Benson, George - Nature Boy Lyrics

There was a boy

Very strange
Enchanted boy;
They say be wander'd very far

Very far over land and sea.
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise
Very wise was be.

And then one day

A magic day he passed my way

And while we spoke of many things

Fools and kings
This he said to me:
The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return
To be loved in return.

And then one day...

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Benson, George Nature Boy Comments
  1. Alfredo Zanca

    Fottetevi voi e la pubblicità di merda.

  2. Afroblu Atlanta

    The best version.

  3. Night Music

    The harmony in the intro...god

  4. Sodi Michael

    For my cousin, RIP.

  5. Phillip Kali

    Very smooth sailing superb song.

  6. Лера Савина


  7. Antoine Townsend

    George Benson Nature Boy

  8. Mr Funky

    Even my mother knew this song was about her peculiar /creative oldest child . She bought most of the music, she played this while it filled up the living room as she prepared the Saturday late after noon meal, and she saw how I was parLYZED , AND SHE SAID ALOUD ( breaking my dream/drunk haze)! ..Randy this song is about you.......................affirmed

  9. Mr Funky

    I knew instantly when I was 16 yo hearing this song for the first time that this would be the opening theme song played in the movie epic of my life. It took my my breath and gave me a deeper vision of my self. It affirmed my "specailness",

  10. Raf 83

    Love it!♥️

  11. Luigi Rivetti


  12. Кatrin Trmp

    I want to cry .This best

  13. joseph bennett

    Love when he hits every note as his guitar
    Go George

  14. Matt Foley

    Wrong album cover.

  15. LGKids

    So smooth and so enchanting! Peace!

  16. Tina Tahiti

    Tes chansons m ont emporté dans un voyage qui n avait pas de fin Merciiiiiiii. George ❤️🎶✈️😘🌺

  17. Jason Carpp

    I used to listen to George Benson when I was a boy. I loved his music. My favourite was a cover he did of Vince Guaraldi's "Cast Your Fate to the Wind." Beautiful song. :)

  18. Kenwrick Joseph

    George " The Boss" Benson

    Sarah Parry

    You said it!

  19. Frank Solar

    Very good song, but it's coming from the album "In Flight"

  20. Paul Cowell

    Takes me straight back to the 70s.when we was all young with know cares,full of energy and wonder.....I look at the world that has been created since then and I feel like weeping...the 70s was a very special decade,that's why the music was so good.and still stands the test of time.

  21. Andreia Luízas

    Love this Song 🌹

  22. Sante Smith

    Ecstasy to my ears...My Daddy, RIH, loved him some Benson..

  23. Joe Jones

    GREAT Song....FOREVER...

  24. Rosie Vela

    Miles Davis Nature Boy Is Fab

  25. Rosie Vela

    George Benson Nature Boy Is Divine.

  26. Bons plans


  27. Thomas Alarcon

    so many magnificent versions of that song : this one, Nat King Cole's, David Bowie's, and recently the one from Aurora. Never forget the adaptation by Ennio Morricone for "Once upon in America", beautiful... Only few melodies can product such wonderful and different interpretations!

  28. Robert Milan


  29. Joe Jones

    OH YEAHHH!!!

  30. Julian Johnson

    My grandfather used to play this song to me when I was little cuz he said I always wanted to be outside he passed in 2012 I’m 17 now I started tearing up when I heard the first couple seconds

  31. Les frissons...

  32. tantilizingtrip 1

    For Mark aka dfoot.. never forgotten x

  33. Barbara Abblitt

    This song melts my heart! Benson does it justice and more! love you NKC RIP allan.

  34. zim,will ,salvador, the diamond dogs

    this song break my heart each time i hear it

  35. SandStorm

    His voice is similar to Stevie Wonder's

  36. Lurker Smith

    I went looking for other versions of this song after hearing Nat King Cole's recording. While many versions were faithful to the 1948 version, it's cool to hear this version, true to the "R&B / Disco" era, yet still faithful to the feeling of the original. True to its time and still cool to hear this version today.


    The lyrics are beautiful; reminds me of a friend. As a child my parents had the 78 rpm record by Nat King Cole.

  38. Sna Kprn


  39. Dave Croston

    For all the artists who recognized the integrity of this song enough to cover it in the ensuing decades, I commend all of you. In 1977 when George Benson put his own spin on it, it gained a new life & broader exposure to the pop world ( which is good thing)! Thank you GB.

    Vera Theron de Hen

    Dave, isn't it amazing how one's own context of a song within time and space give it that very special 'me' flavour. I don't know where you are but it would be so lovely to exchange notes with you over a cup of coffee what this song means to you and to let you know what it means to me. It's cosmic, man! ;-)

  40. SONY

    GREAT song is right for anyone, however, George put an incredible spin to it. BEAUTIFUL..

  41. Boutaleb Chergui

    C'est la plus belle chanson du monde

  42. David Dies

    Hmmmm. I feel a little of it. Part of it sounds like it came from "This masquerade."

  43. Christophe Perso

    lyrics OK, listen nature boy of Matt Goss acapela

  44. siras2

    .. did you mean Georgeous!?

  45. Беня Крик

    Шикарный гитарист и вокалист!

  46. Pooh Bear

    I've been hooked on this song from the very first time I heard it I think I was about 15 I know Nat King Cole did it but I love this version especially with Harvey Mason keeping it in the pocket I love every bit of this song Thank You George for remaking it

    Valerie Williams-Sanchez

    The Kurt Elling version was my introduction to the song and it's myriad arrangements. Check it out sometime if you like. It definitely got me interested in the timelessness of the music and its message.

  47. kamel attit

    A remarkable remake. Still love it after 35 years. Beautiful song and dazzling guitar

  48. Sandra Woodson

    Props to Nat "King" Cole and George Benson......They Both Breathe Life Into this Song

  49. sandinyourshoes

    Every boy or man is a nature boy at one point or another.

  50. Y Jackson

    This is dedicated to my baby my angel in heaven one day we will be together rest in peace i love you.

  51. Jax The Disintegrator

    This version in Alien Covenant's trailer!

  52. Ryder Patrick Layne

    Here's a new one

    In The SHADOW Of The SUN

    I'm dancing outside with you in the moonlight you can Kiss me now Baby 💋

    In The SHADOW Of The SUN

    this is the best version of this song! haven't heard it a long time.....

  53. Antonio Caputo

    bellissimo pezzo

  54. Antoine Townsend

    George Benson Nature Boy

  55. S kabay

    Words defy me...... just the genious that is George Benson.

  56. Ikaika Maleko

    Damn this takes me back to college; I had this album played it all the time.

  57. lewisner

    The Nat King Cole version is better but I like this one more because it is from my youth.

  58. Doris Day

    One of the best songs I've ever heard. Masterpiece!

  59. Derek Lyons

    My life's theme , first version I ever heard. l love this and Nat's version and the original by eden ahbez

  60. Louise Broitman

    It has been said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"... this thing of beauty, simple, but profound... and George B., thank you for your wonderful talent... you are amazing

  61. Luis Rojas

    The Singers Unlimited version of this song is amazing too.

  62. JeanJean

    My dad used to have me play it over and over again.lots of memories

  63. bajangalish

    I was so smitten when I first heard this, never knew at the time the late, great Nat King Cole sang the original. Different flavours, but I love both versions.

  64. lin eves

    This brings back happy memories X

  65. Arbind Sahu

    I have loved this song for over 30 years.

  66. Doris Day

    This song still gives me chills 30 years later!

  67. Eric Thomas

    going on 4 months now i been listening to this over and over again,!!! Has struck a nerve folks!!!!!

  68. Afro 76

    Wow... Brings back memories.

  69. Eric Thomas

    nice strings.

  70. Eric Pittbey

    Love this version. Very soulful and jazzy.

  71. Fanouvvi

    I thought that Stevie Wonder sung this song. So, now, let me listen to the late Nat King Cole Song

    Coolie Gee Films

    +Fanouvvi I can bet many people thought of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway as well.


    @Coolie Gee Have you listened to the original recording?  The guy sounds so enchanting and eerie.. According to history,. the writing of this song appeared to the late Nat King Cole dressing room after a show.. He(the songwriter) wore a dark hooded cape and carried a box in his hand.. knocked on the dressing room door of Nat King Cole and handed him the box.. mysteriously walked away. 
    I google meaning of Nature Boy.. I found the telling of that story. 

  72. Luigi Rivetti

    LA MAS LINDA version de natura boys es fantastica. Muhas versiones se han creado PEro esta es sin duda la mas lhermosa..

  73. Chezeex

    I first heard Nat King Coles version which was a sound track to a film I watched once,can't think if the name of it.but it brought a tear to my eye hearing it.

    Steven Bolfing

    The movie was "The Boy with Green Hair." It starred a young Dean Stockwell as Peter (the boy with green hair). It was a powerful anti-war movie made in the late 40's

    Darlene Sings the Divas

    Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recorded it for their jazz collaborative album, Cheek to Cheek(2014).

    Darlene Sings the Divas

    Film soundtracks:  The Boy with Green Hair, The Talented Mr. Ripley, & the 2001 musical Moulin Rouge!,  David Bowie's  techno version

  74. texzenrck

    Written by eden ahbez, given to Nat King Cole in 1948. i recommend listening to eden's version but definitely read his story (Wiki for example). The song is thought to be about his mentor Bill Pestor who brought the Naturemensch philosophy to California in the early 1900's - the first "hippies".

    jayson biggs

    All true. On you tube there is a clip from about 1948 of Ahbez with Nat King Cole. He had a long white robe, long hair and a beard. Looked JUST like a hippie of 20 yrs. later. I'm sure he scared people back then to death! in the '60's Brian Wilson became friends with him.

    Vera Theron de Hen

    a little shy... sad of eye... very wise...

    Jamie Rodriuges

    I didn't know that,,,thank you,!!!.

  75. 3303rco

    WOW!  I forgot how much I love this version of "Nature Boy"!!!!!!


    Still a good song after all these years to listen to

  76. Sumefylop

    I love GB but have to disagree with most this funk version does not IMHO match the NKC version.


    Synth line at the start (mimicking cellos) was intense...

  77. sevvy253

    Just been listening to the Nat King Cole version of this on radio 2.  As much as I love NKC, this is by far the best version IMHO - adore George Benson; seeing this cover reminded me that I had this album!! :-)


     I listened to it and thought the same. All respect to NKC, But George takes it up another level.


    @edpegalf Indeed! Just love that intro! :-) 

  78. 백미나

    조지벤슨 버전이 최고!! 사랑해요 조지옹

  79. Barry James Thomas

    this is the original nat king cole strings harvey mason on drums!!!

  80. The Scotts

    Quality Song...........

  81. Darrell Swinson

    This song has been out when I was 10 years old. This has been 37 years since I heard this song that was remade. This was a remake of Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy" that he has done.


    Hey Darrell!  Thanks, you really know your stuff!   I love this version!!   ;p

    Nature Boy

    This song is originally composed by Eden Ahbez

  82. papina54

    Woh Guys!
    I was driving through the town when I heard this song at the radio: I literally felt in love with it!

  83. Rudi K. Sander

    Ein ruhiger, nachdenklicher und besinnlicher Song!

  84. MrJuanjv

    @DeliverTheWord1, My Sentiments, I too am an LA Street survivor also, Many of My Brothers were lost in the haze of the LA gang maze also, and If it were'nt for the Grace of God and Music, I would not be here. ~Peace,Jv~

  85. 会沢朝光


  86. Dieseluk2k

    I was thinkin' the same thing.

  87. rexa tasch

    feel the same, listen to just the wo of us another awesome one!!

  88. pascale poncelet

    Un moment de grâce! un joyau!

  89. sakatrak

    damn , sounds so much like Stevie :)

  90. Lucien Lafayette

    Tu a raison.

  91. Lucien Lafayette

    Yeah, how true.

  92. BioHasarD93

    The best version.

  93. msimmons411

    This song was written about Paramahansa Yogananda...."sad of eyes.....very wise...very wise was he"....."the greatest thing, you could ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return"......

  94. bow' el moove-ments

    Soon as I saw this channel I knew I would sub. GREAT.

  95. Rahma Bou

    George Benson est un grand musicien,quand je l ecoute ca me degage le stresse.

  96. T COX

    Wise man u and your father!

  97. T COX

    YES SIR!