Benzino - Die Another Day Lyrics

Lord help us, my peoples bein' raped (uh)
Deliver me from evil and I sell his devils faith
Lets take a closer look at what's really happenin'
He wants you to believe that it was all about rappin'
And all I try to do is open up my niggas eyes
It wasn't about me and Em, you gotta realise
It's just a smokescreen, my niggas there's a bigger picture
I want the streets to pay attention cause I'm ridin' with ya
This credibility is what we here for
Then why ain't the hoods sellin' units no more (tell me why)
Labels actin' like it's good so they say so
EPMD was always gold with no radio
Now it's time to turn the prophesy, times up
Marshall Mathers gotta die, rise up
No choise, the only way we gonna turn this shit around
Is put this little bitch in the ground
And this so cald kings, steady going at eachother
Do songs with the devil, while they fightin' with there brothers
Sell a house, fuckin' pitiful, we always just some drama
Let 'em slide through then they devide, conquer
And every plantation got a bunch a house niggas
D12, Shady Records just a bunch of house niggas
Obie Trice, is for security in your front lobby
Better call the secret service, if you gonna stop me (blaah)
Paul Rosenberg, you fat fuckin' pig
I'm holdin you responsable for what this bitch did (kill ya)
Cause you call me up, try to cop or plead
As far as I'm concerned you both gonna bleed (bitch)
Talkin' bout he wanna fight, please
Let's set that shit up quick so I can drop him to his knees
You let a clown clown you, how insane is that
You let em tonguekiss your wife when you had a gat
How you gonna have a gun with no bullets
Oh don't worry cause when I see you I'm gonna pul it (blaah)
You dyed ya hear blond, I'm a make it red
How you gonna sell records Marshall when you dead
Motherfuck make you pay for that bullshit you talkin'
I'm goin' hard in the streets of New York and
Just ask Chuck how we ran 'em outta Boston
He should have been killed left in the coffin
And you better keep my kids out ya fuckin' mouth
Before I put a glock in yo' mutherfuckin' mouth
Tell Haley it ain't safe no more (nah)
Daddy better watch yo' back at the candystore
We Fucked up, resort to plan B
Fuck around she and up like Jon Benet Ramsey (that's right)
Matter of fact you better check the DNA (what)
She probably ain't yours, and where's your wife Kim anyway
She's on her knees somewhere suckin' 50 Cent
I know you wishin' you were there cause you on his dick
You dress in drag, you huggin' up on Elton John
You closet fag, I'm a king you a little punk
You the rap david doer the rap bibler
The coacher stealer, niggas ain't with ya
I'm the rap Hewey, the rap Malcolm, the rap Martin
Don't worry I'm a finish what we started
And everybody who wanna scream Pac's name
You don't make a difference, you in it for the fame
Cause if Pac was livin', he would shoot this bitch alive
But I'm a do it for him, if the hood must survive
You sleep with five O, you walk with the feds
Better keep the lights on, when they tuck you into bed
Cause I'm a get yo' silly ass, find out where you lay
When Debbie set you up you gonna die another day

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Benzino Die Another Day Comments
  1. Senti Temsu

    I'm sorry but who are you????

  2. babybug 13

    this dudes little gil goes harder than he does haha he should ask her for thome tipths

  3. Alex Bishop

    Eminem had a million in cash on benzinos head if he was killed. Benzino ain’t want that smoke

  4. Steve Griffin

    Diddy beat? Put your money on the table and get your math on....

  5. Lawrence Blue

    Don't make me ask you again.

  6. Lawrence Blue

    Do what your father said.

  7. Amber Marino

    Lol em gave him a career cus i had no clue who he was.

  8. Amber Marino

    He should be embarrassed this dude is corny

  9. Anton A.

    Eminem created slavery.

  10. Cloud Sugar

    Lol at all these dudes trying to turn rap into a racial thing. Rap don’t belong to blacks. It belongs to everybody, music belongs to EVERYBODY. Dudes singing on there chorus now in hip hop tracks. Don’t see white people out here like “ omg...this dude trying to steal singing from our white culture, how dare they!!” Straight up stupid argument lol. If that’s the case then from now on. Rap can’t use synthesizers no more, those are white people inventions. Ain’t get no whiter than Robert Moog. Like music got a color. Trying to defend that point of view is just pure racist trash fall back when you can’t beat someone at the game. Just the card that losers play.

  11. Delta _00

    You pull that race card because that’s your last resort

  12. Dregen1

    Fast forward to 2019 and B is going on a bigoted tirade against the Vietnamese.

    Hypocricy at its best.

  13. Dregen1

    Eminem created slavery and racial inequality? I don't think Mr. Fantastic can stretch that far.

  14. minzy421

    no life shaq be like "ey yo my guy..... your joining ja rule in the toilet" 😂

  15. Affie Faison

    I can't wit him

  16. Marie Wilson

    You know your video is crap if you got more dislikes then likes

  17. TheGreatOne

    Em lost to every real rapper he went up against. He loves Pop star beef

  18. TheGreatOne

    Benzino Right. Who Knew Nick Cannon would be the one to fulfill the prophecy and finish Eminem

  19. Mivanp

    My favourite but was when he rhymed mouth with mouth.

  20. Ballerz24

    Nick cannon got inspired from this for making “invitations cancelled” 😂💀

  21. ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage

    FYI I’m subes to James Charles

  22. Stranger Boy

    But it's better than MGK and Nick Cannon diss

  23. Anime Edits

    And Nick name with Elvis Pussely

  24. Anime Edits

    Benzino eith his people like Nick cannon 😂

  25. GGECKO11

    Real G Sh*t

  26. Stan Shady

    GTFO Eminem got more black friends & associates than you will in a million years.

  27. Edgar Palm


  28. BklynBryan

    Nick Cannon took the Benzino formula and ran with it!!!

  29. Edan Sabah

    So this is where Nick Cannon got his inspiration for Invitation Canceled...

    Anime Edits

    Fr he playing benzino 😂 doing race game when em himself grew up with black people together

    Masp Da'Limsic

    @Anime Edits Ur name is Eminem HipHop, stop talking about Rap Beef when you're clearly biased and only back one side cause he's Eminem. Y'all stans killing battle rap culture by putting Eminem on a pedestal

    Anime Edits

    @Masp Da'Limsic lol i just changed my name today wachu mean 🤣 nail in the coffin is in top 3 disses besides no Vaseline and hit em up. So yeah benzino got fucked

    Anime Edits

    @Masp Da'Limsic and eminem disses aren't very great lately but they got bars. And the battle rap the mainstream do isn't even much of a battle nowadays. I just like eminem and there is nothing wrong in following someone

    madox b.


  30. MR Skinny

    What’s race gotta do with it

  31. Gerrity Kan

    Comparing Em to Hitler when German blood is in your vein benzino got old timers...


    Damn benzino just killd eminem

    nino marvel

    Said no one ever

  33. Lakeland

    benzino who?

  34. James Ambrister

    This shit is terrible my ears are bleeding n ringing didn't realize he had hailies name come out his mouth ja n him two dumb fucks


    Y'all hatin just because its em but this kinda goes hard

  36. Emerge Matic

    Yaw keep talking Race card when it's against the guy who made Trump Diss and a song called Black girls are b.i.t.c.hs huh wtf they do that

  37. Emerge Matic

    Yaw are idiots shady never put Canibus or Zino down the media did I will give you the all mighty RSO was out and that group was wack when they first came out but this is fire🔥

  38. Emerge Matic

    This bangs

  39. Anthony Martinez

    Benzino. Should make diss song with nickkk this is hella diss

  40. Renet Tyree

    Not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

  41. Renet Tyree

    Who the hell is this guy. Glad Shady put this guy down. He sucked.

  42. Nate

    This is kinda fire though

  43. Dirt

    Wow he went too far on halie

  44. John Hanser

    He benches weak ass weight

  45. yo yo

    In comparison to eminem's diss track, this is shit. Compared to today's mumble rap bullshit, this is much better because it has a direction and purpose not autotune and Adlibs.

  46. rafael da silva

    Lmao he killed eminem haha funny shit that last footage was funny em on the ground got his booty raped!

  47. rafael da silva

    lol haterz this is real and eminem is just a wigger! Benzino a real nigga!

  48. joelsolomon42

    Stop sleeping on this track.
    This is better than MGKs, and both of Nick Cannons
    This was a real diss track, y'all gotta pay up respect whether you like it or not,
    But half of you clowns are the ones that candy coated the G code, you don't know what respect in the street is cause half of y'all white ain't livin in the hood

    mirranda davis

    joelsolomon42 this is a legit good diss 🤷🏼‍♀️

  49. YungRappa

    Y’all closed minded. This diss wasn’t even bad

    Jay Z.

    Closed minded, this shit was wack! Blaming Eminem for slavery and trying to stay relevant because Benzino was never really anybody with his weak ass bars!


    Wasnt that bad compared to nick cannon

    Dr K

    Hahahaha that’s true


    @Jay Z. Did you see Nick Cannons newest diss track? He blamed Eminem for slavery to and calling him the new KKK

    Jay Z.

    @rockstar1751 He already explained himself on "Yellow Brick Road." Even Nick C. said he was race baiting. The guy needs to stop, just making himself look desperate! Guy can't even rap! Gonna kill his career like Benzino did himself trying to mess with Em. 😂 🤦‍♂️

  50. HK07 MUSIC

    Bars was weak but the context is accurate

  51. rockstar1751

    This wasn't a DISS TRACK, this was making full on death threats.

    Masp Da'Limsic

    Kinda like what Eminem does in his diss tracks and every other song (gay people, women, the disabled and much more) Regardless of what this diss was, you just here to ride Eminem's nuts. Here's an idea, don't jump in rap beefs if ur scared of threats.


    @Masp Da'Limsic what Eminem does are diss tracks, your just mad that Benzino is a nobody anymore and no one cares or even knows his name. I'm gonna leave you alone with benzino and let you keep riding him until you're satisfied.

  52. amani mapenzi

    Had to come back and listen to something worse than Nick's diss track lol


    Man this is lyrical genius compared to nick

    Jay Z.

    @Xelerate I wouldn't go that far

    Montreal Bradford

    That’s cap

  53. Brian Zelazny

    I just realized....all that gun talk from benz....and Marshall still untouched....soooooo hard, internet gangsta

    Mohawk Mohican

    Lol internet wasnt even invented when benzino was growing up

    Brian Zelazny

    @Mohawk Mohican was goof

  54. CurtHill1

    "Just ask Suge how we ran him out of Boston"??? I wonder have Suge heard this?

  55. Pure124

    So.. Eminem is a slave trader. Got it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. TheHardik112

    Typical: is it cuz I’m black ?

    Fanatic13 Sta8oukos

    yes but this has told it and Eminem too ! Eminem told that he is black and in Scary movie 3 i think :)

  57. Dale Traverso

    Pull Your Skirt Up is a top 10 diss

  58. Erik Cobra Kai never Dies

    This nigga so corny

  59. Agent Situation

    Benzino made some good points on this track.

  60. Fool’s Ambition Entertainment

    Benzino had some decent rhymes, I’ll give him that


    They really was trying to start a hip hop race war sadly. Now nick and his losers boys trying to do the same thing.

  62. anthony cheesman

    Back when rappers biggest diss was calling you gay lol

    Fanatic13 Sta8oukos

    that was awesome diss !

  63. Paypal Bank

    This guy got merked, bitter fuck take your punishment fool

  64. Liquid Tony

    This wasn't as bad as ppl claim, yeah em had a better diss record but this was decent as well

  65. Nikki Summers

    17 years later he ant do shit 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  66. LethArctico

    This is almost as weak as Nick Cannon... bruh. But history must be contextualized, and now we know when Benzino's rap career got it's expiration date.

  67. dougie Darren

    Don't like it but that's my opinion

  68. ɑղղɑ ʍɑɾցɑɾíեɑ ɾíѵҽɾɑ ɾíօՏ

    who else just doesn't want to hear this foo

  69. modified hustle

    That shit was waaaaaack!...
    And I hope DMX got paid for him using his flow.

  70. Issac Santibanez

    He stole dmx flow on the real

  71. Rayshawn Cannon

    Who's here in 2019 listen to this bs 😂😂😂🗑

    alma lihic

    Rayshawn Cannon me pussy and he murdered that em racist bitch

  72. Bruce Johnson

    High school rapper SMDH

  73. looney Czerwinski

    Lol benzino who ???

  74. rangers16907


  75. stayyy Wilddd


    Night Man

    If it was fire, Benzino would still have a career.

  76. Caliando On Da Riddim

    I Feel this Tho the Message clear

  77. hailem hailem

    Benzino ate em on this tracck if u dont like this ..dang inno
    Emm killed him.more doe


    hailem hailem everything he said was bullshit so no lol

    Erik Cobra Kai never Dies

    No the fuck he didn't

  78. GuiltyNate 134

    Check out my YouTube channel my name is Gulitynate 134

  79. Paulius Siniauskas

    he still alive ?

  80. whobitmyname

    Benzino tried to do steroids and they all went to his jaw.

  81. TheAAJourney

    After hearing nicks trash ass diss, this sounds pretty good

  82. Brandon Pando

    I had to look this guy up because I had no fucking idea who he was after listening to emenim 🤣

  83. Miguel Revelez

    I just heard this be real it go's hard 💯👑

  84. DELTA 9

    This is worse then I remember Jesus

  85. TheReviewSpace

    RIP Em career.....Benzino absolutely *destroyed* that culture vulture! CHYEAH!

    slim shady

    But Benzino career got end by em
    While em is still doing his thing till now 🙂

    Joseph Chapman

    Said nobody ever

  86. hacker's destination

    "You dye your hair blonde, imma make it red" who wrote this diss? 6th grader Mgk?

  87. Isaiah Denney

    2:08 Benzino just ended his own career.

    Disciple of The Way

    Tell Haley it ain't safe no more

  88. Marco

    👍. You was right.

  89. Marshall Gamex

    Eminem is still the GOAT

    Fanatic13 Sta8oukos

    @Marshall Gamex ok EMI

    Marshall Gamex

    @Fanatic13 Sta8oukos ok bro no problem

    Fanatic13 Sta8oukos

    @Marshall Gamex Eminem ! i think eminem is the bugs bunny of american rap like the space jam movie :D xaaxaxaxxaax

    Marshall Gamex

    @Fanatic13 Sta8oukos yeah hes the greatest

  90. Alen Basil

    His efforts were good but not the best

  91. Tom Wood

    "You're half white"

  92. T I

    Dude was the first SJW. He is 1/4 African American and 1/4 Latin along with being 1/4 German and 1/4 Japanese. He’s the same ethnic mix as your average Latin American and uses the word nigga and rides on the “muh racism” bandwagon. Dude literally used pictures of Muh slavery and Hitler 😂 He wants to be black so badly.

  93. sola colubrum

    Hold up ... 😭benzino out here blaming em for slavery and shit . His shit didn't rlly hit it was just comparing him to bad white people lol

    Young Ma

    sola colubrum Eminem is not the better rapper and I can name a lot of rapper’s better then Eminem it not hard for me at all

    sola colubrum

    @Young Ma did I ask

    Young Ma

    sola colubrum you don’t have to ask I’m still going to say what I know

    sola colubrum

    @Young Ma which is opinion based meaning it has no weight it is an invalid statement it is not factual nor is it a popular opinion which are the only 2 classifications that natter

    Young Ma

    sola colubrum it is facts that Eminem is not the best rapper it is facts that it is rapper’s who is better than Eminem

  94. Anjae

    Whoever was in that music video I know was embarrased.

  95. hiddenleafgod

    Came here on a who committed suicide by dissing em but this shit doesn't even make sense at all

    Young Ma

    hiddenleafgod you don’t know music at all if you saying this song don’t make any sense you clout chasin you a Eminem fan boy that why you saying that I can name a lot of rapper’s better then Eminem 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Marshall Young

    “How you gonna sell records Marshall when you dead” it must really hurt Benzino knowing what Eminem has become

    solo fire

    Eminem did win but i think bezinos diss wass the best of all the other rappers that tryed to diss em

    D'Angelo Clark

    @solo fire Nah. Canibus was the only person to put out a good diss track towards EMINEM. This dude brought up slavery & blaming EMINEM for it & even gets mad cause he was ruling the Rap game during that time due to simple fact that Slim is white.

  97. Bernard Moore

    This put in place fast back real.quick 😂😂