Benson, George - Love X Love Lyrics

I remember the days when we never had a dime
And our dreams seemed a million miles away
But we made it baby, facin' the bad times with a smile
Here we are and we're growin' stronger day by day

'Cause we got love times love
It's always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good
To know you're by my side

'Cause we're just two high hearts
That beat as one forever on
With love times love
To keep us satisfied every night

So my lady whisper the words I love to hear
Cuddle up and I'll make you feel all right
'Cause I need you baby to carry me on through all the years
So come on baby close the door and dim the lights

'Cause we got love times love
It's always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good
To know you're by my side

'Cause we're just two high hearts
That beat as one forever on
With love times love
To keep us satisfied every night

And there ain't no one in this world tonight
Can change my point of view
So come on girl and hold me tight
The way you always do with love times me and you

'Cause we got love times love
It's always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good
To know you're by my side

'Cause we're just two high hearts
That beat as one forever on
With love times love
To keep us satisfied every night

'Cause we got love times love
It's always there for us to share
And girl it sure feels good
To know you're by my side

'Cause we're just two high hearts
That beat as one forever on
With love times love
To keep us satisfied every night

We got love
It sure feels good
Carry me on through all the years
Keep me satisfied

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Benson, George Love X Love Comments
  1. S Hussein

    I immediately knew the producer is Quincy Jones.

  2. Jeffrey McCutchen

    george benson ❤
    Música boa é eterna, não é igual essas porcarias de hoje!!

  3. S. Seaberg Tricia

    Still listening in 2019!!!!
    My driving to Maryland Song...

  4. William S. Mansfield

    Horribly underrated song
    This song, the way it sounds sums up how love should feel! It's so beautiful!

  5. Toni W. Garza

    RIP Rod Temperton (the songwriter)

  6. Deborah 4life

    Another favorite jam of his that I love 💙😍🤩🤗😎❤️

  7. John Hoban

    Smooth as glass

  8. Joe Billy

    If you couldn't skate.This song would make you feel like you could.

  9. Vlady Huaroc Quintana

    ¡¡¡MÚSICA CON CLASE!!!...



  11. Donald Jones

    Produced by Quincy Jones, it was one of the first records released on the Qwest Label. My all-time favorite George Benson song next to "On Broadway."

  12. David Hargreaves

    George was 37 here?......RIP Rod Temperton......great album

  13. Vincent Lewis

    Rod Temperton Badass

  14. 1toknow

    11th grade high school! Great memories......

  15. Jeffrey Kasupi

    2920....GB still rocks

  16. Tracey Driver

    George Benson has the best melodies in his music and you know it's him <3

  17. Genival Santos

    que clássico

  18. Morne Augustus

    rip dad lajola andrew augustus

  19. ravenhill and the mystery cult of sagalia † 1968

    i had this on cassette back then , played it to death in those sunny mid 80's evenings.

  20. Hot Rockin'

    Debra Parkinson🙂The Love of my life!♥️⚘I will always love you! Cuddle up & i'll make you feel alright..

  21. Andy Morris

    1980-83,cruising the freeways of LA, this song always takes me back to those nights.

  22. Lafreda Hendricks

    Yesssss. My Song

  23. Maria Estevan

    É Um Clasico Muito boa de ouvi

  24. dholmes974

    Man. Just got out of boot camp; bought a big boom box. Played this cassette constantly. Memories...…......

  25. kathryn judy

    The 80s ......does music get much better than this?

    Phillips Watson


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  27. Travis Johnson

    Everybody should have higher heart.

  28. Reverend Farley

    I'm a Brooklyn Son. Remember living in Villa Rica Georgia writing 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning this song would always bring tears to my eyes. As a writer pay attention to the awesome lyrics.

  29. Deborah Steele


  30. Ruben Dario


  31. Alex Jiu Jitsu 1980


    Hoje 17 de Janeiro...1°vez que ouço essa música é já curti👍

  32. Roe Laophermsook


  33. Delores Heath

    I'm here

  34. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Linda música

  35. Annie Shamblee

    😍😍😍This a beautiful ballet song it's brings back so many beautiful memories sure miss those days beautiful memories never die that's for sure Amen😍😍😍

  36. sandinyourshoes

    What jet-set music! I want to take a drive around L.A. whenever I hear Benson, especially this album. There's so much to see.

  37. Sonny Gallo

    To the cretins who gave this song thumbs down the planet would be better off without you.

  38. bgblkb

    THAT GUITAR 💣💣💣💣

  39. bill tilford

    My favourite George Benson track.

  40. geisiel cesar

    I remember buying this great song amazing album.

  41. Sylvain Dewildeman

    N aime bien les musiques

  42. Tommy Long

    Who's still listening in 2020.

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Tommy Please don't leave me out how about February 23 2020 This beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction Do you agree? When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed AMEN!!! I will always have ode skool music in my blood 4EVER!!! A trip down memory lane good ode days 4SURE!!!

    Tommy Long

    @Shirley Butler absolutely sweetie. We could make beautiful music together u and me

    Shirley Butler

    @Tommy Long OMG You made my evening LOL !! I'm ode skool junkie can't have it no other way I'm so damn lucky to born to experience that awesome era and some AMEN!! No skool like ode skool music 4REAL!!

    Tommy Long

    @Shirley Butler are u ready

  43. Luiz humberto Correa

    Música boa p pegar a estrada e refletir sobre a vida olhando a paisagem pela janela do carro ou até mesmo do ônibus

  44. Luan Domingos

    Alguem em 2020

  45. debbie wilson

    Who's here in 2020? wonderful memories!


    Debbie! I just purchased ‘The Very Best of George Benson’ on CD and it’s been a very enjoyable commute to work!

    Cidinha Lima

    Eu !!! 8/02/20 ♥️😍


    Classic x


    i am so here.

    Curtis Mann

    This is all time classic

  46. yyyyy39

    by now in each song comments "who is here in 2019 ...who is listening in 2019? ....what a pain !

    Phillips Watson

    😎SWEETIE 2020💃🎶🏃

  47. derek johnston

    love this tune

  48. K M

    Still listening in 2020!🎵🎶

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Oh hell to the yeah!! How about January 03 2020 I will always cherished this beautiful classic as long as I live AMEN !!MEMORIES WOW!!

  49. Lloyd Morris

    The whole album ROCKS! George used to ROCK in the 70's and 80's..Peace and Love!

  50. Jonathan Nurse

    This song called "Love X Love", was sung by George Benson with his album "Give Me The Night", going back to 1980.

  51. Old classic wildmanchris200

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  52. Sam London

    Living in the US in the 70's & 80's listening to these beautiful songs.

    Phillips Watson


  53. Est lhm

    Great music and memories still listening despite how time change because the classics are and will always remain legendary. This type of music take you to where you want to be. Like finding comfort from the cold.

  54. Mark Bradley

    The amount of comments left kinda says it all. Romance. And the good times......

  55. Donn Orante

    Big time

  56. Luis Poveda

    🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👊👊🇵🇦👊🇵🇦😊🇵🇦👊🇵🇦👊🖒🇵🇦🎶🎵♩👣👣🎧🎵♩🎹📯🔉👣excelentes recuerdos ¡!¡!¡!!!¡¡!!!!¡¡!

  57. Marcelo Silva

    Tenho meus 45 e só assim pra voltar no tempo e

  58. Ryleigh G

    YEAH i woke up with this on my mind..

  59. Patrick Jones

    Is it bad i listen to this while playing black opps 3 and makes me play better

  60. O que é Deus e o que chamado Deus ?

    esse cara é show. eu musico apaixonado pelo trabalho de George Bensson. valeu





  62. Steph Steph

    Love this song!! Makes me wanna dance!

  63. palmares77

    George Benson had the most angelic sounding background singers ever....


    Patti Austin, Diva Gray, Jocelyn Brown, Tom Bahler and
    Jim Gilstrap (male lead on Good Times theme song as well as opening two lines on "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life")

    Alan M. Luna

    He sure does... 😁👍


    @DC THREE Lord, what talent! Thanks for this, I learned something new today.

  64. gordon mackenzie

    Then again, perhaps the , I need to listen to the music a few times to really appreciate it!!! *) syndrome is present, some people only hear one time, but dont really listen!!! *)

  65. gordon mackenzie

    Perhaps there was a voltage drop to their equipment, and the music played at a different speed like with vinyl, low power low speed!!! heheh *)

  66. Jamisa Minton

    While listening to this song, I’m manifesting MY SOUL MATE.... because he would truly appreciated this music! ❤️

    A Kay

    I know that's right! 🤣 Believing that you will be with the right one in 2020 and beyond. 🙏🏽💕 Happy holidays to you. 🕊️🎄🎅

    Jamisa Minton

    A Kay thanks hun...Happy New Year ❤️

  67. James Gregg

    Love this wonderful song

  68. Terence Jackson

    Smooth as Silk

  69. Richard levett

    Great song got the ep on Broadway was the b side 👍

  70. Tina Woods

    Luv × Luv 4 real 2019 still sounds gud.

  71. Ruben Dario


  72. Alexis Rhinehart

    I love disco music!

  73. Tim G.


  74. boosce baby girl Watts

    I really like this music.when your husband is by your side every is real.peace😀

  75. gwendolyn smith

    My break the monotony of work song. ❤️ x❤️

  76. Creusa Santos

    Grande George Benson!! Tempos bons

  77. Veronica Juarez

    2019 and still my favorite! 😍🎶🎵

  78. Max Kerkar

    Fantastic song ! just brillant

  79. M.C Watts


  80. Willie Seals III

    I was six years old when this song came out my mom and I used to hear this song in one of the stores on Canal Street in New Orleans, La. back on 1980.

  81. Neil Cooke

    Great song great singer x

  82. Moddie Seven

    I loved this Song so much back in 1980, i would wait for it on the radio DJ's to play it which was everyday, all day. When my mother bought me the 45 of it, I was in heaven....One of my favorite jams of all time. Great Music back then.

  83. Charles Gold


  84. Luis Hernando

    Re Asperaa tune ***

  85. Terry Lauren Vuitton

    His best song !!!

  86. Badis Hadji

    Sympa j'adore se style de musique

  87. AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD

    I listened to this when it first came out

  88. Robert Johnson

    Rod Temperton and Quincy Jones working with GB to turn this track and album Give Me The Night into a classic 80's masterpiece which even after almost 40 years sounds just as damn good now as it did then. Essential listening.

  89. Funky Town Fort Worth

    Rod Temperton is the greatest song writer ever in my opinion

  90. Nidia Luccioni

    Funky George Benson we got love x Love

  91. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans and me love your song Love x Love George Benson your songs your voice your music from the fans from around the fans world and me Besitos
    George Benson _ Love x Love (1980) WMV

  92. Carlos Tavares

    Minha juventude foi fantástica música, artistas, carros, roupas e amores, tudo de forma intensa.

  93. gertrude moyana

    Close the door and deem the lights Jasper good stuff

  94. Darlene Hackett

    It's 2019 and i still love this song

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Please don't leave me out how about December 04 2019 I will always cherished this beautiful classic as long as I live AMEN!!! How about you Darlene? A trip down memory 4SURE!!

  95. Ellen Braga

    I love this man and discography 😍😍😍😍😍

  96. Gronfunk

    Nice classic song ;)

  97. Daniella de groote

    btw...laat u niet vangen aan het blauw profiel gezichtje op mijn#....ik werk me wapens en moord, legaal..(always geneve convention/amsterdam)...anonumus zijn hackers op prc systems

    Daniella de groote

    40y oud. mijn kwak(sniper gun) remington against accuraty................

    Daniella de groote

    legal! ya

  98. Daniella de groote

    just passin