Ben Folds - Battle Of Who Could Care Less Lyrics

Do you not hear me anymore?
I know it's not your thing to care
I know it's cool to be so bored
It sucks me in when you're aloof
It sucks me in, it sucks it works
I guess it's cool to be alone

Do you never rest
Fighting the battle of who could care less
Everyday you wake up late
Sometimes I wish I was that way

And you think Rockford Files is cool
But there are some things that you would change if it were up to you
So think about your masterpiece (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Watch the Rockford Files and call to see if Paul can score some weed

Will you never rest
Fighting the battle of who could care less
Unearned unhappiness
That's all right I guess

I've got this great idea
Why don't we pitch it to the Franklin fucking Mint?
Fine pewter portraits of
General Apathy and Major Boredom singing
"Whatever and ever amen"

Oh well, maybe not, I'll try again
Well, this should cheer you up for sure
See, I've got your old I.D.
And you're all dressed up like the Cure

You never rest
Fighting the battle of who could care less
Unearned unhappiness
You're my hero, I confess

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Ben Folds Battle Of Who Could Care Less Comments
  1. Meg J

    Founding member, fan club of the little trill he does at 2:46.

  2. megaskyburst

    The whitest song ever written

  3. fullhouseflatty

    Vevo thanks so much for censoring the word "fucking" from this great song. That little blank space may just have saved amurcan youth from a life of drugs, degradation, and crime.

  4. bhdctn

    See I got your old I.D. Your all dressed up like the Cure... Ahhh back in the day... Love the Cure

  5. Chris Sheridan

    Ben folds .....class ..
    The man is cool as fook

  6. Patrick Chole

    “Honor not happiness...”

  7. LeStrat 73

    On a bad day is this my therapy to smile again....what ever and ever...amen...

  8. TheBrabon1

    ultimate slacker theme song

  9. Guy Wakeford

    Great song, though as I get older, I realise not giving a shit is one of the greatest attributes one can have.

  10. Bama Bat 84

    If Terry the Toad from American Graffiti was a musician, he would be Ben Folds. And if u don't like this comment, ur an idiot who doesn't get references.

  11. FerrariKangaroo

    HOW ON EARTH, does this track only have 784,000 views :( ? This song was the soundtrack to my teenage crew in Adelaide, South Australia at the time. The best of times. The best of Ben Folds.

  12. Bill FromUSA

    Folds beats the crap out of a piano. Almost as bad as Jerry Lee Lewis.

  13. Beanchowder

    I was pretty sure this song was about someone he knew personally, as many of his songs are personal. Easily one of the greatest songwriters of all time

  14. T B

    The Rockford files are way cool BTW

  15. Marisol Cortez

    first listen, may 1997: this is weird.
    second listen: I FUCKIN LOVE THIS!!!!!

  16. Canonballchest

    “I’ve got your old ID and you’re dressed up like the cure” fuckin brilliant line

  17. Cristian

    Because ben folds is such a music snob, i find it quite hilarious that he couldnt get the phrase 'could care less' correct. its COULD NOT care less. smooth

  18. Russ Wetli

    I played the shit out of this album back in the day!

  19. Joshua Martyn

    Jacksfilms vibes

  20. full blown gaming

    well done man

  21. Robin Benshimol


  22. Daniel Cropp

    This is a very important song for anyone who knows someone like this.

  23. chrissy252000

    I freakin love this album!!

  24. PanasonicTooth

    A perfect song

  25. Elliot B

    At first I didn't really like this song, but it grew on me; it's now one of my favorite BF5 songs.

  26. James Field

    One of the best albums in my collection

  27. Emily Davis

    That crunchy bass tho

    Pete Zolli

    Mr. Sledge MADE this band. But then, so did Mr. Jessee... And Mr. Folds. Just a great combo. :)

  28. nathanael oakes

    Greg Kinnear is a sick drummer

  29. Brett Foster

    Makes me wanna learn to play bass

  30. Samsonite

    Yep!, sums up my life.

  31. joshualucas

    totally thought he said "everyday you wake up laid" when i was 14

  32. pappy999

    College Television Network brought me here.

  33. David Kennedy

    Great song.

  34. April P.

    I loved this at 12 and I still love it now.

  35. Wang Long

    i will detox

  36. Wang Long

    yes, i will do this

  37. Scott Marquis

    Wish he'd lay off that ride cymbal in the chorus.
    Nice track though...

  38. Brandon Cooper

    " and see if Paul can score some weed."

    Why do I find that line utterly hilarious lol

  39. lavsmate

    The modern masterpeice of music.. Simply outstanding.....

  40. Amy Simmons

    Unearned unhappiness.... You're my hero, I confess.

  41. Jessica Cheree


  42. John Riddlebaugh

    Deserves to be on a 90s Alternative Hits Compilation. Most underrated song by the band!

  43. Barry Schoolcraft

    Only 699K views. Pretty f***ing pathetic for sheer genius like this is.

  44. raivenneny

    Thank you WEQX for playing this gem for my ride home tonight...ah windows open & screaming it out!!!!!!

  45. Teddy Hose

    This was the most original song on the radio when it was. I think everyone was looking to move on from guitar rock, and this came out of left field. At least for me, I like it more than Brick and it was one of the songs that led me to explore jazz more.

    Pete Zolli

    Yeah, I heard this one out of the blue on the radio when it was new and became an instant fan. :)

  46. David Perrins

    back when Ben knew he was an awesome pianist but had no idea that in 20 years time, he'd have grown ups in Norway and Japan worshiping him.

    Johnny Strömbäck

    and in Sweden :)

  47. nightshift142

    Kate B. you are pretty great!!!!

  48. Lynda Howard

    Love you guys!

  49. Handsome Bastard

    I also think rockford files is cool.

  50. Kenneth Greer

    You never rest

  51. Kenneth Greer

    Honer not happyness

  52. Runner Up

    Very talented band. Still sounds as original now as it did when it came out.

  53. Edward Zaleski

  54. Alex Varley

    As usual..delightfully disturbing..

  55. celtic745

    i love darren's drumming technique

  56. bennylava amberlamps

    To my lovely, most awesome daughter, please let your bipolar pschitsofrentic dad know this. He needs this.

  57. 5layer Slayer

    I can’t believe that I almost forgot about BF5. It’s amazing how many things that were so important just kind of fall out of our lives. Everything they’ve done is amazing imo.

  58. D Anderson

    I guess the late 90's were ok

  59. Douglas Fortinberry

    Such a white boy. I totally get it.

  60. Isocide

    every time someone says they're vegan

  61. m_chris_64

    This is cringey


    you're cringey, this song is great

  62. Far Out

    Whadda tune ❤️

  63. Abraham Jacobs

    I had a friend named Paul who I used to score some weed from.

  64. TheWretchedBatman

    Love you boo pants!!!!!!!! freggin and yusssszsss God I need to care less haha fuck!

  65. PJ Lopez

    This reminds me so much of my freshman year of college

  66. ManicOrganica

    jesus, I love this song, this video, and this time of my life :)

  67. dynaboyj L.

    why don't we pitch it to the Franklin fuckin' mint

  68. Sam Gate

    Superb.. just pure art

  69. Air After

    so cute

  70. hadi m.

    jir asik bgt y

  71. Paty Galdino

    i love ben folds

  72. lesley.l

    Whatever and ever. Amen!

  73. James Field

    Such a underrated band.

  74. Geek37

    Their best song.

  75. mellongbottom

    fighting this battle currently

    Amena Alidib

    OMG, I just realized that so am I!!! :0 This song is sooo relatable! Love them.

    L Leon

    Right on

  76. saintfunny

    Heard him on radio 2 tonight, the man is a genius.

  77. Deplorable_NYC_Prepper

    god I miss the 90s

  78. Godsgrampa38

    Ben Folds Five wrote a song about hipsters before writing songs about hipsters was popular. TOO META.

    Peter Anderson

    @msminmichigan Yeah, but they were hipsters before it was cool.

    Paul Mayer

    I liked this comment at first, but then the thread just got, like, too popular and I was just over it.


    @Paul Mayer Ditto. 😆


    You think pretentious jackasses didn't exist before hipsters? :P

    Nathan Brown

    listen to only a fool would say that by steely dan

  79. Eza Emory

    Chapel Hill NC. They still trying to care less.

  80. Ivan Campo

    It is a crime that this doesn't have millions of views!


    No, it isn't.

    OB - 09PM - Erindale SS (2322)

    Yeah that’s true, and you can say that about pretty much every Ben Folds music, except cigarette that one isn’t good.

    Alexandra Hempsall

    I didnt even know about him until I watched a Ted talk on something about music analytics. Someone did a speech on just how genius his piano skills really are.

    Tay Oz

    Not a crime. Crime is how bad bunny has billions of views.

    José-María de la Iglesia-Arévalo

    So glad that you don't get to decide what is a crime.

  81. Mary Lapara

    This song reminds me of the best time of my life. Ben folds has a unique and beautiful voice.



    D' Boi Cardiyae

    I know right😕Time has flew by✈Wow 1997 smh

  82. Steven King

    You had it boys. Thas why YOURE RICH. NC BOYS...

  83. Aaron Stenson

    am I the only one who loves this band but only the "upbeat and fun" songs. E.g. this or one angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces

  84. C Parks

    Ben Folds and associates=universally acclaimed musicians.

  85. janet holstrom

    Love this song your all dressed up like the cure

  86. Kate 1

    What a song

  87. EuphoniaPooch

    I love his sarcasm. " You're my hero, I confess ". Maybe the funniest serious songwriter I've ever heard.

    Adam Ferree

    +EuphoniaPooch that's why I love Ben. His songs are hilarious, yet they're serious

    Handsome Bastard

    Yup. And Rockford Files rocks!

    James Field

    Brick, is amazing

  88. Nefertiti Blanco

    Same here ...even though Brick is my favorite it is such a sad song, it's Abt abortion 😢😢😢

  89. pilninggas

    Personally, I think the Rockford Files was sub-par

    Robert Sailler

    Angel was classic.


    To me its like an old standby, you can enjoy and watch without getting too invested, nothing too complicated, and know the problem always gets resolved in the end.


    So you're saying there are some things about Rockford files you would change if it were up to you ?

  90. rootauthoritah

    Why on Earth has this song got so few views/likes?... :/

    If you like this kind of thing go check out British band Gomez (Rhythm and Blues Alibi, Free To Run, etc et al) & be equally surprised that yet more excellent musicianship & lyrics is so appalling overlooked.

    Now for some more Ben Folds Five...

  91. A Chamberlain

    Love this song!

  92. Mor Bels

    Does anyone even notice how great the drums are on this one? Sure, piano, vocals and bass are also very perfect.


    +Mor Bels Most definitely.

    Andrew Halliday Music

    +Mor Bels Darren Jesse Baby...hes awesome His jazz abilities were needed to keep up with Bens Jazzy inflections....then Roberts bass is more Rock Punk Edgy tones that were sophisticated enough to maintain a Jazz feel all while they sang three part harmonies in a Pop world that had substance. I miss it...too much synthesized music out there today on the top 40 pop radio. Remember when 90s radio had cool bands like Oasis Silver Chair Ben Folds Real Big Fish haha all sorts of cool Rock and pop. I miss it. I was only 10 years old but I remember the 90s fondly .


    I've got this on my car playlist and I don't think it's ever came on and me not tapping along with that sweet swing.

  93. William Graham

    This is one of my favorite songs love the band

  94. LordEvan5

    I had buddy named Paul he always scored the best weed

  95. djlobb

    The amazing thing about this video is that there was no green screening, it's all camera angle trickery and rear projection screen.

  96. Jimbo Jones

    Reminds me of first kicking about with my now wife! :D

  97. Tim Cirulis

    Odd thing is Paul still has weed. ;)

  98. Tim Cirulis

    I feel like my folks in the 80's/90's. Music sucks now I miss the 90's too.

    Nefertiti Blanco

    #Facts 🙌🏽

  99. rssell

    How do we pitch it to the Franklin Mint? Fine Pewter portraits of General Apathy and Major Boredom singing Whatever and Ever, Amen.. Great ETSY idea.


    +rssell Gee it's been 20 years and I didn't even get this before i saw it now in writing. Cheers.