Behemoth - Antichristian Phenomenon Lyrics

been haunted be the paws ov fear
and felt his breath upon my neck
I was granted with the pain divine
and my voice was heard no more in heaven

great in power
thus call'st me almighty
in not be first archangel
I shall be the last among thee

come over to seduce your angels
been born to rape your mother's holy womb
so call me now
as I stand above ye all

leave me unworshipped
in the dens below forever I shall dwell
malice in heart was bred and lives again
my legions hid in south eden
my flaming passions
oceans ov love
and all thou call'st
the evil
I summon thee
bringer ov war
bearer ov light
earth's son

great in power
thus call'st me almighty
in not be first archangel
I shall be the last among thee

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Behemoth Antichristian Phenomenon Comments
  1. Phillip Jordan

    Satanists truly are more moral and ethical than majority of Christians. No exaggeration here. That has been my experience

  2. Bear

    I welcome the Behemoth band into my country, feel free to visit the old ruins of the abandoned abbey of Thelema in Cefalù

  3. Thomas Ackerly

    Saw them 3x on this tour

  4. Tony Fuentes


  5. Ernest Gac

    Kurde minęło tyle lat a ja nadal do tego wracam

  6. Frost Ov Black Throne

    hail brothers

  7. hswjuduwv 72uwbwudb

    +%×6+:× a vahs

  8. Lucian Tamba

    first black metal song i heard and i fell in love with the genre , dunno why :|

  9. Moshpit Sic

    One of the unusual Black and Death Metal videos ever! I was 8 years old there and didn't know what metal is. But cut scenes there see private, recording studio and live recordings lol. But it's awesome 😈😈😈. Young Adam "Nergal" Darski.

  10. Robby Hotchkiss

    I was raised christian(baptist) i love to my pastor regularly, he doesn't say much about the music I listen older guy from church even has seen Cannibal Corpse back in the day. I don't go to church, much. Seen Behemoth 1st time Ozzfest '07, phx,az.

  11. lh_ _lh

    Been haunted be the paws ov fear
    And felt his breath upon my neck
    I was granted with the pain divine
    And my voice was heard no more in heaven

    Great in power
    Thus call'st me almighty
    In not be first archangel
    I shall be the last among thee

    Come over to seduce your angels
    Been born to rape your mother's holy womb
    So call me now
    As I stand above ye all

    Leave me unworshipped
    In the dens below forever I shall dwell
    Malice in heart was bred and lives again
    My legions hid in south eden
    My flaming passions
    Oceans ov love
    And all thou call'st
    The evil
    I summon thee
    Bringer ov war
    Bearer ov light
    Earth's son

    Great in power
    Thus call'st me almighty
    In not be first archangel
    I shall be the last among thee

  12. Berly Tannyono Putra

    *Thanos's favorit song*

  13. drheim1

    kickin ass as always and forever

  14. The-Metal-Life

    I remember my soul burning when I saw behemoth preform this song in a club nonetheless 😎🤟

  15. Rick Banerjee

    I was 13 years old when I first heard this song.. 15 years later, and it still sounds amazing!!

    Edit: A year later and I am back again, listening to this song.

  16. I. Kaminskiy

    badass \m/

  17. Pippus

    The middle phase of behemoth has some amazing songs, this is one of my favourites (I even made a cover of it, go check it out on my profile), wish I cold seen them live in these years

  18. schlooonginator

    Someone requires an anger management class.

  19. Sadece Ego


  20. NexisFilms

    This is Behemoth ...
    I don't know what the fuck the shit is they're producing nowadays .

    Ian Coates

    Whatever they make is from Nergal's head, and he knows what he's doing.


    He used to make 'Music',... now he's making 'Money' .

    jackie thompson

    man i didnt come here to argue with anyone but i gotta know...who the fuck are you to act like that man aint allowed to reap the rewards of his works on earth...i guarantee adam darski never ever once in his honest grown man life said let me take 18 months for a recording and touring cycle to go in debt ? not be a star? not make a living? as good a living as he're a selfish child i dont care how old you are if you own any shame for your dumb ass you would go buy everything he ever did you like that you may not own...dont be a fag and steal it be a man and an upright real member of our community and support him...if you think he or any band owes you anything if you're not really supporting them you're worse than a child you're a fool a selfish dick hole of a greedy fool

    M Xing

    Actually Their first stuff is straight BM but their new stuff is Melodic Blackened Death metal which is not bad tbh

  21. zoa tete

    what kind of music is this is like, uselessss

  22. Bora Viver

    [ Anthony Gray - Rejoice, for the end of Christianity is near! Christianity is fading, the new age is upon us. Soon the pagans will once again take their rightful place without fear of the Christ scandal. In the name of baphoment and Lilith, we will take our rightful place as the superior ones! As this is what behemoth stands for! \m/ ]

    You must be a moron if you think that Christianity will have an end you are a fool, and has more Muslims are "winning" the world see what is happening in Europe, "if" end Christianity imagine what Muslims will do with you? kkkkkk you are really ignorant. Jesus Christ lives and soon every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He alone is the Lord.The more beat us Christians, the more we grow

  23. Netholas Blackheart

    Hail Satan! \m/

  24. Jack Wrigley

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

    Black Hermit

    +Jack Wrigley If the son can look at songs, he's got sharper eyes than the average boy.

  25. Wladyslaw Dudko

    Najlepsze! Twórczość a nie kasa na pierwszym miescu

  26. Jaszynek

    Ech pamiętam te dawne czasy, nikt z gówniarzy nie miał kasy na sprzęt a wszyscy grali:) Teraz każdy ma kasę a prawie nikt nie gra.

  27. Nergal Wildchild

    2:00 is so good /m/

    Xav Nimportnawak

    +Nergal Wildchild 00:00 so good too^^

  28. metaldigger

    Middle phase behemoth but this is so epic!

  29. Macaforbrains

    Christians, Jews, Muslims are the sick..

    they re-prove it daily.

    40steden 15city

    ge-Fallen Dead Show ;) D-e-a-t-h!66666666666666

    40steden 15city

    never again against eachother.

    40steden 15city

    @Kalyosa friendly fires!

    40steden 15city

    @Kalyosa friendly dis, always try to keep in mind :)

    40steden 15city

    de krengen de brethen @no soul.

  30. Anti-Human Misanthrope

    the best band ever !!

  31. KEV666OLOGY

    I Polish My Dick With A Crucifix And Spurt My Love On The Holy...l,,l...

    Adam Braun

    That sounds Jewish to me.

  32. cannabiscorpsefan

    love the bass on thelema

    Robert Kupis

    Yes, it's 'Novy' (Marcin Novak) playing bass here. One of my favorite bass players.

  33. Jugolbrazowy

    And where is "We would like to see most of the human race killed off because it is unworthy of the gift of life"?!

    Stefan Grünwald

    Just thought the same thing

    40steden 15city

    and what is the actual purpose of that wrath by the way so many years later? think again. killermusic! kickass!

    40steden 15city

    re-support balanced satanism. (Lol Wtf Is That Actually?!) those of the who disagree, to agree?

    40steden 15city

    "the balance between us all"

    40steden 15city

    we are all worthy so... that explains it all...

  34. Anthony Gray

    Rejoice, for the end of Christianity is near! Christianity is fading, the new age is upon us. Soon the pagans will once again take their rightful place without fear of the Christ scandal. In the name of baphoment and Lilith, we will take our rightful place as the superior ones! As this is what behemoth stands for! \m/

    water bear

    4yrs later let's all hope you cringe at your comment

    Drop Therapy

    no I think behemoth is just a band that likes the theme in a metal context. I believe nergal himself said he wasn't really that much of a satanist.

  35. warhearts92

    first time i listened to this song i was reading the call of chuthulu and it fit really well with the story for some reason

  36. darkKyrios13

    Sitting here reading the comments thinking, why do i even bother, because the comments are going to be Christian bullshit and people responding. So i just listen to the good music, and continue my day.

  37. Gredor Covern

    behemoth isn't satanic nono..behemoth Is musiK

  38. Stroop


    Thomas Ackerly

    Stroop in ways

  39. Evaney Behemoth

    Polski metal rozwala system! \m/

  40. joe ponte

    I don't know why you guys are giving Mandalore863 shit. He openly admitted to the hypocrisy of Christians and follows it in his/her own way. Stop being dicks lol

  41. joe ponte

    Hey. He has a religion and is still open minded. Kudos to him.

  42. Teemu Valonen

    Let me guess. A giant daemon with six heads and 13,5 arms was born?

  43. MakeupInMaking

    oh ya i love when my daughters use my comp without askin and i get to post on there facebook page.....lmao....stop usin my comp you losers!!!! hahahaha

  44. MakeupInMaking

    open your eyes...theres a universe out there....ready to be found...if this makes no sense ..then fuk off you sheep

  45. yourgrandmaswife

    The irony.

  46. pokeshmon

    There're over 30k denominations of Christianity... As far as I know every one of them thinks all of the other 29,999+ denominations are hellhound...

  47. loswood420

    do you relize that christanity whipped out several cultures in Eroupe? thats why behemoth came to be. fuck christians.

  48. Isaac Berry Bartle

    There are many more of us that say the same brother, horns up \m/

  49. kruxy

    Let's put it in a simple way, Christianity is a hybrid form of Paganism. Some of you guys might say "obviously" but others are oblivious :p .

  50. Devon Cryer

    Hail Satan too (im a satanist)

  51. John Williams


  52. mmurph59

    i see, the song didn't turn you on, it was just playing, cause I love behemoth but not like that

  53. xcosox

    i know, wierd right? but my girl loves fucking to the rythm of metal :P

  54. mmurph59

    so what u are telling me is that this song sexually turns you on and makes u hard, causing u to cum???? uhhhh pretty strange

  55. karel iv

    ok grupa

  56. Ilanney

    same here

  57. Orpheus

    A relationship with some one that's been dead for 2000 years and that historians are skeptical to whether or not he even existed is pretty fucking delusional.

  58. Super_Buick

    @dolimbo666 Hail brazilians metalheads (como eu) and Hail Behemoth

  59. Johan Eriksson

    @Mandalore863 me too

  60. Lee Maurice

    @Mandalore863 that is because you made a choice, religion stops people from making a choice and makes them feel guilty about exploring human nature. as you said, it's all about control

  61. Pernament

    1:28 Good weed isnt bad ;D

  62. Jonathan Alfredo

    fucking great!
    hail from Argentina!

  63. Diar DZ

    @zipper978 I didn't say anything , I know they are still blackened death , I just said that Satanica , Thelema.6 and Zos Kia Cultus were more inspired by black metal than Evangelion and The Apostasy... I still 'worship' them ... I just like those albums more

  64. ZIPPER

    @ThyBibleBasher are you stupid. their latest album Evangelion is as blackened death metal as you can get.

  65. Diar DZ

    I absolutely adore them , I am a fanatic of them , but I just wished they would return to the Satanica - Zos Kia Cultus once again ... Their blackened death metal days were their glory days... In fact making another black metal album wouldnt be that bad!

  66. MrNextMotherfucker

    Thelema 6

  67. Ανώνυμος Ανώνυμος

    CLIFF BURTON AT 0:19!!!!!?????

  68. xcosox

    @MrsMatanjahowa it was like...metal :P

  69. death19911992

    phenomenon is greek word

  70. Mandalore863

    @Mandalore863 basically what I'm trying to say is that if I as a Christian can be here watching Behemoth's music and enjoying Nergal's insane vocals, then not all of us 'religious' folks are close minded retards as you all think we are!!

  71. Mandalore863

    you guys realize that 'Christianity' is merely folks trying to control other folks and put themselves on a pedestal. They cause wars and aren't humbling at all. A relationship with Christ, however, is freeing and peaceful and you'll feel a better connection with everyone as well as yourself. As Gandhi himself said "I like your Christ, but I don't like Christians, because they are so unlike Christ." Guess what, I am what would be considered a 'Christian' and I'm here watching a Behemoth video!!

  72. chip castle

    Oi Oi Oi Oi oi oi oi oi oi ! dan na na na! lul.

  73. toto87metallica

    1 30 drogadisimo jajajaj

  74. KatharsisWorks

    as a rational agnostic I must tell that Christianity is more rational than Thelema, the religon that Behemoth promote. Christians present some proofs that convince many people and Thelema is just bullshit.

  75. AmonAmarthNW

    @DarkeExile me to raised in the community as roman catholic, but luckily I wasn't so stupid to follow the rules of the church. I have my own rules (like the ten commandement, but in my opinion those are just the normal way rules of life. Steal, cheating, murder and so on normal don't do, no need a damn church). I don't say I'm a atheist, but just thinking maybe there is something. Also Nergal survived leukemia, so fuck al the christians that used his ilness to mock him. I hope he recovers soon

  76. xcosox

    i had sex to this song

  77. Outof Samaria

    @xx0fu0xx Im totally chillin with Him right now :D

  78. Outof Samaria

    @warhearts92 thats a lot of exact for not being exactly sure lol. but there isnt that EXACT scripture cause Jesus wasn't around when Psalms was written. There is a lot of war in the Old Testament though and when other countries tried to overrun the Jews God did a very nice job of defending them. There is a lot to be studied about old covenant and new covenant relationship between man and God. It's pretty interesting. But really if you love metal then Gods power and then ultimate sacrifice is IT!

  79. warhearts92

    @etherfreak actually there is that exact scripture in the bible, in psalms to be exact, i cant recall the exact number but its there. Its also on the album booklet in behemoths new album evangelion.

  80. xx0fu0xx

    damn where is you god now?

  81. bolerometal


    Well, that is unfortunate. I was baptised too. Let us thank ourselves for ignoring that pathetic practice as a mere swim!

  82. Desmond Windsor

    @Cannon0014 Absolutly agreed.

  83. Outof Samaria

    @DerWaldWichtel nice try. there's no scripture where Jesus says to slay people in front of him. what i think you're referring to though is the parable where he explains the responsibility of Christians and what they need to do...and where the "slaying" part comes in just represents the victory we have in Christ cause all of God's enemies will be slain. (satan and such) you are not truly Gods enemy at all...even if you're a're just on the wrong path but he loves you the same.

  84. DerWaldWichtel

    nothing in the bible about killing people for unbelief?
    well, except that part where jesus orders his disciples to bring those who don't believe in him and slay them before him.
    Well no problem, since a recent study showed that less than 10% of all christians have ever read that piece of garbage whole. So it's not your fault i guess.

  85. Outof Samaria

    @XxKirisuteGomenxX well Jesus himself was a jew so of course most of christianity is goin to have its root in judaism, but judaism isnt polytheistic. Yes judaic roots run deep and some pegan and worldly culture have affected the faith (holidays n such) but the root of the faith is still the very same as it always was. the crusades did happen but that just shows a flaw in gov't, not in God. There is nothing biblical about killing people for unbelief. you can twist ANYTHING your way if your smart

  86. Falckjazz

    @vatech2125 take a listen to Soilwork, their early albums (The Chainheart Machine)
    their drummer, Dirk, is supposedly very talented - I'm not a drummer myself though, but yeah, good music :p

  87. Brett Fisher

    @HardRocker284 - dude im a hardcore follower of christ. im not tryin to make you sound like an idiot. i respect the fact the everyone has their own taste in music. and honestly, i just cant listen to disturbed. every one of their songs sound the same. the only metal i listen to is ABR and its really because im a drummer and i think matt greiner is very talented. i prefer more technical stuff like a band called PMToday or like stuff like saosin, dance gavin dance, ect. stuff like that.

  88. Brett Fisher

    @HardRocker284 - haha yea okay bro. these guys have SOOO much talent. they are blowing me away with all that talent. damn dude, i dont think there is a band out there with more talent than them. you obviously dont know talent when you hear it. all this is, is death metal. it takes endurence, but no techincal skill. so get some facts and come back and see me

  89. Brett Fisher

    Not only does this band have no musical talent, they have rejected jesus, our saviour. this is sad to see

  90. Dustin Stephens

    Let's keep the stupid God talk out of this comment board, ok?

  91. VanSneiwder

    @DarkeExile sames goes with me, i support your statament

  92. 138

    @life2lifele55 Exactly the same :) the metal whole itself is not very religious but it depends on how do you listen to it... if you start burning churches for metal, it's obvious that you will be sucker... and if you enjoy music it has nothing to do with religion...

  93. Alan G

    some b.s comments listed here...

    forget about the religious shit guys, the same comments echo through every single behemoth video on youtube

    agree to disagree, i personally am very religious but i dig behemoth. the sound is great, playing is great, music is great = band is great

  94. oldfaku

    «Όσο για τους εχθρούς μου, αυτούς πού δεν με
    θέλησαν για βασιλιά τους, φέρτε τους εδώ και κατασφάξτε τους μπροστά
    μου.» Iησούς (Λουκ. ιθ΄ 27).

  95. EonGuardian

    @qartvelivar1 How the hell is he Atheist and he Worships Satan? Get your shit straight my man.

  96. EonGuardian

    heh, I signed up for the military because I believed that people should express their opinions, but, what I'm reading here is completely ridiculous. Christians Ran around Europe killing people eh? That's completely stupid, The Catholics killed christians because they thought we were Wrong about the sacrament, And Every part of christianity was stolen from previous religions? Name one part that was stolen from previous religions. One part. Our bible is unique, and there aren't any real rituals.