Benson, George - Everything Must Change Lyrics

Everyone will change
Everything will change

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same (no, no)
Everyone must change
Nothing stays the same

The young become the old
Mysteries do unfold
Cause that's the way of time
Nothing and no one goes unchanged

There are not many things in life
You can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
And sun lights up the sky
And hummingbirds do fly

Winter turns to spring
A wounded heart will heal (yes it will)
But never much too soon
Everything must change

The young become the old
Mysteries do unfold
Cause that's the way of time
Nothing and no one goes unchanged

There are not many things in life
You can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
And sun lights up the sky
And hummingbirds do fly

(Nothing stays the same)

There are not many things in life
You can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
And sun lights up the sky
And hummingbirds do fly

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Benson, George Everything Must Change Comments
  1. John Ravenhill

    memories-mum dancing around to this beautiful song -all gone nothing remains the same-emotions deep

  2. Karl Swaling

    What part was the blue devils thingy?

  3. Demond Hewlett Sr

    Great song

  4. Badiuzzaman Mohamed

    I was in my late teens when I bought this album to play on my spanking new stereo system . Can't believe it's been more than four decades.

  5. Angel G.

    blue devils metamorph

  6. Micha Schneider

    The Benson album IN FLIGHT is one of the bests ever and one of my favourite ones.

  7. blue sky

    Really liked this song when it first came out and still do- love the lyrics- sums up life. Love the instruments but especially the violin section towards the end on the recording.

  8. WHAT UP?

    Yeah,.. even Benson's nose changed.

  9. Gee Dud

    Everything must change, but not this esquitive performance of George Benson. A treasure

  10. Richard A. Cannistra

    I heard this sound in 1977 when I was young and now again in 2019 when I am old

  11. Deborah Patterson

    Saw him in concert in Vegas with a wonderful guy. Thanks Ed J. Sr.

  12. Jeanine Torres

    He is one of the best jazz guitarists in the world. Saw him in the 80’s. Loved him, love him now.

  13. Rick Muniz

    When George started with Stanly Clark i knew his song had many meanings and change that was to come, especially after coming home from Viet Nam. He is one of a kind of special performers of my days. Still no one brings this sound around in todays music. He is genuine and sold in listen music of yesterday. Having the albums he put out still and my record player still spins his recordings. A true artist of music and still the sound brings memories to my era. Keep on breezing. Peace be the Journey George.

    Kendahle Lanier

    Thank You for Your service Rick!

    Rick Muniz

    @Kendahle Lanier thank you

  14. Carrie Foreman

    When i sing this song on stage i just love the guality of the piano solo

  15. Christopher Davis

    Blue devilsss😩

  16. Andre Caldwell

    1st time I heard this. The arrangement and flow is genius. If you're not careful a perfect invitation for a tear or 2.

  17. Bro. Savage El

    Seasons change in due time.

  18. ASMR2n4

    “And hummingbirds do fly.” Glad that won’t change.

  19. Catherine Young

    The Universe replenishes!

  20. Angela Foster


    Angela Foster


  21. Yasmina Berrabane

    PARIS : 2019

  22. Greg Gross

    Play this at my funeral...if I have one.

  23. Raj

    Anything George touched, changed to Gold

  24. Irina A

    а меня так наоборот хохот разбирает....от взгляда евойного

  25. Irina A

    негры редко голубят в отличие от.....все опошлят суки..потом плачут...

  26. Debra Williams

    8--11-2019 lost another member of close friends💪✌💖💝🗣enjoy your time with family & friends❤👊👌😂🤣

  27. Yah boi

    Blue Devils time

  28. Debra Williams


  29. Baygeria

    Still listening to this in 2019

  30. Gavilan

    Ray robinsons favorite song :D

  31. Stephanie King

    In 1977, as a sophomore in high school, I would sit listening to this song over and over again for hours. Looking back, I wonder what was going on inside of me that drew me to these lyrics and caused me to latch on to such a mature song.

    Tonight my daughter has fallen asleep on the other side of my bed. She looks so peaceful. This will be last time I'll see her this way. The mommy-daughter moments end tonight. Tomorrow she makes her career decision that will take her far away. She's 18.

    Everyone will change. Everything must change. I was young. I've become old.

    I can be sure of one thing -- and it is far beyond even the rhythm of nature.
    He is the maker of nature.
    The Lord. He is changeless.
    His promises do not change.
    His love for me and for her will never change.

    He will usher us through this separation.

    What now Lord?
    What awaits my daughter?
    This change sets the course for the rest of her life.

    What of me? I have been battered and torn by resisting the inevitable. Can't we cuddle like this just a little while longer?

    In the whirlwinds, I will keep my eyes fixed on you, Lord.

    You are Changeless.

    I will pray for my girl-turned-young woman.

    With all of the loved stored up in my heart, it would be a ceremony act to not teach her this fact of life.

    In fact, it may be the greatest gift I can offer her. The encouragement and support to embrace change.
    The sights, flavors, and texture, whether smooth or bitter are what reveal the depths of the beauty of life, who we are and how we have arrived at where we are today and any stage of life?

    Knowing that my daughter and I rest in the Changeless hands of the Almighty God, Christ Jesus, life and it's tumultuous changes become the amusement rides on our earthly playground.

    We are free to play knowing that nothing and no change has the power to steal our Peace.

    Our peace is promised to last for eternity.

    john fagbore

    music & words ...

  32. Truth Seekr

    Life’s like a book. Everyday is a page as we live and move through chapters. Change is inevitable. Enjoy life. Soon it will end for us all. Live long and live well my friends. 😊

  33. Gene Maysonet

    What a wonderful time in life when artist sang these songs with meanings and not naked dancers bouncing around.

  34. Mr.Candid richards

    Randy Crawford did it best. But this is beautiful.

  35. caponsacchi

    I was groovin' on George Benson when he was strictly a jazz instrumentalist, a guitarist talented (and brave) enough to appear on the scene after Wes Montgomery. One of his first groups had a front-line of himself and baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber, who I heard later at UW-Madison, when Maynard came through. Today the scene has changed to the degree that instrumental music let alone "jazz" no longer matters to people. It may have died with Coltrane in 1967 or Ellington in 1974 or with Bill Evans in 1980 or with Miles and everyone else circa 1990 (incl. Sonny Stitt and Jug, Lockjaw and Dexter, Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie). Anyway, it was a beautiful if challenging (for listeners as well as musicians) art form that had evolved from a folk form (the 12-bar blues) with Louis in the 1920s. In retrospect, its duration was an all-too-brief flaming star. But with all the recordings that remain, perhaps like European classical music it will linger for a while longer as America's claasical African-American art form. I know I couldn't get through a day without listening to Hank Mobley.

  36. C Nieves

    Bernard Igner the composer and original singer of "Everything must change" ........what a talent!!

  37. Seth Tanner

    Stay Strong! Great song. Thanks for uploading. Check out my "Positive Music Vibes Radio" channel. Subscribe, shuffle, and enjoy! The message is in the music.

  38. Blanca Carro

    What will NEVER Change is My Love for You...

  39. Klara van der molen

    This song continues to resonate with me over time. So many beautiful versions!

  40. Jeffrey Floyd

    I'm will listen to all of this music from to be a to Z

  41. Josue Raquinard

    Its so marvelus !!! Thx George 😘

  42. fullplate100

    Talented, talented guy. My goodness. Had a young friend tell me yrs. ago about a fantastic instrumentalist... who could really SING. That player was George Benson. My friend was more than right.

  43. Jeffrey Cheatham

    Loved it as soon as I heard the first composition by Quincy Jones

  44. Herbert Wells

    I am speechless....the music...the voice...the voice...the voice...the voice

  45. Inspirebymikaeli

    Moving from vocals, to guitar and ad lib to beautiful piano and back to vocals wow!

  46. Kemery Wright

    hearing this song at 14 in 1977, had no at 56, having lost so many including Mamma, many disappointments, heartbreaks, etc, do understand richly...

  47. mike armard


  48. Lisa Townsend

    He sounds like Stevie Wonder.

  49. Mike Behnke

    Just got my final divorce papers today,and I am back to this tune which has seen me in rough waters before and pulled me ashore,thank you my old friend ♡

  50. Giorgio milia SensilMilia

    Everything must change,
    Nothing stays the same.
    Everyone must change
    Nothing stays the same.

    The young become the old,
    Mysteries do unfold.
    'Cause that's the way of time
    Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

    There are not many things
    In life you can be sure of.

    Rain comes from the clouds,
    And sun lights up the sky,
    And humming birds do fly.

    Winter turns to spring.
    Wounded heart will heal.
    Never much too soon
    Everything must change

    The young become the old,
    Mysteries do unfold.
    'Cause that's the way of time
    Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

    There are not many things
    In life you can be sure of.

    Rain comes from the clouds,
    And sun lights up the sky,
    And humming birds do fly.

    Compositori: Benard Ighner
    Testo di Everything Must Change © Universal Music Publishing Group

  51. Olivia Gonzales

    I saw him too 1976 Fresno California, Warrens theater. I will never forget it.

  52. Beverly & Earl King

    The best sound that brings back GREAT memories from the buckeye state

  53. Yasmina Berrabane

    🇫🇷PARIS ! 2019

    Violet Evergreen

    Paris sounds great

  54. Richard A. Cannistra

    Heard this at the time and still love it.

  55. Holladay Cummings

    I genuinely want solidarity within us.  Don't let the internet Negativity feed you &  destroy what should be.  We are ONE, genuine kind and beyond reproach.

  56. Holladay Cummings

    I remember hearing this song & it means more now than ever.  I wish so much from history never happened (I.  e., slavery).  We need to come together through intelligent & forgiveness.  Forgiveness, let's move forward with love and the desire to be better together; we all must CHANGE.  I love you all unconditionally.

  57. Marian Marcus

    Love me some George Benson. This is the best version of the song.

  58. Renee Martin

    Always loved this masterpiece of a beautiful song brings me to tears everything has change in life

  59. mary mcdaniel

    A beautiful song to listen to

  60. Felipe Fidelis

    Top 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  61. Yasmina Berrabane

    PARIS ! 2018

  62. Joe Jones

    I bought the original album with this song on it back in my early 20's and I loved it back then. I'm 61 years old now and I still love it even now...Some things don't change, my love for George Benson and his music...Love it love it...

  63. Beatrice McMullen

    George BBad that all 👌

  64. Holladay Cummings

    Always come back to the classic, listen to the rift of the guitar & piano, simply, class & soul.  One thing is certain, Rain comes from the clouds, sunlight comes from above, & hummingbirds do fly... I truly love George Benson for what he gave me.

  65. Holladay Cummings

    Listen to the beauty and real insight.. I adore George Bensons' ability to write, create music and find our souls desire to be better.  Everything must change, everyone must change, there is so much heart in these lyrics.  Let's be good to one another.  We MUST get beyond this divide

  66. lee justin

    BLUE DEVILS 2017!

  67. Bosco R.T.C.

    soooo True

  68. Jose A. Gabino-Cruz

    This song it teach me to accepts social changes in Life

  69. Will O'Neil

    Song sounds like my grandparents I miss them

  70. mho Se

    super morceau ,j ai tout ces albums

  71. carpediemfriends

    His voice and his fingers sing in harmony and complete joy. Love this giant of an artist; simply one of the best!

  72. Timothy Chavira

    And amid the ashes, where trees once stood tall and proud, sprouts new life...and I am young once it was with this music and I before!

  73. Grazyna Kowalczyk


  74. Mark Cumalander

    Perhaps the best lyrics and meaning of all songs ever, parents you’ll get the meaning in time. Best & Love. MC

  75. Mujtaba Attia

    Such is a constant-everything must change !

  76. Steven Richards

    Blue Devils brought me here.

  77. l'après ciné

    Pour DELPHINE ...

  78. philippe nicolo

    This song, a part of my youth. I was so exciting to listen George Benson: a great voice, a gift to listen him today. How to forget this? Impossible, of course.

  79. Betteralways Better

    Some of us don't get a full life how unfair for those!

  80. Stephanie Shaffer

    Best music ever made🎼🎵🎶🎙🎚🎹🎸🎷🎺🎻🥁

  81. Sam Tyler

    Morrissey and Mullen do a great version of this.It's on their album 'Up'

  82. Jeff Bunn

    Thank you!

  83. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción la compuso BENARD IGHNER y la canto QUINCY JONES y la publico en el año 1974 y la versiono GEORGE BENSON quien la canto y la publico en el año 1977 y NINA SIMONE también la versiono en el año 1978

    jerry davis

    alex arolas garcia. Off

  84. Marcia Wellington

    I fell in love with this beautiful song 40 years ago and it is still a personal favourite of mine. Over the years other artists have covered it but GB's version is still the best!!!!!!!!

  85. Andrew

    Still one of the best ballads in DCI history👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  86. Angela Foster

    WOW, as a child growing up in the 60's I want to THANK my parents JOSEPH and BARBARA HUBERT for bringing GEORGE BENSON in my LIFE!!!! ANGELA from CHESTER, PA.

  87. Laura Mitchell

    bring back so many memories all good wish I could go back love George Benson

  88. Jimmy Z

    So true and beautiful and yes it does bring me to tears.............

  89. Warren Lamont

    all my heart and though

  90. Chewbacca

    I stumbled across this song, listening to a CD or is it a movie soundtrack? Anyone know the secondary sources someone like me could stumble across material like this with know prior...

  91. Георги Шагоян

    Very beautiful song! And George Benson is great!!!

  92. Ecclesiastes

    similar to stevie wonder "all is fair in love"?

    BCassandra Thornton

    I never realized it until now

  93. Sharon Sturrup

    This is a song that i will be listening to when I need to listen to something very strong and unique to listen to to ease my mind

  94. Sharon Sturrup

    George Benson is one of the best Jazz Artis matter of fact i dance of this song in a dance group in middle school.

  95. Kasandra Williams

    just a beautiful sing

  96. Andrew Latch

    blue devils brought me here

  97. lovexlove 1998

    Mmmmmm :'(

  98. Joe Jones

    I bought this album back in the 1970's...I'd listen to this marvelous song with my headphones on so I can hear all the violins, the guitar solo, and Mr. Benson's mellow voice.

    Joe Jones

    "The young becomes the old, mysteries do unfold." so profound, but true.

  99. Elizabeth M

    Benard Ighner spelled his first name without the "r".