Benzino - Different Kind Of Lady Lyrics

She's a different she's a different she's a different kind of lady

Yo I'd like to introduce to you two very special women in my life.
Let me tell you bout this girl I know I met her in four corners in Boston some
years ago since we first made contact I knew it was right yeah and the girl
been in my life ever since that night her body was tight I'm tellin you dawg I
had to get her remember like it's yesterday the day that I met her she was
rollin with Jamaicans but on the really she told me she was raised in the
hearts of Philly city of brotherly love was from the hood used to run the back
woods with thugs who sold drugs her friends they used to flirt I considered
them garbage while she was bein chased by every nigga in college used to date
some clown from up north he used to choke her but I would never treat her like
that cause she's a smoker one of a kind honey's a dime with no seeds I ain't
gon never let her go cause she's all I need indeed

[Chorus:] (She's a different kind of lady...)
She's a a dif-different kind of lady and she will never hurt you she'll never
desert you she'll be the one to hold ya down repeat

Man there's just somethin about her (love) that I swear sometimes I can't make
it through a whole day without her some say our relationship is not that strong
they said it's just a phase won't last that long Jeff said I was wrong to fall
in love cause she was passed around I don't care she with me right now I'm so
attracted to her vibe she got me open so wide and you can tell by the glow in
my eyes it's hard to sleep without her by my bed at night with her on my side
I'm gon be alright I love to hold her squeeze her don't let go she's my heat in
the winter when the weather is cold see anytime there's drama she gon come in a
hurry not jealous if she see me with my main girl Mary she gon go to war with
me hit the floor with me if I go on a caper she gon keep in the door with me I
was smokin quick to put a nigga on blast only person that I tell where I hide
the cash she's a gangsta bitch she don't give a fuck drive-bys stick her head
out the window push puff blow smoke out her nose it's a must a propose cause I
love her don't give a fuck who knows she's the Bonnie to my Clyde the Tina to
my Ike her name is Nina I love her for the rest of my life


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Benzino Different Kind Of Lady Comments
  1. 773steve

    haystak version better much betta

  2. yelyahmandarina

    hey guys. i'm desperatly searching for benzinos track "i'm fucked up". i heard it weeks ago, it stucked in my head and now i can't find it anywhere.
    help please! :)

  3. El Diablo Blanco

    @3ForDaBEAN you mean when he said "My weed and my gun, the only 2 women I need" he was speaking literally? shocked... ;)

  4. ddmonteiro

    @3ForDaBEAN thanks for the comment bro

  5. juan valle


  6. Im_A_Black_God


  7. ddmonteiro

    No gonna put that song on you tube soon aight...thanks for the love!

  8. ddmonteiro

    Its okay!
    Just suporting good music ;)