Benatar, Pat - Don't Walk Away Lyrics

Standin' in the doorway, forgot to say one thing
You've always had the power to lift my wings
I know I shouldn't need so much, an' we could say goodbye
Oh yes I am a dreamer, I still see us flyin' high

We can start over, darlin' it's clear
Love is what brought you here

Don't walk away
Oh, to see if I follow
Don't walk away, victory's hollow
Been that road, it didn't take us home
Turn around, you won't be alone

Somethin' brings us together, keeps tearin' us apart
The wounded are much wiser, we'll just take it from the start

We can start over, darlin' it's clear
Love is what brought you here

Don't walk away
Oh, to see if I follow
Don't walk away, victory's hollow
Been that road, it didn't take us home
Turn around, you won't be alone

We can start over, darlin' it's clear
Love is what brought you here

Don't walk away
Oh, to see if I follow
Don't walk away, victory's hollow
Been that road, it didn't take us home
Turn around, you won't be alone
Don't walk away
Don't walk away!

Oh, to see if I follow
Don't walk away, victory's hollow
Been that road, it didn't take us home
Turn around, you won't be alone
Don't walk away
Oh, to see if I follow
Oh, Don't walk away, Don't walk away
Been that road, it didn't take us home
Turn around, turn around, you won't be, you won't be alone

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Benatar, Pat Don't Walk Away Comments
  1. gec72

    Amazing one stunning

  2. Weston Hough

    Dont walk away

  3. Michael Sirianni

    One of my favorites, but most of Pat's songs are one of my Favorites

  4. Pietro Russo

    How this sublime song and Pat's vocal performance on it, didn't make it onto the tracklist of her greatest hits compilation album, baffles me!

  5. Max R

    2019 ★★★★★★★★★ de los 80 con ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Colombia saludos


    The best argument for the legalization of cloning I can think of.

  7. Federico Gentile

    My unquestionable favorite Pat song. Then comes Sex as a weapon and Rated X, but this is TOP 1 forever!

  8. Weston Hough

    Don't walk away hoe, Just see of I follow . . . Turn around you won't be alone. .

  9. Ian Tasker

    Pat and Ann Wilson of heart the most powerful female vocalists ever IMO

  10. Patrick Caulfield

    One of her best songs. Terrific!

  11. Ian Tasker

    The woman had and still has one of the most powerful voices in rock she is fantastic

  12. Paulo Neto

    The director of Alannah Myles's Black Velvet video was clearly influenced by this video.

  13. Thomas Ritz

    Why is she and her Husband not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? They are a team and her influence in the 80s is much greater than many others who are there.

  14. Kenneth Smith

    My ex got the convertible and the "Wide awake in Dreamland'" cassette.. I miss the cassette.

  15. grizz tough

    This really should have been a top hit... its just awesome.... never got the air time it DESERVED!

  16. Alyasa Asylum

    Pat is just a legend of rock

  17. mike true

    pat still got it, big fan, beautiful, strong American/Irish people, you guys are a special people, thanks for the upload..

  18. jeff daugherty

    awesome song! this takes me so far back I think I fell off the planet

  19. AJ Muzik

    Even though her voice quality is different from the beginning of her career, I love it. Even in this song.

  20. Roy T Bone

    Of all the songs Pat's recorded over the years, I think this one shows off her vocal talent to the absolute max.

  21. Jaoyte Potter-Urbanek

    Thanks for posting this video. I first saw it when I was in the military temporarily stationed in the UK. I swore to buy the album when I returned to the states. The album, Wide Awake In Dreamland turned out to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Pat will always be my queen of rock :)

    Da Moley

    Jaoyte Potter-Urbanek you are most welcome

  22. ohnoitisnathan33

    Very underrated song.

  23. Joey Ritchie

    I bought the cassette, then years later I bought the Im trying to upload the album. I love this album, Pat.

  24. Answerscomeindreams

    I always come back to Benatar. What a treasure in music she is. That voice is beyond amazing. oxoxoxox

  25. Karen Dolan

    this is my #1 favorite song from Pat Benatar since I first heard it in '89!!

  26. Robert Crawford

    This song is amazing, one of her best. I miss that 80's powerful wall of sound a lot of songs used to crescendo up to. This one has it in spades...... I start getting goosebumps at 2:39 and it pays off when it hits its apex at 3:05.....those drums kicking in? Pure 80's rock. Love it. Miss it.

    Kyach Distent

    Yep and the UK had most of the best acts and the best women. Check out Kim Wilde, Sandra, Kirsty MacColl and Bangles too (the latter and Pat are two of the best too few US acts).

    RetroGamer 64

    @Kyach Distent lol??? Heart, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Pat...all USA , are you smoked?

  27. Diane Murray

    Clearly, this album is the evolution of Pat Benatar's career. Her songs used to be about anger and hate for men, but this is much more about peace, even if it features struggle of some sort. I love it - best album yet, and I look forward to more of the same.

    Elizabeth D

    LOL. I do not hear her hating men, she's a strong chick who stands tall in the overwhelming power of love.

    John Ruhl

    Never about hate for men, rather, respect for herself! A true trailblazer!!!

  28. Jennaveene the Queen

    I too saw her in Denton at the North Texas State University Colliseum

  29. tempest411

    Sorry to be the lone dissenter, but I HATE this song. I love her earlier stuff, but she, like so many artists that put out good stuff in the 70s or early 80s just went down the tubes by about '83 or '84. I remember that span of time, from between about 1985 to 1991 as being a virtual desert when it comes to music.

    Karen Lee Jenkins

    I really disagree with everything you had stated you are freaking out of your mind and you also need to get a clue DUDE YOUR A DORK


    thank you SO MUCH for the clue! Can I have another? You're so wise!


    totally and respectfully disagree. i thought her work on Wide Awake In Dreamland was some of her greatest work.

    Weston Hough

    @Answerscomeindreams always but gotta say Immoarata was pretty good . . In these times. Eh Don't walk away.

  30. Mum's Pumpkinhead

    I love this song Pat is so gorgeous

  31. davedzone

    Probably the best album she made.  I like "In the heat of the night" better, but that's more about it being my first time with Pat, and being young.  This album is just so amazing.

  32. Bass Cover/\Guitar Cover And My Songs

    love this song!
    Pat is incredible!

  33. Coolguy Canuck

    I think she was so pretty then.


    Then? Always

  34. berwin19

    Beautiful Woman
           Beautiful Voice

  35. Webwicked

    thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing xxxx

  36. Tonya Totten

    I think PatBenatars Wide Awake In Dream Land and her Tropicio alblum  sound so much alike  to me I love both alblums by her. But my all time favorite PatBenatar ablum is GetNervus from 1982 1983  and Seven  The Hard Way1985 .       But I think Crimes Of Passion 1980 was PatBenatars most popular alblum. 

    Tonya Totten

    Youre right In The Heat Of The Night was a really good ablum by PatBenatar. And It was her debut ablum if im not mistaking.

  37. Constantine

    The last words he said to me before he died....  I never should have walked away!

  38. Lost Frquency

    Once again, I find a new Benatar song.. So good.. She was just in Winnipeg last month.. One of the best concerts ever.. A truly gifted voice.. And I love the song..

  39. kathee bin

    Wow, I love all of Pat Benetar's music, I have seen her live, and one rolling stone concert iggy popp was boo'd off the stage, and they put a tape of Pat Benetar on and the crowd went wild. it was great.

  40. davedzone

    My 2nd favorite PB album after In The Heat Of The Night

  41. tylor kramchynski

    i just heard this song this week for the first time and now I have a new all time favorite song .p.s i'm 39

  42. MrGipwagga

    Pat's best song in my opinion, great arrangement.

  43. PatBenatarRulz

    And she won't sing it live anymore; I had to upload F&I live from the US Festival; that whole set was awesome!

  44. Jessica Zeller

    Agreed! It's my favorite Pat song!

  45. PatBenatarFan1

    Agree totally 100% without a doubt!

  46. PatBenatarRulz

    Her label was starting to implode; they basically did zero marketing for the WAIDL tour; it was by chance I was listening to the radio and they had an advert for her concert and bolted to get tickets. At North Texas State University Coliseum. I was front row. If they marketed she would have been at Reunion Arena which is where I saw her other concerts.

    Sean Morrison

    Did I sell out

  47. PatBenatarRulz

    She's still touring! Go to my channel and click on Benatar's website link to view tour dates! She still kicks butt!

  48. j1i9m4

    So immeasurably, amazingly talented and I never got to see her in concert ever. :-(

  49. PatBenatarRulz

    I saw the WAIDL concert; awesome times!

  50. Nathan B

    Fire and Ice...definitely the best female rock song!

  51. brian chaput

    I love everything about this song. Co-written by Nick Gilder of Hot Child in the City and Duane Hitchings.

  52. Sam Toucan

    I disagree. While it may have been her most popular album, it is too commercial sounding. Some of the songs are very average and repetitive. I recommend IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

  53. davedzone

    This album didn't do well.. but I think its the best she did since the first one. Still not sure which I like better...

  54. venture692000

    Saw her during Wide Awake in Dreamland tour. One of the best concerts I've ever seen. Pat, you rock!!!

  55. Paul McCluskey

    I loved her tracks, Hit Me With Your Best Shot (1980) and Invincible (1985)

  56. Professor Firefly

    It would.I can see them singing each other's songs or doing a duet on a few of them..Would be killer if they would do an album together..

  57. PatBenatarRulz

    All Fired Up 1989 was her last hit on the radio. Everybody Lay Down got some airplay on radio in 1993; she actually got pregnant and didn't do a full tour. She was big preggers at a couple of shows.

  58. PatBenatarRulz

    I went to this concert, (Wide Awake In Dreamland)! Get Nervous Tour 1983 was my first Pat Benatar concert.

  59. EgoShredder

    The part at 2:38 onwards reminds me of the early 80s music by Mike Oldfield, where he used female vocalists.

  60. Mark Norrie

    I saw Heart in 86 when visiting Canada. My dream concert would be Pat, Heart & Bruce. Then I coud go home listening to some Janis, and forget about all the wrongs in the world for a couple of hous.

  61. Professor Firefly

    I'm surprised she hasn't toured with Heart...

  62. Mariah Garcia

    shes soo talented and such a beautiful song!!!

  63. TheGamingMoose

    Im 16 and this is music that bloody dubstep or r and b. 70s and 80s music was amazing!!!

  64. davedzone

    Just a great album. SO many good songs. Maybe her best? I'm still fond of the raw but real "In the heat of the night".

  65. Gill Foreman

    If you guys love Pat like everyone should you have got to check out this movie... her with Giorgio Moroder, Freddie Mercury and Bonnie Tyler... she is absolutely amazing.

  66. meghanchavalier

    Simply one of the best voices ever in music.

  67. jillyz12

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I adored this song from the first time I heard it, and I was afraid I'd never see the video again. She is one of a kind and the power, range and beauty of her voice always gives me goosebumps!

  68. Reckless P

    One of her best songs

  69. Tim G

    (Sorry-pls read from the first entry to this last one. Wrong order! :)
    Any artist who only presents the same part of a persona would then be criticized as lacking dimension. I would think as an artist that nothing would be worse than being boxed in and unable to grow and evolve and change styles. No one is only one part of an image 24/7...people see through that pretty quickly and if you only have one side of a story to tell, then before long, you've created a short shelf life for yourself.

  70. Tim G

    Who's to say that a "full blown female rocker" can't be a complete woman, who at times, (and yes, even sometimes at the same time), presents a "girl scout" image and a "tough feminist" image? I think that's part of what makes Pat so appealing to so many and why she continues to enjoy such longevity even today, 30 years on. I mean, could you imagine her still trying to wear leather outfits and being that? At some point, it no longer works and you can become a caricature of yourself.

  71. Tim G

    Hi....I don't know. I think it is just how Pat is--I don't think she's consciously trying to be only a tough rocker..and I think that is her choice. I mean, maybe she doesn't meet what your particular image of a "full blown female rocker" should be, but that's your own individual take on it..and that's ok. It seems to be an image that has worked for a large part of the record buying public back then and the record companies who promoted that same image.

  72. Dagorlord

    I stopped following her music after she changed her style in 84/85. I caught a video performance of her live doing Strawberry Wine back in 98. I'm playing catch up w/ her music now. My bad for not staying in touch with such a unique and talented artist.

  73. YavsakSavar

    ne güzel müzikler la

  74. vyoletrampage

    She is the best female rock n roll singer of all time.

  75. Michael Rupe

    I think she one of the best female artist in the name of music

  76. Michael Rupe

    I think this is in my top 3 favorite songs in the world

  77. Michael Rupe

    I am a serious fan and i am only 24 years old but i think her music is so brilliant and very powerful strait from the heart and soul and an awesome artist

  78. Mark Dodds

    One of my top 5 favourite songs EVER.....absolutely brilliant. I love Pat Benatar!!! This should have been a huge hit!!!!!

  79. Greg Wagner

    I love this song.

  80. Michael Cuccione

    aww you cut off the outgoing music at the end, thats the best bit :(

  81. Mark Dodds

    Brilliant song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. JimHadar1

    Sweet Patty B. at her best!! Thanks for posting such a great quality version of it. I swear when I die someday, and hear the Angel choir'll sound like Pat does at 2:39 to 3:03 in this song!!

  83. Hi There

    this should've been the leadoff song of the album, not 'all fired up.'

  84. vancouverCANADAdude

    Thanks for posting this video. I had never seen it, but I've loved the song forever. Had to get up and move in the middle of the song...couldn't stay sitting in my chair!

  85. petityoshi

    Adoro esta canción