Beartooth - Manipulation Lyrics

This is manipulation!

I hesitated, got lost again
You saw me as wounded prey
I was a wreck, I was a bloody mess
And you couldn't look away

You broke me down
So you could take me out

This is isolation
Kept in the dark and waiting
You're wearing the crown of kingdoms I created
Now I can't escape it
All of the light is fading
This isn't trust, this is manipulation

I didn't say what you wanna hear
And your lips begin to curl
I'm pushing back and now you start acting
Like you gave me the world

You broke me down
So you could take me out

This is isolation
Kept in the dark and waiting
You're wearing the crown of kingdoms I created
Now I can't escape it
All of the light is fading
This isn't trust, this is manipulation

I don't need, I don't need, I don't need you
(This isn't trust, this is manipulation)
I don't believe, don't believe, don't believe you
(This isn't trust, this is manipulation)

You've got hell to pay
You'll get what's coming to you

This is isolation
Kept in the dark and waiting
You're wearing the crown of kingdoms I created
Now I can't escape it
All of the light is fading
This isn't trust, this is manipulation

I don't need, I don't need, I don't need you
(This isn't trust, this is manipulation)
I don't believe, don't believe, don't believe you
(This isn't trust, this is manipulation)
This is manipulation
This is manipulation

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Beartooth Manipulation Comments
  1. Vantus

    Know your enemy

  2. Daniel Jelínek

    this is my nipple nation

  3. Chris Q


  4. Yaumil Putra

    Caleb's voice sounds like Jeremy Mckinnon (adtr) mix with Jacoby Shaddix (papa roach)

  5. Julian Elmo

    I dont need you!

  6. Julian Elmo

    Get me pumped everyrime

  7. JD Damn

    This hits home for me and a lot of good people \m/

  8. Music

    one of the coolest guitar riffs ive heard in a loooong time! Amazing stuff

  9. Micah Reinhart

    Anyone remember Attack Attack

  10. Johni Simonsen

    Beartooth = Fall Out Boy meets Five Finger Death Punch, that's all i'm hearing anyways, no hate, good day

  11. Catarina Correia


  12. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    Doomguys go to lyric band

  13. Trent Wilson

    RIP to the china

  14. mynameissamfisher

    Breakdown = maylene and the sons of disaster

  15. ArinInQuotes

    Why is this beginning different than the album version?

  16. Koragh


  17. Loki ???

    I love this album , agressive, and digusting

  18. Xandria Allen

    This isn’t trust, this is manipulation!!!

  19. FreeFalling Air

    UPDATE!!!! *STOP EVERYTHING YOUR DOING* And go see these guys!!!! *AMAZING*

    Arweninies Rose

    already did

    FreeFalling Air

    Go again! Apparently you didn't have a good time!

    Arweninies Rose

    they are awesome live

  20. C Saunders

    Damn, your music is refreshing...

  21. Alan Galli


  22. DJcyberslash

    This isn't trust this is manipulation!

  23. Ethor 1

    Tell me why I just got an ad for beartooth when I clicked on this video

  24. Kylan Dubiel

    It'S nOt LiKe Disgusting So I dOn'T lIkE iT. If they kept the exact same sound you'd probably be begging them to change.

    Jack Cravford

    This isn't about disgusting, this is about muffled vocals and flat instruments. Are you saying, that heavy metal/hardcore tracks without bass line are progress? Lol


    Jack Cravford if you dont like them just listen to a heavier band

    Kylan Dubiel

    Jack Cravford Coming from a bassist, bass lines aren’t important lol. Bass is there to keep rhythm of drums and backup the guitar. Coming from an audio producer, Caleb put an outstanding amount of time into this album and imo it really shows. I’d recommend watching Caleb’s vlogs on him making the album, it might give you a bigger perspective


    Kylan Dubiel yeah he makes these all alone

    Jack Cravford

    @Kylan Dubiel that mix is still bad. infection has bass over the whole song on live shows, but i cant hear it in studio record :) and i can found a bass covers of these songs. so yeahh, bad mixing. and bass IS important for deep sound. disease is the only song with bass and that breakdown sounds so brutal, like rock moving or ice cracking. In between is so flat, cause there is no bass and it sounds over-produced.
    So, bass are still important. And autotune vocals and lot of effects in voice, is not for me a great production/mix :)

  25. Allen Painter

    Caleb sounds like Dave Grohl in parts of this song it’s crazy

  26. Shannon South

    All of the light is fading

  27. Julian Ingram

    Amazing song and the mix is incredible!

  28. HekunanaSoy

    Beartooth releasing an album..architects releasing an album.. Boy this winter is gonna be awesome

  29. Cruzyi_HD

    2 more days i can do this

  30. Paul Anderson

    In my opinion the band is evolving,like every other, so accept nothing is constant and just love the heart & soul obviously gone into it!

  31. Baptiste

    I have a dream... I would like to found this tablature

  32. Joe Mooney 1988

    This is going to be black album of our generation!

  33. Greg The Flying Whale

    If Rock’n’Roll is dead, you can kill me right now!


  34. MJL III

    Holy fuckin shit Caleb what you doin bruh

  35. Chris Hernandez

    Seeing them this sunday cant wait !!!!!!

  36. Josh Grimm

    This mix sounds poo

  37. liam camelon

    What's with everyone saying "caleb" did great work, glad "Caleb" took his time etc.. correct me if I'm wrong.. but Bear Tooth is a BAND no? Say that shit on a Shomo solo beartooth is a group of dudes who have made one hell of a new record


    You should check out the bts series for this album called Greatness or Death. Caleb records everything for Beartooth. Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, EVERYTHING. That's why. Everything you hear in the studio recording is him.

  38. Dishwasher

    Is it true they’re coming to sweden January 6th???😍😍😍

  39. Wrathchild1995

    Pretty awesome song :)

  40. Randy Smith


  41. Mr Coatsworth

    Damn, this is my favorite off of the new album so far. So good.

  42. icanmakeeverythingilovedie

    Good song, but christ this mix is flat as shit.

  43. Queen B

    You opened up for Fall Out Boy on September 9th. For my first time hearing, BearTooth, you guys were really good. Scared me a little at first, but I got the hang of it. I, I'm all honesty, have a secret love for rock and roll/hard rock.

  44. William Martin

    is there only good song "'In Between''? XD

    RJ Martin

    Nooooooooooooo omg

    RJ Martin

    Listen to Ignorance is Bliss, Dead, Me in My own head.. basically anything off Disgusting. All of Sick too imo

  45. Blackstar Little

    album is gonna be fire

  46. AGuyWithAGun

    Another great song by the best ❤️❤️

  47. Evan Williams

    Every song he writes sounds exactly the same and follows the same pattern. Has anyone else noticed this?

  48. HA.HA. GoodMeme

    Love this new album. 100% epic, every track has a purpose and rocks hard.

  49. josue diaz

    Two words and one letter is all to describes this song.
    I like it.
    Lol XD.

  50. FFDP CZ/SK

    Nice While She Sleeps song 😊

  51. Dominik Fliegner

    YES!!! I love this Album! Get it here:

  52. Keegan

    This is really bad


    Good tune! That being said, is it just my sound setup, or is that tambourine really loud in this mix?

  54. Shidota _8

    Soft? Brutal? Who cares. All we need to know that Beartooth created an album where the song are totally amazing! Just listen to it!

    No doubt, their sounds more mature now, but still 🤘!

  55. John Solomita

    I'm loving this song. My only complaint with Disease is that I wish I hadn't already heard half the album. Disease, Bad Listener, You Never Know, and Manipulation were all officially released, I'm pretty sure Caleb leaked Infection, and Believe got leaked as well. They all sounded unique and great, but now when the album comes out I'll only be really getting 6 new songs.

  56. Abditive Arrogance

    Get this shit on Killing Floor 2

  57. Ellioto El Furro

    When are they gonna get a few hundred of millions of views?

  58. Joko Sutaryo

    I hope Caleb's throat is fine :D

  59. Cowboy Sasuke

    All of these new songs make me so happy!

  60. David Echard

    Oct 16th Ft.Lauderdale. There!

  61. vincent fernandez

    I want to fucking triple thumbs up

  62. MikeyDaAngelo

    If you dig bands like this, if you can check out my bands newest single!
    Were a band based in Dallas, Texas!

  63. tristananvilcaster

    Beartooth always killing it 😁🤘

  64. One Shot

    oh fuck its awesome

  65. JakeyBoi

    instruments definitely feel flat

  66. Dominik Malenovský

    I see a lot of people saying how this is going to be a great album but honestly when I listen to these new songs I just can't get into it.. it's all too soft for me

  67. Vincent

    Beartooth deserves my money :D

  68. Joe Moxam-Robinson

    This is so Paul Marc !

  69. Matt Jamess

    Can you do a johnny franck ft please lol just one more lol I still listen to attack attack a lot lol would love one more song for the good times sake

  70. Corvus Sinclair

    Yoooo Beartooth is gonna be in the area on tour and I’m fuckin stoked I got my hands on tickets

  71. Bryan Lenihan

    One of their best songs

  72. Aidan Moyer

    Couldn't be more pumped!!!

  73. Ragnar Talon

    Damn 🔥🔥😮

  74. Trent H

    If you are digging this new beartooth album as much as me. Check out this video as well.

  75. TechnoWolfury Bro

    I don't enjoy the riff that much

  76. jdh214

    Can’t wait for the album. Might be on its way to AOTY. Hard competition from Boston Manor though, we’ll see

  77. Shmee ._.

    Casually scrolling looking for the lyrics

  78. Ask Nicely

    🔁 Dude, 👂gasm, so happy with this new album. 🔁🤘🖤 💣

  79. SagaRock101

    2018 nu metal???

  80. Eric M

    Disgusting Aggressive Disease

  81. Invicta Mente Yo :v

    Awww! Amo esta banda! lml Beartooth.
    Algún Latino que la este escuchando? :V

    Edwin Yuseff

    Invicta Mente Yo :v yo es muy buena banda 💪 n.n

    Invicta Mente Yo :v

    Sii ,es lo mejor de Beartooth lml e.e

    Lizzy Álvarez

    Los amo!
    Amor infinito hacia Beartooth!

  82. Cory M

    Idk, I guess it's cool.

  83. nbsquidkid


  84. Blessthesam

    who the fuck dislike this????

  85. S 117

    First time listening to beartooth. Can you guys recommend me their best work?? THANKS

    B H

    Almost all are really good. The most popular ones are, In Between, The lines, Beaten in lips, Body bag (More chaotic). And their newer style Hated, Aggressive, loser, Disease, Bad listener, Sick of me, you never know... Though to be honest I enjoy every song they've ever done. Most of it is pure gold

    S 117

    Thanks guys ❤️🙏🏻

    B H

    your welcome, tell me what you think

    S 117

    B H I listened to a dozen of their songs and I’m hooked! You’ve got great taste! 👌🏻

    B H

    I'm curious what are your favs?

  86. Joel Lee

    #life tends to have "manipulation" 24/7

  87. Viirus

    best one so far, but everything is just amazing so far

  88. Spencer Coles

    Not a fan of the mix of this track. All the instruments sound super compressed and flat.

    Logan Cheshier

    I was starting to think my headphones were broken... Glad it's not just me. I think if Caleb mixed this... He is loosing his hearing.

    floop tv

    I think the mix is fine

  89. Fuck off

    We want more songs this is sick

  90. ellabella _sykes


  91. Dylan Hitsman

    This band is phenomenal considering they use old-school punk riffs but the drummer and vocalist actually capitalize on the new style.
    This is coming from a OG Attack Attack! fan 💔❤

    floop tv

    If you were an Og fan you’d know that Caleb records makes and tracks everything on the album so he’s the drummer vocalist bassist and lead/Rhythm guitarist of beartooth

  92. J Walt

    [email protected]#$ this album is gonna be kick ass

  93. S Zerby

    best birthday gift i could ask for, a new song to hold me down till the CD comes out <3 [email protected]#!

  94. TOXiC_STORM33 TXS33


  95. Adrimano

    that's gonna be one of the best albums of 2018