Bentley, Dierks - Black Lyrics

The moon, outside, too bright
Those blinds, yeah, lets just keep them closed
You know, my hands they know where to go, to find your fingertips
Trace them back to your lips, take you on a trip
Flip that switch

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack, knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doing that, that thing you're doing there, brush me with your hair
I swear I don't know how long that I can last
Make my world go black, black
Make my world go black, black

Like your dress on the floor
Yeah, the one you don't need anymore,
Black like a sky, with no stars, just find me and fall into my arms

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack, knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doing that, that thing you're doing there, brush me with your hair
I swear I don't know how long that I can last
Make my world go black
Make my world go black

I don't wanna see a thing
Baby, I just wanna feel your touch, feel your rush
I don't wanna see a thing, I just wanna feel your love

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack, knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doing that, that thing you're doing there, brush me with your hair
I swear I don't know how long that I can last
Make my world go black
Make my world go black

Make my world go black
I don't wanna see a thing
I just wanna feel your touch, feel your rush

Black, black...

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Bentley, Dierks Black Comments
  1. Josie Alvrz

    Why would people unlike this video? They are probably black lol

  2. Lewis Fortney

    Was your favorite color 🤔

  3. Brandy Witmer

    This is one of the most beautiful videos ive ever seen.

  4. Helen C

    Can't stop watching this video. He told me once that he still loved her...I should have believed him...

  5. Adam is me

    Southern girls are the best, and that's comin from a hardcore Cali guy representn

  6. Savannah

    Listened to this during high school senior year and it was hard for me this whole album help me put what I was feeling into words.

  7. King Rama

    How about a like for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.........

  8. Kayla Schulz

    Listen to him

  9. Pamela Jefferson


  10. [Lucïd Chãn]

    Heard this song on the radio and I fell in love

  11. Tyler Butler

    When a song gives you chills and brings tears to your eyes

  12. me person

    Someone call 5150 bc there is a burning man from people getting drunk on a plane

  13. Jamie Sparkman

    This song tho..

  14. Motorwilly 777

    Song gives me be chills everytime, brings back memories, flash backs. Man heart breaks suck.

  15. Eric Lee Vanostran

    Love you baby RIP MEL

  16. fusioncop

    That better be Cassidy....
    Otherwise you’re in trouble Dierks...

    Samantha Helzer

    Yes, that is Cassidy. He wrote this song for her and the reason he named the song, "Black" is because her maiden name was Black as well.

  17. Keagan Hodge

    Pilots on that plane were bad fliyers just like in stuck on a plane

  18. Veronica Contreras

    Patriots Win, ¿GO Brady??

  19. Veronica Contreras

    I guess I can see someone else.. I win..

    Andrew Pioquin


  20. Veronica Contreras

    What was that for??

  21. T Davis

    this video makes me want to go back to Iceland for a visit. Its a beautiful country in the summer.

  22. Audra Hanks

    He is so good!!!! Lucky wife!!!

    Andrew Pioquin

    You are a bad bird Audra

    Audra Hanks

    Andrew Pioquin How so?!?

  23. Riley Swann

    HOW are there so many dislikes?!?!


    Actually I'm trying to find Bentley supercar but YouTube recommend me to this one Bentley car who can sing

  25. C-Los Vapes

    Dedicated to my kieemy!! 💖


    Thank you Carlos 😘😘😘

    C-Los Vapes



    Back at ya!

  26. Nicole Barrios

    I luv this song

  27. KaRyn Sweeney

    Jerry darko

  28. J Russell

    follow @RickiPronto Twitter ®️icki🅿️ronto

  29. Michelle Martin

    Are u still married??? Not cool

  30. K Brook

    Looove it when my husband makes my world go "Blaaaaack"!💞🎶

  31. Pamela Jefferson


  32. Pamela Jefferson


  33. Diane Duncan

    who plays the other guy in this video? not the boyfriend; altho who is that also?

  34. sherry page

    Love Bentley and all his music a voice like no other puts his heart into it

  35. courtney cloutier

    this called me single about 72836382748272737372 times

  36. Kayla N

    Such a sad song 😭 God bless Dierks Bentley

  37. Katie Rauh

    I ABSOLUTELY love how he filmed this in Iceland at the black sand beach and the crashed plane. It a trek to get to the plane.

  38. that girl

    This is that put me in the mood music😍

  39. Sarah Rodrock

    This must be place

  40. Karissa Richard

    I love this song.

  41. Bobbiejo Ruiz

    Love this song...gets me everytime

  42. Natalie Smith

    The guy I’m talking to sent me this

  43. Elmour Fudd

    Am I the only one who thought he was gonna say knock me flat on my ass

  44. Eric Vanostran

    That's how we felt every day Miss you RIP Melissa 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  45. Clark :p

    This Is my favourite Songggg

  46. Raegan Lewis


  47. Scott Lussier

    Where was I 2 years ago when this dropped? 👏 Awesome song

  48. DINA Orr

    All love stories are a tragedy if you wait long enough

  49. itswhatisee

    You're an idiot

  50. raskolinkov 12

    Hit me like a heart attack

  51. Susan

    This man is so underrated.

  52. gary nichols

    Really wanted to make it to the Tampa show next weekend but we have to move our lease is expiring on the 20th so every extra penny is being put towards the new house, really wish we could have made it

  53. Miracle Krajeck-chastain

    I've been you fan since I was like 4 I'm probably one of your biggest fans

  54. LAX4 LIFE

    I almost never listened to music but then I found these song and I can’t play street hockey without it


    Don't try to be funny 😎😎🤣🤣

  55. LAX4 LIFE

    Favorite song ever

    It is so good

  56. Ale X

    The moon, outside. Not to be confused with the moon, inside. These lyrics for the sake of making it rhyme. SMH

  57. Barbara Burgess

    Also with athervmemories of yous...i want forget yous

  58. Barbara Burgess

    Baby turn my world black...touch me here touch me there...make it all come back to me again...X husband

  59. erik gunnarsson

    Dierks Bentley filmed some of this in Iceland damn just saw that

  60. Big daddy Niggerv1

    My HUSBAND still hits me like a heart attack ❤

  61. Suzanne Elizabeth

    2019 i just woke up with this song playing in my head .. never watched the film clip till now.. wow.. I LOVE it so powerful : Iceland is incredible !! the magical land of fire & Ice 🔥❄️ and this song hits you like a heart attack make my world go black black black 🖤⚡️🙌🏽

  62. Hanna Linehan

    My favorite song

  63. Bryce Hubenthal

    What does make my world go black even mean??

  64. Autumn Ball

    The things I would do...

  65. DemoWorldPlayer DWP

    I'm not from USA but I can't live without Country.

  66. Randy Barnett

    I feel like this about my boyfriend btw I'm a girl

  67. Victoria Gibbons

    I love this song

  68. Lucimar Craici Ribeiro

    I love!

  69. content gremlin the 3rd

    OMG speed 1.25 is amazing

  70. Mike Marcell

    My my sun rest in pice

  71. Nicholas Fisher

    This is my wedding song

  72. Lance THORNE

    Love this song! He needs to be recognized more for his talent. Let’s give him an award already what’s going on here.

  73. Steven Roberts

    I never really listened to country music, but this song actually got me into it

  74. iconic

    2019 anyone? This reminds me of my crush.

  75. Texas Bird

    Beautiful couple and a beautiful video.Dierks is one of my fave singers and hes super cute.

  76. Lil Miss Riah

    The love of my life told me about this song, once I heard it I realized why he loves it. That's exactly how I feel about him. <3

  77. Jo Jo

    Make my World go Blaaaaaaack💙

  78. Queen Lala

    Nice song

  79. Stereo

    I'm staring at the wall.

  80. Margo Doty

    Wow 12 million views!!!! How does that feel?

  81. Jaylen Moss

    Love This Song❤

  82. Johannah Stahl

    Dierks bentley u make my world go black

  83. ashton mickelson

    yee hah-hah-hah

  84. Alice Bibler


  85. Gavin Gibson

    Delete the video now

  86. Braeden Perry

    I love all your songs and I would love to go to one of your concerts again like the in wichita at the intrust bank arena

  87. Pj Baird


  88. Kazhin Omer

    Just with John Walker everything will be black

  89. Blaine Erp

    I listened to this song almost daily during a 2 year meth addiction among other drugs and I look back and feel crushed that I felt so alone. I thank this man for making this song it got me through such dark times

  90. Kendra Nelson

    This song is so deep I love it

  91. Savina Nelson

    Make My World Go Black 💟💟💟

  92. Gena Singletary

    Wow... This song just makes me melt

  93. Ladybug

    My sweetie told me to listen to this song because it expressed how he felt.😊😊😊

  94. Mark Doyle

    Iam still with my girlfriend for 18 years she still hits me like a heart attack

    Samm Segars

    Make her your wifeeeee

  95. Robyn Batman


  96. Edwin Weikert

    You the best