Behemoth - Vinvm Sabbati Lyrics

waters' running down
by the silver moonrays -
towards the foundation
reflecting themselves
in the mirror ov dreams
and creating deadly forms ov life

vinvm sabbati
crystal formula
melted by the fire ov lust

etera zetgiell
emoke selene a helios
bey este'ike eliech
zeresse'naa essekeeee

astral dominion
by the witches virtu's rul'd
desire equinox
tension releas'd
in the senses dance

vinvm sabbati
where the sigil branded
on the breast, for'head
and temple ov atlantis

rise we upon the ladder
ov blasphemies
towering o'er the heavens
where our empty laugh rings
and fingers touch the face
ov god disabled

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Behemoth Vinvm Sabbati Comments
  1. wonsz rzeczny

    Miażdży suty

  2. Pro Gurt

    For a second I thought this might have been a cover of Electric Wizard’s song Vinnum Sabbathi (different song but just as good)

    Jimbo Jones

    We are children of saturn \m/

  3. Becca McCookie

    That melody still gives me shivers of awesomeness.

  4. JohnyilluminaTEA

    This was the first Behemoth song I ever heard back in the early 2000's. I really dug the style and assumed Behemoth was primarily a band that sounded more so like this. Little did I know this song was more so a song showing the band in its more unique highlights, but regardless I became a huge fan from this little gem. Love those guys!

  5. DARO785

    Zaistę wytworny utwór milordzie