Bee Gees - I Held A Party Lyrics

I held a party and nobody came
Strangely I was upset
Poured out a drink and then Birkworth approached saying
"Have no regrets. Maybe your gentle friends had some delay.
Don't try to take on the world"

Made up my bed and decided to sleep
Dreaming I was awake
Maybe I drank an excess of my drink
Nice clan, cordial crowd
Birkworth suggested we sleep through the night
I never knew him so well


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Bee Gees I Held A Party Comments
  1. Joyce Tyner

    And I love him~

  2. Joyce Tyner

    He has copied a Moti identity this time !!! I am gonna clean his plow !!!

  3. Joyce Tyner

    Russell once teased me asking What if Barry Gibb didnt even have a dick?.Would you still love him then ??? (He was holding my BEE GEES postcard away from me in KEEPAWAY at the time).

  4. Joyce Tyner

    Hey 01 629 9121

  5. Zev Feldman


  6. Chris Hebditch

    How about Robins voice on Paper mache cabbages and kings unbelievable! I still get goosebumps

    Robin Willoughby

    Robin was the best,but they were all great

    Chris Hebditch

    I totally agree with you it’s just that sometimes the emotion that Robin conveyed was like whoa is he from another planet!!

    Chris Hebditch

    Dear Robin if you wanna hear some one with an incredible voice go to indigoinsf7 the band was called swallow and the singer was a blind man named George Ley listen to why am I treated so bad , or something started happening both awesome songs!! Then tell me what you think of them! Then if you have any suggestions let me know will gladly give them a listen!!

    Robin Willoughby

    @Chris Hebditch sure Will

  7. PAVIA Kristiansen

    love always <3

  8. porkulator

    Anyone else think 'Persuaders' when it started?


    porkulator Now that you mention it, you’re right! This came out a year after the first season finished airing.

  9. Hans Berchtold

    thank you for this beautiful song

  10. Ido Gilmore

    I'm hearing "Daytime Girl" from Horizontal here...


    Great song,for my friend Alan Coates.Try "Pity" by off course The Bee Gees another gem

  12. Larry Wilson

    This is one of my favorite Robin Gibb songs.

    BTW, who is Birkworth?

    Joyce Tyner

    I love this Lp

    Joyce Tyner

    I am feeling better upon breaking a couple of Mexican ceramics by throwing them out in the yard.

    Joyce Tyner

    Ceramic mess everywhere oops !! Non-positive Feng Shui.

    Joyce Tyner

    Great for a way to ditch psychological abuse though !!!!!

  13. Figueiredo Jorge


  14. Don Chappell


  15. Димитър Дамянов

    Bee Gees-I Held A Party