Berner - Feelin Lyrics

My heart racin' and my hands shakin', I'm ridin' 'round with two Glocks
All that loud talkin' is coolin' off, fuck around and get your dude shot
Touch down when that thing land, we celebrate and smoke good
I was nineteen smokin' light green, sellin' cream, up to no good
I'm playin' mind games with pretty bitches in the strip club, all fantasy
I'm on two pills, with two girls, why the Devil keep on temptin' me?
We'll settle down eventually, until then it's trap or die
Cherry pie, Skittles too
K-K, I'm hella high
King of the city, yeah, Queen is the mayor
You need it? I got it, I'm gettin' it there
That way that I'm livin', they say it ain't fair
Twenty two bitches, yeah, Bern is a player
Twenty two joints, hit it, smoke in the air
Diamonds so clean when I roll up they stare
The pussy so good I might go in it bare
Fuck it, I'm livin', I really don't care
It's Bern

That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like

I'm twenty now and bought a three year old, take care of mine
Some run from their destiny, I'm not scared of mine
Wanna take a walk in these Chucks? Well, here's a pair of mine
Rather do things on my own then just stand and whine
I never learned to wait for shit or stand in line
If you really ridin' for Taylor Gang, you a fan of mine
When that bag ain't all the way filled up, I can't arrive
When everything ain't goin' right, the stars ain't aligned
When I was in the Burg, my main goal was stayin' alive
If you can't take of yours, you gon' pay the price
If your girl comin' with me then I'm gon' lay the pipe
Sometimes when I smoke other weed, my brain ain't right
Me and Bern smoke day and night

Yeah, it's Taylor Gang over everything
That money got me feelin' like
That means over you and that stupid shit you talkin' 'bout, Gang
That money got me feelin' like
Put somethin' real in the joint and smoke that, uhh
That money got me feelin' like
That money got me feelin' like

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Berner Feelin Comments
  1. Seth Ashworth-Bastic

    I love listening 2 this first thing in da mornin wit da herbal tea¡¡¡☆!!!

  2. Ricardo Bitong

    Everytime wiz and berner get on a track or album, they drop fire fam straight facts !! 💯🔥🙏

  3. Eddiegrammer209

    Berner had this old Wiz verse in the safe for years

  4. Zach Blake

    we back for another year

  5. Felix Curtis

    Yo I HONESTLY have a Warrent out 4 my arrest and I'm trying not to think about it and all but this song got me "feeling like"........
    I just have to stand tall and face this ADULT Life.

  6. Flat-Broke Tyler

    Berner's best album. 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  7. Dennis Nelson

    If you don't like this song, you're an idiot.

  8. Just Oscar

    Smokin One Rn To Dis Frm DaKaine

    Just Oscar

    3:16 Am

  9. Carlo Dia

    Berner see you in 2 weeks san Diego ! Get high tgod. El chivo tour .

  10. Dereking Cole

    Mind off track no gps
    No REM, too many RPMs
    Wheels keep turning, as
    You running my thoughts but you never look back and dont sweat

  11. Luis Capestani

    Berner need to make a album with juicy j

  12. Stoner Money Makin Millions


  13. Stoner Money Makin Millions

    STONER 💨💨💨

  14. PerCar_137erz G3gend

    HELLA underrated , favorite duo ... and breal with berner !
    But this hella underrated ...AF !

  15. Evelyn Hernandez

    That money got me feeling like🎶👌🏼🔥 who still be bumping this in 2019 !!

  16. Angelique Marie


  17. sPaCeHiGh420

    All of a sudden your fans show up, if you ppl don’t know nada bout his mixtapes back then.... and the rest... I won’t mention no names , Chales... you foolios don’t belong. Act like biach and run...

  18. Brian Thompson

    It’s BERN‼️🔥

  19. Wolff Gang

    I love Berner he knows how to vibe . But Berner, wiz, and The Weeknd should do a song together that would be lit🔥🔥🔥❤️


    241 z🙃

  21. Rafael Hardy

    Berner this shit fire 🔥🔥

  22. Luis Capestani

    Berner and wiz khalifa need to make a mixtape together word up

    Eric G

    They did.its dope as fuck

  23. Erik Mendez


  24. Pedro Quiroz

    This my shit !

  25. Rigo Ruiz


  26. Ali I

    Sometimes when I smoke other weed my brain ain’t right...if you know you know. Only fucking with that clean potent Topshelf Bay Area Flowers out in London.

  27. eddie walston

    if it wast for berner taylor gang an wiz would be no more good shit berner wiz fell off black hollywood was the last smash

  28. Red Gamer

    This is gold

  29. Vaughn Woods

    Felt this..❤😎💨💨💨💨💨💨🔥

  30. Misho Jr.

    Original Taylor Gang Shit 🔥🔥 Berner Definitely Poppin Since Urban Farmer

  31. M3BenzYboI Rillyland

    Good song

  32. armando aguilar

    Thi$ $lapper Keep$ me Going 🤑💵💰🍻💨💨🎶🎵🌴🌴🌴 Motivation

  33. Tyler Keith

    Cozmo with another slapper

  34. Derek Patterson

    I just started listening to bern and like everyone else I can't believe how consistent his music is. Beats and flow are really good not the greatest but really good.I can't believe I been missing this sound.

  35. Alexa Marie

    Classic Berner smooth solid smoke! The man never breaks well maybe its his company lol cuz wiz is the exact same work ethic work work work smoke smoke smoke lol

  36. Cher0kee

    One of the best from Bern and Wiz🔥🔥this is probably favorite song from Berner. That beat is so calming.

  37. Jamison Couture

    goosebumbs my nigga 🔥

  38. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Samples are always on point.

  39. Eduardo Verastica

    11/11 I think Berner's wish is obvious.

  40. Tazz KRK

    Who in their right mind would thumbs down?

  41. Charlie HM

    This needs more views

  42. user 92

    I was 700k shoutout @Berner415 🔥🔥 miss the old bay flow 💎🔥

  43. Antonio Avelar


  44. Steve Okinkle

    Growers music 💯💪

  45. Mauro Gabriel

    Siempre en nuestros oídos, Argentina!

  46. Alicia

    Berner never come Weak

  47. Team We


  48. lars Rodriguez

    If that's berners mom she was beautiful.

  49. David Ramos

    Tengo 15 años y fumo mota y me gusta escuchar a berner jajaj i can feel good vibes👽🌿🔥

  50. Jordan Gamble

    Berner is so fucking slept on its not even funny😱 the flow, ryhmes, and beat just hit different than these so called trash rappers in today's society.

  51. Christian Alarcon

    I’m a stoner from instagram

  52. Nicolas 1000 points of Light


  53. Tem Production


  54. Tem Production

    Berner Bringing Heat All The Time

  55. Yoboii Ty


  56. GBody Rob

    Wen this beat came on i was like uugh in my dre voice

  57. GBody Rob

    Thats the one buddy

  58. GBody Rob

    Let em kno uncle bern

  59. dlocc theswish

    Berner made dj khaled 👌🏽💯🤷🏽‍♂️😂


    *My Heart Racin' and My Hand Shakin', and I'm riding around with TWO locks, So that loud talk is cool and ALL, Fuck Around and Get Yo DUDE Shot, TOUCH DOWN When that thang land, We celebrate & Smoke good, I was 19 smoking light green, Selling CREAM up to No GOOD, Playin' Mind Games with Pretty Bitches in the Strip Club Off Hennessey, I'm on 2 Pillz 💊 with TWO GIRLS why the DEVIL KEEP ON Tempting ME? - Berner*


    The COVER art reminds me of, "The Son of Norma" from South Park Mexican. I appreciate seeing portraits or FAMILY Biz, to who they was as kid's with mothers to Father's with children, doing they own THANG!

    Carlos Rivera


  62. not sure

    Your buds r niiiice.

  63. Rock Shard

    One of my best rapper out of Frisco

  64. Rift Salty

    im tryna smoke fat doinks with wizzle and bern smoking some half oz joints

  65. Tyler Gazley

    I was 19
    Smoking light green

  66. Brandon Jensen

    Uncle Bern Come back to Oregon we got the best Mota in the World #PNW #Cookies #TGOD

  67. Rianna Bailey

    The beat, the meaning behind this song is everything my ears have been craving!!
    One day I WILL smoke a blunt or 2 with this crew!🙋🏻‍♀️😋

  68. Dominic Quigley

    Berner is the most underrated artist I've ever listened to. Going through all his albums and literally can't believe what I've been missing.

  69. Hector Valencia

    Fuken wish I can smoke with bern been smoking couple years dabs all that wud be sick ass fuk to get in on a smoke sesh with bern dope ass track tho

  70. EastBayExotics 1Medical-Cannabis

    #EastBayExotics sub for some topshelf Strain Reviews...💯

  71. caucasian marauder

    Bumping this crossing state lines praying the red and blues dont show up in my rearview mirror.

  72. Ruben Spencer

    Tucson, Arizona

  73. Cole Ty

    So much vibes. Always is with you too

  74. Mayrani Gutierrez

    R.i.p X

  75. Ivan Garcia

    Seen him in frisco at the Christmas party. It was a fucken awesome show. Smokey af as well!

  76. NZ Healthy living

    Fire 🙏🙌

  77. michael coutley

    Berner always got the fucking divine beats

  78. J.R. Rothaus

    Go dowload the battleapp everybody

  79. Wvuf

    Fuck it I’m livin I really don’t care

  80. Itsawarehoe

    You need to make a video for this song


    So much better than the bs thats out now. Frisco players

  82. Katie H

    This is fire

  83. Jay Mo

    Been here before 2010 Weekend at Bernies-100 p's- where would I be- I'll be your pusher- Got work- Car full of killers-..... Only the real know Drought season!

  84. AfroHop Music

    This the song Imma play high af at the coast next year 🌊🌞

  85. Martin Flores

    My shit tho

  86. J -Thrash

    Lit smoking song! Not lit how you think tho!

  87. fredrick lee

    Feels like 2010 vibes

  88. Михаил Михайлов

    Holly shit 👁🔥

  89. Rigo Ruiz


  90. Bethany Leyva

    That money got me feelin like.......

  91. Jack Straw

    You look so small here lol, baby Bern. Big ups dude!!

  92. Lil peep

    berner ot ...always making og shit.😗💨💨💨💨

  93. One Love