Bentley, Dierks - Hurt Somebody Lyrics

Well, you ain't that old but you ain't that young
You've lived a life but you ain't quite done
All eyes on you everywhere you go
It's all good till you get too close

Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
Make somebody bleed
Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
God, I hope it's me

There's an innocence there this time of night
Is it in your words, is it in your eyes?
And your red lipstick like a smoking gun
It could be aimed at anyone

Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
Make somebody bleed
Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
God, I hope it's me

There's a simple truth to the morning sun
Things don't change, they just light up
With a frontie mind and a restless heart
Girl, you can't change the way you are

Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody
Make somebody bleed
Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
God, I hope it's me

Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody
Make somebody bleed
Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody
And God, I hope it's me

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Bentley, Dierks Hurt Somebody Comments

    I did and missed the best thing that was ever laid upon my table.. Wish there was a time machine to go back and do that moment differently.. But on the other side of coin; he's happy and I'm still drifting; as it should be..

  2. Victoria Perkovic

    Everybody hurts

  3. Alex Godinez

    Love this song

  4. Michele Khan

    Mr Bentley simply the best...

  5. Lacie Powell

    Verse 1:
    Well you ain’t that old, but you ain’t that young.
    You’ve lived a lot, but you ain’t quite done.
    All eyes on you everywhere you go. It’s all good ‘til you get too close.

    Chorus: Girl you’re gonna hurt somebody. Make somebody bleed. Girl, you’re gonna hurt somebody. God I hope it’s me.

    Verse 2: There’s an innocence there this time of night. Is it in your words? Is it in your eyes? In your red lipstick like a smoking gun. It could be aimed at anyone.

    Repeat Chorus.

    Verse 3:
    There’s a simple truth to the morning sun. Things don’t change - they just light up.
    With a frontier mind and a restless heart. Girl, you can’t change the way you are.

    Repeat Chorus

    Yeah, you’re gonna hurt somebody. Make somebody bleed. Yeah you’re gonna hurt somebody. And God I hope it’s me.

  6. Zachary Yoder

    Heard this while playing Pandora and now I'm playing it for my ole lady... I guess. I'm just in between feelings right now.

  7. Keith Milsaps

    I love Bentley and Stapleton but this is a Dirt Drifters song and the original is Way better!

  8. matt palmer

    This song hits home for me I hope she's happy I'm just living day to day trying to make it

  9. sandra Ferrington

    Love this

  10. Eunuch States of a Matriarchy

    aidualC...lrig yzarc ay ssim adnik I

  11. Alice Bibler


  12. stephen sherman

    He'll I took a bullet to the scull over you. That bullet is still in my scull. You know exactly what you did. Thank in my case for life flight. Video dose not lies, neither doses scars. I hope you're happy with the porn you did because it almost causted me the greatest gift God give me and that's my life. ALL THE MONEY IN WORDS COULDN'T MAKE ME AT LEAST TALK TO YOU. FYI THAT WAS MY LIFE I HOPE YOUR HAPPY BECAUSE SOONER OR LATER YOU FEEL THE BULLET STUCK IN MY SKULL.

  13. Sports Brothers Ben and Theron

    Best fucking tune ever congrats to all that made it happen

  14. Steve Brown

    Dirt drifters still does it better

  15. Travis Parmley

    Not American if you don't like this,rock on Dierks ya rock bubba kick it on!!!😎😜🇺🇸, AJ you listen to this, I love you so much n miss you

  16. Amanda Smith

    Love this song 🥰

    Ryan Smith

    All Mountain Girls

  17. melissa mattson

    Very very pretty

  18. Andrea Rasmussen

    Dierks is a vegetarian.

    Ryan Smith

    So is Bill

  19. Belinda Golden

    Fuck you you spying on me again .I 've been hurt enough ain't you. You really should be more careful falling down like you do. [email protected]

  20. Roy Daniel Spinner

    Nashville Tennessee is becoming Hollywood California in it's on way!!! Most of the country music sucks big ole balls just like this. Can I get an outlaw we don't need another pretty boy singing a pretty boy song

  21. Margo Doty

    Good god Id never be able to hurt you

  22. Maglyna Sandoval

    Love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. David Naranjo

    Sorry, but The Dirt Drifters version is so much better than this one. Much more raw and untouched..

  24. Matt Ryan

    Perfect song !!

  25. Pamela Jefferson


  26. Ocean Country

    So amazing
    Dirks ❤🎸🎤

  27. Alex Godinez

    Love this song

    Ryan Smith

    Hence both directions on the towers.

    Ryan Smith

    I scribed a Bell in the bottom of the bowl. On the Apple Tree


    Dirt Drifters did a way better job

  29. Coby Edwards

    I like the dirt road drifters better but I like this one too

  30. Bryan Brown

    Hurt me babe

  31. Elizabeth Chase


  32. Pamela Jefferson

    Never 🍃❤️ my 🍃Love 🌙

  33. Laura Hodge

    Love his songs! They are always so deep and oh so good! Been a fan for YEARS! His voice though whew! 😍

  34. Pamela Jefferson

    True 🍃❤️❤️🍃💋🥂🍃❤️💋💋

  35. Gabe Perea

    Love some Dierks but this is the dirt drifters' jam

  36. Renee Betty71

    love it

  37. Jessica Love

    Hard to find a great man.


    it's not that hard.

    Sunshine Classic

    U find many men. Zer0 are good.

  38. Pamela Jefferson


  39. Pamela Maloy

    I love it 🌞❤❤❤❣🌞

  40. Joanne Kimes

    Love this

  41. Roy Saldana

    Hurt is a way to know that it mattered. Makes me think?

  42. Ann King

    “Your lips taste just like a smokin gun”

    Thomas Abney

    "And your red lipstick like a smoking gun" *

  43. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful Song 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  44. Pamela Thomas

    I love this song!!!!!

  45. Steve Turner

    But when does it stop

  46. Tori Dube

    Good Lord 😍 I love this

  47. Robert Butler

    I like Dierks, but Dirtroad Drifters do it better

  48. Heather cole

    Love this song! I needed to hear this song

  49. RobDC88

    Dirt Drifters anyone?


    much better than this one!

    Jennifer Mottola


    Katey Sieren

    Yes. The original blows this one out of the water. They are trying to hard on this track.

  50. K B

    I love this song! Awsome!!

  51. Jessica Love

    I have been single for 5 hole years

    Aaron B

    Jessica Love good for you

  52. Marcia Johnston

    Love this song Dierks Bentley

  53. Gloria Jones

    Love this song i did that and felt bad about it becouse i still love him.

  54. Jessica Love

    Im lonely

  55. Jessica Love

    Im a singing wind and a flower

    Ryan Smith

    What's that Heart and Pride

  56. Jacqueline Knauff


    Ryan Smith

    My Rights Within my Rights

  57. Leah Waggoner

    I think I like the original is better but you just can't not like this song.

  58. Tracey Jacques


  59. Garrett Lee

    Good song, good singing, worst Feature ever

  60. hunter x1

    Muito bom esse estilo de musica

  61. Dee Harris

    I like this song

  62. Cammie Gonyer

    So sorry

  63. Ann Tate

    You can hear Chis in the background.

  64. unknown subscriber

    garunteed chris stapleton wrote this. as much of a fan of dierks i am those are Chris's lyrics


    The Dirt Drifters originally sang this.

    unknown subscriber

    ohh. well i was half right, theres no way dierks wrote this.

  65. Knock Nevis

    This should have been on the "black" album

  66. Pamela Maloy


  67. Jeremy Durbin

    I have been saying it for years that Dierks is one of the best. Without all the awards he comes through year after year with great music. Keep em coming!

    Mollie Mosier

    Jeremy Durbin is

    Alicia Kelly

    I've been saying the same! He deserves all the awards though! He never wins and he is always winning!!! Why is he so unrecognized by the award shows??? He's my absolute favorite, right behind George strait

  68. Randal Luna

    Dirt drifters original. They did it better

    Robert Butler

    Randal Luna 100%

    Nick 01

    I was waiting to see if someone caught it! Lol yeah they definitely did it way better

  69. Judith Bernie

    Nothing hurts when it's straight up

  70. Micheal Lau

    Here is my cover of this song. If you've got some time to kill, give it a listen. Give me some feedback. Thanks.

  71. Emma Mantle

    😃😃😃😃😃Rembers this of my ex’s boyfriends n ex’s gf cuz they cheated on me lots lots of times and one as just hurt me. Not long age. In the weekend. My ex bf cheated on me beind my back with other girlfriend in the same relationship as me and he was with me. And I still miss him now. N love him now in the same relationship. And he didn’t tell me why. At first till I messaged him ages. And he sed he dnt now why he done it too me and broke my heart tho. That not right tho. He ay saying why as properly he gone out with other girlfriend in other girlfriend relationship as me name Zoe. Omg not good at all. I’m broken heart 💔 and single and free and try be happy 😃 in my life and in my future in my relationship together and try and get a new boyfriend if I can. And or just be single in my life in my future in my relationship together and try be happy 😃 and try not to be. Crying 😢 or sad. In my relationship and all this reminds me of my ex’s so. I dnt want my ex’s no more or ex’s gf. No more I just want to move on with my life and in my future in my relationship together and try be happy 😃. In the relationship and I am free and single. N happy 😃 and thinking about you in my heart ❤️ u all ways in my heart ❤️ all the time and in my life in my future and in my dreams come true in my world 🌎 in my relationship together forever and forever I always be happy together with you. Forever and forever In our relationship in our life in our future together try be happy 😃 and I’m single now n free. N thing about you all time in my heart ❤️ and u always be in my heart ❤️ day or night and all time in our life in our future in our relationship together n try not to cry about u. Baby. N be sad about u and try not too be broken heart 💔 because angels 👼 are looking dwn on u. And telling you to try be happy 😃 in ur life in ur heart in your dreams come true in ur future in ur world 🌎 in ur relationship together forever and forever n try get a new boyfriend or be single agin because they just cheated on you beind ur back. Guys or girls so no pint. Is there. Well no pint for me no more I’m done with all my ex’s Now. I hate it. I’ve been crying and upset wen I’ve broken my heart like not long ago now. I’ve been crying n upset n itshurt my heart baby. Omg n I still thing off all my ex’s. I still love them. N miss them. But now. I now why because they cheated on me with other girlfriend beind my back with other girlfriend in my relationship as was with me. Omg n hurt my heart so bad bad n iv cry n upset because iv been hurt 😞 with my heart. By my ex’s don’t like it I still love them too n miss them. Now I can move on with my life and in my future and try be happy 😃 n I’m single n free. So. Try get a new boyfriend soon. And I move on now in my life in my heart in my dreams come true in my future in my relationship together forever and forever and try be happy now. N move on xx 😘 😃😃😃😃😃

    Cammie Gonyer

    I didn't know

  72. tadhg o connor

    This should be Chris Stapleton feat deirks Bentley


    Nope they got it right.


    does he sing on this?

  73. Jessica Dühr

    Wow really fantastic ❤

  74. Muriel Woodhouse

    Love Dierks Bentley music...


    Wasn't expecting a cover of The Dirt Drifters. Doesn't sound to bad.

  76. Debbie Smitherman

    Way to go Dierks Bentley! I love you so much♥. You are doing an amazing job with these terrific songs. I'm enjoying every minute of it. This album is gonna be the best ever. Thanks for a wonderful song. Again, love you and keep up the great music. ~♥~~♥~~♥~❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤠🤠🤠😊😊😊😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  77. elizabeth hill

    awe. i love it. think this was wrote about us "southern women" lol

  78. Mary Martini

    love your song 💞🌹

  79. Walter Travis Garrison

    Beautifully Done

  80. Alice Bibler


  81. Alan Brown

    Hes in the chorus back ground.

  82. Tina Beck

    Nice song

  83. maria jacobs

    beautiful hope song meant for me why will noone ever tell they like you.most beautiful song.❤❤❤

  84. Shannon Hopkins

    Love it

  85. Christopher Hinchen


  86. tara Lee

    this song is beautiful

  87. Angela M Wingler

    Oh my goodness I'm in rekindled crush. That was it that lit the sky up for me. Love Always

  88. Todd Clark

    Dude.........thanks 4 Dierks Bentley

  89. vvergamini5

    Chris Stapleton isn't in this


    Francesco P okay did not know that

    Jesse Klassen

    Stapleton probably wrote the song. He writes so much music for so many artists. Has been doing that for a decade.

    Kimberly Randall

    Jesse Klassen Actually the Dirt Drifters wrote and preformed the original version. Stapleton is just a background vocalist.

    Kim t.

    @Jesse Klassen agree

    Smith Pelkey

    vvergamini5 hi

  90. mma clips

    great song . i love it

  91. Billy Maddison

    Please don't hurt me

    Sunshine Classic

    Don't drop the soap.
    & it won't hurt

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    Windy Butler

    Coral Reef Sounds ]pp]ppppp]]]]

    Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love this Song💕💕💕💕

    Sunshine Classic

    @Donna Marie Pszoniak "Black" is better.

    Connie Susan Moore

    Thank you for your kindness and support in your Lyrics, Music, Prayers...