Benzino - Fallin' Down (50 Cent Diss) Lyrics

50 Cent is fallin down, fallin down, fallin down
Get Ya Gunz it's going down, FUCK G-UNIT
Oh ain't no muotherfucking games man
Na ah
You know what the funny thing is man?
You come to me for help
I didn't even know you man
Punk motha...word up man!
Oh I know you mothafuckas didn't think it was over
Oh this shit has just begun
You blast that

You a fed's 1st artist, Eminem's son
3 times platinum snitch always on a run
Sacrificial meat, the machine money maker
Dre steals beats and then he saying he made em!
Benzino spit eth, (Ether) always ready street sweepin'
50 feel these 50 .cal hollow heat seekers
The magazine kill the kid if I have to
Tie him up, chainsaw his legs in the bathroom
Don't confuse real life shit with this rappin'
You used to gettin' shot, we gon make it happen
Who sign ya in ya life insurance policy?
Jimmy, Dre, or Em? Or maybe all 3
You just another fucking slave, stop yappin'
Curtis Cente, sorry Miss Jackson
You looking funny with that bullet in ya face, stop taking. You droolin' all over the place
Who ya foolin'? You just a moving target at the range. You don't don't shoot back, What's that you claim?
Remember back when the 1st time I saw you
You was scared shaking like a leaf when I saw you
You said you had beef and ya man ran on you
You told thees niggas put their bare hands on you (Murda Inc. at Hit Factory)
You fucking idiot, you ran in my session
Stabbed in the gut and you wanna start confessin'?!
You a snitch, how you gonna hide from that?
I see 1 informant, classified rat
Where I'm from, we keep the hammers locked and loaded
Yayo took a fall cuz you wasn't gonna hold it
Need a fall guy? Peace? See themselves 1st sweep
"G" stands for girls, the unite Dre's beat
Cuz 50 you a wanksta and you never shot nothing! You ain't no gangsta cus you won't pop nothing!
Yo fucking leader is a trailer park bozo, snatch him from the back rip spine out his torso
He look stupid in that free Yayo shirt. I got niggas in threes that will leave yayo hurt!
Surrounded by niggas with no heart in ya chest
Hollow spark rip apart that bulletproof vest
And my 1st mil, way before you signed a deal
Bust my 1st shots, way before you started to squeal!
Kill the head, the rest of them will fall apart
I'm a crime frontline when the ballas start
I send the wolves to grandma's house
Scud missile that nitch just for running your mouth
It's no coincidence, ya name is five-o
Prolly is a feds, so you hang with five-o
And many men, shot ya many, many times
And niggas don't believe what you say in ya rhymes

Many men, don't wanna stop
And my real street niggas
They ain't gonna stop
Cuz my money-making dawgs go down to block
Give them drugs and a mothafucking guns'll pop
Red shoes, only see ya when I get you
Put a forty in ya mouth, when I wet you, dead you
Ya up in the hood cuz I met you
You was looking really shook when I met you
And I don't like the way they look at you
And I don't like them funny things you do
And I don't like the way you tell them lies
50 Cent you gonna lose ya life

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