Bee Gees - Please Don't Turn Out The Lights Lyrics

Ev'rytime I need reality, in jeopardy of losing all of me
I just am not stronger, life don't last so long, so baby,
If you turned out the light, if you turned out the light,
Please don't turn out the light, please don't turn out the light
Turn out the lights

Baby, I don't feel too reliable
I can only do what I'm liable, but if you want to leave me
Love me and just leave me, baby;
If you turned out the light, if you turned out the light
Please don't turn out the light, please don't turn out the light
Turn out the lights
Turn out the lights

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Bee Gees Please Don't Turn Out The Lights Comments
  1. pdklein20

    Wow - I love this song. This is my first time hearing the Bee Gees sing it. I love it. I have heard their children sing it.Both are great.

  2. Roberto Amenabar

    Tremendo grupo !!

  3. Joyce Tyner

    Help with C-PTSD please.

  4. Marie potter

    Wonderful song so simple but as usual makes you feel so emotional...

  5. May BRITT Rønningen

    Never heard them sing this before ,but their children cover IT.It is a very beautiful song.Thank for this.❤️

  6. Lien schen

    Wunderbares Lied Robin ist mein Favorit von den BeeGees i love

  7. Robin N1

    This is in my Bee Gees top 40 songs. Pure genius songwriting, melodies and harmonies. Timeless.

  8. Ana Maria De Jesus Silva

    Quando agente pensa que já decobriu tudo sobre os Dee gee. Ai você encontra mais uma joa.

  9. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Extraordinario Lp' *****

  10. Silvia Serra


  11. panambi S.V.

    Perdón ..Gibb

  12. panambi S.V.

    Adoro la armonia empleada por los hermanos Gib...desde. siempre. Y sus hijos, reunidos, aportaron muy buena armonización en el mismo tema..!!

  13. Chris Airhart

    This song is breathtaking!

  14. Zev Feldman


  15. 9012105975 MOODY

    The Music Business Don't Really Know Music At All, I Truly Think They Didn't Understand How Many True BeeGees Fans Loved The Songs On This Album..)) It Was Great Like All The Rest Of Everything They Have Done..** Love These Songs As I Truly Miss & Love Their Music..Thank You For Sharing These Songs..****

  16. William Lee

    Though this song was not released as a single, but it shows the genius melody song writing of the Bee Gees!

  17. PAVIA Kristiansen

    Master bass playing by Maurice :)

  18. Leonilda Roman Lopes Dias


  19. s f j

    Heavenly this song goes along way

  20. barbara covell


  21. Shay Phillips

    First time I am hearing them sing this song! Love those boys!! Their children covered it equally as well!! Shay


    Bee Gees Gospel

  23. Lenny Walkie

    My first Bee Gee Record. I am a forever fan!

  24. jill crato

    This song made me cry.The BEEGEES and Andy would've been so proud of how well their children covered this song.The Gibb children covered this song wonderfully!

    Amy Carlson

    I just got the CD and was in awe. Especially with Robin John last track and Peta's track of her dads song she has a very unique voice. I of course love Spencer in most of what he does. Excellent buy if your a fan I recommend it.

    Marie potter

    It's as if their fathers were there..never heard anything like this...and I doubt if I ever will...keep it're great...

  25. Peter Stümpfl

    Now we have 2017 and the Gibb Children recorded a great version of this song. So short it is, it was always a giant for me because of it's magic. All of the sudden it get's deep inside.

  26. goneatlast

    The Gibb Brothers left Atco with the relaese of 1972's "To Whom It May Concern." The gatefold lp featured pop-up figures of the brothers :)
    Rhino/Reprise has the rights to this lp. If they ever decide to continue the reissue of the Bee Gee catalogue, we may again enjoy some of the group's fine early work. Rhino/Reprise issued expanded sets for the first three lps in 2006. A three cd box set of "Odessa" followed in 2009. Speaking as a Gibb fan since 1967, I hope Reprise wakes up soon...

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    I always thought this was a live album, such a bad cover....but great songs

  27. bartalinigibb

    Please don´t turn out the genius creative of the Bee Gees!!!!!

  28. Rod Dodson

    40 years ago. Amazing!

  29. belfastyiddo

    beautiful song & singing from the best group ever created, superb....