Berner - Drown Lyrics

Ayy, man, I can't lie, man, this week been super mainy though
Enjoy a lil bottle of yac

My fingertips numb, I been bagging all night
I went from coke to the weed and brought a bag on the flight
They hear the hunger in my voice shit I went broke twice
4,000 lights at a real low price
Big rock bezels got played out quick
Especially when you still take trips, they don't work though
I'm back in Nebraska like break down this
I'll be here for a week, I got a show and a fifth
Fresno California I'ma be there soon
The 209 love Bern I'm a real tycoon
I got a drawer full of prepaid phones and roll on
Stacks of money orders from my [?]
House on Hollywood, Calabasas too far
I'm too hard for the radio, I used to move tar
I feel like Joe Pesci I move around in two cars
Cats get to beefing, take the shit too far

I'm tryna drown the pain in a bottle of Priv
This shit is therapy, I can't bottle it in
They got me waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
They got me waiting on the mail again
I'm tryna drown the pain in a bottle of Priv
This shit is therapy, I can't bottle it in
They got me waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
They got me waiting on the mail again

They want that old shit tell that lady I'm back
I went broke got a telly brought baby the sack
They got me at a dummy address just waiting for the pack
Back in '09, I went crazy with The Jack
We're OT tripping in Missouri Wells (What up Wells?)
Gunshots ringing then a young man fell
The whole crowd cleared out saw a high-speed chase
Kansas City get it like we do in the Bay
Look I'm back to the basics, unfamiliar places
Blue bags wrapped in the black and yellow cases
Black glove throwaways, I pray it all go away
The rap game was cool but I can't except a lower pay
Guns over Gucci
Drugs over Louis
Bitches back to setting up goofy male groupies
I'm waiting on the mail yeah I'm nervous as hell
I was good a month ago now and now I'm stuck this hell, damn

I'm tryna drown the pain in a bottle of Priv
This shit is therapy, I can't bottle it in
They got me waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
They got me waiting on the mail again
I'm tryna drown the pain in a bottle of Priv
This shit is therapy, I can't bottle it in
They got me waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
Waiting on the mail again
They got me waiting on the mail again

I don't know how it came back to this
You know all the work put in, I did my best
But I know what I'm good at too
It's for the dope game
Hey trappin' ain't dead, it's just scared
You already know what time it is, big Bay Area business

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Berner Drown Comments
  1. B-Mo93

    What’s the sampled song

  2. Ace Boog Aka Big 5th Mr G

    I see Berner I press play

  3. Gueeroo14

    209 all day baby 🤫

  4. Vinnie Del

    OH10 tapped in‼️

  5. money wuan

    Detroit what up doe

  6. Omar Ortiz

    Sampled keith sweat

  7. Scott Moore

    Ayyyy 209 does love berner u got some 🔥🌳

  8. Jeffrey Ison

    They got me at the dummy address waiting on the package

  9. Zeusssinstrumentals Ow Yea


  10. Rayven Sims

    All the way from down south big Bern. 615 Nashville tn I’m slapping this all around the city smoking

  11. Quetzal 94

    Shout out to all my thugs from that Nasty Dirty Grimey Deep South of Udaho bitch.

  12. Tahj Mahal

    Gotta slow this down to .75 sounds amazing

  13. CaliMadeKing

    The 209 Love Bern, I'm A Real Tycoon! Modesto always slappin 20 Joints!

  14. Kas Cuev

    Berner I'm in the sun right now,while your indoors to embarrassed to take your black t shirt off you fat fuck

  15. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Dope song hit us up for remixes


    that lil voice in the background of the beat is sampled from a keith sweat song. it sounds dope tho

  17. M B

    Keith sweat sample is everything!

  18. GBody Rob

    Big Bay Area

  19. GBody Rob

    Back in 09 i went crazy wit jack! Berners first nd only show in modesto was lit rip my brutha rich!

  20. GBody Rob

    Shout out to tha 209 all tha way to tha 559 Tha No!

  21. GBody Rob

    Gotdam🔥🔥🔥got me waitin on tha mail again...bay to atl

  22. large mans


  23. Bg flame

    That Keith sweat sample slap

  24. Darth Saturnine

    $Saturnyne @ Cash App, for Medicinal MARIJUANA in NJ, ALL HELP COUNTS, HAPPY New Year

  25. Raziel belmar

    Spitta know hes link in his castle

  26. Nail Wall

    Please berner wiz contact me [email protected] I can help out make more money I need your help I'm only one commenting think about this please man I know you can see this shit just let me talk for 5 minutes I'll give you 5 grand just hear me out contact [email protected] I value your time.

  27. Nail Wall

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  28. Nail Wall

    Where's that gas pansy's r is much y'all a ting like dynamic Dumbo's message [email protected] I'm looking for that gas of gas them volatizing gases.


    Nail Wall id say email berner lol

  29. James Daniels

    Straight heat

  30. Kingdzjo Buckwyld

    Waiting on the mail again

  31. Nail Wall

    I need good weed and high thc extracts [email protected]

  32. Bryan Ravn

    Wow I so Asian I can't see a thing

  33. Gerbert Torres

    Smoking and eating cookies to this 😈

  34. mark Hernandez

    No town!!!! 559 CA

  35. Mary Coryez

    this song is dope

  36. Oliver Bloom

    This is the Berner i know and love, reminds me of the old school Berner tracks 🔥🔥

  37. Outtastate javie

    I was gonna ask if you can help me with my music video ,,,but I see you ain't got one either lmao ,,,blazed out

  38. Outtastate javie

    Uhhh nasty ,,,,wtf ,,,,back at it again or what bro...damn ,,,nasty ass beat fam

  39. Fresno 559

    Let's go Fresno California

  40. ImBlitzed

    That Fresno Cali shout out yeeeeeee👌🏻🍁

  41. Ultra Lucid Bluedream

    559 Fresno hometown baby.

  42. Chy Gamez

    hell yeah come to the 559 !!!!!

  43. Christopher Eagan


  44. Go hard Cutz

    Waiting on the mail again?

  45. Go hard Cutz


  46. Go hard Cutz

    Love it love it



  48. NorthWest Kel

    SEATTLE fuckin witchu tough #UncleBern

  49. J Dabber

    Shit therapy shout 209 415 suscribe to channel everyone much 💘 J Dabber

  50. Nail Wall

    Email me directly wiz khalifa and berner contact me and i promise I make it more than worth it for you. You want too hear wat I gotta say I'll work for anyone 530,000 a year 10,000 a week. Email me directly [email protected]

  51. Mr.Mike Lewis

    The hardest song on the album smoke music😎

  52. Jody Collier

    y'all better never forget where this sht started thizz latin, drought season, blow, tipmacdre4life ripkingjack on errything so u overstand wtf it is

  53. Go hard Cutz

    I don't have friends nor family but this makes me feel warm like ur family reunion

  54. Go hard Cutz

    Beat crying... magnificent

  55. Go hard Cutz

    I used to move tar

  56. Go hard Cutz

    Berner a genius

  57. Go hard Cutz

    Rediscover kieth

  58. ryan wildman

    Favorite off the album 🔥🔥

    Trill Bill

    ryan wildman love the medicine wheel. 🤟🏽

  59. Robert Garcia

    Only this song was good

  60. Don Mercury

    o rale dope ass song 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Samson Time Travler

    Free The Waz 💯💯

  62. Albert Ruiz

    Nickle Nickle Nine

  63. derian mendieta

    Fresno ca yeeeeeee come thru for those hot box shows bern you know we get it foggy

  64. mo jojo

    Just dope come to KC see what he's talking about

    John M

    mo jojo 816 right here 🤘🏻

  65. Morgan Duffel


    Ace Boog Aka Big 5th Mr G


  66. savon childs

    Bern holdn it down for Cali... Love from Kansas city!

    Tony Jenkins

    From.killa city 2 da bay

    Armando Espinoza


    Bryan N

    Wichita Kansas fuck with Bern Midwe$t to the Bay

  67. Pablo Xsco

    Berner your music drives my grind harder and harder 💯🔥

  68. Jordan Silva


  69. Petey Lab

    "Californians, much Love BerNeR!!!!!!

  70. Simon Q

    First time a rappers ever mentioned Nebraska, bout damn time 😂

    mo jojo

    Rich The factor scrilla talk look it up

    Jody Collier


  71. Socorro Vazquez

    Visit Madera, CA righy after fresno California Big Bern! Only like 15 minutes away. So many fams here too Big Bern. Much love, love the new album, and keep it pushing bern!

    Armando Espinoza

    He got a girl in Madera pussy taste like a peach

  72. Gerardo Padilla

    Fresno County Boy . V. DelRey

  73. Clark Ragay

    thanks for the album, needed some new workout motivation!

  74. Ancient Kid


  75. caliboy86

    559 V. Sanger Central California 👌

  76. Jonas Cozad


  77. Sam Tesfaye

    That Keith sample tho


    whats the name of the sample bro ?

    Sam Tesfaye

    Keith sweat-right and a wrong way

  78. King dons channel

    Guns over Gucci Drugs over Louis,
    bitches back to setting up goofy male groupies

  79. 1220america

    The 209 loves cookies 🍪🔥🔥

    Ace Boog Aka Big 5th Mr G

    They smoking

  80. Cevy music

    Berner got that old school beats and flow

    Soul9 Rebel

    Dat Bay SHIT Boi!!

  81. Julio209

    That’s right! 209

  82. I am KING-KUFF

    You did t again kid ! Straight up , always from the HEART! I'm listening ....

  83. paul gutierrez

    “Fresno I’ll be there soon “ I heard that!!!

    Noel gonzalez

    If it doesnt burn down . 😢

    ill Drumatik

    Central Valley

  84. haa aan

    Whole album is ment for getting high 💯

  85. Tia babie


  86. itsYourBoyYak What's Up

    This sample is everywhere

    Usman Ali

    itsYourBoyYak What's Up what it sampled from

  87. reneh49ers

    Fire bro

  88. Javon Smith

    hard song.......would've been harder with me on it

    Huey Freeman

    stop it. AHAHAHA


    Javon Smith nah

    Javon Smith

    +1220america if u never heard me get off my better

    Javon Smith

    +Huey Freeman why not tho?

    Huey Freeman

    @Javon Smith you have no content on your page. Youre all talk. Work your way up