Berner - Scars Lyrics

Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars

Forgive me for my sins, black burner, no prints, the evidence rinsed
I'm convinced the world's against me, fuck my own friends
It's a dynasty, I feel like Jay
A hunnid blocks, that's a real life play
I don't move like them, I sit pretty on top of a hill
I'm on my phone placin' orders, just drop me the bill
I'ma true shot caller, yeah, I probably get killed
It's why I crack the Henny bottles and I swallow a pill
When go to war, you gotta move like Trump do
Suckas do sucka shit, your brother is a chump too
Cudi keep the F in and Ye, he takin' headshots
Playin' with that neighborhood, probably got your bread locked
Underground king, my cash smell like mold
And I still get a point on everything he sold
Around here, I'm the one you wanna talk to, trust
Five box minimum, insert trucks
Why these dudes dress feminine? It don't add up
We be ridin' half asleep, tryna duck the bad luck
Man, this shit so good, I'm glad I got a bag tucked
Make a couple M's a month, I just watch it stack up

Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars

Forgive me for my sins, limo tint, two hours in Flynn
Hide the scent, on a gel right inside of the van
I could eyeball a bail and throw a zip on the scale
That's how I know I won't fail and I only prevail
I been around the block and bought that shit last week
I got my paper up, why you broke? Don't ask me
Everybody thirsty, drink a cup of warm piss
I feel like Pablo when he hit the Forbes list
How you put somebody on it and try to claim your shit?
I'm tryna buy more guns, I need to buy more clips
I can't ever fall asleep, my mind race all night
Smoke two more, it'll be alright
Hard white in a real long flight
Was my only hype 'til I almost lost it all twice
It's the middle of December and my black market lights
Got a great price on the street, they love you when you die
Caught my own partner tryna make some money on the side
And try to cut me out, this shit happens all the time
I'm sick and tired of the lies
And all this death around me, I'm just tryna stay alive

Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars
Dead bodies, old cars, look at all my war scars

Forgive me for my sins
Forgive me for my sins
Forgive me for my sins
Forgive me for my sins

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Berner Scars Comments
  1. Vorrtexx Gate

    Who got love for Cozmo?! One of the most underrated producers and rappers as well. I can listen to this whole album on repeat without skipping a single track. Beats are dope and Berner does his thing, he's gotten a lot better with each project 💯➕REAL #MobShit #RIPKingJack #Scars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. ltlleviticus Frania

    Always putting out pure heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Arafat Hossain

    When you been at war, you gotta move like Trump do 100 🙏

  4. R-Kade98 Official

    This heat

  5. Alfredo Cisneros

    Forgive me for my sins! God allmithy!

  6. jules winfield

    This song is too fire. I had to do like a dj and restart the song like 5 times lol

  7. jules winfield

    This song is too fire. I had to do like a dj and restart the song like 5 times lol

  8. DogManiyak G

    Ima true shot caller I'll probably get killed 🔥🔥🥶

  9. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Dope track hit us up for remixes

  10. Kas Cuev

    Berner you flow to slow,what are you dyslexic?Cosmo is a chump not a champ,his whinny high pitched voice samples are so played out

  11. snorewak

    i could of heard mac miller on this beat, rip mac

  12. Brandon Cohen

    One of my favorite tracks 🤘🏼

  13. Michael Sisneros

    I'm convinced the world's against me fuck my own friends

  14. hippie star

    Still get lit 2 thiz rip too all my dead homies 🤘

  15. ish req

    Berner the O.G

  16. Tony Smith

    He say why dudes dress feminine but he did a song with YOUNG THUG ALL IN A DAY and had the nerve to do the video in the V


    Respect big Bern But u niggas ain't here this mob ass production from Coz !! Puredopeslapz #Mipja

  18. Robert Vanderslice

    Young bern is the dopest...yay area..

  19. Corbin pa92

    Man this dude put that 🔥 music out much respect from the 330 the yo fuck with u bern

  20. Qiana McKinney

    This song is getting me threw some tough times , get better Grandma Rose😊😊 salute Big Bern

  21. Lil peep

    holy fuck berner it bro ..😙💨💨💨💨💨


    Woooweeee love this great joint this one on my top list plus love the Rico the album screw them Rico foes lol another great hit cheers burn one !!!!

  23. Chris Miner

    bern and cozmo together... classic I swear

  24. Streets Illustrated Filmz

    R.I.P. Crash 11/11

  25. MegaDoc009

    Shit so real. We need a video asap Bern

  26. Shaka Khan

    Who else takin bong rips on the toilet while bumpin this ?

  27. Lil Molly

    Berner is reaching his peak

  28. Lil Molly

    Look at all my war scars

  29. Cesar Dawwg

    200 of the views are probably mine. songs lit and talks about the reality of Buisness.

  30. Marcos Gutierrez

    Forgive me for my sin's

  31. Andrew bean

    915 loves u bern, keep up the good work👌👍💎🔥💯

  32. la bay

    When you go to gotta move like trump do

  33. Grime WestBrooke

    2018- Facts

  34. Don Mercury

    supppper lit , o rale vatos 🔥🚨 🤘

  35. Caesar Figueroa

    champagne feelin boi 💨🌴

  36. Eric B

    #mob vibes. Shout to Berner. Jacka soul all through this one.

  37. Jonas Cozad


  38. Luis Martinez

    Why this song remind me of moving out the ghetto. Dumb lit

  39. Jeremy Sean

    Burn two more it's gonna be alright... On Erything

  40. B-Tween


  41. TruthSeeker

    Damn bern getting them tracks out 👌👌👌

  42. R S


  43. Leanna Mcdaniel

    love U 11/11

  44. Manuel Ray


  45. kush Kush


  46. playboybunny

    You better not roll with $Krapz

  47. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Big Gil ... he stay puttin out that fire.

  48. FrenchDreamTv

    dooooooope f @frenchkid420

  49. Borracho209


  50. Badluvvv Badluvvv

    Salute and respect to moms on her bday been there bro @Berner lost moms to cancer at 15 #unreplacedVOIDS

  51. VertRnsk

    Love for the music and the lifestyle hustle. Much respect from Tx!

  52. kashィン

    love the vibe g , love from new zealand

  53. EazyMoney ZC1323

    Rico was fire, but this is beyond, Bern keep raising the bar 🔥🔥

  54. Soleprofit 559

    This track is real Mobby

  55. Ravi G

    that 90s jazz flow


    🔥🔥🔥came in hot on this one took me back to that old skool OG Berner shit. ONE LOVE ...All LOVE FROM SAN DIEGO!😎😎😎

  57. DanTheMan

    Big Bern on FIRE

  58. Noney Phakornkham

    Let's goooooo

  59. MAC Rawstah

    Another great album bruh, I been listening since Drought Season & the change is incredible...keep doin yo thing bruh ✊

  60. Dank Sinatra

    Berner be spittin some real shit. We hear ya Bern...💰

  61. Rare Money

    he talking bout Al Freshko?

  62. Matthew Sizelove


  63. aaron choate

    I'm sitting out on the porch the other day just wondering when something new would come out I'm let the music speak though 🙏💪✌️

  64. Douglas AArons

    Barssss🔥riddim is a smash🔥🔥🔥

  65. Douglas AArons


  66. Blue Garza

    Another 1 Big Bern!

  67. ILLustrious1988

    Cozmo production is ALWAYS FIRE! Cant wait to cop this album bern!

  68. AwR Shisui • Always Remember •

    Berner stay on his real shit!🔥

  69. Zach Jamieson

    Yet another banger from big bern does this guy ever stop makin hits

  70. priory court sad baby ghost

    Smoke two more it will be alright 😇

  71. tyler womelduff

    Makes me want to take the hydraulics OFF my whip

  72. Jesus Preciado

    You know I never went to his Cookies shop. I live in California. But its a good drive. I'll go this weekend. Maybe I can see him there and he can sign my Rico Album

  73. J Dabber

    Fresh life

  74. J Dabber

    Mob shit 415 312

  75. Nicolò Dessi

    top men! you are the boss

  76. George Galvan

    Damn thanks big berner for putting this out a earlier, always come through with that fire beats 🎤🍁🔥

  77. Victor Garcia

    Keepin it Bay for sure. Do ya thing Bern. 520 AZ see's you! Shout out Tucson

  78. Na Na Nah Bruh

    Beat on point👌

  79. Chief Grey


  80. Steven Johns

    Fuck yeah

  81. Joseph G


  82. Leandro Garcia

    Berner is #Dope hands Down,rip jacka
    Can’t wait to bye the album

  83. Stephen Curry

    Another banger to the playlist bern... do some more shit wit Storch to cuz all that shit was fire af ... Always play your slaps while the doubie in rotation 🍾

  84. central cal

    Who else can't wait for this new album to drop?

  85. Reezy Cash

    Cozmo x Berner is always going to be a slapper

  86. aaron choate

    Berner is the only thing I play riding the Rd

  87. JD Morales

    Slappin hard as fuck.

  88. Da jacka killyaself

    Wtf another album... Working hard I see

  89. Mario Lara

    You know bern always puts it down blaze 💯


    Bumping this in
    South Korea right now

  91. 211 MOB

    Keep the fire coming homie. Much love from Excelsior

  92. The Mura's Films

    Dear BIG BERN thank you for the great music... keep that mainstream off my whip....!!!



  94. Lee .H

    Love it man keep it up the music

  95. Xaivier Mata

    Everybody Love Bern

  96. Keith Roberts

    Bakc2Bakc #kc2dabay

  97. Ceez Geez

    It’s aight. Just aight

  98. Tilly mota

    Fuck ya goes hard serio Bernin' up 🔥