Benson, George - Feel Like Making Love Lyrics

Strollin' in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin' in the dark, seein' lovers do their thing

That's the time I feel like making love to you
That's the time I feel like making dreams come true

Oh baby

When you talk to me, when you're moanin' sweet and low
When you touch my hand and my feelin's start to show


In a restaurant, holdin' hands by candlelight
When I'm touchin' you
wanting you with all my might


Strollin' in the park, walking in the dark
That's the time I feel like making love
When you talk to me, when you're touching me
Making my dreams come true

Strollin' in the park, walking in the dark
That's the time I feel like making love
When I talk to you, when I'm touching you
Making my dreams come true


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Benson, George Feel Like Making Love Comments
  1. Geraldo Barbosa


  2. Gheya DubITA


  3. Gerson Lindolfo

    Simplesmente anima o ânimo uma canção linda dessas como todas as outras dele

  4. Marty Emmons

    George Benson sure makes music that I like to listen to! Especially when he covers a song that I like already. The combination of guitar and singing skills, really make this song easy to listen to.

  5. ニイタカヤマノボレ


  6. Rogerio Souza

    Mestre George Benson e super banda


    Vraiment magnifique!!!!!!J'adore GB 😗

  8. Marvin Marmolejo

    Memorable song. Our dance piece in JS promenade way back college. Had taught the dance steps to co-employees, became our dance presentation that bagged the first & grand prize winner among all business outlets.

  9. Meire Marotti

    Grande George Benson. Essas músicas nunca mais se ouvirá. Pena!

  10. Francesco Casalino

    ...simply the best...


    Tout à fait!!! Il est le meiulleur.

  11. Vi Sun


  12. Max Kerkar

    Great song from a great and amazing artist !!!!

  13. Simon S


  14. Daniel Ribeiro

    I used to listen to this song during my teenage. It's still fucking aewsome.

  15. Jazziz Café

    Love this tune! So many memories! Thanks for share it! [email protected] abría en 1983 su álbum "In Your Eyes" con esta versión del "Feel Like Making Love" de Eugene McDaniels. Un trabajo producido por Arif Mardin que recogía el testigo de Quincy Jones, responsable del álbum anterior de Benson, el premiado "Give Me the Night", curiosamente en ambos casos fue el único trabajo del guitarrista producido por alguno de ellos. #SmoothVocals

  16. Alex Pino

    One of his best tracks

  17. nezkeys79

    one of the most epic synth solos ever lol. i trabscribed it around 20 years ago and now i have no idea what it does as havent played it since lol


    so you don't have thhe transcription anymore?? :( the solo is insane I would love to have a transcription

  18. Manny Howard

    Man, I just adore this track!

  19. Mônica Rocha

    George Benson... The Best!!!!

  20. Magda Dias Lopes

    Excelente CD!
    Seleção de ponta..



  22. Carolina Martucci

    aaaaaaaaa let's go Mr Benson!!!

  23. alwaysbusiness4



    CLÁSSICO DO PASSADO.................

  25. Ana Cardoso

    Gosto da música !

  26. Alain Petry

    Absolute fan of George Benson. I adore this version of Roberta Flack song.

    Rodrigo Clavell

    +Alain Petry It's Eugene McDaniels's originally

    Alain Petry

    I knew it, that's why I said "version of..;". Blessings.

    Rodrigo Clavell

    Sorry, you said "roberta flack's song" and i got mistaked on that part

  27. Aurélien Kervagoret