Being As An Ocean - Black & Blue Lyrics

Have you ever heard that love is a metaphor?
A metaphor for the taste of the bottom
The fall to the floor
I fall to the floor

I remember me and you
I remember what you did
I remember being numb
I remember feeling sick
For the taste of the bottom, the fall to the floor
Have you ever heard that love is a metaphor
For the way you failed me?
And now I'm failing you

(I want you to listen very, very carefully)

Like the serpent's tongue
Like the storm that shakes me
Like the hand that beats me
Until I'm black and blue
Like the autumn chill
Like the love that failed me
Let the Earth remove me
Black and blue
Black and blue

Have you ever heard that death is a metaphor?
A metaphor for, "What if I'm not good enough?
What if I'm not strong enough?
What if I'm not kind enough for what happens next?
For what happens then?"

Like the serpent's tongue
Like the storm that shakes me
Like the hand that beats me
Until I'm black and blue
Like the autumn chill
Like the love that failed me
Let the Earth remove me
Black and blue
Black and blue

(Like the serpent's tongue)
Like the serpent's tongue
(Like the storm that shakes me)
Like the storm that shakes me
(The hand that beats me)
The hand that beats me black and blue
(Like the autumn chill)
Like the autumn chill
(Like the love that failed me)
Like the love, love
Black and blue

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Being As An Ocean Black & Blue Comments
  1. Bryan Aguiñaga

    Saken las panochas

  2. Green Properties

    interesting the cover translates frome Morse code to the name of the band : B -... A .- A .- O ---

  3. Nathan Stripling


  4. Manu Marti

  5. Mandaloolu

    Love is a metamorphosis.

  6. Fernandes jv_

    Algum BR escutando esse som incrível?🇧🇷

  7. Lexx Icon

    The music and clean vocals are amazing! The harsh vocals are, sadly, very amatuer. If Nergal did the harsh vocals, this song would be perfect!

  8. Courtney rose

    I cannot express the love that I feel for them and their talent.. It's impossible

  9. มาเซ่ เยน่า


  10. Syafiq Yusri

    i still remember me and you

  11. Dan Smith

    does anyone know where this photo was taken?

  12. Happy Hour

    A true masterpiece

  13. Mandaloolu

    This song makes me wanna rip off my clothes and fall into bed with a strong dark stranger.

  14. Chu Nyan

    holly chilling

  15. Matt Giordano

    This should be way more views, such a good song!!

  16. Will Red Wing

    B A A O

    Being as an Ocean

    That's the translation for the Morse code in the video for those wondering.

  17. Fabien Connac

    ... --- ... .- -..

  18. Nathan Moseychuk

    please come to canada. please.

  19. Hanami_Azn


  20. 18bovende

    1:15 - Is this Zac Poonen?

  21. SASSTH _

    Hermoso tema

  22. Wisnu Kristianto

    So deep 😔

  23. жф фж

    They need a version without screamo nothing wrong with it just would be neat to hear more calming

  24. muddy jake tv

    Introducing; music

  25. Governor's Lie

    Everyone always talks about Joel but the real MVP of this band is Michael's voice.

  26. Роман Волгин

    10 из 10, блин

  27. Marcin Cardoso


  28. Descend wolf

    EPIC !!!! If you cant feel this , you are dead!

  29. Akire Odirrag


  30. Grindjuls

    I'm getting a strong "The Elijah" vibe at 1:20 ...wich is good!

    Brad Suhrbier

    Grindjuls same vocalist


    Oh that's very nice

    CarryThe Flame

    Michael (the guitarist) used to play/sing for The Elijah. Saw them a bunch of times before they broke up- they were incredible. I'd recommend checking out there lesser-known EP 'A Son A Disease' ^_^


    They also played some shows here in Germany and I couldn't find time to see them..then they broke up:( But yeah, definitely gotta check that EP out!

  31. AK G


  32. SEMAJ

    That's morse code for the letters BAAO which I can only assume is an acronym for being as an ocean lol

  33. Alex Calabro

    Anyone else prefer the other version?

  34. Mary AlB

    I really needed such a song 😢 THANK YOU

  35. Walter Bowyer

    What's the sample used in this song? The beginning and chorus one

    Brad Suhrbier

    Working Commenter2 its alan watts, thats all i know

  36. SameeAhmedMusic

    For those wondering, -... .- .- --- translates to BAAO

  37. Alexander Cerna

    Fucking great

  38. Hiro L08

    ehcyspeht 😊

  39. Stephen Mills

    My favorite song. So nice...

  40. Aaron Simpson

    The music from Being As An Ocean is like therapy. First, it makes me cry. In fact, it makes me cry a lot. And then... one day when completely unexpected, it makes me smile.. like a feeling of bittersweet liberation. Thank you.

  41. Munggaran Andhika

    refueling my soul!

  42. Cesar Molina

    This is like the autumn chill....

  43. Des rose

    I really love this song
    wut hooks me is the rhythm.

  44. Nadien MC

    This song gives me chills, hell, this band gives me chills. I never get sick of listening to the awesomeness that is Being As An Ocean

  45. muddy jake tv

    Like the serpents tongue

  46. Courtney Page

    Ths band leaves me in utter fucking AWE of how much beauty can come from a single song, let alone majority of their music. This band is deep on a whole other level, in the best of ways!! 😍🖤

  47. Descend wolf

    One Billion Likes !!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!

  48. Laz Addams

    Always heard this band's name, but never checked em out... Its really really good!!! Very post rock/La Dispute feel in the verses, guy is a very diverse singer!!!

  49. Brian Perez

    Fascinante y tremendo el ultimo album!

  50. Giordano Bruno

    It should be written ,being ,as ,an ,ocean ,being ,as ,an ,ocean ,being ,as ,an ,ocean in Braille. But one can achieve that translation here: .

  51. ガヴァッソマッチア

    Can someone explain why love and death are metaphors? I can’t get the point

    Uladzislau Piatkevich

    Lead guitarist Tyler Ross told Impericon Magazine about the meaning behind “Black & Blue”:

    I wrote it about a friend two years ago. I mean, it’s basically me watching someone get their heart broken. I think I wrote the words “Have you ever heard that love is a metaphor?” down in a notebook about nine years ago or so, and I found that notebook in my garage, I guess it was a few months ago. So I think that line really helped me tie the whole thing together, to zoom out from the experience that I was describing and say “Hey, love tells a story; love is a metaphor for the good things in life and the bad things in life, and we act out this play every day.” Honestly I’ve been working on something similar to this for a while, I actually recorded an entirely different song by myself called ‘'Black & Blue’‘, which had some of the same lines, but is not the same song as this one.

  52. Selina L

    So stoned so beautiful

  53. Last Day Of Summer

    B A A O 🖤

  54. MultiNichts

    Its a Mastapeece

  55. Kate V

    I´m so in love with this new album!<3

  56. liE

    How fucking beautiful

  57. Misteriotuhuerta Campiña

    algo le paso a linkin park

  58. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    This album has so many parts that hit you right in the feels. 2:15 is one of them...

  59. emma reghenzi

    love it

  60. Brad Suhrbier

    Best song of 2017......

  61. Alisha Bounds

    I listened to this song on repeat when I'd walk to the library in AZ to fill out job applications for about 3 months.. Away from my other half.. Stuck in my own head without a working cell phone.. Sitting at rock bottom.. I appreciate the work and words placed into your new album. If not for you and two other bands I'd probably be dead right about now..

  62. Sebastian Manjarrez Serna

    This song makes me feel so relaxing.

  63. ARH Kuy

    Very beautiful song

  64. Wedge 

    Not a huge fan of them as a whole, but i am enjoying this song, i heard it around a pretty sad time for me and someone I love(d).. And i have to ask, do they have any other songs similar to this one?

    Brad Suhrbier

    Wedge sound wise, no.
    But songs like ok, dissolve, maybe glow have similar meanings. But waiting for morning to come is a very interesting and weird album, lots of variety, so i encourage you to check it all out.


    Brad Suhrbier you are appreciated. Thank you.

  65. dakota xy vlogs

    you guys are awesome

  66. Fern Ce

    Is their a instrumental version of this?

  67. TheMsLuLu1995

    I love this Song 😍😍😍

  68. Underground Warrior

    Being as an EDM

  69. Seadreamer_

    Great music. Seeing them end of this month London

  70. Martin Schmidt

    So good. I have no words.

  71. Andreas

    Thanks you so much

  72. Miguel Martinez

    Damn, the world needs more music like this.

  73. mlevchuk

    It’s genius album! Thank you so much!

  74. 93Rockforlife

    I love how the sound focuses a lot on the texture and ambiance as well as the melody. It's the kind of sound that really puts your head in the clouds but keeps you grounded at the same time

  75. Michael Savage

    this band was recommended to me because I like fit for an autopsy and they art Is Murder. 11 seconds in and I gave up


    Check out their older stuff, that'll be more to your liking.

  76. Alexa Garcia

    I just can't stop listening to this.

  77. Flammingo

    Goosebumbs all over my skin from the first time I've heard this masterpieace. Thank you for this beautiful song.

  78. Invisibily Unknown

    This songs really soft but it sounds beautiful

  79. Lorna Hunter

    Just found these because of tumblr

  80. magueuz

    O M G <3

  81. Squatch Weaver

    My life currently

  82. Juan Daniel G

    oh my  god

  83. GiushEmbracer

    Melody is same of "Terror Jr. - 3 Strikes"

  84. Johnwayne Wireman

    Fell in love first 13 seconds I heard this band

  85. rodrigo diaz duran

    Some one, noticed the secret message in morse code?


    The one in the video? It's - Being As An Ocean

    rodrigo diaz duran

    izmalcheahmad in deed its BAAO

  86. Anthony Henderson

    Anyone know what those symbols mean?

    Brad Suhrbier

    Anthony Henderson BAAO in international morse code

    Anthony Henderson

    Brad Suhrbier thanks man

  87. Dinho Reis

    I like this music with the synth voice:

  88. fdex


  89. Brad Suhrbier

    Pink and red is literally the calm before the storm that is black and blue if you think about it. Pink and red morning skies mean that there will be no storms during the day, but this song is about love gone wrong and changing, and black and blue skies are stormy skies...


    Reading this with the song in the background gave me chills. Beautiful.

    Brad Suhrbier

    Hansol tyler ross, the writer of the song mentioned in a behind the barricade podcast that there is a symbolism in the lyrics and title of this song that relates to the album art, i think thats it:)he said it isnt obvious

    Idle Vows

    Haven't thought about it. Nice.

    colormePISSED !

    Not to be “that guy”, but the saying goes “Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” :-)

  90. Iago Villarino Coto

    Melodic Zayncore (L)

  91. Claire .Seebold

    I love this new direction with their sound.

  92. Hansol

    It makes me happy how sad this song makes me feel.


    And this from Hansol PepeHands

    dead magpie

    Yep it's a paradox alright this song goes beyond feelings and emotions hitting you so hard that your spirit spills

    Manu D. Ruech

    This song is everything that went wrong with my relationships when i look back 😯 dammn

  93. sadlucifers

    some people really should be more open about new styles. amazing song, baao 💙

  94. kye

    Tbh in my opinion the guy screaming just ruins the song

  95. NVTE mp

    Can't stop listening to this.

  96. Seth Fahlenkamp

    This helped me get past a very vampire-like history of a relationship I had with another person. I hope they're doing well but they sucked so much life out of me. My hope dwindled to nothing for the longer time and I finally sofa enough is enough and even OK has made a huge second step to being done with this pain and thought that they hold my heart. I have full control of my perception. Let go of pain and grab on to understanding and grace