Benson, George - Give Me The Night Lyrics

Whenever dark has fallen
You know the spirit of the party
Starts to come alive
Until the day is dawning
You can throw out all your blues
And hit the city lights
'Cause there's music in the air
And lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

You need the evening action
A place to dine, a glass of wine
A little late romance
It's a chain reaction
You'll see the people of the world
Coming out to dance
'Cause there's music in the air
And lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

So come on out tonight
And we'll lead the others
On a ride through paradise
And if you feel all right
Then we can be lovers
'Cause I see that starlight
Look in your eyes
Don't you know we can fly
Just gimme the night
Gimme the night

'Cause there's music in the air
And lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

So come on out tonight
And we'll lead the others
On a ride through paradise
And if you feel all right
Then we can be lovers
'Cause I see that starlight
Look in your eyes
Don't you know we can fly

And if we stay together
We'll feel the rhythm of the evening
Taking us up high
Never mind the weather
We'll be dancing in the street
Until the morning light
'Cause there's music in the air
And lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night
Gimme the night
Gimme the night
Gimme the night
Gimme the night
Gimme the night
So, gimme the night

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Benson, George Give Me The Night Comments
  1. Wilhelm Rudolf


  2. David fegaf

    Shalom 😉 😉 😎

  3. Tounsi Carthagenois



    Super balanço, inesquecível💙💙

  5. mep

    Nerd city

  6. Wahab Owokoniran

    This song always reminds me of my girlfriend friend then Candida..She loves this song.We used to danced to it everyday morning and nights.No dull moment with this song playing.

  7. Edwin Aguilera

    Wow good song

  8. Jayne Goddard

    Good oldie

  9. Josh Wagner

    the bass line is so good

  10. Sandeep Lal

    I'm gonna get this to 100 million views tonight

  11. Solveig Berling

    4487 more views and it'll get to 10M

  12. Em I En O

    Cause there's music in the air
    And lots of lovin' everywhere
    in magical year 2020 :-)

  13. Chalado Toxic

    Je danse le mia

  14. Robert Cobra Barnes

    almost 100 million views

  15. An eye for two eyes

    Respect 🔥


    100 Mil ???

  17. hip hop

    This joint is too dope mad love from Austria ✌️

  18. 3 KARALHO

    puta musica boa, e de cair o cu da bunda.

  19. Juan Carlos Berenz

    George Benson Nice One!!🎹🎵😎🎶

  20. iiiacu

    Omg I've just discovered this song and I think I've reached Nirvana listening to it :))) no kiddin'

  21. Michael Casey

    I hope this reaches 100 million before April 1, 2020

  22. Msflamingo2008

    My Parents went to see George Benson...all I got was a T-shirt.

  23. Tracey Moore

    I need this as a

  24. 111midman

    2020...and I bet your still thinking of that sweet girl that passed you by...

  25. Pizza Time

    Bruh holy shit this is where paradise city comes from

  26. Terrance Darling

    This is back when they made a great deal of effort to bring positivity to the world and wasn't afraid to show there woman they need them

  27. Been there Done that

    Another great entertainer from my hometown Pittsburgh, PA



  29. Antony

    2020 anyone? Wish I had grown up in the 80s. To my parents if you ever see this, you were very fortunate to have grown up in that decade


    It's not more so the music it's those years in general. 60s 70s 80s, look what we were left with. People mush mouthing all you understand is bitch or what ever drug their on. Those days though they were fucked up regarding how strong racism was then, those years still in my eyes are more innocent.


    @Khamaly Bhangra lmao I use to do that too, the last cassette I recorded was like in 2003 and it had some of eminem's first few songs lol. I miss the cassette. Shit I still use CDs.

    Stefan Engels

    I grew up during that time incl. the tape recording from the radio. Like when the DJ started talking b4 the song was finished. Lol


    It was the best time to be clubbing. Love laughter and non stop dancing. Everyone danced, even those that could not.

    Mike Rotch

    Ahhh the 80's...back when murder was a easy crime to get away with. RIP (pun intended)

  30. Shamiel Slamang

    Thank God I lived in this era ... give me the night

  31. Théo Yeuyeu

    to the french people: C'EST LE KASS DE BRICE

  32. Fidel Gillespie

    The more older i get the more i gravitate to the old classics
    Still like Geogre's

  33. Natasha Crook

    Amos we love u... xxlifelock..xx

  34. Rino Tidona

    MUDDY YORKS night club circa 1980s

  35. Sher Reece

    soo cool love george

  36. nikusha sikharulidze


    jimi mikeladze

    nikusha sikharulidze sad xar?

    Nikusha Tevzadze

    Shemogevle dzma mec gilocav

    nikusha sikharulidze

    @jimi mikeladze CHVENTAN XATAZE ZMA

    nikusha sikharulidze

    Bednierebis momtani celi ikos virtxis xalxooo

  37. BAZZA

    The more older i get the more i gravitate to the old classics

  38. Christ 4 You


  39. Pedro Trejo

    This ducking smacks 🥶

  40. Johannes William Vagba

    Veritable chanson intemporelle pondue par un genie.quelle merveille!!!!!!??

  41. Toussaint St Louis

    George benson George Benson


    Anyone 2020?

  43. Y-Han

    can we reach 100M views?

  44. Akemi

    Nostalgia 💕

    Elmar Honorato Tavares

    Uma Brasileira que ouve George??? Brasil ainda tem jeito...

  45. Hey Mister DJ

    This brings me back to my child hood!!

  46. Jusabe Jusabe

    un hurra por Este magnifico tema...a las puertas de los 80s...

  47. Chloé Labrèche

    ✨ legendary ✨

  48. timishere1925

    What better tune to bump uglies to. Can I get an Amen?

  49. Alicia Victória

    2020 🇧🇷

  50. Consuelo Sanchez

    Buen tema Disco me encanto desde que lo escuche 🎤🎵🎺🎸🎹🎵🎺💥👈

  51. Charlotte Penot

    Thanks to keep me alive during exam period ❤️ on u

  52. Francis Ntimba

    Still boogin in 2020
    Reminds of when I had my Afro....

  53. Johnny Silverhand

    i don't know why but this song gives me a 1980's Miami vibe

  54. Tony Montana

    1980-2020. incredible

  55. cedric lashar

    I wanna break out the roller skates...skate palace BX.NY...soundview

  56. Castello di Cafaggio

    che schifo

    Castello di Cafaggio

    hai ragione
    ti dstimo

  57. Jun11nh0

    Lyrics!? What on!?

  58. Nigel Coffey

    Still got the groove 2020

  59. Wilhelm Rudolf

    The Best

  60. Tusderf

    01-2020! Im Alone? ;o


    Alone? Buggah I just threw a beer at ya!


    @dulborg Nice bro i drink Rum xDD cheers

  61. wheelz.

    This type of music has no expiration date! Such an addictive tune

  62. Gronfunk

    Another classic funk ;)

  63. blue elephant

    Haappy 2020 😍😍 gimme the night

  64. P Last Name

    I"m the first one listening to this in 2020!

    andres ramirez

    the second man. Sorry i was the first

    Dafne Vzz

    Third 🙋🏽‍♀️

    ed campion

    But not the last

    P Last Name

    @andres ramirez OK, you win that one. I wonder if George Benson ever listens to his stuff on here?

  65. Casa Donnelly

    40 years later, still does it for me!

  66. Gerard Ivey

    Still listening in 2020 ! - Happy New Year all Soul Funkers

  67. victorine lardinois

    merci aux trois Facebook  j etais  jeune  quand on chantait  sa

  68. johnnyboy3217


    Tamia Pillay

    This music will never die.

    Johnnie Mae Young

    I have always loved this song it gives me so much energy!


    heck yeah!

    Jorge Okay

    why wouldnt it b good??

    Britta Schräder

    This song reminds me of my first boy friend.... Always in love Carlos

  69. David Bouchet

    01-01-2020... still giving the night !

  70. Roger Balls

    January 1 2020

  71. delroy washington

    Timeless music. Big up Quincy.👌👍😃💖💖💖

  72. Alesya Williams

    Happy 2020 everyone! This is my midnight jam!

  73. Dami Agunbiade

    Beats like this and songs like this make me always want to relive tbr disco scene back in the late 1950-2000s. Yes George Benson. This sounds amazing and definitely keeps me grooving all day long on New Year Eve. Yes a classic song to play. Party ⌚! #Bringit2020

  74. Harley Haerewa

    Happy new years jamming 2020!!

  75. Lupo Lupone


  76. Merenrê Atoum

    Wow I was listening to it when it suddenly stopped

  77. Anthony Graham

    when you wake up from a dream disappointed to be awake into reality.classic.

  78. Don Racca

    The summer of 1980. DAMN DAMN DAMN !!!!!!

  79. Thiru Naidoo

    Who is listening in December 2019? Have a great 2020 everyone!

    Gina Ratcliffe

    Thiru Naidoo you 2

    Chris Clement

    Gotcha! Haaaa!!!

    Reshmee Ramjattan

    04/01/ favourite it

  80. Kevin Riggs

    Miss you George. Music with groove.

  81. droplaipc Molina Díaz

    ya casi un mes con esta rola en mi mente, wau :P

  82. joao paulo


  83. Antonio Alves

    Acho legal o backing vocal.

  84. James Gregg

    Awesome guy wonderful song

  85. MGK ClxMssy


  86. Nuno Costa Júnior

    The BEST guitar jazz!

  87. Tash Chica

    This really sounds like a great dancing disco song, lol, I love this song

  88. Marc Rivera

    When I was 15 this hit the radio and man it never stopped playing on my turntables.

  89. Anda Petrescu

    Music of 60ths 70ths 80ths shwoud be inclouded in UNESCO tresures IT unik humen history

  90. wee bogi

    <3 yes and yes!!!!

  91. Hugo Sanchez

    I'm so funny hearing this song.

  92. palmares77

    Had GOD heard this song first, he would have never said "Let there be Light."


    Permament night and all of it for George

  93. palmares77

    George Benson had the most angelic sounding background ladies. As a small kid, it was like heaven was talking to me or something.

  94. Chien Dinh

    Tôi là bia tên thườngf gọi nhậu

  95. david mcgrath

    great early 80s lift me up music ,,back when we were young and there was hope!!I miss the 80s ….take me back!!

  96. Mon Ertov Reifidom

    Please God, I don't wanna read in 2020 people commenting "blahblah listening in 2020". Same for 2021, 2022 etc. First one I read asking "blahblahblah 2020" I kill him/her ! 😠😠 Merry Christmas ! 🎄 🌲 And peace ! 💟 ☮️

  97. Judith Deschamps

    You should see me rocking this one!!! love it!!!

    Andre Masse

    Lot better if we rock together love ; ))

  98. Chris Tee

    Home of great music tune in to radio with a difference

    Christine Allemand

    Merci pr les likes!!!!

    Christine Allemand

    Merci pr les likes!!!

    Christine Allemand


    adri 08800

    L'ai fait en sorte qu'il soit