Beach Fossils - Wide Awake Lyrics

So wide, awake,
Within your whole wide world,
I'll risk all our time,
This worlds with all your thoughts,
Warm rays of the sun,
We're leaving it all,
But you're still taking some.

Forgot the way,
I don't know which way we came,
I lost all of my days,
They're fading all into the same.

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Beach Fossils Wide Awake Comments
  1. Joseph Saczawa

    Anybody live in Indiana?

  2. Diane Barbosa

    Basicamente, fala de um cara que viveu uma vida em fantasia e começou a acordar, devolvendo a realidade para o lado racional do cérebro.

  3. NEG Toxic3Dcats

    I’d listen to this freshmen year switching periods and thinking about my crush.

  4. shaariq jackson

    Idk how to comment here ahahaha siick song though

  5. Yusuke Urameshi

    @ToolsnFire  Please tell me some more bands like these, they're really great, especially Foxes in Fiction and Soda Shop! :)


    Mood Rings


    +XZTRQX Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, Blouse, DIIV, Widowspeak, Real Estate... Dream Pop. <3

    Lacy Laster

    Small Black is also another good one! And Hibou. :D


    Slowdive - So Tired

  6. Randie Ashdohonk

    I like this song. =]

  7. Srya018

    Thank you so much for posting this whole album. This is a fantastic album and I can't find any good recordings of it except for your videos, so thank you so much

  8. Madrone6

    I posted bass tabs of this song a few months back. It's on Ultimate Guitar.

  9. Cap'n Obvious

    does anyone know the bass tab to this song?

  10. GiggityZZ


  11. DJKing

    Smooth and dreamy...Just how I like it.
    Schadenfreude! (sorry new fav word...)

  12. FOMH


  13. Incredibly Mainstream

    1 person has to be killed. 140 are able to identify what is really good.

  14. ToolsnFire

    Apparently you haven't heard Tennis, The Drums, Foxes in Fiction, Soda Shop,....

  15. auburnkit

    ohh mannnn you totally deserve a like now....jk. just listen to the music and stop looking for approval.

  16. VicRattlehead79

    That kinda sucks.
    Their music is good though

  17. livi marina

    my favorite band for a while now. their music has a sort of echo-y dreamy quality

  18. Jon Benham

    @Oxidized181 stone roses maybe

  19. Nicholas Otte

    I merely mean to say that they were unprofessional at the show, not that their music is unprofessional. they showed up late missing equipment and mistreated equipment they borrowed from the other groups. spilled beer on my bass rid and hauled ass out of there. didn't even take a few minutes to hang with the crowd.
    no comment on their music, just a comment on them being rude. don't be offended, fans. how rude or mistreating someone is doesn't make their music any less beautiful.

  20. Champagne Boy

    @juturna13 these "unprofessional dudes" have quite possibly made the most beautiful form of music I have ever heard.

  21. Nick Kivlen

    @juturna13 how so?

  22. Christopher Perez

    Take note that this has no dislikes ^-^

  23. Thomas Fitzsimons

    @juturna13 whats your point?

  24. Nicholas Otte

    I played a gig with this band last year. really unprofessional bunch of dudes.

  25. winsomelosenone

    the bass+vocals= bliss

  26. Maria Ochoa

    gotta' love them! ♥

  27. KamiB333

    I love the Beach Fossils :)

  28. Adrian Francisco Martínez Contreras

    I need some information of this group.

  29. Rafael Acosta

    Great Song!