Bellinger, Eric - I Don't Want Her Lyrics

League of Starz...
Sorry Jaynari...
This gon' be your favorite song

[Pre-Hook: Eric Bellinger]
I see em looking at my woman
If they ain't looking I don’t want that girl

[Hook: Eric Bellinger]
If they ain't looking I don’t want her
If they ain't looking I don’t want her
If they ain't looking I don’t want that girl

[Verse 1: Eric Bellinger]
Yeah she bad ain't she?
Why would I wanna keep her to myself?
I know you mad ain't ya?
‘Cause she only want me and no one else
I tell'er put her heels on
So she can show off them legs
But even with her clothes on, she turn heads


[Verse 2: Problem]
(Come on)
Bad bitches put your hand up (hands up)
I need to see you
Twerk, twerk it for a real nigga (twerk!)
If your nails done then your weave new
Never be raggedy, your finer than Vanity mags
Max hundred with everything, don't be rocking them shaggidy bags (nope!)
PDA never shame when I kiss her, step back like
Like look at that frame on that picture
Wit yo badass (what?), it's a night no glad ass (what?)
Pretty face with a fat ass
In a dress straight from badass Tennessee
Who she going home with? You finna' see nigga (what?)


[Bridge: Eric Bellinger 2x]
If they ain't looking at my baby
Then it’s something wrong with me
If they ain't hating on what we got
I’mma need a new woman

If they ain't looking I don’t want her
(I see I can see 'em look yeah)
If they ain't looking I don’t want that girl
(you know I don’t want it)


[Outro: Problem]
Like whaaat?

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Bellinger, Eric I Don't Want Her Comments
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    Fire 🔥💙🔥

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    I actually like this song

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    Eric and problem is my favorite

  4. Brandon Petty

    My favorite song

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    2020 anyone ?🥴

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    2020 ❤️❤️❤️💯🔥🔥

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    2020 anyone ?

  8. sweet lemon

    Who else here from tik tok ?

  9. Lucia Sangweni

    Then he starts getting jealous wen they start looking....jk

  10. Dee Sims

    Yeah she bad ain't she why would I want to keep her to myself I know you mad ain't ya she only want me and no one else 🤪😜💙💙💙

  11. hana uta

    I didn't know tiktok stole this song :/

  12. Sunjae Lee

    I came here from King Bach vine not faking TikTok!

  13. Emilia Pinner


  14. andy martinez

    Most people came for 1:20

  15. Anastasia Jane

    Problem sounds like Tyga!

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    This is Chris Derulo

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    Whats the name of the song at the begining in the car?

  19. Zionna Brookes

    Y’all over here talking about how he wants to show his girl off and I’m just turning up to the beat.

  20. jennifer ek

    you came here for 1:14

  21. elissar D

    This song is trash Tiktok had my expectations real high

  22. Christopher Brown


  23. K.C Cooper

    Lol I thought this was by Jason Derulo.

  24. Lily. Jonesxx

    She bad ain’t she? ✨

  25. Lineo Haakonsen


  26. NRG benjyMMO

    2019 tik tok ?


    Who came here from TikTok?

    No one...ok just me then🤷‍♀️

    Abiya Dieng

    MELCINE me lol

    Shadowz Clan

    Umm not me😂😂

  28. x daydream x

    you came here for 1:17

  29. vickey ram

    The message of this song sucks lmao

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    Malezia Lafontant

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    Jump is the bestest song ever ❤️

    Oop , wrong song .

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    This gone be your favorite song??🤨 0:54

    If they ain't looking I don't want her wat?

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    Thought this was Hussle In The House

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    Good song

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    ngl this songs a bit slowwwwww.

  57. Luis Solano

    That's how it should be, just not your girl doing it in front of your face and flirting on front of your face, especially if you try to leave her after and she just wants to look cool

  58. Yayra Nyaho

    This song has a bad message. So he’s basically looking for other men’s approval on the girl he should be with? What world are we living in now? Most songs nowadays carry inferior meanings which some people are blinded by due to the ‘good beats’.

  59. Jayla Hunter


  60. Z&S Gang

    She turned heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    seeing his growth from 2014 to 2019 really makes me so proud and happy for him

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    I value privacy--but, I like that type of guy. 😊💋.

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    The beat is good but I don’t like the lyrics.
    On another line, who’s here because of Lea Elui?

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    yes she bad🤯


    0:59 1:00

  79. Young BrokePuffy

    Eric Bellinger,Verse Simmonds,Rico Love,Kevin Cossom,Rayven Justice,Pharell Williams and Sean Garrett are best... SONGWRITERS Period.🔥🔥🔥

  80. itziqi

    It sounds good but the lyrics are whack.

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    2:50 I lost 🔥🔥

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    please don’t disrespect Mac Dad and Daddy Mac like this

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    Violets are blue
    The part you are looking for
    Is 2:52

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