Beatles, The - Piggies Lyrics

Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt?
And for all the little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt to play around in

Have you seen the bigger piggies
In their starched white shirts?
You will find the bigger piggies
Stirring up the dirt
Always have clean shirts to play around in

In their styes with all their backing
They don't care what goes on around
In their eyes there's something lacking
What they need's a damn good whacking

Everywhere there's lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

(One more time...)

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Beatles, The Piggies Comments
  1. 木倉谷哲也

    George’s mother Louise wrote two verses for this song.”In their eyes there’s something lacking, what they need’s a damn good whacking” Is that true?

  2. Trash MichaelYT

    1:53 That's a awsome way to end a song

  3. Metallicskull

    This song is about whacking cops

  4. Snake Derick

    lol i luv this song. weird n wonderful album too

  5. Bigga Winna Crapsa

    It just came to me in a flash: it's not 'around', it's 'a round' as in 'a round of golf'.

  6. Robert Allen

    'what they need's a damn good whacking'...came from George's mom...

  7. Jakub M

    Pani młodej piosenka leci to Piggies

  8. Bob Berch

    This always reminds me of the film Society....

  9. Thomas the tank engine number 1


  10. mrzackofficial


  11. Hinka

    Pink Floyd Pig x The Beatles - Piggies

  12. Sanmaritanou

    Play this at x1.25

  13. No Pun Intended

    Do you think the Beatles were communist? If so, I love them even more

  14. Edward Whakatihi

    Yes now I've got another song to play after I play Fuck the police by NWA when I get pulled over

  15. MasterKlaw

    The little piggies represent the laborers and the bigger piggies represent those fake headline gossip magazines.

  16. Marta Fajna

    In my opinion, this is an underrated masterpiece! A great example of pastiche and satire. I love the last moment when George says "One more time" <3


    George HARRİSON...

  18. gorillazfan1992

    Caddicarus: How many piggies? MOAR PLEAZ! *this song starts playing*

  19. William Overly

    George never minced words nor music.


    A Damn Good Whacking sounds like Stalin killing Innocent Rich People to me.

  21. Bruno Rangel

    Little piggies

  22. Refuerzo

    I'm actually really creeped out by this song

  23. Manny Barbosa

    It`s for republicans, the Donald and all the GOP (Great Old Piggies)

  24. Super John64


  25. J B

    RIP uncle Charlie 🖤

  26. EngineerCheems

    *angry birds joined the chat*

  27. Liane Cornils

    Lol a damm good wacking just what my God ordered!

  28. Jacqui Richardson

    my heart is leaping

  29. Elias Beachman

    That moment when you always have dirt to play around in

  30. Nat Sha

    Love it 💕💕💕💕💕

  31. Anke Wunder

    Schweinchenlied... ein Geniestreich!

  32. Liane Cornils

    Attention seeking.

  33. DragonGirl DIYs

    This song has a nice medieval-ish sound, but the truth is ge0rge hatEs tAxes

  34. Jeffrey Middlebrook

    The cleverness to this song was the use of a harpsicord that adds the irony of a Baroque flavor.

  35. MayKing

    Political piggies

  36. Luke Dylan

    George meant people like Donald J. Trump. I can see him in that song

  37. Ambrose Bierce

    This was the guy who wrote about the taxman taking all his money

  38. Liane Cornils

    You blocked the best years of my life. My youth with my son Chris, when I had money house career and a chance to find a real father and husband who doesnt run to different states .

    Liane Cornils

    Bad decision

    Ambrose Bierce

    @Liane Cornils you is trippin gurl this is where we comment on the video

  39. Liane Cornils

    When you sent dcfs to close out a you could have mentioned why no one came to see me and Chris in the years you used it to keep linzer afloat.

  40. Derek M. Theriault


    In their sties with all their backing

    They don't care what goes on around.

    In their eyes there's something lacking

    What they need's a damn good whacking!

  41. Benjamin Newlon

    Sadistic little piggies.

  42. Yucky little

    My parakeets absolutely love this song lmao they try to chirp with it but theyre tone deaf

  43. Roger Zapata Garcia

    51 Years Ago
    Released The White Album
    Great song by George Harrison

  44. Snail With A Tail

    this song is awsome it's my 3rd favorite (1st is strawberry fields )

  45. Connor McGonigal

    obviously there's a lot to love about the symbolism and lyrics here, but I always loved the violin at 1:54

  46. Edel Man

    John: Its about capitalism
    Paul: It’s about love
    George: It’s about the inner chakra
    Rings: It’s about Pigs

    Only Sleeping

    @Carlos Ribeiro Well, yes, some of the George' fans are very toxic and have distorted the reality, but not all of them.
    I think every Beatle had a important role on the band, i personally like them all, i don't have a favorite one, after all, it's only an opinion.

    Paul's Broken A Glass

    @Only Sleeping some george fans are toxic. Some of john fans are. Most paul fans are. Ringo fans? Sweeties. Love them.

    Only Sleeping

    @Paul's Broken A Glass yeah, Everyone loves Ringo


    Its about o curso, aliás, você já fez o curso?


    It is about the English Royals and English Nobility

  47. mark1952able

    Watta song! Beautiful!

  48. Mean Mustard


    The world's been waiting for superheros like them to come along and save the day!


  49. Mean Mustard

    They have nothing left to fight me with, except all their guns and their sheer brute force. I have my HEART ♥ and MY LOVE for MY FAMILY 👪

    I BELIEVE they might need back-up.


    The first time I heard it it made my cry😭😭😭😭

  51. V S

    one more time

  52. Carlos Cerdán

    Cris Thomas!!!!!!

  53. 2 liter

    This was an awesome album. At first the Beatles were about polite society-the Stones were more like real life and didn't try to hide it. Then came the later Beatles albums which were fantastic.

  54. david ouellette

    i think hes is singing about the rich

  55. Calixthenus Tv

    First of all, it seems that the "Piggies" grew up and were lent to Pink Floyd to become "Pigs"

    Second, why do I hear Mr. Burns singing this dammit, I heard it since my childhood and now I can't unhear it.

    Last of all...

  56. Mohanned Abdulaziz

    lol june 16 is my birth date and this was published at june 17

  57. kittyprydekissme

    The Beatles really should've used the harpsichord more often.

    Ike Sours

    It's actually not a harpsichord but a piano recorded at a slower tempo and sped up.


    @Ike Sours Are you sure you're not thinking of In My Life? Everything I've read about this song says it's an actual harpsichord.

    Ike Sours

    @kittyprydekissme Sorry. I think you're right... I just feel like I'm going crazy because I KNOW I heard/read differently. Oh well, I concede.


    @Ike Sours It's okay. It's easy to get mixed up about which facts you've read about which songs. And there's a good chance you did read that about Piggies somewhere. There's a lot of incorrect information that gets published.
    I can't be absolutely sure that I'm correct either, but I did check with Wikipedia a few minutes ago, and it says it's an actual harpsichord.

  58. Stacy She wolf

    I heard this was Charles Manson's favorite Beatles song?

  59. Stacy She wolf

    When I was a little kid I thought this song was about the animal "piggies" Now I see it in a completely different manner.

  60. The Kosac07

    This was George??? Amazing! <3

  61. Lobster the Mobster

    You know what's funny

    Read more

  62. Adrian Acosta

    Trumps alarm clock . Ooo bacon!

  63. Kenneth Besselman

    I hearitly approve this song- Arnold Ziffel

  64. Mark Green

    Did anyone know there is a road in Liverpool spelt "Pighue Lane" but in the scouse vernacular it is pronounced "Piggy Lane". Having been brought up within 15 minutes walk from there and Penny Lane (equidistant). For sure the Beatles especially Lennon & McCartney would have known that area as their school (Quarry Bank) is about 15 to 20 minutes walk away. Any ideas?

  65. Susan Hunter

    One of my favorite Beatles songs, and so relevant right now in USA. George Song

  66. andy moore

    Huge influence here from Viv Stanstal, Neal Innes and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.... Well they were all mates right from 'Magical Mystery Tour' days. Then came 'The Rutles' and Monty Python. George Harrison was in his element!

  67. Spanish Barcelona

    Horrible melodía.

  68. david james

    I’m quite a big Beatles fan, but this song has to be in contention for the worst song ever made by anyone (i even prefer revolution #9)

  69. ddjdd wfgggb

    Chris Thomas played a mean ass harpsichord on this track what a legend

  70. Nick Harris

    The Manson Family loved this tune.

  71. H Zilla

    Dedicated to politicians everywhere.

  72. Liam Chave

    This is SO underrated

  73. eee-eee-clap-clap

    Is it me...or should this be in a Mafia Film?

  74. Rex Coffey

    1:41 A little disturbing tbh

  75. Daemon Dif

    Ha ha charade you ar... Oh wait... wrong song.

  76. I Do Basketball

    Love how it turns to a minor key at the end.

  77. Janet Lopez

    Que reggaetonero macuarro le pone pulgar abajo a este disco?

  78. Julia Naylor

    For the remoaners who are blocking brexit.

  79. Nick Harris

    Manson and his family liked this one.

  80. Eden Olivier

    You're a swine

  81. Oliver Lambkin

    108 people are taking orders from Comrade Napoleon.

  82. Erik Nicholas

    This song is about the manson family were that dumb girl wrote in blood pig on the wall were they killed sharon tate . thats what i read !

  83. zde582

    Nice corruption shove george

  84. J B

    Political piggies

  85. Clayton Reutter

    To all the fat cops who harrassed me for nothing but not being a pig

  86. Thomas Bright

    For the longest time I thought it was John singing this song but I was wrong

  87. Jamie Angel

    My dog is called Piggy, nickname for Pixie because she is a little pig. Im going to play ths to her tonight. my dad used to play this song, I havent heard it for years!

  88. Tym Burnham

    No denying that the CEO'S and politicians and the like we're much less the popular to go first in the world of rock n rolls most destructive individuals.....America built by men in denim, destroyed by men in suits!

  89. noriemeha

    Bonzo Dog do this sort of thing better.

  90. Bob Marley

    God bless Sharon Tate.

  91. John Zyp

    Donald Trump is the big fat big pig. In his life something’s lacking and needs a goddamn whacking. Greed selfishness and ignorance will never end.

  92. None of your business

    it's funny because the boomers (beatles included) turned out to be the biggest consumeristic piggies in the history of mankind.
    thanks for shitting up the world

  93. Clutterderp_ 81

    1:05 *Time to learn a new riff, boys*

  94. H V

    Of course it's about actual pigs.😀

  95. Andrew Corbett

    Manson loved this