Benet, Eric - Everlove Lyrics

I never thought it was possible
In my reality
I thought my chances for love were gone
That time ran out for me
My heart has been through some
And heaven knows
What I thought was my everlove
Was so conditional
But my love everyday with you I'm
So surprised
Morning comes I fall in love again
Each night I'm thanking GOD you're
In my life
I don't know how I know but this feeling
Won't be ending

Everlove oh my everlove
Ever lasting through all changes in
Our lives
Everlove you're my everlove
Ever growing everyday and every night

I found my everlove

I'll never ask for perfection
That's how a love can slip away
I only ask for the truth in your heart the
Rest we'll work out day by day

You've seen the best and worst of me
And you're still standing here
Oh, there is nothing that can stop us now
Cause' we've got nothing left to fear

The future will show

The power in a moment just like this
Whatever love can dream we both
Will know
Whatever we imagine will exist
With every kiss I swear my life will be
Deserving of you

Everlove, oh everlove
Everlasting through all changes in
Our lives
Everlove, you're my everlove
Ever giving, ever learning with every cry
I found, my ever love
The winds of changes will blow
(come what may)
Your friends may come may go
(I'll never go away)
These struggles of life they my put us
Through the fire
But as long as I'm alive I'll be right there
By your side


I never know that love could feel this way
Let's share a life of love together baby
Everlasting through all changes in our lives
Come what may I'm gonna be here
With you
Love you forever till my life is through
Ever giving ever learning with every cry

I found my everlove

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Benet, Eric Everlove Comments

    This song brought tears to my eyes.
    So so beautiful just so beautiful.
    My handsome, we have a once in a life time love , let it be forever. Love & Kisses.

  2. Mary Smith

    What a sweet song !

  3. Mary Smith

    what a sweet song...xoxo

  4. Jacqulin Lacy

    Don't understand why HE hasn't received more accolades for his music, this man really produces some great songs. We put more infancy on music we can't understand and words that downgrade women. Please recognize good music when you hear it.

  5. Desiree Warren

    Idc when I get married this will be the first song we dance to

  6. JS Y

    when i walked across the bar we used to go, this music was playing. i thought of you and dear, my dear, thought of you still makes me cry in a less than one second. why did you hurt me so bad?

  7. isaiah


  8. brionna lumpkin

    I Love Some Eric Benet

  9. Marshe Copeland

    I love this song a true example of true love. in hopes to find one day

  10. Jacqui Wilson

    I cannot believe this song was not released and made a huge huge hit! This song is wonderful!!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!!!

  11. Shelley Knight

    Does anyone know how I can get the instrumental to this song??

  12. Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing

    I Like Eric Benet's Voice, Compositions, Get Up, Style, Fashion, etc.. He's A Great Artist.. :).

  13. MrElMatic1

    This is the perfect wedding song.

  14. suitelayde2006

    the lady he is singing with is Terry Dexter