Bennett, Tony - It Was Me Lyrics

Who’s the one would find on the beach every day
Lying there on the shore while his friends swim away
Lying there in the sand only inches from you
Watching you every day ‘til the summer was through
It was me

Who would help gather shells for the bracelet you made
Who would find you the cups for the pink lemonade?
Who was always beside you whenever you’d swim?
When you sat by the sea as the daylight could end?
It was me, it was me

Now that summer is gone and the warm skies are cold
And the soft winds are crisp with their wintry chill
Do you ever think back on the night when we kissed?
Can you ever forget? I know I never will
Who’s the one next to you in the group photograph?
Who’s the one with the face too unhappy to laugh?
Standing there looking down so uncertain and shy
Like a boy who’s in love, so in love he could cry
It was me, it was me

Me finding out it was you

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Bennett, Tony It Was Me Comments
  1. Mark Blackburn

    The greatest songwriter (lyricist) you-never-heard-of, died last December – when none of us were looking: I confess not knowing his name either -- until decades after he wrote the words for melodies that defined some summers in the fifties: Imagine the beautiful melody of “Canadian Sunset” without words like,
    “ . . . a weekend in Canada – a 'change-of-scene' – that was all I bargained for . . . “

    Like Sammy Cahn, Norm Gimbel had a reputation – among those who had written one "really good melody," and knew all they needed were the right words, to have a hit on their hands. I imagine them saying,

    “Norm Gimbel can write the words you need!” “You have a great tune that needs great words? Call Norm!”


    In the sixties, Norm wrote English words for the guy I call 'The Cole Porter of South America' – A.C. Jobim: “Girl from Ipanema” and “How Insensitive” (and others) recorded definitively by Frank.

    For Norm's friend – composer/conductor David Shire [who with 'The Bergmans' (Alan & Marilyn) was Oscar nominated for “The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye)” -- recorded by Melissa Manchester, remember?] -- for the amazing Mr. Shire (still composing at age 82) Norm wrote the Oscar-winner, recorded by a hero of mine, Jennifer Warnes – IT GOES HOW IT GOES (for the movie Norma Raye).

    Norm wrote the words for “Happy Days” (theme song). He wrote three great songs that start with 'S' – “Slow Hot Wind” for Hank Mancini, “Summer Samba” and (drum roll please) SWAY. Ask Dean how he felt about that one!

    Like Johnny (Autumn Leaves) Mercer, he could take an obscure French tune and turn it into an unforgettable standard like – oh wait! The year my wife and I met in Bermuda, “They're playing our song” meant “Killing Me Softly” – No. 1 hit for Roberta Flack – Norm wrote those winning words for composer friend Charles Fox.

    But then . . . . Mr. Gimbel wrote my favorite song you never heard of: IT WAS ME – which Tony Bennett nearly rescued from obscurity: Listen to words, of this wistful masterpiece -- sung as only Mr. Bennett could sing them! Mr. Gimbel's words for a tune by French composer Gilbert Becaud.

    thanks, Gordon Camp for sharing this one, ten years ago. Celebrated this day at Sinatra Family -- Forum -- MY FAVORITE VERSION -- YOURS TOO?

  2. M.J. Leger

    What a beautiful story, told in song by Tony, of a young, probably unrequited love, one summer on the beach!

  3. Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

  4. bridgelittleleg

    Original song : "C'était moi" by Gilbert Bécaud (1960).

  5. Lamont N

    If you were ever young and in love truly in love you have to identify with this song. It speaks of the heart and dreams of the future only young love can see. If only we all could feel this way again. It was me finding out it was you.

  6. poetgb

    This is a haunting beautiful classic song. What a quietly powerful performance by Tony Bennett. I like the images you posted on this video. It is very appropiate to the song's imagery and captures the feel of the song. Well done.

    Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

  7. Nick Riggio

    the best of the best!

    Mark Blackburn

    The simple truth!

  8. 47barolo

    Never get tired of the arrangement on this or Tony's interpretation... wow... where are all the rest of the commenters?

    Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

    Mark Blackburn

    I second your emotion -- and raise you a 'review' -- shared this day with Mr. Bennett on his Facebook page. Thanks for expressing it so well: "Never tire of hearing this arrangement" [and] where are all the rest of the [favorable comments]?

  9. 47barolo

    Yes, one of my all time favorite Tony songs. Love the cymbals that sound like the waves at the beach.

    Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

    Mark Blackburn

    You are a noticer. The arranger would have loved this astute note: "Love the cymbals that sound like the waves at the beach." Posted an appreciation of my own this day (above) and shared with Mr. B on his Facebook page. Thanks for sharing 47barolo. -- Mark B of the frozen North

  10. MALP1231

    This is a hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrics. One of my favorite Tony Bennett songs.

    Nick Riggio

    Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

    Mark Blackburn

    I second that emotion. And raise you . . . a review (above). Thanks for sharing, MALP1231 -- Mark B of the frozen North

  11. VictorianKiwi

    Such a beautiful, melancholy song sung so well by one of the greats. Thanks for posting it.

  12. Michael Dowling

    Great track! Great memories!