment! Yet they continue to pursue that path when it's not helping at all!

    That's good you are in the process of giving up! Trust me, once you dedicate your life to someone else, you trap yourself inside a cage to live by their standards and what they want. A lot of people these days are manipulative and think only for themselves. They spew out lies about care and love and support, but then their actions speak louder than words when actual time comes to prove themselves.

    When called out on their BS, they get sooooo defensive and have to make you seem like you're the one with the problem, not them hahaha. Mostly women. Men do this too, but you are absolutely correct. Women--NOT ALL BUT MOST--fail to understand. It's stupid and a waste of time. Better to be alone and happy than to try and find someone to love when almost everyone acts the same.

    Also, I don't think sex matters all that much. What you described, though, is basically the friend zone. That is another topic for a whoooole other day lmao. 😂

  22. Coopex

    Thanks so much Valliant for all the supports 😍😍 💕 Check my channel for a lyrics video I made of the track :)

    Hailtheginger 83

    Dude your music is mad fire like ima need a fucking water tower to put you out


    The song is amazing! 😍

  23. Anima Tweek


  24. Cowbell Ding Dong

    Youaby playing with fire, but I play with ashes

  25. Illumi Music

    The quotes are always on point! 😍

  26. Wessel Smidt


  27. Rebbecah Israel

    Love it 💙💝 💜🎵 🎼🎶

  28. Edgar Anton Marcuello

    You're* smh


    Edgar Anton Marcuello chill lmao

    Edgar Anton Marcuello

    @Valiant haha I was just joking mate, everyone makes mistakes :) Also Keep giving us some of these bangers <3

  29. Shubhojit Ghosh

    The artwork resembles to gangsta character nico

    rayan kara

    Eyy, that was the first thing I thought too, man that was a dope show...

    Shubhojit Ghosh

    @rayan kara rip manglobe

    Salva Castells Juan

    same lol

  30. Wild Belle

    Emo Sangwoo?


    nah it's probably nico from gangsta



    Yes it is emo sangwoo (nothing will change my mind)

  31. Haiderr HAider

    N I C E 🔥❤️

  32. Haiderr HAider

    N I C E 🔥❤️

  33. Haiderr HAider

    N I C E 🔥❤️

  34. ThEBluELuK


  35. Sub2Pewdiepiee

    You're" xd still on fire


    Or he is trying to say, that Someones 'Playing' is mixed with fire. Not quite sure if that is what he means xD

  36. Alin Alexandru

    Man, Besomorph never stops

  37. Abaddon The kitten killer

    Samuel samurai?

  38. MusicArena

    If you're reading this we hope you become a millionaire 🙏❤️💴💶

    baby Yuga is gay

    I hope to be successful ....I wish you the best bro...:D

    Agustin Hernandez

    One day, it'll happen... Then i will change the world as fast i can. The process is living long enough

    s c

    Oh! Thank you and hope for you as well.

  39. Cameron Gooch

    Love is like fire
    It can either keep you warm at night
    Or it can burn your whole world to ashes

    Risitas l'immortel

    Damn man,this one hits hard

    iInfinARMY Hearteu

    Everything is this way.

  40. Besomorph

    Valiant is bravery and pure love 💜

    TheUnknown Legend

    Damn, congratulations on this one

    just nightcore

    100th like ^^💜 love ur music btw its so dam lit!

  41. Layer Noro

    hellooo :> 2nd xD

  42. Valiant


  43. sanity •