Benson, George - Midnight Love Affair Lyrics

You stare at him at night and think of schemes
I stay with her each night but you're in my dreams
You tellin' him that you're goin' out just to meet some friends
I wonder if this treachery will ever ever end

We're just a midnight love affair
We get together and go nowhere
I'd really like to tell the world we care
But we're just another late night love affair

You have a little boy, you really love
I have a little daughter that I place no one above
If by chance you see me walkin down the street
You know that eyes like ours should never ever meet

We're just a midnight love affair
We get together and go nowhere
I'd really like to tell the world we care
But we're just another late night love affair

Just a midnight love affair
We get together and go nowhere
I'd really like to tell the world we care
But we're just another late night love affair

Hang ups cause a slip of tongue
Let that make us come undone
Little white lies we tell our friends
Hold our love until the end

We never seem to quit the lies
We live inside a crimson sky
We love each other in our mind
An answer is what we must find

We're just a midnight love affair
We get together and go nowhere
I'd really like to tell the world we care
But we're just another late night love affair

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Benson, George Midnight Love Affair Comments

    This song...& album were/are PERFECTION. Period.


    This song really is something else. Looks like I should give this album a shot shouldn't I

  2. alvin frazier TV

    The song title fits the mood of the track perfectly. Such a great song. Hadn't heard since I was a kid in the 80's.

  3. Daniel Higgins

    I love this beautiful song. 💙💙
    And I think I have all the albums too😊👍
    Thank you for the wonderful music and beautiful memories.

  4. Mark Banner

    Ese album es espectacular, pero creo que este es el mejor tema, lejos.

  5. Mario Alberino

    Sempre una grande emozione!!! Grazie GEORGE🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  6. Charles Demetri

    Q and Benson=perfection.......

  7. Randy Barnett

    Midnight Love Affairs, I've been there, done that ☺☺☺☺

    Wrinthia Kendrick

    Randy Barnett haven't we all?😉

  8. Rodrigo F. R. de Souza

    I remember that when I was 9 yo, in the end of the 90s, my mom bought a greatest hits CD by George Benson and this was the opening track. She used to listen to that record every single day. That's how she made me a fan of his music. And I'm forever glad for that. 🙏❤

    Tiffany Waldon

    Rodrigo F. R. de Souza Can’t go wrong with George Benson! 😃

  9. rochstan123

    Just beautiful. 80's were fantastic.

  10. Mme. Kahn-Belhakem

    Great memories........... Thanks from Paris

  11. Kevin Reid

    I only saw George play this once live and he was amazing singing it.

  12. Aparecido Souza

    Super affair loves

  13. Dimitri Rove

    Great song.....

  14. Mario Alberino


  15. kamel attit

    Fantastic song. Still love it after 37 years

  16. Diego Mix Jess

    show de bola,pena que o Brasil só tem as piores do mundo

  17. lsunav

    Is it treachery or great charade that he wonders will ever ever end?

  18. jose rivera

    Stll kikng 36 yrs later.... Love it.

  19. guleet

    WHO can thump this down !

  20. Sultan Graf

    touch of the great quincy jones.....

  21. sandinyourshoes

    Classic Benson! This song makes me think of driving to L.A.'s Farmer's Market where I can meet someone for a friendly dinner... And having longing hopes for a midnight love affair would take place. Friendships are fine, but is it so wrong to want physical affection?

    V Wiggins

    Beach lover I love the mountains river front. Lol

    V Wiggins

    @sandinyourshoes first comment was for you.


    Lavica, yes, and cheers to this great music!

    V Wiggins

    Cheers my friend.😎✌♏


    V Wiggins , Benson helps to draw the sunset on Sunset Boulevard with this dazzling music.

  22. Enrique Herrera

    who's play drums John "JR" Robinson or Carlos Vega (RIP)? and the bassline is this Louis Johnson or Abraham Laboriel, great song!!!


    +Enrique Herrera it was Carlos Vega who provided the groove along with Louis Johnson (RIP) on bass. I agree, one magnificent song indeed.

    Peter Akinwunmi

    I knew that bass had to be thunder thumbs himself. My son is learning to play the bass and this is one song I get him to listen to for the baseline alone!

  23. Jeremy Lewis

    Back in the 80's, they used to play this nightly around midnight on the "For Lovers Only" radio show on 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland, hosted by Jeffrey Charles. Memories!!

    Kelcy Eady

    CLE in da house

    CLE -CHI

    EAST CLEVELAND circa.1980s
    doan & hayden avenue..SHAW HIGH lol

    CLE -CHI

    @Eric Singer

    CLE -CHI

    @Kelcy Eady

    Eric Singer

    @CLE -CHI lol... Cleveland Heights High here!

  24. Duke Cats

    The combination of George and Lee Ritenour is marvelous.
    Lee 's backing work of this tune and this album is wonderful.

  25. Jerry Johnson

    One of my favorites. If it's George Benson I'm listening. Jus' sayin'...

  26. arnborj6

    Benson is an exceptional guitar player with great voice.
    This album really showcase his vocal talent.

  27. Eduardo Martins

    Este álbum é perfeito. 

  28. jose rivera

    Simple things in life are better..... Great album!!!

  29. giantbully1

    iv still got this LP from the late 80s


    I still got it on tape .


    +guleet , iv just got hold of an old record player and iv been playing non stop for about a week now , at first the tone was terrible but you soon get used to it lol


    @giantbully1 when you the tone was terrible , do you mean , you did not the music , or the record player was faulty !!??? 


    +guleet no i meant that the tone we used to listen to compared with todays CDs at first its a shock when you listen to the old LPs because i have not heard an old record player in somrthing like 30 years it was a shock


    @giantbully1 ah ok ! 

  30. derek lee eskelson

    great cut, i got this album when i was 15. very nice

  31. Alain Petry

    That bass ! George & Quincy : a perfect combination.

    Alex Pea

    Abe Laboriel Sr is on the bass

  32. jose rivera

    30+ yrs later, still a exelent album. LOVE it.

  33. ruthsan r

    I like the part "eyes like ours should never meet."

  34. ralph wilson

    it's just music everyone about real life calm down

  35. John Lebesis

    @begood20000 I'm serious..this is Bensons' wall baby! lol

  36. yowza

    @1BassJohn lol

  37. John Lebesis

    @begood20000 Keep your baggage off these walls please.

  38. yowza

    Cheating on his wife scum


    yowza , no.

  39. yowza

    Are all George Benson's songs about having affairs?


    yowza , no.

  40. JohnD

    YES< thanks for putting this up for us to enjoy!

  41. Sal1675

    Thanks for putting this up. Been searching for ions for this on tube.

  42. doubleotwentyone

    Great to see this up...thanks for posting.