Belle & Sebastian - Seymour Stein Lyrics

Seymour Stein- I've been lonely
I caught a glimpse of someones face
It was mine and I'd been crying
Half a world away
Ticket for a plane
Record company man
I won't be coming to dinner

My thoughts are far away
I'm working on that day
North Country girl
1 think she's going to stay

Promises of fame, promises of fortune
LA to New York- San Francisco back to Boston
Has he ever seen Dundee?
Won't he hire a limousine?
Seymour bring her back to me


I heard dinner went well
You liked Chris's jacket
He reminded you of Johnny
Before he went Electronic

Seymour Stein- sorry I missed you
Have a nice flight home
It's a good day for flying

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Belle & Sebastian Seymour Stein Comments
  1. Sergej Lovrekovic

    maybe its because of the way it tells a story, or maybe its just because, but out of all the belle and seb songs, this is the one that reminds me of dear jens lekman the most.

    the part

    "He reminded you of Johnny
    Before he went electronic"

    the way stuart sings that part, the way that song comes together, i hear a lot of this in jens's music. of course, it has a unique beautiful jens touch all over it. 


  2. francisco sanchez

    Canciones tan delicadas y bonitas no se suelen repetir mucho y menos en estos tiempos. La belleza de este tema para mi gusto lo convierte en uno de los mas guapos de la Banda siempre en mi humilde opinion. Gracias Sebastián.

  3. first ladt

    Fact. This song is about the late Katy Dove, who went to Dundee art school, and was from North of Scotland. Gone but not forgotten.

  4. Muhammad Fadillah Syukri

    Naaaw naaaw nananaaaaaw

    Oww sheeeayit

  5. Douglas Milne

    beautiful and sensitive - morons don't understand it

  6. Talha Rasool


  7. Lance Flanagan

    That.... is a Cosby sweater.... A Cosby Swetahhhh!

  8. maago98

    High fidelity!)))

  9. MJ Music

    I remember first hearing this whilst leaving Boston

  10. Suraj Mishra

    Hifidelity bought me here.

  11. MrAsaf1984

    sad bastard music

    James Tree

    what a scene
    oh Barrytown

    Mark Shaw