Besomorph - Into You Lyrics

I, I still wanna run to you
And I'm breaking through, do you feel me too?
I, I still wanna run to you
And I'm breaking through, do you feel me too?
Do you feel me too?

I, I still wanna run to you
And I'm breaking through, do you feel me too?
I, I still wanna run to you
And I'm breaking through, do you feel me too?
Do you feel me too?

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Besomorph Into You Comments
  1. Swain FTW

    2:31 WTF short and godlike!!!

  2. Xx_Note_Worthy_xX_ 45

    F**k you

  3. Trap Archive


  4. King Sewayne

    I like the intro, can help me conjure up some mysterious and beautiful stuff from my imagination, the rest of the song is ok

  5. RM Black860

    Which character is this please tell me

  6. Matt GT

    Nb3 can't find my fav song😭 too many song.

  7. Panda Cotta

    Deep Song - literally

  8. Nightcore* Anime Flower *


  9. Hamza M.H

    0:37 those two second of pitch before hits change the entire track

  10. AlexFelix199812

    Very nice^^ i love it 💖💖💖

  11. INCISER Orion

    the mid tune is killing me!

  12. Nigga - Kun

    Besomorph and riell more pls


    🔴🔴JUST NEW NOW🔴🔴
    check it out 👇👇

  14. Poke

    For anyone who wants to a working link to the background image, here you go -

  15. Lörd Dexaxan

    Why do vampires look soo hooottt...

  16. Denzel Weathers

    I'd let her Bite Into Me...😈

  17. Tu Shi Feng

    This relates to me

  18. Mr. Mushy

    Can you put demon slayer background on your next vid plss thnx..

    Mr. Mushy

    Face2Citron awwhh whyy..??

    Kennedy Louis

    @Face2Citron AAAAH, WHY THO? ;-;

  19. danny sohilait

    Fantastic track ✴

  20. AWD4DRHONDA honda

    What’s up with the Tifa with wings?

  21. Jatin Kamboj

    Beso Beso I'm *Into You*

    Ice NoMoreOppression

    Haaa gayyyy
    Sorry I had to use that meme

  22. Dragonyyy

    For me Besomorph is the best u cant change my mind


    Or Bran...

  23. chris tps

    Very good song 👌

  24. Kira キラ

    For everyone searching for the picture... "HALLOWEEN TIFA LOCKHART"
    Have a nice day

    Aleksandr Shushkov

    thank you! <3

    Nevalon - Addicted to Dubstep

    Now i can jack off in peace

    Kira キラ

    @Nevalon - Addicted to Dubstep ;)

  25. Rekt by Pancake

    Besomorph you absolute ma lad. The quality you keep pushing out is insane. One thing im curious about though. Have you ever thought about a collaboration with Pegboar Nerds? I think my life would be complete if that happened.

    TC skrillz

    The nerdz are dope.... That would be a crazy good collab

  26. TreeFage

    Its art good to see besomorph work again

  27. Illumi Music

    I'm really into this song!

  28. ASOTFAN16

    Aww dammit, image link is ded XD

    Kira キラ



    Thank me later


    @Rubinlord Bless your soul


    @Kira キラ thx!

  29. GHOST D


  30. Crisperspade

    besomorph is the best!!

  31. Unreal Zero

    This succubus theme did reminded me about my ex

    Don’t ask.

  32. PlayfulTrickster

    The background image link doesnt work. FeelsBadMan. Pls fix. Or smn give me the correct link?


  33. Trần Dần

    Why i can't download nightblue - sama ?

  34. Ruma

    Today is my bd, I hope this song will be good :3 ( If it is I will take it as a gift)

    Just a sad Zed

    happy birthday ^^


    @Just a sad Zed Tyy !!! 😊😊

    Jotaro would beat The shit out of Diavolo

    Its been 1 day So

    I hope you had a Good birthday
    Heres a 🍰 Cake

  35. EŤK

    I always hate chill/chillout/chilltrap/chillstep

    「NoroOtaku」 _

    я был тут - ok bitch no one asked so shut the fuck up and leave

  36. Pootis - brawl stars

    That picture doe


    8 hours later, link isn't working :(



  37. TAE PVP

    Hi ชอบเพลงพี่มากเลยครับ

    No Name? ??



    @No Name? ?? แต่ทำไมมีเพลง1เขียนไทยอะ เพลง ข่าวลือ

  38. Lunatic Blaze

    Someone hit me up if the picture link is fixed.

    Kira キラ

    Its not but search for "HALLOWEEN TIFA LOCKHART" and then you get it :)


  39. EPICNAME 420


  40. ZuaTy Rxe

    This get into my head

  41. Ash roger

    I like something pop and pepy can you post a song 4 me

  42. Aleksandr Shushkov

    wow! already 30 seconds and loving it already! <3 <3

    Pete's AMV

    kur za leFski

  43. hayko beglaryan

    Как всегда лайк:)

  44. Charles Hunley

    Link to picture on the artist's Facebook page:

  45. Puffer Fish

    Besomorp 🔥🔥🔥

  46. Alexander 23

    I just only need one thing: Singer's name

    Aleksandr Shushkov

    maybe google can help you.

  47. O C T A H E D R O N

    Besomorph yesssss <3

  48. Arthropods Creation

    Where can i get the pic

    Kira キラ



  49. Nightcore - Robo

    Such a great song!

  50. Tân Nguyễn


    love the song btw

  51. Edition Plays

    nice song ^^

  52. jiwon2308_

    this is so relaxing

  53. David P

    Love a bit of the ol' Besomorph.

  54. Don Kaktus

    @Nightblue Music the link for the full picture isnt working/the site is unavailable, you might wanna fix that

  55. Lexo

    She is Morrigan?
    This is relaxing song.
    I love it♪♡ Thanks for the upload!

  56. Night Depth7

    This song is good but I liked yesterday's song which was great as heck and the tunes were dope.

  57. persivefire

    4th person to like this video

  58. John Eugine Fernandez

    Ugggh perfection 😍 both music and image.. Cant find the art though.. 😢


    Its always in the description

    Aleksandr Shushkov

    @Porotrox it isn't in description

    Kira キラ


  59. rafinator 27

    hello from Greece nightblu

  60. Abdul Raheem Abdul Aziz

    Yaa 3rd

  61. Beth

    I see besomorph with Nightblue Music
    I love it💖

  62. Techy

    Very nice! Likes from Czech Rep.!

    Ostravský Otaku



    @Ostravský Otaku Zdarec!

  63. Wiz The

    This girl is sexy? But u are more sexy

    Aleksandr Shushkov

    Nightblue is not girl.

    g Pro_Gamer

    @Aleksandr Shushkov this makes it even better 😂

    Aleksandr Shushkov

    @g Pro_Gamer i know lol

  64. Besomorph

    Nightbluemorph is back with this time a more chill tune :) Have a great weekend <3


    voice is a bit to loud could you maybe make a remaster would be awesome xD hahahaha sry xD dont get me wrong its great but i have to reduce volume in my room ~20 % while the lyrics... :D

    Sver Brussolo

    @GrófAzUhl i feel you ahahha

    ZuaTy Rxe

    Drop is good but the intro a bit like not fit


    Love u beso


    I like it.