Bee Gees - Bad Bad Dreams Lyrics

I've got a notion to live in an ocean of bad bad dreams
No consolation to mixed conversation in bad bad dreams
You know we're all alike
We can shout and scream and yell all night
It's just a bad bad dream

Feel like I'm crying, there's no use denying it's all been done
For your information we still own the nation, the war's been won
You know you're far too late
Your only hangup is you hesitate
It's just a bad bad dream

Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream

I'm getting it to you so you get it through you and make your choice
People start playing and back what you're saying in just one voice
You know you're all insane, it doesn't matter how you play the game
It's just a bad bad dream

Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream
Bad bad bad dream

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Bee Gees Bad Bad Dreams Comments
  1. Joyce Tyner

    I am regressed to after rape.

  2. Joyce Tyner

    I am having terror again

  3. Joyce Tyner

    People wont leave me alone

  4. Joyce Tyner

    I have been pushed too far

  5. Bill Nelson

    This should have been a Top U.S. Hot 100 Billboard Song in 1972 by the Bee Gees. Every much as good a 1970's Bee Gees upbeat song as Jive Talkin', You Should Be Dancing, Stayin' Alive and Night Fever.

  6. Neita James

    Wow. In 1972 I was in the 8th grade. This first time I'm hearing this and all I can say is wow☺ now I'm older with Andy, mo,,and robin gone I appreciate their music more. I play them everyday and greatful for the legacy they left.hope Barry and the gibb,children carry on their music....

  7. Canal do Di Martino

    Solo de Allan Kendall

    Sandy Sandy

    Jornalista Di Martino
    Allan Kendall was the Bee Gees best guitar player !!

    Canal do Di Martino

    @Sandy Sandy perfect!

  8. ernester middlefield

    The best hard rock song in this album, I think. Hard rock was at its supreme moment. People in the industry said Bee Gees were too old-fashioned. The photos of the three brothers were taken from on the stage when they first came to Japan in 1972. Fans were all welcomed because they had been waiting for them to come and appear. Now it's the legend...

  9. kurtmorr

    sounds quite a bit like Day Tripper.

  10. Bill Cleveland

    Metal Bee Gees! Love It! hahahahaha

  11. Donald King

    Heard this on the radio, WMLB 1690AM Atlanta, and had no idea who the group was. YouTube to the rescue. The Bee Gees! No way in a million years would I have guessed the Bee Gees. Awesome song and without the post I would have never known.

  12. vince maloney

    Possibly the heaviest rock number the boys ever recorded

    Sandy Sandy

    vince maloney
    Don't forget Back Home , it Rocked !

    Rudy Overlord

    Sandy Sandy And The Earnest of Being George, Please Read Me and In My Own Time!

  13. Ray Mccue

    too bad bad (no pun) more of Their music couldn't have been like this,! Most think of DISCO when they think of The Bee Gees unfortunately!!!

  14. joexpoe

    its sooo good.

  15. egojosepio

    Me recuerda el day tripper de los Beatles.

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Siii mucho!!

  16. ChicagoKid5

    Another favorite of mine from "To Whom It May Concern". The guitar lick sounds like a direct influence from George Harrison's "What Is Life".

  17. Димитър Дамянов

    Bee Gees-Bad Bad Dreams