Behemoth - The Dance Of The Pagan Slaves Lyrics

oh, cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me
receive my every fall, my every pain and misfortune
and wrath will born inside you
stronger than sounds of bells
primeval instincts will wake
pagan brothers of our blood
professing to the majesty of horned evil

the war we'll begin
will be the final fall of god's flock
we'll have a bloodbath and covered with gore
we'll praise the name of the highest
what's you fallen god for us
he had leaded people to eternal slavery
his angels falling into night like dead swans
to rise never again

pagan around the wooden symbols
transmitting the power from hands to hands
blood for god of gods, king of kings
unholy master

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Behemoth The Dance Of The Pagan Slaves Comments
  1. Konrad Sharon


  2. Rex Kramer

    there old stuff is awsome but there new stuff is awsome to...i honestly cant decide between hand is old school and brutal, the other hand is just a different sound but still brutal..and if your a true fan you wouldnt care weather or not there the exact same or not

  3. Rosa Mayland

    I remember buying that demo from Pagan Records. Their old material is awesome.

  4. fuzz44

    I takimi ich zapamiętam.

  5. Lucious

    they kinda remind me of Decayed

  6. samezzz

    Тhey should continue to play such music. What they doing now is completely shit.

  7. Johnny Lester

    Agreed Brother! \m/ Keep It Metal! Tha k You For The Comment!


    this is truly amazing

  9. Johnny Lester

    yeah, i almost used the version from the Demonica double for this, but, after discussing it with Danny, i had to keep the raw version up...i admit it, he was right!!! they enriched the audio on the Demonica disc, i think...

  10. Johnny Lester

    brother, i have a lot more shit to come...i just have to negotiate myself with this new software that you gave for the comment...i love posting the old shit because only a select few know it!!!