Benzino - Love Lyrics

[Intro: Benzino]
Zino, unh, Young L.O., don't start
From Boston to NY, Made Men
We do it for the.. (Love)

Purple haze, Philly blunts niggaz on the corner
Semi-auto weapons with the red scope on it
Niggaz don't want it
My dogs, we do it for the.. (Love)
Fly bitches, pony tails, jeans fit right
Get brains on the nine o' clock flight, that's.. (Love)
This is for them niggaz up in Waldport
Norfolk, Nashua, South Bay, shit you know them niggaz get.. (Love)

I got.. (Love) for the Hangmen 3 cuz they got love for me
I rep for them, they do the same for me
I got.. (Love) for them hustlas who be throwin them dice
All my hood rich niggaz on the block with ice
I got.. (Love) for the deceased that died for the cause
For everybody in the jail house locked behind bars
I got.. (Love) for them ladies in Victoria thongs
That ain't afraid to hold me down when the shit go wrong

See it's like.. (Love) when I be blazing up an ounce of hydro
Ride through the projects and there's no 5-0, that's.. (Love)
Sitting in the court with a grin on my face
Hundred thousand dollars put up so I can beat this case, you know that's.. (Love)
Niggaz workin with the Feds, that's trife
Got your man 25 to life, motherfucker that ain't.. (Love)

I got.. (Love) for the blunt smokers, the wood smokers
Dutch smokers, even you green leaf rollers
I got.. (Love) for my Timberland boots, Burberry suits
Plenty of loot, topless coupes
I got.. (Love) for my grandmoms, my little brother
For the youth in the struggle together we'll get tougher

All my niggaz get.. (Love) all my bitches get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) L.O... (Love) Zino.. (Love)

We got.. (Love) for them bastard children, still in them buildings
Postin a block, tryna touch a million, that's.. (Love)

For my people, workin hard at night
Run the graveyard shift, gotta get that money right
You know it's.. (Love) when I send my boy commissary
and a Playboy magazine with a picture of Halle Berry, that's.. (Love)
When I let you hold my nine, bring it back
Chicks where you at? You ain't gotta be a diamond stack

We got.. (Love) for them baby momma strippers
Cuz baby dad ain't in the picture, don't worry we here wit cha
It's all.. (Love) when the dro is lit
Everybody laughin, jokin and shit, now that's.. (Love)

This is for my niggaz who ain't here
Pour the Remy out, shed light on incarcerated tears, who got.. (Love)

For the juvie's in detention halls
Just, hit me collect and I'm accepting the calls, cuz that's.. (Love)

From these Boston Mass Bandits
Haters can't stand it and that's exactly how we planned it
Show me.. (Love)

All my hoods get.. (Love) all my peoples get.. (Love)
C'mon scream.. (Love) Zino.. (Love) L.O... (Love)

All my niggaz get.. (Love) all my bitches get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) L.O... (Love) Zino.. (Love)
All my family get.. (Love) all the world get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) holla.. (Love) show us love.. (Love)

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Benzino Love Comments
  1. Bill Bizzyy

    Benzino was a part of Eminem success,Slim does not give a fuck about meeting zino,Fact

  2. Matt Newman

    Benzo is a pile of dog shit on the street. Scumbag racist idiot. We all know what you are, trash of any color is still TRASH!

  3. Juan Marquez

    Zino will destroy that kid!! I think Zino sounds better!!

  4. Bridgett Holman

    I love Benzino

  5. Ankit Raj


  6. tina pedersen

    Haha, i dont think Eminem would have lunch with Benzino 🤣

  7. robert diaz

    He a bum

  8. Jake Hale

    Damn they clowned this dude hard in this interview 😂

  9. muhammad hassan

    Benzino saying it wasn't serious? LMAO. Eminem's crew members got jumped in Boston.( A few of them by Benzino's men).
    He saying it wasn't serious?
    He pulled up to DETROIT for some business and got jumped by TRICK TRICK, D12 affiliates,PROOF, GOONSQUAD, SOUTH WARREN CRIPS, EAST DETROIT CRIPS and 7 MILE BLOODZ. Em was rollin 300 deep back then in DETROIT.
    And I'm not snitching cuz this shit went to court and got dismissed so...... yeah.

  10. Loyiso Rafuza

    much respect for him a stan tho

  11. Mookie Betts

    As much a a y'all like to claim Eminem ended benzino career benzino wasn't even a rapper like that lol he was a pioneer though helped launch East coast music especially the Boston scene in 1986 am when he did the New York niggas had to catch up New York was still rapping ABC lyrics on shitty break beats

  12. Miguel Maldonado

    i like how eminem said benzino is a fat 40 years old lol he is possibly be worse rapper in the world lol

  13. William Leonard

    Mathers is a few pay grades beyond Benzino!! Ain’t nobody gonna touch the “White Boy”- The Game...

  14. mumbus 27

    That brotha rushed og zino...sweet Moses...his mama passed away...God rest Mrs zino

  15. hyman roth

    loves me a fake fight

  16. Ven OnlyOne

    So he shat himself nicely

  17. san eee

    That black guy got a thot for a girl

  18. san eee

    His girl jumping on guys girl. What a attention whore

  19. Jason Borotra

    Do you really think "kids" care about what this clown is doing lol.

  20. REDDY 781

    Fait to say em won the RAP battle but I do strongly believe benzino would punch his fucking head off.. it's like to bitch niggaz fighting but one a little tuffer of a bitch nigga then the other 😂🤣

  21. ? ?

    Some jeremy kyle shit

  22. eliav krovitz

    Benzino is a fuckin joke ! He'll be having nightmares about EM for the rest of his pathetic existence !

  23. Saintsinnz

    Benzino that old he used to smoke blunts with Julias Cesar - he past it, in fact was he ever even on it?? And the Em beef.. some more ancient shit, the 1st few bars were written in hyrogliths

  24. Aury Concepcion


  25. Ghost Life

    Benzeno been getting money and been in the streets for real! You internet trolls don't know shit

  26. Brian Robichaud

    What trash

  27. october basa

    Em made him famous.. he was unheard of.

  28. B Lewis

    Well I'm glad he apologised, but the whole "I never considered it as beef" is a load the stuff he said about Hallie was way too far "you callin' names then you ain't just rappin'"

  29. Mattoafc 789

    Kinda ironic how he now is on 50 cents channel lmaoo

  30. Wayne Martin

    Em Prolly don't get a fuck bout no lame ass Nigga like him like dude said never heard of this corny ass nigga till em bodied him with the grandfather rap track lol

  31. The Real One


  32. Acp 42

    Benzino is a hard as a grape eminen destroyed you bitch #worst rapper ever

  33. estss QC

    cunt Benzino😂

  34. estss QC

    cunt Benzino😂

  35. kwabena miami

    benzino too cool even wen he is angry. bless up bro. fan

  36. Reuben Samuels

    Who Fuck Is Benzino Niggah Looking Like Frog With Then Trex Hands Big Ass Head Looking Like Kowalabear

  37. Daladan Games

    benzino is the best !!

  38. Loyalty1269

    This guy did everything , spend every minute trying to find dirt on Eminem to get him outta there, but no one cares about fuckin benzino , a 96 year old fake Pacino

  39. william mcarty

    You tried to destroy eminem pulling the race card and all that shit and he still destroyed your publication! you are not on his level now at ALL! could you picture em doing a reality show of any kind?? hes like nas they pass that shit up constantly! fuck you, your fans and fuck the source still!😂😂

  40. b p

    lol never blow jack, estabilishing buzz

  41. j t

    3:00 your welcome

  42. steve mitchell

    y'all let a bitch break up y'all crew

  43. b p

    let it go dawgs, its over

  44. matthew mann

    Benzino should have kept Ems name out of his mouth in the first place Zino and Made Men got verbally anihilated in this beef.





  47. b p

    i remember when m diss him,, no body want hear grandfather rap lol

  48. big fist man

    Benzino waited for security to grab the guy before he made his move.

  49. Nicky Javier

    that's sum real shit he's taiking, he's right that was long ago it's over like Battle rapping, shake hands and move on.

  50. Tony The Tiger.!!!

    Fuck,He Can't Rap 4 Shit,Fake Ass Wannabe.!!!Lol

  51. Daniel Rafi

    oh god benzino is worse than I ever thought he would be

  52. David White

    Let me break it down for you so you'll understand if I say it slower.... LET... IT... GO... DOG... ITS... OVER...

  53. Callum’s mum

    He's praising em to save his career you beef with em your career is fucked

  54. Loki John

    love and hip hop is such trash

  55. Nikola Krcic

    yes eminem buried benzino on the diss tracks. but i really respect benzino for trying hard to send a positive message! thats when somebody is fully grown and a man! so its nice to see him as a man finally!

  56. isaiah allard

    Lol benzino is a clown

  57. My name

    I don't wanna be like this I don't wanna hurt no feelings but I'm only being real when I say nobody wanna see their grandfather rap

    Jared Rabin

    My name and old men have heart attacks and I don't want to be responsible for that so

    My name

    Jared Rabin so put the mic down and walk away you can still have a little bit of dignity

  58. My name

    I don't wanna be like this I don't wanna hurt no feelings but I'm only being real when I say nobody wanna see their grandfather rap

  59. RinggaardGaming 2.0

    Who is benzino?

  60. Freddie Flores

    I wish Eminem would come out with a diss track about today's crap music

    Kwebbelkop Fan Account

    Alfred Flores i didnt know carp fish rap

  61. BrooklYN

    benzino is official

  62. David Drofenik

    benzino is dead on eminem diss track

  63. tanner122772

    Benzino really? Eminem? You ain't gotta worry about him, because the only time you see eminem in the hood is on promotional billboards. lol you know he don't want it.


    Thug Style
    Nobody gave a fuq, because nobody knew about it

    Christopher Gibson9mm

    tanner122772 it's hip hop not gang banging

    Old School

    tanner122772 Benzino is Sooo Jealous of em n em talent ... The jealousy consumes him every day of his life !! Ha ha ha .. Benzino 4EVER goes down in hip hop history as a Wanna Be Failure 😁🤤😲 I Pity that man ... Em's dick will be slapping him in his dreams 4 the rest of his pathetic life ..🤤😨😢😭😩


    benzino got slaughtered..get over it

  64. No time For B.S

    This fella is so old ,he thinks he's a young buck which makes him look ridiculous!!! Hahahahahahah : )

  65. HmmGrrTT

    lololol oh man this stan ass mofo got dissed so hard he wants to sit and have lunch with em.....

  66. malico78

    black people do stupid stuff on TV sometimes


    Abdulmalic Al-Husawi Every race does stupid shit sometimes,even yours.

  67. MrRcheulishvili

    Eminem slaughtered him... I kind a feel pity for Benz

    Mike G

    Knock Knock Nigga shut tha fuck up. you stupid.

    Brian Raiders

    Simple Rap is not entertaining anymore unless your a fan of this mumble rap That so many young dudes are being now (drake or Wayne) many more no one tells story's in there shit. you gotta go to 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, and definitely Eminem. Plus eminem grew up in the Hood he made a name battle rapping the best and bodied then no problem. When he came up who were the while rappers vanilla ice come on now and beastie boys which truly they aren't rappers like that. He paved the way Listen to Rap God or even Infinite then see if benzino can beat him. this old 4 letter word rap bull shit


    +David White (Mr. No Chill)
    Strange, the man is still a multimillionaire, and l see him everyday on his own tv show...l wish someone would "end my career" like that!

    David White

    Well first, in order to "end your career like that" you have to get one.

    *mic drop*


    tanner122772 "im in the hood cuz im hood u in the hood cuz u aint got no choice" lloyd banks

  68. ShimithDomencio

    Eminem made this bitch ''famous'' fuck this guy


    ShimithDomencio To real hip hop fans he was already famous but only made himself known to stans and non hip hop fans back then.

  69. jimmy Faust Jr

    lmao my dogs more famous than Benzino lmao




    He looks like a retarded midget especialy that stupid ass face

  71. J.R. Wizzle

    eminem humiliated this crusty old bitch lol

  72. icfwu i cant f-ck with you

    ppl make mistakes its a part of life

  73. Dynamic Beats

    The words of someone who lyrically got their ass kicked

  74. Orlando 2017_27

    He can't fuck with Eminem

  75. Sasha Sarronen

    Joseline is a crazy bitch

  76. John Getek

    you see where all the ppl who beef em end up

    John Getek

    love and hip hop

  77. John Getek

    he dont wanna meet your ass u 83 year old fake pachino

  78. Benita Mussolini

    Em should've shot him.

  79. jay williams

    "don't blame me cuz you suck" LMFAO I'm fucking sleep

  80. cooling 57

    so I came here because I love eminem and had never heard of Benzino, but when I came here and saw this video I honestly just can't not like Benzino based on this, he just seems like a genuinely good person who is in rap with good intentions

    Old School

    cooling 57 Yo the man is a master manipulator , every thing he does is an act to try an further his less than successful career ! Benzino is a bloodsucking phony , fake low life !!!!!!

  81. Clements

    he sat there and pulled out eminems song called foolish pride and called him racist. then he talked trash about eminems daughter and mother. eminem has no business dealing with benzino. benzino just doesn't like him obviously.

  82. the_ WolfMaster

    i came here to see who benzino was because of eminem's diss song abbout him. some1 else came here too for that? i dont even know benzino

    matthew tonna

    loooool same who the fuck is this guy?

    J Live

    matthew tonna Benzino is a producer and rapper and Former founding member of the groups Almighty RSO and Made Men. And he was also a producer on the Hang Men 3 compilation album. Made Men was hot back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Some good music if you care to listen. I got all the albums. Listen to the Made Men and Hang Men 3 albums. You can easily download it almost anywhere and also look it up on YouTube.

    J Live

    matthew tonna Benzino is a producer and rapper and Former founding member of the Boston groups Almighty RSO and Made Men. And he was also a producer on the Hang Men 3 compilation album. Made Men was hot back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Some good music if you care to listen. I got all the albums on disc except for some of his solo albums. Some of his solo stuff is alright. Start with the Made Men and Hang Men 3 albums. Those are better than some of his solo albums. You can easily download it almost anywhere and also look it up on YouTube.

    J Live

    That song Made Men did with the Lox from the Belly soundtrack and Made Men album was hot too.

    Mohammad Bin-Salomon

    the_ WolfMaster then you don’t know the source which was the only source of light

  83. Trevor Teixeira

    BENZINO IS A BITCH i rashed him on his instagram and he deleted our entire argument and left shit to make him look tough lmao then i let him follow me and he tried to say he was gunna find me when i already told him where Im at baby, wheres he at!? NO WHERE CUS HES A BITCH ASS NIGGA.

    Trevor Teixeira

    btw hes half white he likes to hide that


    you on the computer

    Cody Webster

    who TF are you?

    Ro Kaine

    Lol u obviously are a product of this new age cyber fuck boy shit. Of course Benzino is a "Bitch Ass Nigga" when u safe from your home and on ya phone. But i can bet ANY amount of money you NEVER been a part of anything that deciphers "Real Niggas" from "Bitch Niggas." So keep typing. Your comversation alone shows your entire make-up!

    Trevor Teixeira

    actually you shouldn't say shit when you don't know me. If you're ever in Fall River MA hmu ill show you real lmao I get that hole keyboard killer shit but I'm just stating facts. bitch

  84. crackflush

    What happened to his neck?

  85. Advanced Theories

    lol "I burried him already" "he speaking from the grave

  86. Advanced Theories

    lol eminem is still pissed u could tell

  87. Advanced Theories

    he wasn't scared of benzino he wanted it

  88. Shinobi Bruh

    "we just might like eachother" he hella gay! aND HIS CAREER AINT WENT NOWHERE SINCE THEN! eM was dissin Zino when they where both up and comin rappers, Em's gone so far ahead and benzino is at the same level of fame since way back then! All this time has passed, lame ass niggah!!!

  89. Shinobi Bruh

    bitch as benzino waited till he KNEW security would break the fight up, he only got out his seat so he wouldnt look weak.

  90. Chester Copperpot

    What the fuck is a benzino?

    New England Fb

    SharkBird benzos mixed with alcohol ha

  91. Donte DiVincenzo

    "fuck benzino" obie tryce

  92. Iamtherisingstar Thepain

    How can These bitches dare to compete with the rap legend..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. 951matthew951

    Was this the source awards?

  94. Josh Smith

    White folks if I said black folks I would be racist

  95. Michael Lane

    Of course Benzino is talking nice about Em. He made his career. If Em never responded, Zino would be chillin' in his outhouse. The beef was fake. Just an attempt at fame.


    you must be new to hip-hop.

    Michael Lane

    Actually, I'm old school. WAAAAY old school. Hahahaha. Like Funky 4+1, Kurtis know. I know about Zino being in the Almighty RSO & the Source tenure. I'm referring to his solo career. His solo career was horrible. And as far as his career on a mainstream level was zero. That was what I was trying to get out.

  96. luiramos

    "I dont wanna be like this , i dont wanna hurt no feelings " lol

  97. TommySixGun

    Benzino is a no talent asshat

  98. Justin P.

    You can tell they are faking it because when he gets free from the bodyguards, he slowly walked so they could get him again before he gets his ass whooped. PUSSY

  99. adalberto `ramirez

    This dude,I saw a video yesterday where he and this black preacher seem like they were saying Eminem is iluminati control and that they backed Eminem because Eminem helps destroy black America blah blah blah now Eminem letw talk it wasn't serious .Eminem might be slimshady but benzinp is a shady dude

  100. Ben C

    Benzino cant fight for shit