Behemoth - From The Pagan Vastlands (Live) Lyrics

From the land which hasn’t enter yet
Into the history
From the depths of swamps we are bringing
Proudly our name
At night, kissing the moonlight -
- rebel children living in twilight
Like wolves...
...Some named us so...
Union with people from the sign
Of the half-moon
To crush the golden walls of
Earthly heaven,
To strangle the pestilence...
To the lands of the mighty Empire
Others even think about with fear
We invaded a state with sword
In our hands
Roma means nothing
In the land of Slavs!
Today forests sing about the legend,
Long forgotten spirits
Whose names nobody remembers now
Waiting their day to reborn
Their visions of the past
Are torturing our souls
Whispering in the dark...
...They will come here again
To reign supreme
Believe my words...
From unremembrance
From Fire and Water
From the sacred woods
Ancient Wolves gather
From the burnt Arkona
...From the Pagan Vastlands!
Black horse rides across the sky
With a sword we will open the amber gates of Nawia

Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidzą Chrystusa!!!
Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidzą boga-krzyża!!!

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Behemoth From The Pagan Vastlands (Live) Comments


  2. p Geborek

    I was there young short hair guy in white t-shirt nest to the scene

  3. sPongebItch bObface

    0:06 me when i awkwardly ask my first crush out and she says yes.







  7. solana de la camara

    Diablos señorita! ._.

  8. Feomathar

    Jak ja chciałbym na żywo zobaczyć Nergala takiego młodego szkoda że nie urodziłem się wcześniej ale chociaż zobaczę Behemotha w grudniu w Gdańsku


    Alex witam


    Nie narzekaj spotkałeś Nergala

  9. metalhead_

    Uwielbiam Nergala 23 letni uśmiech i sposób jakim rusza ustami jest śliczny❤❤❤


    @Feomathar tak na insta albo fb


    @Feomathar no tylko szybko bo później usunę ten kom bo nie chcę żeby ludzie mi wbijali


    @metalhead_ poszło


    @Feomathar insta czy fb?


    @metalhead_ FB

  10. strong island

    Ivan Putzski!

  11. fat matt

    I think moldevort is calling u leg day brah

  12. fat matt

    Hahaaaa.......What wrong with his voice??? Hahahaaa stupid

  13. Blackmetal Majesty Blasphemy

    I think I like them more now because they are more talented, especially Inferno. The vocals are bit better back then though.

  14. Robert Rozanski

    christians to the lions👍👍👍

  15. Paweł Żurawski

    Stary, dobry behemoth... a ten kawalek... klasyk sam w sobie. Piekne przejscia w tempie, zywy, dobrze zorganizowany. Inferno jeszcze nie bajeruje, gitary soczyste, nic dodac nic ujac, czysta muzyka. Pozdrawiam

  16. metalrotten

    wow nergal has changed a lot since then

    Lukas Beter

    Yup, he was 21 at this time

    Bartosz Sybilski

    @Lukas Beter 22,5*

  17. Jakub Zdzienicki

    In case someone wanted to know, the Polish lyrics near the end mean:
    Children of Svantevith hate Christ
    Children of Svantevith hate the cross god

  18. UnleashTheBlob

    0:07 fucking lol

  19. AlchemistDream802

    Polish language is very goddamn beautiful!

  20. Daniel SouAl

    satanic band... from hell....


    +frank dux (o grande dragão branco) No, they're from Poland... God, weren't you listening?


    +Sebastian White Hahah xddd

    Evil metalhead insane black metal devil worshipper

    frank dux good murder 23 kids

  21. HellerAwaits

    @BathosMetalDrummer It's our new song from our first album Svanthevith Storming Near The Baltic, and it's called From The Pagan Vastlands :P

    Le canard

    You da real MVP.

  22. manfrombritain

    1:17 ... who goes to a gig with their hair tied back? ><

  23. Velikii Zmei

    не знаю, че они за сатанисты, да только музон у них хилый, и не прет

  24. William Hunter

    O_O what kind of guitar does Havoc use?!?!? I've been trying to discover this for so long! >.<

  25. trina vic shagrath

  26. samuel bebé

    oyeah perkele...fucking

  27. Deadbeat Jeff

    Never been a huge fan but fuck it would rather see this than most other things in the area of modern music nowadays.

  28. Azanulbazir512

    Ale trzeba przyznać, że teraz Nergal zajebiście growluje jest naprawdę świetny

  29. ka11kp

    Podczas zapowiadania utworu Negal wygląda jakby powstrzymywał się od śmiechu. xD


    ka11kp bo pewnie powstrzymywał XDDDDD

  30. Peter S.

    Noo, ale żeby prawidło growlować trzeba dużoooo ćwiczyć ;]

  31. Morbid Devastator

    Z tym, że prawidłowy growl wgl nie powinien męczyć gardła c;

  32. Peter S.

    Wczoraj robiliśmy z kumplami sesje w Guitar Here, tak dla chilloutu - właśnie ja dostałem role "wokalu" ;]
    Po 2h mówiłem podobnie ;]

  33. Morbid Devastator

    Też coś o tym wiem. W sumie tak jest lepiej, bo ja jak zedrę gardło to brzmię jak mutujący gimnazjalista :P

  34. Peter S.

    On nie mówił tak specialnie, w trakcie koncertu, możliwe że wcześniej nie trenował, mógł sobie zedrzeć gardło, przez co tak mówił ;]
    Coś o tym wiem ;]

  35. Morbid Devastator

    Mówcie co chcecie, ale mówienie growlem brzmi tandetnie :P

  36. SamRhysHunt

    my favorite behemoth song thanks for upload

  37. c3043952

    wow, he celebrated it with some fire breathing

  38. Lordwarship

    probably the best live he done, seriously

  39. Someguy89

    @666Henthorn666 Yeah he did play with Vader but I don't think he's still with them.

  40. 666Henthorn666

    this may sound really stupid....but does the bass player from this vid play for VADER?

  41. TheMightyWet

    was it immortal who began doing the fire breath thing?

  42. MrPositive33

    Mlody Behemoth ?

  43. Corpse666Eater

    Behemoth comes from the pagan vastlands!

  44. jagar ragaj

    To jest kurwa to.... a nie jakieś tam pseudo satanistyczne gówno


    jagar ragaj nie zesraj się

  45. Ricardo Leal

    how can i do the strings of the guitar like Nergal???????

  46. roberto arce

    fuerza estupida leucemia no te hace nada....


    cierto jgksfr

  47. thewitcher1990

    @adrianeddy98 Cieżko napierdalać pogo przy 200uderzeniach perki na minute:D

  48. Hadrian

    a wszyscy kurwa stoją jak kołki

  49. metalhead321

    @gbortuhno well the feel from both types of music is different... i never really listen to black metal, mainly death... i say that death metal is better instrumentaly and black metal is more vocal based..... in my opinion

  50. guitarralaraja

    @gbortuhno i never said that... plz read again!!
    im telling you that they moved from one thing to the other, they did not turned commercial at all... commercial? =s
    they started to use different tools to create music like more complexity in tempos ( like in proggresive metal) different sounds rather than blak metal format....
    they used things that are not used in black metal like different time signatures,scales,arpeggios,, things that u would mnever listen in classical black metal.

  51. guitarralaraja

    @MacieJanos i dont think so..

    if you are a musician youll realize that they never turned commercial, but "more musical" and that's why they started to sound more !"death" than "black"

    you have to understand that when u are amusician u dont only compose for the fans but for yourself as well..
    th last albums are more technical but still brutal...

  52. Someguy89

    How about you gtfo if you dont like it.

  53. Rednasyl28

    If you listen to the guitars/bass throughout this song it sounds like 80s thrash metal... Combined with the drumming I think it's perfect for BM, or "Blackened Death Metal", whatever you like to call Behemoth. 5/5

  54. zbysiu666

    no kurwa lepiej bym tego nie napisał... thelema dla mnie najlepszy album. poźniej w dół. piątka.

  55. Gopfs

    0:06 lol

  56. Максим Дьяконов


  57. BathosMetalDrummer

    What does he say in the beginning?


  58. panteradeth

    man, this version is SO much better than the original off the demo!

  59. panteradeth

    yeah, at least that means that the few people there get to be right up close to one of the greatest black/death metal bands of all time!

  60. Bartek Słoma

    uwielbiam behemoth, ale tutaj nergal jest dla mnie żałosny

  61. Thetruthinall

    I wrote a song titled "Venture to the pagan vast lands" then came to find this song a week later... lol i changed the title to say the least!

    I guess me and Nergal picked up the term "pagan vast land" from nothing, it just hit me and it sounded cool lol.

  62. Chuloloc

    Awesome. From pagan...VASTLANDS!!!!! Hail Behemoth.

  63. Daver869

    what? Nergal is the Gene Simmons of Blackened Death Metal?? Awesome!