Benzino - Figadoh (Remix) Lyrics

Get money, get that dough
Get money, get that dough
Get money, get that dough
What, what, get that dough
Get that dough, get that dough
Get that dough, get that dough
Get that dough, Figadoh

[Busta Rhymes]
Ray Benzino.. Hangmen 3..
Bus-a-Bus.. M.O.P...
What the fuck?
Let's give it to ya
Yeah, what the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)
What the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)
What the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)
Come on (Ha ha ha)

[Busta Rhymes]
Guess who's comin through right now, bitch?
To smack you with the force to kill a fucking cow, bitch
Hunh, I told you not to fuck around, bitch
Foul nigga, that's the way we gettin down, bitch
You shook faggot, I'ma keep you motherfuckers shaking
And run around just like a crazy big foot Jamaican
See there's no mistaking, see you can never replace me, nigga
They think you alien, whippin shit like a hated nigga
I wonder, wise guy trife and said to me
What we be on and that we would have a recipe
Talk, what they talkin bout rude boy?
Some gully niggas up in the place, we comin through, boy
The news be tryin and run go report niggas
The way they do when immigration trt to deport niggas
Ray Benzino, Bus-a-Bus and M.O.P.
Just for the record - none of you niggas can fuck with me!

[Chorus 2x w/ Busta Rhymes ad libs]
Fi-ga-doh, Figa-da-doh!
Fi-ga-doh, Figa-da-doh!
You know me, Figada-figada-figada
Get that dough, Figada-doh

Me and Bus-a-Bus breakin bread dough town
Fuck a bus - we private jet Motown
Boston streets.. where I put my flow down
Hold up, you shakin it fast, bitch slow down
Blaze shots for the gangster in me
You scared to carry heat, don't hang with me (Motherfucker)
Big guns, no thang to me
Top three is what I aim to be
Hunh, and what I rep.. mainly 3
Ain't no muthafucka spittin flames like me
Original gon come, brew it up
M.O.P. gon come, to rip it up
When I reach, it ain't to greet you
Fuck your people, motherfucker pleased to meet you
This the remix, Figadoh, bitch!


[Lil' Fame]
(Bom bom bom) F-I-Z-Z-Y dub O
Mack (Bingfield, B.K.) Oh!
Bring bitch out of the bubbs warrior style
Throwing bricks, bottles and slugs (Get it on son!)
I spit 8 bars and smack the fuck out the engineer before the songs done
Just to make this shit more hotter
So tighten up your training wheels bitch...
Cause your fucking with a scholar

[Billy Danze]
With this I step lively, talking to myself cause I'm mad
With a mack 10 to spin - back up nigga! (Back up nigga!)
Watch out nigga.. (Watch out nigga!)
I'm coming, mojo smokin, I ain't jokin faggot, I'm gunnin
I ain't hear nothin, start runnin
Why you suprised, you a fucking with a man who got.. (Fire!)
With sides will.. (Fire!)
Any nigga that want it, any nigga that front it, I pump one in his stomach


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Benzino Figadoh (Remix) Comments

    Benzino is dope... Hard core rapper

  2. fernando saavedra jr

    New York(Busta Rhymes And M.O.P.) Vs Boston(Benzino)

  3. Power100


  4. Mr. 2000

    Zino got wack when he tainted the 5 mic system & for thinking he could defeat EMINEM!

  5. Patricio Price

    Busta killed this shit

  6. Enoch Heavens

    During. My High School years 01 and 02'

  7. bando1779

    Real Shit Here Boy.

  8. Eldridge Martin

    hard as fuck

  9. B Spain85

    a dope beat. Benzino is trash. I'm here for busta

    Trent Rama

    legendary teddy riley

    alma lihic

    Ur trash Zino is a beast! He murders the original with snoop

  10. Azer Mathers

    fuck benzino

    Telly Hudson

    benzino is my cousin!!!! You don't have to like him BUT he is an artist


    @Telly Hudson fr?

  11. orlando Nhandula

    tou a gramar de curtir um hip hop a maneira

  12. Fumitaka Taniyama


  13. Jeris Lendore

    Billy D looking like Chaka Demus.....

  14. Surge Álvez

    Bonecrusher and Seana Paul up inna dis place, someone throw a boccle at Seana Paul

  15. BrooklYN

    im here becuz of busta rhymes & mop

  16. E-Live Da God

    I have to be honest. I liked Benzino a lot cuz he a real street dude. He just chose the wrong battle. He tried to take on the whole Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit machine by himself. It was the same thing with Ja, but he was a phony tho.

  17. Methuselah Beats

    Lil Fame killed this!!!

  18. Mr. 2000

    Benzino is dope, my only issue was with the whole cheating the 5 mic system on the souce. And him going in on Eminem.

  19. King Justice

    been lookin for it for years. still cant find it

  20. TaMurda

    YEEAH THATS wat I was lookin 4

  21. cushe83

    why your dumbass in his video then. this aint the radio nigga, dont look up shit you dont like

  22. Garrett Newton

    Somebody needs to upload Fab's freestyle to this. Smashed it.

  23. Keithscards23

    Official video my ass... shit is pieced together.. Go fuck yourself


    Why is benzino so hated ??
    this is a tune ive never heard this before !
    but this is banging wen i get my car !
    im gon b speed to this shit !

    Waylon Rogers

    Did you get a car and bang this shit or what


    this is ardd !
    ahh wedi rassclart try send for miii !

    W -Team

    ALIENSHADZ 13 Yo nigga what up?

  26. Mansa Musa's Nephew

    @uptownkev 'GET THAT DOE' LMAO

  27. uptownkeevo

    what does Figadoh mean?

    Brian McCray

    From n old opera song.... Figaro

  28. joel berroa

    benzino is the man w/ da bangerz

  29. LoyaltyRoyalty

    Waa this ison here now...bomb bomb ,,,this tunes brings back memories...