Benatar, Pat - Little Too Late Lyrics

I hear you had a good offer down on third avenue
You tell me that was the reason for whatcha', you put me through, yeah
And now you come collapsin' back I feel the heat of your attack
Want me to take you back I'm givin' you the sack so don't waste your time

It's a little too little, it's a little too late
I'm a little too hurt and there's nothin' left that I've gotta say
You can cry to me baby but there's only so much I can take
Oh, it's a little too little it's a little too late

You say you had a good time but did ya' think it was for free, yeah
And how much did it get ya' and all their flattery
And now you come back, runnin' for protection
You've been bitten by love and stung by rejection
You can't connect what did you expect? I'm still gettin' over you

It's a little too little, it's a little too late
I'm a little too hurt and there's nothin' left that I've gotta say
You can cry to me baby but there's only so much I can take
Oh, it's a little too little it's a little too late

It's a little too little, it's a little too late
I'm a little too hurt and there's nothin' left that I've gotta say
You can cry to me baby but there's only so much I can take
Oh, it's a little too little it's a little too late

It's a little too little, it's a little too late
I'm a little too hurt and there's nothin' left that I've gotta say
Well you can cry to me baby but there's only so much
Only so much I can take
Oh, it's a little too little it's a little too late

It's a little too little, it's a little too late
I'm a little too hurt and there's nothin' left that I've gotta say
Well you can cry to me baby but there's only so much
Only so much I can take
Oh, it's a little too little, it's a little too little
It's a little too little it's a little too late

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Benatar, Pat Little Too Late Comments
  1. ragnar lothbrooke

    Why is she a gay icon?

  2. Timothy Midgett

    Dont fu%# with Pat !!!!

  3. Sandra Branoff

    Give it up for Pat @ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!🤘

  4. Steven Stoddard

    No lip syncing garbage here. She put Brittney spears and Taylor swift to shame.

  5. Mark Kalfahs

    ...good ol' early MTV...

  6. Timothy Midgett

    Pat telling Shittnie Spears to fu$# [email protected]!!!!!!

  7. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Little Too Late" By Pat Benatar 💟

  8. Sean O'Brien


  9. Timothy Midgett

    Awesome singer, fu$# spirit cooking Lady Blah Blah and lip syncing fake Shittnie Spears, Pat is the real deal. Pat kicks nalgas!!

  10. Sandra Branoff

    Effin' Eh! Best rocking 80's lady rockin' roller! Vote for pat for 2020 hall of fame!

  11. Firie Cam

    This lady set the benchmark in every area.!!!!!!!

  12. James Vargas

    Spread the word!!! We live for Pat!!! Vote now otherwise it might be "a little too late"!!! Rock that Vote! #votedaily
    #PatBenatar #RockHall2020 🎤🎸🎹
    Vote Daily and use the Google voting option for easier voting! Rock On!

  13. Tony Gutierrez

    2019 and Pat Benatar is still not in the RRHOF . I don't want to ruffle any feathers but Pat had just as great a career , if not better , than some of the acts already in . As a matter of fact , she was better than some of the acts already in , and better than one of the next inductees .

  14. Timothy Midgett

    Hey Neil is that a cigarette or a doobie in your mouth!!!!! Doesnt matter cause it is legal

  15. KMichele M

    I love this song

  16. Sprucy ****

    I'll never take your loser ass back. It's little too late. It's so over and I'm so happy without you. Hope you are too. That's all I got to say. :D

  17. Judy

    2019 IT'S NEVER TO LATE!🐾♥️🐾♥️☘

  18. Emmanuella DG


  19. Mathew Paul

    ...hey "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", how many great songs does it take to get into that fuckin' joint anyway, I know one thing for goddamn sure, this lady deserves it...

  20. Oscar Sanchez

    The real Queen of Rock, August 2019 no other female has ever come close. world's. BEST!!

  21. jackieec40

    Pats alway been one of my heroes. Gave me great advice x thsnksxox

  22. Bob Cummings

    Pat ROCKED the early and mid 80's!!! What happened to her later??

    Gregory Breuer

    She is still singing. She does small shows with Spider.

    Bob Cummings

    @Gregory Breuer Oh thks! :D!! Still a hard core rocker!

  23. Michael Blackwell

    Alright alright aman love this song

  24. Vlad Vampirelord

    Any touring info on Pat Benatar for 2019?


    Such a cool chick.

  26. Sean O'Brien

    The best female rock voice

  27. Michael Blackwell

    I love songs from Pat she a wonderful singer

  28. Terri Bey

    Earth to the Rock Hall. Put Pat and Neil in the darned Hall!!!

  29. WastedTalent

    This is one of those very rare perfect albums.

  30. Lilly Lazer

    When time travel happens I'm going right back to the 80s

  31. Anne Belk

    WAAAY PAST time to vote this classic opera-trained vocalist into the R&R Hall of Fame!! It is her turn! We have waited for all the others to get in and they have - Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Joan Jett, Linda Ronstadt, and others.  It's her time.  Let's vote for Neil, Pat, & Myron in this year!

  32. Rickey Engle

    what too late,,

  33. Ironman 5150

    This chick is & always has been Badass....
    she can definitely belt them out!

  34. John Boy Walton

    3rd best pair of legs on the East Coast. Some prefer breasts , some prefer buns. An American Airline Flight Attendant BOS/ ORD with 3 carats on finger. My Doreen & Pat you Rock It Very Well.. Long Live Rock N Roll.. & Fly Those Friendly Skies..

  35. Anthony Thomas

    What a joke the hall of fame is.

  36. Colleen Quinn

    The queen of Rock n Roll and she always will be in my eyes. She still belts it out and she looks fantastic

  37. btruckno1

    One of my absolute favorites from her. Terribly underrated guitarist too.

  38. Remote God

    her simple little dances and swagger get me every time

  39. Playin4Keeps

    This lady in an Enigma .....Amazingly Talented !!!

  40. Josie Springfield

    Crescent City Ca is not a little too late. They are WAY too late.

  41. Glen Renfroe

    great music era

  42. Robert Daddona

    Pat is the best her voice is awesome met her in person very down to earth lady and can out rock anyone should be in the rock and roll hall of fame instead they put in Joan Jett please Pat's voice can over power her any time idk what those people think any one who can go from opera to rock to singing blues can do anything she's the best

  43. Edward Hickman

    The Best!!!!!

  44. Bleb Han

    Anyone else hear "Jumpin' Jack Flash" during the intro?

  45. yumha38

    Bass player has that cool silk PJ thing going!

  46. Melangell ATC

    And husband, Neil whats his name.... He should be in guitar hall of fame right after Mick Mars!

  47. Debbie Hutton

    Pat benatar kicks ass i wish i could see hervin concert. Beung disabled dont help

  48. Never After

    God bless the Jews in their time of distress..2018

  49. Philip Vasquez

    My favorite P.B. song :)

  50. yumha38

    Everyone in the band is a total pro on their instrument, and overall great musicians, the drummer also plays guitar and has co written many tracks for the band.

  51. Chi T

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not a true Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Its a joke. How do Grunge Bands that only lasted for 4-6 years get in the Hall and Great Rock Singers and Acts like Pat Benatar who is the Main Female Rock Icon and Inspiration for many female rockers and singers and was the reigning queen of Rock for a full decade of the 80's

    62T-bird Man

    Ted Nugent is not in either. The Rock n Roll HoF is an absolute joke.

  52. Jose Assunção


  53. Truly1Tom

    In my humble opinion Pat has been dissed by the R&R Hall of Fame no less than they did KISS for example. And Paul Stanley said it best that it isn't about them it's always been about the fans. That their validation was all that ever mattered to him and that their induction in 2014 was anticlimactic as it would have been
    hypocritical not to by that stage of their career. Now as to Pat and Neil they've had a revolving door of sidemen come and go over the years but since I'm a bit
    Biased towards one individual as I'm a drummer and he was always one of my favorite members of her band. I think that when Patty and Spyder didn't keep Myron Grombacher behind the kit no matter what it took their brand took a hit
    that has never quite recovered from. Some newbies to her (their) sound might
    not notice the difference between his unmistakable chops and the people who
    followed him but I do and I've been a fan from the very beginning. To me Pat Benatar without Myron is like Fleetwood Mac is without Lindsey Buckingham.
    Not even close.

  54. stonesfan413

    Great band, should be an Easy pick for Hall of fame

  55. Little PAW 1969

    Neil is the coolest guitarist. God Bless the Giraldo family.

  56. Michael Boyce

    Love the Rocking Drums and Scratch of the Guitar!

  57. Hongbang dynasty

    80s R&R is just too damn good!!

  58. Mark Kalfahs

    ....why the stress of her not being in the R&RHOF?....that bogus hall is a joke.....relax, enjoy the tunes and include her in your own HOF....

    Mario Mejia

    Mark Kalfahs You are rigth. It doesnt make her less important. It only makes The Hall less ROCK...

  59. verukasalt

    Pat should reissue this song once the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame gets their collective head out of its ass and wants to induct her. She should refuse it and reissue this. I'd buy it.

  60. Roger Emond

    She has such a great band here.

  61. sabrina brown

    This is 4 U 2 AGAIN, both men went on dates while they call themselves dating me, Yeah .....
    Right, get over yourselves both of U, one is all IN his head space, shortie and caught up in his serious head space, the other(Sportie) enjoyed big time throwing up SUPER MODELS IN MY FACE and he went on date with ONE ..... It's a little Too Late, Little Too Hurt, nothing left I have to say....Bye, who is crying now, U as always, go back to dating others the both OF U 2 MEN!!!!

  62. Curtis45100

    Classic 80's!! Love me some Pat Benatar……….Great Memories!!

  63. Luciii Dreams

    Send this to your ex

  64. Hugh K. Ayers

    I always heard it as a comment on his manhood.

  65. Jenni Carroll

    Why did they quit traveling with the band?

  66. sidecaronice

    only 789348 views,,,

  67. Lori s

    Love this song bye bye princess boy

  68. Edward Kalima

    Women of rock had a voice and a face thank you Pat Benatra for all the wonderful hits you and your Band brought out in the 70s and 80s and 90s Rock on in the 2000s

  69. Lori s

    Exactly great song

  70. D V

    God I love her.

  71. M Mom

    I had forgotten that Neil didn’t have all the tattoos then. Lol. Pat is my favorite artist.

  72. Frank Fogel

    I almost forgot about what great legs she had.
    The true Queen of '80s rock !

  73. Mrs Glory

    My absolute all time favorite star! What an awesome voice and presence!

  74. Leslie Chandler

    Now this is Rock n Roll..I Luv me sum Pat B

  75. Erik Larson

    So many complaining about her not being in the rock and roll hall of fame... Why? It has nothing whatsoever to do with rock and roll. Look at the band in it. It's a joke.

  76. james miller

    Debbie Harry of Blondie was sexy, and Pat was confrontational and depressing, look who's catalog is selling
    better over time and call her Queen of Rock.....

  77. Peaches Grace

    This is so good, I saw her live in Atlanta and it was great . Love this!

  78. classicgamr

    I had a "thing" for Pat HOTTTT!!!

  79. James Portaro

    Let do a threesome. I love you.

  80. Duff Baker

    No tattoos- yes!

    John Ruhl

    Pat now has 2 tats. One on the shoulder and the inner wrist.

  81. C scan

    For 123 people it's to late.

  82. Bert Bert

    Take me back (

  83. TheTheratfarmer

    she always comes to me.

  84. TheTheratfarmer

    same ole. i have never forced a woman.

  85. TheTheratfarmer

    you women want a stance?

  86. TheTheratfarmer

    sorry Pat, another time.

  87. TheTheratfarmer

    these guitar players know what the hell i am talking about.

  88. TheTheratfarmer

    Bon Jovi or Judist Preist.

  89. TheTheratfarmer

    Rock and Roll Hall of fame? i regress.

  90. TheTheratfarmer

    Madonna, yes i see you. i'm not ready.


    I love this song

  92. Nina Escobedo

    Pat Benatar, was n still lady of the 80!s! Badass Bitch! She's my favorite female rock singer! Named my first born son, Neil after Pats husband,😚👄💜!Nothing but luv!!

  93. don barlow

    underrated guitarist

  94. Pat Wajda

    i believe this video was played on MTV in the first hour.great LP

    Donna Marie

    pat wajda you are close, but it actually was her song "You better run" that was the second video aired when MTV first premiered.

  95. RobertM

    Saw her at a small club in Albany, NY way back in 1980.

    A buddy of mine told me that this "guy" named Pat Benatar was going to play there and that we should check "him" out. Sure, why not?

    Well, "he" came on stage in what can only be described as a sprayed on body suit. Wow! After getting over the shock of seeing this incredibly hot lady, she then proceeded to rough the hell out of the place.

    One of, if not the best concert I was ever at. She did the entire "In the Heat of the Night" album. Awesome.

  96. John King

    I have always loved this song!

  97. Romani Gypsy

    These were magic moments

  98. edward woods

    Before Madonna there was pat benatar. Another great late 70s and 80s band .. Music sucks now . The shits all rehashed

  99. Michael Meggison

    Extra points for the sexy miniskirt and pink high heel shoes