Benzino - Look Into My Eyes Lyrics

[Hook - Troy Bell (Benzino)]
Look into my eyes and you will see (my struggle, my pain)
My life, my pains, and the pains that made me (made me who I am)
there's no other place that I would rather be (Benzino)
I didn't choose this life, this life chose me (Troy Bell)
This life chose me (c'mon Troy, let's go)

[Intro - Benzino (Troy Bell)]
This one's for the world, my people *my people)
You think you know me *uh uh*, you have no idea who I am
This is my story, it's not about the magazine
About my baggy jeans, my braids, or my jewelry
The Money, Nah
This is why I didn't choose this life (yeah yeah)
This life chose me

[Verse 1 - Benzino]
It wasn't long ago when it all began
Standing in the graveyard while they buried my man
That's when I first understood how this game is played
Either kill a nigga quick, or you might get get played
Scene never was that big, the hood was even smaller
Grew up in the projects, then we moved to four corners
Pops went to prison, I knew about the system
Every sunday morning me and moms paid a visit
He was heavy in the streets, maybe mafia connected
All I'm gonna say he was very well respected
They called me Ray Dog, yeah that's Tito's son
I met a lot of great men for many years to come
I'm getting money on my block all night
Running with a bunch of niggas born to fight
Boston was the first on the east to really bang out
Niggaz run these streets while they automatics rang out

[Hook - Troy Bell (Benzino)]
Look into my eyes and you will see
My life, my pains, and the pains that made me
there's no other place that I would rather be (that's right)
I didn't choose this life, this life chose me (I didn't choose this man)

[Verse 2 - Benzino]
Now fuckin' with these niggaz on the other side of town
The All Mighty forms, we the hardest click around
Jewelry was heavy, niggaz rolled thirty thick
Artillery was heavy, jake steady on my dick
And I'm squeezin all types of guns *whatever*
Mom's is cryin but that's the life I loves
And that's the life I love, street life, real thug niggaz making rap music
I met Dave at the radio, he cool
Started The Source mag, always had to be in school
One piece of paper, then it grew into a book
But I had my own paper cause my block wasn't looked
I caught a couple of bids, I'm fightin' court cases
It was news at eleven, or in the news papers
Investigation federal, I knew it from the start
Either jealousy, or envy, tore my crew apart

[Hook - Troy Bell (Benzino)]
Look into my eyes and you will see
My life, my pains, and the pains that made me
there's no other place that I would rather be
I didn't choose this life, this life chose me
(here we go)

[Verse 3 - Benzino]
If money's is the root of all evil, then burn it
Or get up off your ass, motherfucker, and earn it
I moved to New York, it was time to make it happen
Dave is my dog, and yeah Zno still rapping
I walked through the valley of death with no fear
I'm holdin' Dave down till a niggaz outta here
I breathe for my niggaz deceased, holdin' in
Exhale all the anger that I'm holding within
Too many people in my life never comming back
Never where you from, it's only where you standin' at
I got a few good niggaz, a box of ammunition
That's all I really need for me to carry out a mission
If Eminem wanna squash beef, tell him call me *where you at*
Meet him anywhere, he can bring his whole army
The day will soon come when the world recognize
Zno is the realest since Pac been alive

[Hook - Troy Bell, (Benzino)]
Look into my eyes and you will see (yeah, it's about the struggle man)
My life, my pains, and the pains that made me (yeah it's about my people man)
there's no other place that I would rather be (you wanna know me huh)
(don't judge me, there's only one that can judge man, you need to know me man)
I didn't choose this life, this life chose me
(don't judge me, there's only one that can judge man, you need to know me man)
Look into my eyes and you will see (I didn't choose this life, this life was bestowed upon me)
My life, my pains, and the pains that made me (ha, you can't walk in my shoes yo)
there's no other place that I would rather be (ugh, yeah they're my niggaz, and I'm still here man)
I didn't choose this life, this life chose me (yeah I'm still here, and I'm going nowhere)

[Outro - Benzino]
Uh huh uh huh, yeah
Yeah Troy
You did it on this one nigga, believe that
Yeah, The Arch Nemesis
In a hood near you
Get it

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Benzino Look Into My Eyes Comments
  1. AlexAnder Nunez

    Lol Never Heard Of This Chode Until Eminem Destroyed Him.
    First Thought Was "Benzino" WTF is That? A New Mercedes Concept Car Coming Out? Lol.

    All Jokes Aside, This Song And His Song "Arch Nemesis" actually ARE Good songz. I remember listening to them in high school, all these years later they're still good songz, (in my opinion)☆

  2. Quack

    I mean at least the beat is ... some what good?


    From Nigeria benzino is dope... Heard this song when I was growing up

  4. max payne

    benzino gets the last laugh cos hes doing fine 20 years later, where as eminem is a devil worshipping crackhead

  5. alexanderthegreat1999


  6. ryu dragon

    sometimes i wonder: why do african americans and whites in america sing rap ??
    because in most singers 80% are rubbish !!!
    Most American rappers only rhyme about killing each other or threatening, just rhyming calling women a bitch, only rhyming about money and showing gold chains, and most American rappers have lyrics that look more like a Porn movie!
    In Brazil rap has 95% rhyming about social problems, Brazilian rappers rhyming about corrupt cops, about racism, about poverty, about the story of slavery, etc. This is how American rappers sold to illuminatis should rhyme, not
    sing disgusting pornographic songs and threatened one another !!!

  7. Prod. by MiB.

    Unpopular opinion: Benzino’s Arch Nemesis album was actually good.

    icfwu i cant f-ck with you

    Prod. by MiB. Facts !

  8. YØH4N乂

    Why do you hate benzino more than mumble rapper

  9. ixConstantine

    I mean, this beat is pretty fire though

  10. microwaveshizz blakess

    Dam 4corners get no love

  11. YØH4N乂

    Compare benzino to mumble rappers

    I’m not a benzino fan but I kinda like him better than mumble rappers

    Mav Hunter

    I don't...

    Uwe Mejia

    He is better than mumble rappers.

    The Teleise Williams Experience

    Not saying

  12. Kylin Torres

    get eminem dick out y’all mouth 🤣

  13. Connor Mcbrangus

    Wow after all these years and idd sure bet more money was spent on making this gay song and video than the number of views and comments combined

  14. Aurora Da eye

    *Alert to all smokers *...the blunts people use to smoke are made from bum mens and women's socks..all process in homeless shelters...

  15. MrFishscale1921

    This guy said, I walk through the valley of death ... taking lines from Coolio! Be original Benzino ... let it go bro ... just hit the gym and learn how to be influential like Cassady Campbell!

  16. Akhamesh

    You know, coming back to this, this track really isn't that bad. Although it is carried mostly by that hook.

    The problem with this whole feud isn't even that Eminem was better per se, it's just that Benzino did not have the writing talent to successfully communicate what he was trying to tell people in the beginning of the beef. I think people give Em way too much credit for "destroying" rappers when in reality, most if not all of his high profile feuds are against people who are plain bad as lyricists to begin with.

    It also didn't help Benzino that as soon as this beef escalated he stopped focusing on his message and immediately adopted the "i'm more gangsta than you" nonsense and lost even more points for being percieved as a try hard against a white rapper who was known for having no previous street cred or any lyrics about thugging.
    Not to even mention the reprehensible death threats against the dude's family and friends, and having to rely on his magazine to get to him in any sort of significant way.

    In the end, this wasn't an Eminem homicide, it was a Benzino suicide.

  17. Douglas Obadiyah Kizzie

    If you guys just stop hating on my city BOSTON and our Big Homie and listen, maybe you can hear this GEM. Don't sleep on Benzino....and do not speak for My hood.....I AM FROM 4 CORNERS .....DOG IS FOREVER OUR BIG HOMIE....IF YOUR NOT FROM MY HOOD DONT SPEAK ON IT.........I WAS IN THE MIDST 4CP FOR LIFE

  18. Lee Vang

    Don't mess with the industry's Rap God even em didn't really preach anything religious related to the song! Remember your lord and Savior made songs about killing his mom and killing his wife! Doing drugs shrooms didn't he also mention something about raping a bitch when he did a song with bizarre!? And that's your Rap God there! Not mine! I give it to Bone Thugs even though they did make songs about that thug life they also made cross roads meet me in the sky gone and krayzie bone made to evil and hold on to ya soul! Now that's my Rap God there!

    Lee Vang

    *no evil
    Stupid auto correct

  19. Anthony Esquivel

    Almost the version of Bone Thugs~n~Harmony song Look Into My Eyes. 👀

    Lee Vang

    Hell no not even close! The titles the same but he's not nearly full of raw talent like Bone!

  20. Rae K Roc Lahage

    I'm from Boston too n.wicked hard to b noticed Boston most about sports not music n its ashame

  21. Rae K Roc Lahage


    Douglas Obadiyah Kizzie


  22. Cali Boy

    Part 2 of Like Toy Soldiers, Benzino also didn't want anymore beef, Benzino also realized that beef wasn't worth doing.

  23. jekyl lynch

    Worst white rapper ever

  24. ReJay YT

    I can't take this dude serious... he's 5'3" talkin like he's 6'5" 300 lbs

    Keith Johnson

    That's most rappers

    Lee Vang

    Didn't Eminem try to make himself seem taller too!? 5"8 not even 6 feet!

  25. Dady Nn

    who watching this in 2018????

    mehemynx m


  26. Pro EliteMode

    he tryin to hard...

  27. Loyiso Rafuza

    Am a stan bt i love this music wow ma first time hearing it ... BENZINO IS THE REAL HIPHOPR ....this is real hiphop.......much respect for him ....2018/10/12 south africa

  28. John Doe

    TBH I think this song is pretty solid, perhaps not as a diss song though

  29. Logan Smitherman

    This song has so many symbols and occultic themes he is telling you a story a deep deep down the rAbbit hole story of the truth

    Mav Hunter

    No he's not. He's telling us he wanted to end his own career...

  30. Metal Mann

    2018...MGK is already dead

  31. Diddy IsADick

    I’d never claim to be no Ray benzino


    An 83-year-old fake Pacino!

  32. Joey Gana

    GK is getting him now Ray, for you, and EVERLAST, BOSTENS FINEST

  33. ALAN G

    4:07 - 4:19 WTF!


    Acacaaccaacac cool edit :D


    Dis sadd brooooo

  35. wyt boi

    12 years... 175000 views... da fuck did i just watch?

  36. 0311 Infantry

    Lol omg 🙊this sh*t is TERRIBLE!!😆😆 YOOOOOO!!! LMAOOOO

  37. TΩRR35 P3R3Z

    That's so ridiculous

  38. purpandorange

    Last I checked Benzino isn't Italian, so he's lying about his dad being part of the Mafia, and why the hell would he be living in projects if his dad was making money in the mob anyway?


    purpandorange “maybe”

    Jason Peck

    Yea I know rite. Fake ass shit.

    lookin ass

    purpandorange there’s other types of mafia dumbass it’s not just Italian.

    Vincent Gigante

    lookin ass they’re aren’t important tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

  39. The Music Video Maker

    Benzino a rap legend

  40. Beef Rosstein

    Fuck Em and those 12 Dicks he hang with

  41. Cedric Lawrence 33

    Had he not gone at eminem he could of had a good rap career

  42. Bruva Cap

    LOL dog this is gold

  43. Karris Annannaki

    I give this nigga 3 trashcans!!!!👌🔇🔫

  44. praflz

    I searched this guy because of Eminem, he sucks loool

  45. markopolo123ful

    Good song but benzino dumb for attacking Eminem lol

  46. Mr 562

    Craccin 4's

  47. Jared I

    Talking bout I have mothafuckers calling your crib, BITCH YOU AINT EVEN GOT A FUCKIN CRIB, ain't even got a fuckin phone, fuckin punk

  48. Lorenzo Ibra

    You are just a piece of meat
    Only 1 song needs to tell me that you are piss of shit

  49. Albert F

    Wherever there is Benzino there are legions of Stans, it was old months after their beef started and it's ancient now. Nobody is forcing you to listen to his music, get off the haterade. He's not the worst rapper, not even remotely close, he's a decent rapper if you can listen to him without per-conceived opinions about him.

    Joey Gana

    Albert F well said

    Lee Vang

    Go listen to riak he probably holds the title worst rapper lol

  50. Deivid Masterdee

    É esse cara que duela com Eminem, ou tentava? hahahahahahahahaha joker

  51. Collins Rule

    this song is far far better than toy soldier i dont like eminem he is a white imbecile fuck him and 50 cent

  52. C.things 1

    Benzino was realer Em was just a better rapper that's it.....

    thrash gordon

    Ben was for sure more hood then em

    The Dark Knight

    @thrash gordon no

    hiiipower iii

    No Benzino was fake to Cuzz. He got fucked up in his own hood & he didn't do shit & DMX & Sheek Louch confronted him in NY because he was running his mouth & a whole fight broke out & Benzino got jumped in by some dudes associated with the LOX in 2002 & he ran. He was just a wannabe.

    Keith Johnson

    @hiiipower iii lol I remember that

  53. TYful obe

    This is sad fuck feminem

  54. BrooklYN

    495 dislikers suck dick

    Don90s hiphop

    DARREN benzino is wack

    Mr 562

    lmao benzinos one fan!

  55. BrooklYN

    this song is too inspirational on the same category as like toy soldiers

    Sinistre SZN

    no tf its not stfu

  56. KevinSama1982

    always liked this song more then toy soldiers. awesome track, props for benzino and his crew

    Jared I

    KevinSama1982 you must be a garbage can since you like trash so much. But how is a fuckin garbage can on YouTube?? That's what I'm tryna figure out...

    Aries B. Shah

    KevinSama1982 Eminem killed this guy actually...Nail in the coffin is one of the best diss tracks ever

    A Person

    KevinSama1982 you did not. No you fucking didn't!

    MuStYDuDeRLoLol XI

    Eminem made nail in the coffin and it almost kilt bens career. So tf you mean benzino good

    Lee Vang

    Give this guy a break guys come on! Not everybody gonna have the Same taste in music! And that whole being stuck in the past actually beats the garbage out today! Who cares who's better! Music is a creative art in all different directions and everybody has a different opinion! Personally like everyone else in the comments I do like Eminem and listen to him more! At least Benzino still said his part and didn't coward out! He started the beef he also finished it(by making the last song and using the last words) Eminem obviously won! And one of the songs where Benzino said em was over rated maybe not back then but today I think it's true!

  57. The Sauce Whisperer

    Poopin it hard!

  58. jordan jeezy

    no shade, been known how you got Boston, its crazy when you cant choose the choice

  59. Tht Onebro

    😷 the chorus is cancer

  60. Tht Onebro

    Eminem killed this boi

  61. Azer Mathers

    fuck benzini

  62. David Santos

    i love that muisc benzino

  63. Christine Marrow

    watching this 2016

  64. Falcon Oochoo

    this record is bangin tho

  65. romantic

    The classic "I'm still going to diss Eminem to keep my career alive even though he wont diss me back and killed my magazine" song. Oh Benzino, ya big dummy.

    Unsound Mind

    Lee Biggs Truth hurts eh

    Lee Biggs

    The Giggling Horse ok keyboard king pin Mr tough shit learn how to spell stop embarrassing yourself

    Balog Andrei

    One of the best comment seen this year. ;)

  66. Jim Beamis

    Benz couldn't hold Em's jock strap. He can't rap worth the shit and the beats are down right lame


    +Jim Beamis exaggeration, he has good tracks.

    Jimmy Beauman

    +Ralphunreal -said no one ever

  67. Brandon Rivera


    Aundre Williams

    Even tho we really kno who won & I ain't got to say his name but I favor that person more than benzino but I'm still reping my city Boston !!!! Jus went there in July. Straight Outta Dorchester

  68. DodgingTheMooks

    This nigga and this song is ass

  69. Derek m

    4 corners is the hood tho

  70. Zip Marketing


    Notmyrealname :p

    Zip Marketing that’s Canibus dude

    Raimon Ahamad

    But still a sick beat

    Erie Cowson

    @Raimon Ahamad Eminem Came At Him With Gatman & Robin Verse

    The Teleise Williams Experience

    Nick Cannon: Hold my blunt

  71. ConkeyCrack

    Not a benzino fan but i fux with this track. Eminem is hands down better than he his but benzino is way more "about that life" than em. Em wouldnt want no peices of him in a real life drama.

    HBA Online

    bro benzino is 5'3


    Eminem would fuck this dude up

    Real Hasta La Muerte

    😂😂😂😂 its not bout that, that what any loser say, i lost the battle but i can beat u up 😂😂😂 dumb ass

    Pro EliteMode

    nigga and? it obviously aint about music eminem obviously beat him in music and would also get his ass beat in person what are smoking? dick?

    Lee Vang

    I would like to say if height determines your fighting skills then how did Bruce Lee manage to whoop Kareem? How did Jet Li manage to whoop Dolph Lundgren? I get it they're just movies all acting! But I've seen it myself in real life a dude 5"3 scrapping with another 6"8 twice his size and the bigger guy still got his ass whooped! Eminem is definitely better in music and I'm sure he can fight too but 1 on 1 cage match no security no back up no nothing just Eminem and Benzino! I'm not gonna say who would really win kuz well I never seen them actually take it into action like that!

  72. GxxodItthipat LeeGikwang

    dongwoon me trajo a qui ? O.O

  73. RainKing

    8 years, 130,000 views.. LOL

    Kings Of Rap

    RainKing lets see how your song does in 8 years ago DUMBASS

    N. D.

    think about it for a second, ac dc are still revelant and were always big thats why. How stupid can a comparaison go ?

    Angelo Gabriel

    12 years and 180.000 views, it's a joke


    Thats what fucking with eminem does to you

    Adam Rehman

    13 years and 190,000 views LOL

  74. shawntelg3361

    Hotingo, hoto te mamas vega punata!!! Vavoso

    Coyote Duster

    hit me up ;)

  75. Pizzaman Jenkins

    So, we have a rage-inducing diss track that is giving a false image to the rapper on the track, back with what would be a emotional instrumental if it wasn't for rotten, B.E.T generic synthesizer beat, to make this... thing. I'll give it a 9/10, needs more Shrek.

  76. Elver Gudo

    ...hmmmmmmmm....look into my crap

  77. 100spurs

    Lmao. I came here just for a laugh

  78. ConsciousN Trill

    Sales don't mean shit... Lil Wayne sold millions while Chino XL and Canibus haven't even hit a mill does that make him better?? Nope!

    Lee Vang

    Well if it was sales and numbers that determines your talent then I guess Justin Bieber shits on both of them combined 😂

  79. Crimson Giant

    That seemed gay, but yeah Eminem was whoopin ass

  80. Crazy Larry

    I don't have a personal problem with either. All these nobody's on youtube act like their opinion matters..

    Mav Hunter

    You're crazy! Lol XD

  81. ChristosXP

    Did he make this song before em ripped him up or after

  82. XxSexxxyBoyxX


  83. ConsciousN Trill


  84. MMOFAN527

    pure garbage...123k(this trash) views to 120 mil views(toy soldiers) think em wins

    Lee Vang

    Stay listening to Justin Bieber then! 1 billion views shits on both of these songs combined!

  85. Silas Cyber Burr

    Benzino a gangsta

  86. Kaloyan Borisov

    I must admit this song isn't bad... Still far away from the skill that Eminem have ;)

  87. rogerio rogerio alves

    canta muito zinnooooo

  88. Tavis Browning

    R.I.P English..

  89. Tavis Browning

    Detroit accent*

  90. Mohammad K

    Benzino just a hater and couldn't step to Em if he trained for the day all his life..shit.. 8million compared to 20k HAHA. Maybe if he just did his thing he wouldve came up..maaybe. but nah.

    Keith Johnson

    Lmao hell no he should of stuck to owning source

    Lee Vang

    Numbers don't determine your talent but since you wanna compare numbers then Eminem Vs Justin Bieber would be a better comparison!

  91. eternal hope

    No talent...I only know this persons name because of Eminem!...That man is just dropping names,because he has no talent....Grow Up whatever your name is,i already forgot!!

    Dee Jay

    Lmao you do recognize this man was the source magazine right? Pick your side but don’t be dumb about it

  92. Damien Holsters

    Ok, we all know Em is better than Benzino and he killed him, but why do ya'll people hate on Benzino ?? He's not a great rapper, but he's not wack. Give him a chance

    Shank Dirty

    good question