Berry, Chuck - It Wasn't Me Lyrics

It wasn't me, baby, no it wasn't me, baby
It must have been some other body, uh uh, baby, it wasn't me

Said he was cold, tired and hungry, came a-beggin' for bread
The lady took him and fed him breakfast in bed
It wasn't me, Boss, it wasn't me, it wasn't me
It must have been some other body, uh uh, Boss, it wasn't me

You say you saw my car parked in the drive-in one night
Came over to speak to me, I was out of sight
I wasn't me, baby, uh uh, baby, it wasn't me
It must have been some other body, uh uh, Sarge, it wasn't me

Yes, a shrewd young whipper snapper love to run and play
But the draft got him, they inducted him today
It wasn't me, Sarge, uh uh, Sarge, it wasn't me
It must have been some other body, uh uh, Sarge, it wasn't me

I met a German girl in England who was goin' to school in France
Said we dance in Mississippi at a Alpha Kappa dance
It wasn't me, Officer, no, Officer, it wasn't me
It must have been some other body, uh uh, Officer, it wasn't me

Wailin' down the freeway, testing out the cruisin' power
State trooper trailing, clocked him ninety miles per hour
It wasn't me, Sheriff; Uh huh, Sheriff, it wasn't me
Ah! It must have been some other body, uh uh, Sheriff, it wasn't me

Calling for brave young soldiers, needed on the front row
Lieutenant said, "Which one of y'all volunteer to go?"
It wasn't me, Captain, uh uh, Captain, it wasn't me
It must have been some other body, uh uh, Captain, it wasn't me

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Berry, Chuck It Wasn't Me Comments
  1. donell blair

    man whoever produced this version..and added those annoying horns...did'nt know what they were doin

  2. bevy bear

    Oh no. It Never is

  3. Jovan Garner

    Behold the true king of rock n roll!

  4. Arthur Garrett

    We picked up your version of "I Hear You Knockin" for one of our uke songs here at the Home. pop

  5. Arthur Garrett

    Great job, Berry is cool.

  6. Si,soy yo

    Who's here from the prime add?

  7. James Newton

    the boy from Memphis was a poser!

  8. Keith Perkins

    Prime delivered you here, yes? ;)

  9. Clarence Ezra Cheatom

    this cat was rock -n- roll hands down!!

  10. urbanmaxi

    I'm here because of an Amazon Prime Commercial. How weird is that ?

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ urbanmaxi

    It's very weird, lame, trendy and sad as hell, that you have the ability to discover great musicians of the past this day in age, but won't, unless mainstream media is shoving it into your ears to make you feel like it is relevant listening.

    Hope that answered your question as well as enlightened you to your dependant tendencies!

  11. Scruffy_ The_Scruff

    Is it just me or do 90% of his songs start the same? Still a great artist

  12. Ken Konard

    During the fifties, what got my friends and me into Rock and Roll was Bill Haley and the Comets and soon after, Chuck Berry.

  13. Jeff Reese

    I love it but it's the same arrangement again lol

  14. vonell algee

    Love it cb.

  15. alvin collins

    Heard this on a commercial, hadn't heard it before

  16. Kory Andrews

    Surely the date on this record is incorrect? 1943? Wouldn't it have been in the 50's?

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ Kory Andrews

    That's not the year.

    That is the cataloging number of this single for, Chess Records.

    Kory Andrews

    @El Steve-O Radio™ ah! Thanks for the info man!

  17. Dottie Hedrick

    I love this song ❤️ I found it on YouTube after hearing it first on a commercial. Where has it been all my life❤️❤️❤️

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ Dottie Hedrick

    It's been around. It's been around for [55 years]!

    But unfortunately, you're like most of the people recently posting on here who can't discover great music of times past by one's own curiosity, unless mainstream media is forcing it into your ears, and making you feel like it is relevant listening just 'cause it is now broadcasted to the vast.


    Dottie Hedrick

    El Steve-O Radio™ Now I know.

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ Dottie Hedrick

    Yes... yes you do.

    And I can 100% guarantee you, you haven't and won't look up more Chuck Berry songs and feel the same gratification with others, since it didn't materialize in a: commercial, ad, television series or movie.

  18. Lala Poetdollbaby

    In 2020 Amazon commercial blessed me 🙌

  19. tom burns

    Chuck Berry. That brother could really play that box. Thanks for the post!

  20. Miss Cocomo

    Who else comes here because of the Amazon Prime commercial? Well, that's why I'm here but the funny part is that I also believe that a white boy made that song (not racist). But I love that music so bad from the commercial that I said let me come here on my favorite platform.

  21. Louie Neira


  22. Erik Killmonger

    Lots of people had pieces of Rock and Roll in their music but Chuck Berry was the one who synthesized everything and created what we know as Rock and Roll -- his lyrics and his guitar playing really defined and expanded the genre. There's a reason everyone did Chuck Berry songs even in the 50s. It's because Chuck's version of Rock and Roll was THE version of Rock and Roll. I always refer to him as the First Genius of Rock and Roll because he's the only one of the original rockers who had a vision of the music. He saw that it could be used to describe the teenage experience, that it could be more than just nonsense lyrics, and when others thought it might be a fad, Chuck wrote Rock and Roll's first anthems celebrating it and declaring it here to stay. If Rock and Roll was a car, Elvis would be the shiny, attractive chassis that gets you to walk onto the lot, but when you lift the hood it's all Chuck Berry that's making it go vroooooooommmmm!

  23. Apollo 927

    I came from the amazon commercial

  24. Jim Holt

    "I met a German girl in England who was going to school in France....we danced in Mississippi at an Alpha Kappa Dance...…" about sly......this wry and ironic line says volumes about what was percolating beneath the "father knows best and your hit parade' surface of 1950s America

    Tom Clayton

    Really well expressed and accurate, to say the least.

  25. theresa webb

    This is a good heard it this in a commericial yesterday.

  26. Al Pacino

    Who's here after watching 2 hour grocery delivery from Prime commercial?

  27. Les Rinehart


  28. prplepwr1995

    Chuck Berry>Elvis

  29. Will Outlaw

    Chuck Berry. An all time great!!

  30. FastgunEd

    This songs sounds like the vocals are dubbed on top of some other song. Doesn't sound quite right.

  31. El Steve-O Radio™

    For all the trendy douches who are now just barely coming upon this song by way of force-fed relevancy, mainstream media (Amazon commercial) and believing this was released in 1943... it is not the date! It is the cataloging number for this single from, Chess Records.

    Now be gone from here, leave this for the true fans to post meaningful comments, and go get anxiously prepared to go post on the next ad, series, movie and commercial song to feel apart of: "I'm here too from...!"

    🖕🖕 🖕🖕


    Fuck off

    Retrovolt Arcade

    Way to gate keep. However and whenever someone finds Chuck Berry is unimportant, as long as they find him.

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ dbgietzen & Revolt Arcade...

  32. Cecil Shaw

    Charles Anderson Berry , it don't get no better . R I P. Chuck.

  33. Brian Schill

    Heard a little of this song in a commercial yesterday, and I went to check it out here is YouTube; very glad to find it all there. But why does the label say "1943?" He would have been about 17 at the time. And the discographies don't show any recordings before 1955.

  34. Teacher Jan's Favorites

    I heard this in a commercial for Amazon!

  35. MotherfuqrJonez Jones

    This was 1965 not 1943 !

  36. ray h.

    Freaked me out when I saw 43 for the date ! lol 1965 more like it (: This was not cutting edge but old school at that time.

  37. ray h.

    This song was released in 1965 not 43.

  38. D Vader

    Thankyou prime for bringing me here

  39. francis connor

    It sounds like the Muddy Waters blues band playing behind Berry. Can someone verify that?

    Soldier who helped Sherman

    francis connor I cant verify on this song But I did some research and They were with chess records for a while before suing them in the 60s. So it very well could be them but I cant find out if it was.
    I dont feel like erasing this all But I did some more research on the album and no one from muddy waters band was mentioned.

    Reid Smith

    The other guitarist is Mike Bloomfield and the harmonica is Paul Butterfield,both from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.This was recorded in 1965 at Chess in Chicago.

  40. Vince Styles

    This is the start of rock n roll. This can be in any current movie it’s timeless.

  41. Mike Mangan

    Cannot believe they are using this on a tv Commercial!

  42. nicky0016dd

    I don't know this one, it is totally awesome!! 👍👍👌👌

  43. Chris McCurdy

    This is a nice song by Chuck Berry.

  44. John Rodriguez

    Anyone else here because of the Prime commercial? I swear I thought id heard all of Chuck Berrys music but ive never heard this one. Freakin Awesome!!!


    had to search for it after the commercial.... too cool!


    yes....the commercial made me do fact i dont even know what the commercial was for...just remember some little kid with a cake under a table.

    John Rodriguez

    @deiseldummy lol I know right?

    Dottie Hedrick

    Yes me 🖐🏾



  45. Mary Hernandez

    Amazon Prime!!♥️😊

  46. groovr22

    Who was playing the harp on this..?

    Mary Hernandez

    Where exactly do you hear the harp?? Ty😊


    Mary Hernandez. “Harp” is one of many slang terms for harmonica (usually in the Blues genre). So that’s what I was referring to. Not an actual stringed harp.

    Mary Hernandez

    @groovr22 oh ok. Thank you!!😏🙂

    Reid Smith

    The harmonica is Paul Butterfield and the other guitar player is Mike Bloomfield.If you aren't familiar with those names you need to check them out,


    Reid Smith Totally familiar... Didn’t realize they were playing on this. Awesome..! Thanks for the info.!

  47. Morgan Huffman

    Chuck Berry was a genius

  48. Ezequiel Orona

    I am here because of the tv... i heard it ,looked for it listened to it 6 times in a row....its 7am in vegas... i would like to know who played with him on this cut,, i kinda heard jhonnie johnson... classic, only chuck could come up with,"cold,tired,hungry looking for bread,the lady took him in and fed him breakfast in bed". Thank you chuck berry for the real rock n roll.

  49. David Rogers

    Vinyl 45's were the best brings back memories

  50. mr.jimmiesboy

    On top of crafting rock and roll he was the king of lyrical content.. must’ve been some other body, uh uh baby, wasn’t me 😎

  51. VA24541

    Funny how advertising "experts" claim to covet the 18-35 demographic, but continue to use 50s and 60s music these days. Chuck Berry, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, The Four Tops, the list goes on and on. It is just good music!

    Tom Milmore

    that commercial brought me here...the sound is timeless and gets the toe tapping'

    Evil Rev

    and probably cheaper overall than hiring new talent......

    vince cotter

    @Evil Rev new talent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪

    Will Outlaw

    Damn right it's great music. The crap coming out today is just that...crap. Then again look at the musically challenged producers and recording company executives feeding the public nothing but shit and hog calling and labeling it "music".

  52. Marisol davalos

    Who’s here cause of the commercial

    Colin Queenan

    Marisol davalos Amazon??

  53. Vincent James

    I was just married at 21-years old. ..and won tickets to the roots of rock and roll concert in Pittsburgh wife didn't want to itook my buddy Craig. .we drank and smoked weed the whole way down to the Stanley theater...when we got there it was already started..but Chuck Berry was the closer..I remember him singing this song and johnny be good and about 10 others...when we left and started wakking to the patking garage..we met chuck berry outside..he shook our hands..and the next day i bought a old beat up gibson sonex 180 standard....started playing it with a musicmaster 15 watt move i ever made was to see chuck berry in person!!!

  54. Bennie Ford

    Check out his strip down version on rarities.

  55. Robert Wright

    Chuck Berry often imitated but never duplicated. When it came to being the best It Was Him.

    vince cotter

    True king of rock and roll

    Brent Haymon

    @vince cotter I agree. Chuck Berry is no. 1 and Elvis is no. 2.

  56. Mrpachuko13

    Legalize prostitution!!!!

  57. Bill Cosby

    Heard this on tv and when I heard that opening guitar riff I started singing “deep down in Louisiana...” thinking it was Johnny B Goode. Looked like a total idiot lol what are ya gonna do

  58. Chico Gomez

    Amazon brought me here

  59. B Da Goat


  60. Mary Salvi

    2020 and still, It wasn't me babe.. Gotta give it to Keith, he knows genius when he hears it!! Love them both with such rock in their souls!!

  61. John Hardesty

    Bring this back, and you can keep your malformed, no instrument playing, plagiarized lyrics and notes rap music or hip hop, I’d take Chucky Boy all day, he was pure talent all way down to his knees!

  62. Austin Kloud

    2020 - and I’m still listening to Chuck.

  63. Michelle Martin

    Love this💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  64. Alan Derricks


  65. Auggie Raider

    A bad ass !

  66. ribble simpkin

    this was 1943?? isnt that like 10 years too early?

    G Davis

    ribble simpkin The song was released in 1965. 1943 refers to the recording catalog number.



  67. Rick Clark

    It wasnt me either!

  68. sondra york

    i kept hearing this damn song on a hotel commercial for tv lol, i love berry though and this is another rocker, i havent heard it before in it's entirity until now! let er rock!

    Michelle Martin

    sondra york Just heard this too on Tv!!! Love it💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    Kevin Hawkins

    I heard this song on TV and I had to find out if in fact was Chuck Berry and it is. I am going to add this song to my iPod.

    vince cotter

    I never heard this song before Amazon prime commercial but 1 second into commercial I knew it was the king of rock and roll Chuck Berry

    Sharon Forsman

    The best of all time.

  69. Jace Woods

    2020 and Amazon made me find it😎👏👏👏👏

    El Steve-O Radio™

    @ Jace Woods

    No one cares you trendy douche!

    Discover music by your own will, not what mainstream media forces you to feel what is relevant listening just because it is now broadcasted to the vast!


    Jace Woods

    @El Steve-O Radio™ Somebody feelin inadequate Don't @me you irrelevant piece of 💩 WTF do you know bout trendy

  70. Larry Beaulieu

    Chuck is the true king of rock and roll. Of course they can't give him that title because he is black.


    TRUTH! ❤️



    Michael Welch

    This is why the deffination of rock and roll says see also Chuck berry

    Victor Geroche

    "They" don't have the authority to proclaim the true KING. "We" (the Rock fans) are blind to the color of someone's skin. "We" love this guy!

  71. reuireuiop0

    Chuck was the Jimi of RocknRoll

    Or the other way round. Whatever.

    No Elvis, Jerry Lee or even Bo ever came up with stuff like this. Killer stuff

  72. There is a hair on your screen.

    Me when the last pizza slice is gone



  73. ZionForman

    Hi my name is Donald Trump, for those of you who don’t know me I am your President. one day shortly after I beat Hillary Clinton in a landslide electoral victory , well I was standing by like a regular innocent bystander and all of a sudden they had the FBI on my case , just like that and for no good reason ,

    Aquilaria's Dream

    Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu says a lawyer for Republican Rep. Devin Nunes threatened to sue him if he did not apologize for saying last month that Nunes conspired with an associate of Rudy Giuliani, a revelation that comes after Nunes has admitted to speaking with the associate.

    “Devin, I’m adding to my statement: ‘Your pants are on fire,’” Lieu added.


    He lost by 2 million votes genius 🙄 He won the electoral college vote


    And Satan speaks


    @boopoopies and he will win again

    James Silver

    @SOUTHPAW731 thank G D , please G D. he's to presidents what chuck and the beatles are to rock'n'roll! the very best. " keep goin with donald ,keep goin with donald,keep goin with president donald trump aye " (pitch up )-calypso and pop singer - 2020--hes still doin it
    btw,communism is sh t,so is the donkey crap party,and the very very fake news conglomerate ✌

  74. Andy McWilliams

    I’d buy that record from you.

  75. Elaine S

    This is so good it kills me. I love everything about it. I literally laugh out loud when I hear it. Wow.

    Winter Star

    Shoulda seen him dancing some mean choreography while singing & strumming! To bad this was just audio.


    first time hearing this version...from Chuck Berry. ...Ive only know the George THorogood cover for 30 plus years.....George just too it up a notch and put it on

  77. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción la compuso CHUCK BERRY y la canto en el año 1965

  78. Elaine

    I love him.


    In my opinion Chuck is the real founder of rock n roll. Much respect to the man from Memphis but Chuck was and remains a real rocker.

    james fitzgerald

    Chuck knicked he’s main riff from Louis Jordon and solos from more!

    Cody Chavarria

    That is not an opinion it is a fact

    Timothy Kugel

    Louis Jordan

    Ernestine Morrison

    @Joe Johnson yes, that was how it was done. Pat Boone also covered Black music. Then later Bette Midler and Gladys Knight recorded Wind Beneath My Wings (feeling my ancestral, generational rage being triggered) however Bettes' was associated with the movie Beaches and Gladys was left in the dust. smdh

    Chuck Pulumbo

    Memphis bailey?

  80. Elaine S

    Again. So true and well done.

  81. Tony Beezwax

    1943 is the record number m8,,not sue of the year,,would guess early 60s

    Brett Koehler

    Good point

    kenz 546

    Suprisingly, Chess records where this was recorded, is still around.

    ray h.

    65 not 43

    Deborah Baird

    Wasn't Chess records the one that the movie Cadillac Records was loosely based on?

  82. screwyootube1

    1943? Are you kidding me?

    Guillaume Laplanche

    could have been since he gave his first public performance in 1941 while still in HS...must have been before 1944 when he was arrested for armed robbery .


    Sorry. As much as I'd LOVE to, I can't buy it. That HAS to be a misprint. He didn't start recording for Chess Records until 1955.


    I don't know why I didn't scroll down the comments... :) The YouTuber that posted this says it's the record # (catalog#), not the year. I guess no one figured it would be confusing, 50 years later, once posted on something called, "the Internet". :)

    Larry N

    From the year 1965.

  83. Elaine S

    So good.

  84. Elaine S

    This is my favorite song by

  85. DMR

    Super trio berry bloomfield and butterfield!!!!!

  86. George Rother

    GREAT SONG!!!!!