Beatles, The - I'm Looking Through You Lyrics

I'm looking through you, where did you go?
I thought I knew you, what did I know?
You don't look different, but you have changed
I'm looking through you, you're not the same

Your lips are moving, I cannot hear
Your voice is soothing, but the words aren't clear
You don't sound different, I've learned the game
I'm looking through you, you're not the same

Why, tell me why, did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight

You're thinking of me, the same old way
You were above me, but not today
The only difference is you're down there
I'm looking through you, and you're nowhere

Why, tell me why, did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight

I'm looking through you, where did you go
I thought I knew you, what did I know
You don't look different, but you have changed
I'm looking through you, you're not the same

Oh baby I'm changed
Ah I'm looking through you
Yeah I'm looking through you

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Beatles, The I'm Looking Through You Comments
  1. dsoa jsiazba

    so good

  2. 100percent Successrate

    Nomore good music so we have revert back to these songs

  3. Just4Me2000

    I love the organ

  4. Rob Holla

    This song could be about discovering a narcissist.

  5. Mario486 Waluigi

    I always thought that Paul played the acoustic parts but apparently it was John.

  6. OlymPigs2010

    ....Just a "Reassessment" of the Trump Presidency !

  7. Mark Eaton

    I heard about this group back in 1966. I heard they were pretty good. They might make it big one day.

  8. Rogue Guardian

    I think the song is the nicest way you can say "I'm breaking up with you"

  9. Kody Kretchmer

    I just realized that ringo looks like a little kid with a bunch of pudding stains on his chin

  10. Benjamin Reece

    They had nice hair back then!


    this song makes me feel like im in my grandmas living room while a few friend play music and sing together

  12. Alex Takacs

    I used to think all i got to do is put a Beatles album on.... to make a girl fall in love with me... i was wrong, but almost right... i fall in love with her instead

  13. Joey Benoit

    Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Twee Pixie

    Best break up song

  15. Lantanana

    Remember when young men bought beatles wigs to look cool.... hahaha. Revealing my age!

  16. George Holding

    Ringo makes this song in my opinion, if you don't know read the back of the album

  17. Home 203

    Sorry this reminds me of THE MONKEES! AGAIN SORRY

  18. carlos terán

    love them all the time throught the Years...they are part of my soul or pice of meat with light batteries, or whatever to content the Beatles and be happy bout'it !!!

  19. Anurag Kumar

    Unpopular opinion- The song is about John Lennon, not Jane Asher

    Mitch Feder

    It's unpopular because it's wrong.

  20. Tom Da Bomb is the greatest rock'n'roll song ever!!!

  21. Seth Vuycankiat


  22. Taime Uppe

    ah the 60's

  23. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Only rubber souls would buy and sell art/credit.

  24. roninreturns

    Such a tight and underrated song, the bass and guitar licks ride along perfectly with the organ/keyboard, what a rich and simple sound, all at once. Ringo also appeared on claps and tambourine, possibly.

  25. tekhu wezah

    Glad that this song popped up on my notification. Legendary song

  26. Charlene Naude

    I will become a Beetle in my next life so I know

  27. Freddie Finkelstein

    I think I heard feedback where there should be none(pre-Hendrix)

  28. torg

    [I'm Looking Through You by The Beatles]

    I'm looking through you, where did you go
    I thought I knew you,what did I know
    You don't look different,but you have changed
    I'm looking through you,youre not the same!

    Your lips are moving,I cannot hear
    Your voice is soothing,but the words aren't clear
    You don't sound different I've learned the game
    I'm looking through you,you're not the same!

    Why tell me why did you not treat me right
    Love has a nasty habit of dissapearing overnight
    You're thinking of me,the same old way
    You were above me,but not today
    The only difference is you're down there
    I'm looking through you,and you're nowhere!

    Why tell me why did you not treat me right
    Love has a nasty habit of dissapearing overnight

    I'm looking through you,where did you go
    I thought I knew you,what did i know
    You don't look different but you have changed
    I'm looking through you,you're not the same!

    ☮️Peace and love!☮️ -Ringo Starr

  29. Eric Thorson

    just unbelievable talent and even more amazing back then

  30. gevto

    this song might be the “worst beatles song” but like explain why i keep on coming back-

  31. Studio Margalima

    I'm a 80s kid. Listening to Rubber Soul i always somehow loved this uplifting Paul tune. ❤

  32. marveliux Rodriguez

    Es la cosa inperfecta mas perfe ta que eh escuchado

  33. Oscar Bernal

    I grew up with these guys music, dammmmmmm those harmonies and riffs, I remember when it all happened, the energy, the magic, they were a gift from the Universe, and their music is forever in my heart.
    Thank you Beatles, we live in the house you built.

  34. Tim Tremblay

    If the human race is still operational 1,000 years from now they will still be listening to these guys.

  35. MisterNewOutlook

    A major criticism I have of this album is not with the music or the Beatles, but with how it was released. Rubber Soul as track sequenced in the US & Canada, has a totally different feel than the original Parlophone. When I was young and a lot less knowing about these things, I just went with it. Capitol took a hatchet to it in order to market more of their music on Yesterday & Today and it wasn't until the late 1970s I discovered Rubber Soul in the the imports section in the record store. It kinda shocked me because I had grown so used to the Capitol release, that I thought the Parlophone version wasn't right! Obviously, the opposite is true. To this day, I'm still not quite used to the proper Parlophone version.

  36. Martha Stephens

    Rubber Soul was 54 yrs old yest.🎉 Still the best music and band ever 🙌👍💙

  37. anatoly Fedotov

    Très belle chanson!

  38. Rose Cruz

    Bob Dylan's son, Jakob Dylan and his band the Wallflowers did a cover version of this song on the soundtrack of I Am Sam

  39. gerald 413

    I'm looking through you but you have changed.

  40. Joey Benoit

    Hey Rocky this is little Joey you were so hot if you're out there I really had a big crush on you! Bayview rubber soul right when it came out about Christmas! You let me dance with you at the Christmas party I was nine you were 15! Well that's like fifty years ago! I love San Francisco!

  41. Joey Benoit

    I gave this album to a girl named Rocky she had a twin sister named rosland! I was nine and they were 15! They were so hot? But I loved Rocky! Even her mother couldn't tell these twins apart! Images of the obvious difference! Rocky was f****** unbelievable! Hot blonde! Living in the Bay area San Leandro! But then I saw Carlos Santana 1966 in Hayward California! My musical career had begun!

  42. Joey Benoit

    Oh I forgot I love the Beatles cartoon show every Saturday or Sunday I can't remember! You can get the Beatles cartoons on a DVD series! That was classic!

  43. Jose Cuella

    My first Beatles album!

  44. Jose Cuella


  45. adam bartone

    I farted and it smelled like john lennon

  46. Ashley R

    i cannot hear

  47. jO BLO

    something is missing

  48. Nerd - Man

    This song is so salty and bitter, it's delicious. For anyone's whose felt abandoned and betrayed by a loved one, this one's for you.


    A great break-up song.

  49. Alper Özer

    Literally listened all beatles songs and this is cure of my depression by far best

  50. Angelo the great

    The tamborine drop in the middle of the song cracks me up

  51. hoipoloi is

    Fits what I am in dealing with right now. Every word.

  52. Lorenzo Bidoli

    The Beatles the greatest of all time altougth the incompetente of George!!

  53. 2JOHNNYT

    INSTANT KARMA didn’t kill John – the BLUE MEANIES at the #CIA did >

  54. BonerMaroner

    Your voice is soothing but your words are not clear so why do you treat me that way

  55. Gina Johnson

    One of my favorite Beatles songs! 😎🙃

  56. Skittles

    ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

  57. José Candal

    - Lead Vocals & Bass: Paul McCartney
    - Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocal: John Lennon
    - Electric Guitar & Tambourine: George Harrison
    - Drums & Organ: Ringo Starr

  58. pilar rosales

    makes me so happy I can seee how they were inspired by "pet sounds"

    paul benson

    Pet Sounds was released in summer of 1966. This came out in late 1965. So other way round.

  59. bipr r

    My recommended is “You Can’t See Me”

  60. JAMES Schott

    Beatle songs----my kind of Bible.

  61. Lorraine Dalu

    THIS is the greatest Beatles song of all time !!

  62. Doug Piranha

    Dinsdale and I think that RUBBER SOUL is the greatest LP, and we'll debate you with a thermonuclear device.

  63. Gary Anderson

    My fav band of all time

  64. debob

    The album is the most 'teenage' of the Beatles album because of its wackiness and cynicism. I absolutely love it and its definitely my favorite

  65. His Overlord Upon High

    Every song on this album is a masterpiece. I love The Beatles. The world is a better place because of The Beatles.

  66. C Synch

    Thank you Jane Asher

  67. Lettermen Fan

    For me, it's Rubber Soul and Revolver, and then Sgt Peppers.

  68. Maria Alejandra Betancourt

    This song cured my ear infection.

  69. Carol Ashurst

    Love this song...

  70. Victor Lowry

    1975 my friend and I working on motorcycles in his basement.

  71. Shaun Cifelli

    Although he saved the band and remember there NOT Going to tell the public every thing... i luv the real JPM' s , voice

  72. Shaun Cifelli

    Here there and everywhere The real James Paul Macartney ... BILL , Ahem he has to do all of the songs that were out before Pepper in a different keys ....Were there is smoke iz Fire!

  73. Otto Nilsen

    In 1:19 you can hear something, it looks like the tambourine fell to the ground.
    Beatles for ever! the world will never see anything like them.

  74. D3SANIMADO !

    Ringo at organ

  75. coolguycrazy 1234

    If you listen carefully at 1:17 you can hear feedback from a mic

  76. Pamela Alsop

    Saw them! Fell in love back in '68....& never wavered! Call me Paul!!!

  77. Starclear

    Great Song

  78. Mr. Thunderwolf

    Their messiest song hahaha but it's good

  79. Johannes Valter di Vizzini

    Loved them then, love them always. Saw Ed Sullivan on Feb.9, 1964, as they captured us all, then the next year at Shea Stadium live----I learned every song, every lyric, every note seems embedded forever---then, in October 1980, I actually shared an elevator at the Dakota with John and Yoko (but didn't say anything---it would have been an intrusion on their privacy). Yes, each and every song was magic.

  80. Point Blank

    Written by Paul about his relationship with Jane Asher when things were difficult.

  81. GetawayDriver

    This song played with You Say Goodbye When I Say Hello is one of the best double plays of all time. Get at me!!

  82. GetawayDriver

    One of their best...

  83. Aaron Cathcart

    Why can't they make meaningful, complex music these days?

  84. John Jonathan

    This song is about Paul's replacement

  85. YaBoi Ethan

    Who came after here after someone talked about this being messy?

    Long Le

    Happiness is a warm gun is also pretty messy

    Commonwealth Mapper

    *raises hand*

    Lord Garmadon259

    @Long Le Fun?


    @YouTube space same here

    Kennedy Johnson

    it wouldn't be the same if it was perfect

  86. Mohanned Abdulaziz

    one of my favourite songs on earth. rip why so underrated

    David Pinchard

    It isn't underrated at all.

  87. Heldeni DA SILVA CANEDA

    I LOVE BEATLES ....!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  88. Sheila Riley

    The best album by the greatest band ever! I listen to this every week and have since it came out EVERY SONG IS FANTASTIC!

  89. Mark Markofkane

    Another beautiful song.

  90. Richard Hough

    Paul: are you singing to John or to a chick?

    Richard Hough

    Nowhere man?!

  91. Pamela Alsop

    Havent stopped listening since 1963! Saw them live at Shea Stadium! Pandemonium!

  92. Johan Ezendam

    Great song i love these guys still after 55 years after i heard this album for the 1st time...

  93. Robert Cavalier

    The Beatles even had X-ray vision! They were THAT POWERFUL! * Cav *

  94. Doca Gonzaga

    real Paul McCartney , real Voice.

  95. Tony Harris

    You can tell by the album cover. They were psychedelicized. You can tell they were a little bit altered and a little bit off balance. Don't you get it. if you don't get that, you missed the magic of the sixties.
    Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all that you see. Taking the easy way out. There's a reason why it's called psychedelic music.

  96. Tony Harris

    If you haven't smoked any pot in your life, you don't understand the Beatles at all.
    After this point in the Beatles career they were on a whole nother level.

  97. Tony Harris

    Revolver is the Beatles pot album. Once you start smoking some pot. You see right through the BS. That's what the songs about.

  98. Tony Harris

    I got to start wearing some sunglasses because I can see right through you. That's why the Beatles start wearing sunglasses granny glasses. Sorry you missed the 60s. That's when everybody starts seeing through the BS.