Being As An Ocean - OK Lyrics

(We haven't been what you call in love, for a while.
Did she know that?
She knew it first)

The butterflies I'd felt
Had only begun to cut and itch
As much as you tried to hide it, I knew
You were just dying to flip your switch
Taught to play dress-up, but never learned to play house
Fear giving license to the words falling from your mouth

Our love was lost
Your heart turned cold
And that was when
I let you go
I let you go
I let you go

Poking corpses and throwing blame
How could I have thought I'd be the one
To drive the demons away?
Romanticism, seduced by the beauty of form
Those supple lines, a familiar warmth
Turned hard and cold as stone

(I've lost track of what is love and which is hate,
But I'm through being your punching bag and your referee in your battleground. I'm going to help myself)

Our love was lost
Your heart turned cold
And that was when I let you go
I let you go...

Fall back to
the upstairs bedroom
Way back when
It all just seemed
to make more sense than
Fall in place
There was a time when
I felt okay
I felt okay
I felt okay
I felt okay

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Being As An Ocean OK Comments
  1. Jake notfromstatefarm

    Letting go is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. All the flashes of memories and smells scream to fix it. Sometimes u can't and shouldnt

  2. Courtney Rose

    Damn. I’m mesmerized ❤️ this is amazing. They ARE amazing. Good shit.

  3. Kelly Weir

    So freaking good!!!!!! I love this band ever since I discovered them

  4. Manu D. Ruech

    Pink and red, black and blue, floating through darkness, they seemed to glow and fade away when morning came. OK. As through each of my problems would slip away, dissolve. Thorns, the powers that be. Suddenly, I was alone. Blacktop I saw before me, a bright red light, and silently I stood – waiting for morning to come.
    Even the album title has a powerful meaning 😦

  5. zomblification

    Are the quotes from a movie or just something recorded for this track?

    vicente Bravo

    good question

  6. Denis Natera

    this is awesome it sound like a soundtrack for a fucking movie

  7. zayn banny

    why so much noise in the video ?


    You’re noise

  8. حسن زیارتی

    نمیدونم واقعا چطور توصیفتون کنم، فقط میتونم بگم حرف ندارید 🔥👌🏻

  9. Philipp Wilmer

    They are in germany this month i have to go there

  10. Apoplex

    Is there an instrumental Version too? I Love this Song so bad

  11. LMKM

    Deserves way more views. 2:19 onwards are some of the best sounds ive ever heard.

  12. Ash Collins

    This album is really, really good! From front to back! Also living the 3 extra songs on the deluxe version of the album as well! Thanks BAAO! Never stop being you!

  13. Cami Scott

    Come to Chileeee😢❤

  14. xxxzzz zzzx

    sorry, but what happens to them? did they get more funding or something? their music is as good as always regardless their productions but it's their music videos right now are the ones that really nail it. looking at the colours specifically red and blue my god. it's spot on. very clever and very details that a lot​ of us tends to forget or didn't wouldn't really pay attention to it.

    Aysha Ahamed

    I think the cinematography is done by shelby parks

  15. nx_saosin

    I keep coming back to this song.<3

  16. Jhon Michael Malinao

    O.0001% that you guys will come to philippines 🙁

    Jhon Michael Malinao

    Hahaha cheers bro

    Venz Erick

    I have a fellow band on my former prod na nag ccover ng BAAO! hehe

    Alpha • XXVIII

    Hope they come to pulp summer slam soon tho

    Jhon Michael Malinao

    Ano fav song nyo sa kanila?
    Even the dead has their own task

    Jhon Michael Malinao

    @Venz Erick may youtube channel siya?

  17. sixela hollaren

    "I've lost track of what is love and which is hate,
    But I'm through being your punching bag and your referee in your battleground. I'm going to help myself!" Love it!


    What movie quote is this?

  18. ciarra cavallaro

    Beverages. Please. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$###

  19. Above Repair

    This song is ok

  20. Isaiah Roberts

    if you don't like this song somethings wrong with you tbh.

  21. Jon X

    2018 y sigue con el mismo estilo de gorro, un grande

  22. Tyler Johnson

    Does anyone know where the two audio samples these use are from?

    david parker

    Alan Watts bro

    vicente Bravo

    and girl's part?

  23. Annie Athanasiou

    came here for shelby,was not dissapointed

    Brad Suhrbier

    Annie Athanasiou shelby?

  24. Joshua Marino

    This song deserves way more spotlight then it's getting.

  25. Alda Antalovics

    Joel’s moves... soooo many passion and emotion in it

  26. Yese Castel

    Amazing video, and song 👏👏👏💞

  27. Yese Castel

    I love this 💞💞💞✨

  28. GhostlyDollface

    damn this song and video were totally badass. im glad i watched. shelby looking cute too ;o

  29. Risky Wardana S

    Beautiful as always

  30. TheMandyBree


  31. ZombiE

    Guys ..... this is, just too much perfect. You're genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Tom Utomo

    Come to indonesia

  33. Core/Gaming - Chris

    So damn good
    This Song speaks what I feel

  34. Bobin Bob

    This song. Fit my life 💔

  35. Callum Standen

    He comes into the pits with the crowd it's great I was head banging with him was joke

  36. Ap Pern

    I'm not ok

  37. Bianko The Annihilator


  38. mashu_rl

    soooo goood <3

  39. Diego Pizarro

    Buen vídeo los kiero BAAO

  40. Ojuki

    Come to France pls !!! You'r awesome !

    Lucas Lorusso

    Ojuki ils sont passés à Nantes lundi 11, c'était ÉNORME !!

  41. Pedro Luiz

    Come to brazil, please

    Dance Luc Dance

    Pedro Luiz x2

  42. Makaio Kalahama

    This took my breath away...

  43. Felipe Araujo

    Color Granding fucking.

  44. Jenny Zavala

    I remember this song came out a whiiiillle ago and it was my favorite song👌 amazing job with the video

  45. Brandy Drumguy


  46. imnot. thesun

    Come to Mexico, please

  47. alan ramirez

    Muy bueno

  48. Brian Perez

    Que genial esta
    tremendo album gracias!

  49. Muhammad Irvan Zidny

    south asia tour please

  50. Alhasan Karbouj

    All love to baao from syria ❤

  51. indie rahma

    indonesia righthere

  52. JohnxCrash

    Love it!; Great job guys!

  53. Alex Dickinson

    That spin at 1:02 was smooth af

  54. cassiewassie17

    This has been my go to song through a very difficult breakup I recently had 😭 BAAO is everything! ❤️

    Christopher Williams

    Never had a breakup. Almost 20 with no gf still.

  55. Dron Digek


  56. Death Diary

    Hey, i'm your fan from indonesiaaa 😘🤗

  57. Forward Momentum

    This is some wild beautiful shit right here

  58. Rowan Hennessy

    feels like i’ve waited forever for this video

  59. Nicole Fiesco

    LOVE U. ❤🌷
    - From México. 💕

  60. Mirgenis Rivas

    I've lost track of what is love and which is hate, but I'm through being your punching bag and your referee in your battleground. I'm going to help myself.

  61. Apoplex


  62. Gustavo Morper

    what a beautiful video, great calm song, phenomenal band!

  63. arthoe

    still love that song

  64. You Decide Who You Are


  65. Nebula


    Daniel Silva

    Come to Goiás kkkkk

    Brunno Vittorazze

    come to minas

    Dance Luc Dance

    Nebula this!!

  66. Melodic HardCore

    Well done boys

  67. chemma

    I remember seen them in Colorado last year 🖤


    K a t
    They seriously made my day and sad aswell, such a beautiful band one of my favorites for sure, I wished they played longer but warped tour only allowed bands to play a couple of songs, would really recommend to see them play live, you won't regret I can guarantee (I know it's a late reply)

  68. Robby Everly


  69. Giovanni

    So beautifully well done!! Had goosebumps the whole time!

  70. VicenzoVengeance


  71. VicenzoVengeance

    the view conter is wrong... it only shows the times that i played the video

  72. Chase Sansone

    That was friggin beautiful

  73. Amempty

  74. yuso

    Muito bom, conheci ontem

  75. inlovekay kimjiwon

    Beautiful Art. beautiful music

  76. They call Me RAIN

    Dude this is 🤘❤️🔥

  77. patsche nix


  78. Natalie Holz

    i love u guys ahhh

  79. Matheus Aranha

    Saudades dessa música pesadíssima 🔥🔥

  80. Angel Pritchard

    i love this

  81. Angel Pritchard

    fiNaLLy a mUSiC VidEO

  82. Katelyn Davison

    Shelby did an amazing job in this shoot!

  83. Holdon Hitchcock

    The boys look refreshed! Always so solid but this is bliss!

  84. Devin G.


  85. Shiki†

    Qualche italiano ascolta questa fantastica band? x3

    Venom Veins

    Shiki† come minimo!


    just broke up with the one who had my heart... this makes it ok, thank yall so much💝


    In the same boat.

  87. Joga Crimson

    Me gustaba mas el estilo anterior de BAAO, algo como dear good, pero buena canción a pesar de mi opinión

    naum matiaz

    esta bien la evolucion de su musica

  88. Hyper Fuki

    MORDA ♥

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    I love this song!!!

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    The lightning in this is incredible !

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    This album is masterpiece

  92. Chase Roolz

    Our love was lost
    Your heart turned cold

  93. Armando Arellano