Berner - In The Way Lyrics

[Krayzie Bone:]
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
Way, way in the way, way
See, y'all niggas in the way!
See, y'all niggas in my way!
See, y'all niggas in the way!
Send these haters out in space!

They in the way
Kill the middle man, we ain't payin' no extra taxes
I got a big spot with hella lights, hit 3 P's on the average
In this cell, look at my [?], look at my crib, I'm doin' well
And we don't tell, we sit down in solitary and go through hell
Yeah, that money come and the money go but the money never made us
Yeah, that Bay Area it's one big graveyard for the players
Yeah, I'm old-school, I don't ever change
These girls still bring me paper
Bought a Benz, never had no scraper
Had a whole trunk full of flavor
All these blacks bags, these brown bags
My body's covered in gold
They was in my way back home so I had to hit that road
I took two pills, smoked two joints, drank two bottles and I'm gone
Got that big body on chrome
It's big Berner and that Bone, Bone

[Krayzie Bone:]
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
Way, way in the way, way
See, y'all niggas in the way!
See, y'all niggas in my way!
See, y'all niggas in the way!
Send these haters out in space!
Tell them niggas they better get the fuck on up out my way

Y'all better get the fuck out the way, man
Why niggas keep fuckin' up the game plan?
They keep on talkin', I'mma kill 'em with the same hand that I fed 'em with
That's where they lay dead
Don't [?] or break bread with these lames
These niggas fake as hell with they claims
Mission is the make the mil' and get paid
In case you gotta pay your bills, don't wanna sit in a cell
Try'na block my glow
Niggas have to plot at my door, try'na stop my show, no
Double-edged I'm comin' out the door, chuckin' mother fuckers to the floor
Unload and reload some more
Get out my mix
I don't even want y'all niggas in the picture next to the Mr. sawed-off
Spit ya, rip ya head right from your shoulders
I get contagious, y'all mother fuckers can't fade us
The game won't change us, never mind famous
[?] start blazin', spark the flame
Y'all keep blockin' my way, excuse me
Outta my way, outta my lane

See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
Way, way in the way, way
See, y'all niggas in the way!
See, y'all niggas in my way!
See, y'all niggas in the way!
Send these haters out in space!

[Bizzy Bone:]
Get up out my kingdom, my kingdom, my kingdom
Get up out my kingdom
Any nigga that's trollin' that shit's just hoe'ish
[?] that bitch inside [?] case you ain't know it
When I say leave me alone, I mean it
Get up out my, get up out my
I already got my loved ones with me, you ain't good to be with
And of course I've seen it
You know when a nigga can team with or even achieve a dream with
All the shimmer and shine you have is sequins and then there's no secrets
I can't even sink my teeth in
Somebody a fiends with, they smokin' out all these hoes
Givin' up they temple, they don't know
Get up out my
Guppy in the way but they always in the way when I do it like I'mma do it like I did it that day
Finna get you now no matter what you say, no matter what do, no matter what you bring
Got her thinkin' I was down but my feet are on the ground
Let a hoe be a hoe, let a clown be a clown

[Krayzie Bone:]
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
See, y'all just in the way, way
Way, way in the way, way
See, y'all niggas in the way!
See, y'all niggas in my way!
See, y'all niggas in the way!
Send these haters out in space!

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Berner In The Way Comments
  1. El NoKsE GuTiÉrReZ

    Berner in Guadalajara Jalisco mx.

  2. Chris Rodriguez

    That first verse was garbage

  3. mac'n1980

    Damn Bizzy

  4. mister G

    Get out the way wae

  5. райлик вешнёвский

    Berner in tne Way 😄😄😄

  6. Jose Ortiz


  7. GO ГУЧИ

    Instrumental please!

  8. RIVI Younger

    Kray went crazy on em fr

  9. guerratiburon

    Krazie bone always gets off !

  10. Anthony Paz

    Eazy E must be very proud!

  11. Anthony Paz

    Ayyy! Got the 12's Bangin to this for sure!!

  12. keyser Soze

    36 n harmony always that fire.. Berber goes good wit Paul mane🔥🔥🔥

  13. That Guy

    Krazy Jackson blazin at cha

  14. Zach Mutchler

    Krayzie snapped

  15. Mister Kekahuna


  16. Aaron Dodson

    Much love to burner for unleashing the thugs from the double glock

  17. Luis Torres

    This shit slap!

  18. Red zest

    Wow.. This should be a video!

  19. JP Romero Jr

    Dope shit!!!!

  20. Airik Marquez


  21. Olivier Desjardins

    if only juiceman where there it would be perfect

  22. Carlos Jr

    Beat go hard 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽! Fuego

  23. Steven Huckabay

    Show these young bucks how it's fuckn done! Now for the untalented haters get the fuck out the way!

  24. Beats By DA GOD

    Tripps on shoes down hallway----you already know what I said...see you n.....hahahahahahah

  25. WHY TV

    Bizzy bone owned the song !!!

  26. J6IX LARRY


  27. Marcos Zapata

    We need a music video for this one

  28. Dr.philgud 4.24/7

    This song is fire I got it on repeat burnish make a single a video out of this back in the day 3 6 and bond wouldn't mess with each other

  29. Phantom !

    2019 strong! Who? Bone!


    This that E1999 shit 🙌🏾🐐🐐🐐🐐☠☠☠☠🏁💪🏾

  31. casper keovongsack

    bizzy rips this track the second best was krae some song that is new and goes hard

  32. JPChiflado Official

    🔥🔥🔥 Bonethugs 4Life Hoe Ass Bitches out the way

  33. Thug mentality

    Wonder if there's any studio footage of this jam?

  34. Brian James

    Krazie and Bizzy killd that shit😮😮😮 real rap music right here🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  35. Snow Poodie

    Bone Thugs Kill This Song Period Real Talk CleveLand Legends DJ Paul Is A Very UnderRated Producer Dope Beat Krayzie Bone And Bizzy Bone Wreck This Period

  36. Lazarus Holliday

    No disrespect, but Lord Infamous would have been so dope on this track with Berner, Mr. Sawed Off Pump Leather Face, And The Ripsta especially after the beef where these guys battled each other for decades. People have to understand that this wasn't an Easy E road for these Five Guys who had to battle Galactica their way through this music industry without their mentor. Bone is the Best group that Easy signed and people don't want to admit it even if they weren't in the movie Straight Out Of Compton they were mention and thank God that they are still living, and their not cutting no slack; they are going to make you work for it, they had to work for it. These guys battled Twista mane, Mr. Genuis Book of World Records Mane It was Do or Die mane, Crucial Conflict Mane, Da Final Tic Mane, Smoking On Hay In The Middle of the Barn mane and da South Finest 3 6 Mafia mane, I gotta make it Tommy Wright that's why bone is my Jackson Five because they survived mane a lyrical warfare was going on and the guys stayed in the trenches that's is why Eternal 1999 is the dopest album on God Green Earth next Michael Jackson "Thriller" Bone don't Mubble Rap those guys actually spit real facts just got to listen for it. These guys still won Grammy awards and you couldn't understand a thang they were saying, but I have learned, and the sound is beautiful. There are no other groups that can compare.

    Cedrick Scott

    Fu king BEAUTIFUL

  37. Eugene Johnson

    Tell them niggaz they betta get the fuck on out my way

  38. Pablo Pomales


  39. Yung Quadrillion

    Now this shitt tight

  40. Ghetto Sista

    Daaaamn, killin it! Big up from Bulgaria :)

  41. Sean Murray

    3 6 N Harmony - Way past due!!!!


    Would be dope if Lord n Koop were alive they the ones who did the fast rappin n harmony too

  42. Jason De La Puente

    DJ Paul should produce a whole new Bone Thugs album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Facts 🙌🏾🐐☝🏾

    Luis Torres

    Ayye another Bone thugs album. Real ones need that! Seen them all perform live before shit was dope. (Lowrider Show) had to burn a fat one to them! It's a must 🎵👌


    @Draven Vigil No he's not lol.


    paul said on ig that him and kray was workin on an album... id kill for that shit🔥🔥🔥🤘

  43. Moctezuma Cuauhtemoc

    This brought a big smile to my face... I knew old bizzy still in there!


    I knew that shit too. I always check his knew shit if he came back... nobody makes that many bangers and forgets how to turn up the swag

  44. Jason Victor

    Sounds like N b I g song beat lol

    ςόмρţόή şάνάģέ

    Reminds me of the "notorious thugs" beat tbh

  45. C Rhodses

    Bizzy snapped on this

    C Rhodses

    Biz shows hes still in the Goat conversation for flow

  46. Donavan Dener

    Pesado mano. Dj Paul representa nos beats.

  47. Redant23

    If you dknt like this kill ya self

  48. keyser Soze


  49. keyser Soze

    Paul the G.O.a.t.

  50. EpicLeagueGaming

    The bass goes in on this with that bone thugs vibe I love it

  51. Miguel Melendez

    God D**m 🔥

  52. kush Kush

    No lie Bern and Eminem would KILL this beat

  53. Aubrey Johnson

    The beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of the song “Notorious Thugs”... not sure if anyone else picked up on that.

    Fernando Zapata

    Yeah when I first heard it

  54. Jose Avila

    When u get served on your own track... My boy BB and Kray

    The Fallen X

    So what I don't think he cares, he got to rap with bone

  55. Josh P

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit kb and bb killed this shit

  56. enrique garcia

    Slapper!!!!! I wouldn’t mind a remix more og rappers..... every one got off. Big Bern doing it. I won’t drive in the freeway and listen to this some one might be on the way lol

  57. 420 grams

    Omg so underrated smh


    Better than all the radio

    Luis Torres

    This shit slap!

  58. 957 MOB DEMONS

    Fuck bone thugs talking that shit about 2pac is was better then bone

    spoken truth 602

    Stfu..dont make any sense what your talking bout

  59. HIGHFYE84

    "This shit ain't gonna stop till all these cops body rott"

  60. ladytrue90

    Ooouuuuu boiiii this goes hard 👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BTNH for life!

    Oakland Native

    u fine ms lady


    3 6 and Bone

    Krown Vic

    Ladyyyyyy trueeeeee!!!!!! What's good amiga! And yep I agree super dope!!!!!!

  61. Mannie Gomez

    Now This my kind of music!

  62. HOSTYLE 619SD

    Mafia!!!! Bone bone bone bone

  63. Awoodward7899


  64. Rell Munny

    I think 24 haters got ran over.. should've got out the way 😎😎😎

    mista dont play

    Rell Munny a month later and it’s only at 24 let’s you know these are not real music listeners

    keyser Soze

    Yup.. How cpuld u dislike this 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    Brian James


    Beats By DA GOD

    You right as hell though. Blaaaatttttt! Got em coach 💪💪💪👊👊👊💪💪💪

  65. Stoney Productions

    Hook is trash , beat is dope . Only here cause of krayzie bone. Never heard of that other fool

    Brian James

    @Donald Lawrance ?

    Fairfax _Fran510

    90s baby should be listening to 21 an migos the fuck outa here this grown man's music how tf you never heard of bizzy bone nor berner lol


    Whole shit is tight

    Wan Hardy

    Bizzy Bone 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Song is 🔥🔥🔥u buggin

  66. Darion Spencer

    Krayzie bone snapped 🔥

    Poul Julle

    haha, I practiced a bit and spit that sick flow

    Monica Mclean

    Cause krayzie bone bizzy bone tell them hater to move out the way.

  67. Angel Rez

    Thank you for this whole album. Oh man. Real fucking music is back

  68. Memes N Music

    3 6 mafia meets bone thugs ....😲

    Whatsitmatter Whydoyoucare

    Memes N Music yeah back in the ‘90s lol

    Tion Dyson

    Epic!!! #RulerRipp

  69. tony montana

    Bizzy killed it

    Gene Kjunior

    tony montana hallelujah

    Monica maria Mclean

    Yes he did bizzy Bone always killing that music

  70. Aurore Michel

    Du très lourd

    tony montana

    Tres tres lourd

  71. Aurore Michel


  72. DaRealTreallyTreal

    Its the almighty bone thug!

    Tray Day 216

    DaRealTreallyTreal Yup

  73. Chels 4hunnid



    Follow me on YouTube, IG and Twitter: @DjSlowjah

  74. ivecbbm


  75. Anthony Lurqui-Gimenez


  76. Tonja Tate

    My Fav Group 4/Life 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  77. Tonja Tate

    Luv dis shit!! ❤😍❤😍

  78. IllinoisHustler

    Dj Paul for president 2020!

    keyser Soze


  79. chachi said

    Berner season

  80. Thug mentality

    Bern got the OG KB BB on this joint with Dj Paul fire

    Tray Day 216

    Thug mentality Yup

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  82. peter fontein

    Slap Out🔥🔥🔥

  83. Tito Benitez

    BadAzz Beat Classic Bone Thugs

    Ben Gordon

    Yes dj Paul made the beat

  84. Tomi Kushlòv

    i like this one


    Bone thugs for life..

    Tray Day 216

    Daniel Mascarenas Yup

    Luis Torres

    Always !

  86. Juan Hinojosa Jr

    Berner you never disappoint with the trap music 💯💯💯💯💯💰💰💰🔌🔌🔌🔥🔥🔥🔥👑🙌

    Stoney Productions

    Juan Hinojosa Jr idk what your talking about, that hook is garbage . Krayzie could of put down a bad ass hook .

    Juan Hinojosa Jr

    @Stoney Productions we all different we hear things different if that How you feel that's how you feel I respect your opinion we relate to things different no hate I'm not looking for clout or approval I just like the colab. Stay ☝

    keyser Soze

    @Stoney Productions paul the goat.. Shut the f up.. This song 🔥🔥🔥

  87. Jose S.


  88. Luis enrique Saldaña Rivera


  89. KoKaYnE_GyB420 GraveYardBrothers

    Berner this whole album slap so crazy! Hands down my favorite artist, has been since I got on his shit back on the white album.

  90. Ant J

    Hell yeah wake n bake time yee! Cheers from the 408 big bern!

  91. Daniel Veiga

    TGOD br

  92. Andrew Williams

    💎 COOKIES4LIFE 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🤘🤑🤘 TGOD4LIFE 💣💥💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🍾☮ Peace and love ♥ from 🇨🇦🤘