Beach Fossils - What A Pleasure Lyrics

Woken up and here I am
All too fast to understand
All the way across the sea
Thinking thoughts of you and me
In my life, I've never felt so free
You're so far away from me

What a pleasure all this is
I take it all the way
I take it all the way

I take it all the way
I take it all the way
I take it all the way
I take it all the way

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Beach Fossils What A Pleasure Comments
  1. i'm not cyborg


  2. Menace Anarious

    This beat sounds the metro Boomin no more like I’m sure they didn’t copy it but that’s what I hear now I can’t unhear it

  3. kween had

    Came here from Ilya story lmao

  4. triplflip900

    A short bit right at the beginning this song is identical to the beginning of "lunar sea" by camera obscura, just a bit faster

  5. Mark Garduno

    Almost reminiscent of a song from the 80s "Nightmares " Flock of Seagulls.

  6. Alberto Aguilar

    Esta canción me la recomendó una amiga y es realmente buena canción ❤️

  7. S N

    This reminds of the band Cold Showers in a way. Like this style!

  8. n ad i a a J a

    this is my favourite song of this band but always i listen to it i cry like a sensitive bitch for a fucking boy that showed me that band lol

  9. Jason Gómez

    Joy Division plays harder music, but Beach Fossils is too cool, they got many nice songs..! Good lyrics and rythm..!♥♥♥

  10. kpopkrazee

    The opening guitar sounds too mich like another song's riff, Tum Dur Thay by The Vital Signs! Not saying they ripped it off, but the start is too similar!

  11. NaturalBornRebel

    Woken up and here I am
    All too fast to understand
    All the way across the sea,
    thinking thoughts of you and me
    In my life, I feel so free
    You're so far away from me
    What a pleasure all this is
    I take it all the way
    I take it all the way
    I take it all the way
    I take it all the way
    I take it all the way
    I take it all the way

  12. element19961

    beautiful song

  13. White


  14. sno

    Dark Army!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  15. zoe holme

    new order

  16. ThatOneMuffin

    Takes me back to freshman year 2012 💕

  17. Samantha Lusher

    I dont understand how this music is giving me so many feels..damn my hipster heart

  18. Fox Fields

    Thanks, Thay!


    Was just brought on to these guys, man they're fuckin awesome... Love the eric johnson esk guitar style in this one, so melodic

  20. Rager.Lz


  21. DryWall Flavor

    Some hipster shit here my dudes

  22. MP Akira

    This whole album is on my surf playlist, it's so perfect

  23. neia

    Fuuuuuuck!! I get good vibes from this song!!!....and the band too haha

  24. pizzadekeslley

    eu fucking amo esse estilo indie de bandas desconhecidas aaaaaaaaa vcs fazem parte da minha adolescência s2

  25. dominic garzon.


  26. elif


  27. allan Mauricio figueroa

    I just had my first time smoking pot listening to this song and it felt magic

    Leslie Angela

    Felt like *

    Dylan Culp

    Eric L pot is not gonna ruin somebody's life let's be real here

    Jacey P.

    @Eric L I think you got pot confused with heroin

    Ascetismo Póstumo

    thanks for the advice, I'll do it tomorrow hahahaha
    smoking pot is great


    @Eric L I hope you're joking

  28. AlyssaQ420

    There's something very 80's about this song. It kinda reminds me of The Cure or New Order. Love it!

    Mark Garduno

    Check out Nightmares from Flock of Seagulls.

    John T

    also "Pink Frost"-The Chills

  29. Johnathon Guerrero

    omg what have I just entered to 😮🎶 "ill take it all away"🎶

  30. Phone Sex

    damn, I remember being one of the 2thousant listener of this on youtube. feels like such a long time ago. surely a pleasure. .

    William L.

    like 6 years ago....

  31. Jymmi loyola zevallos

    Cool Music! from La Oroya manchester - Perú

  32. Guillermo Chavez III


  33. Channy

    Hulu Casuals Brought Me Here!!!!

  34. Dysturbed1

    Another Joy Division?


    Dysturbed1 No

    Brandon J. Flores

    Not even close. More cure feel imo

    Juan Reyna

    *Any band sounding remotely post punk*

    Combustible Carpet

    Kinda sound like Junip


    I dont think this is that similar to joy division

  35. TheMortalD

    this song plays in the background of the book tweak so well.

  36. Jaqueline Carrillo

    this song! in the cold ❄❄

    lexsie jordan

    +Jaqueline Carrillo Ortega lol or on the beach its such a good one!!

    Josh Rivers

    On my way to work riding my bike in winter. Keeps me warm.

  37. SweetDorito

    This song makes me so happy! 😊❤

  38. Michelangelo

    incredible gem!

  39. Samuel Cardwell

    Perplexingly this was on Qantas radio when I flew to Australia a couple weeks ago.

  40. Andre Araya

    Fucking love this indie rock style

    Haus Of Gaga

    Andre Araya Vargas ikr Jange Rock is one of my fav genres haha


    Will very appriciate if you check my channel for some :) it's almost about indie songs, hope you will like it.

  41. sumodh bhattarai

    fucking brillant low- fidelity .

  42. zombiechest

    my favorite song of beach fossils

  43. boykiddman

    anyone else reminded of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" at the very beginning?

    Victor Daniel

    yea, every time I play this song I feel like I'm about to listen to The Beatles.

  44. Alex Ka

    What a felling smoke Away

  45. karen johnson-roberts

    just discovered this song..... and band..... via searching for real estate's song primitive.. love this style of music.. what do you call this, indie alternative.... so NOT mainstream.  Guess that is why I like it.. not top 40 crap!!


    +karen johnson-roberts Indie Pop


    +bookbabe001 Indie Rocks is much, well, rock-ier :) If you like the vibe of this, it's melodious, catchiness, the vocal style, Indie Pop, not rock.

    Yair Martinez-Garcia

    this is indie surf rock not indie pop that's much more elctronical

    karen johnson-roberts

    I remember this song... and I DO like it... good ear!!

    K H


  46. Saúl Carmona

    University days <3

    Victor Daniel

    exactly the feeling I get.


    (just to make you remember your university days xD)

  47. Golden Waffle Gaming

    Skating days <3

    Yair Martinez-Garcia

    my favorite song to skate to actually

  48. Anna Salem

    how did i forget about these guys? still so fkn good damn

  49. Bugeye Wagon

    They're slowly getting popular

    Oceanographer Radio

    such a shame


    @Sungrazer Comets What's the big deal? He said getting popular, not comercial...

    Trevor Brookshire

    James Spence Now they've abandoned this sound. This is my all time favorite song but I embrace their new direction too

    Oceanographer Radio

    What's the next step of something that is getting popular?

    Now you got your answer.


    I listened to these guys before Alvvays, they really took off

  50. Txa Fr

    Si te gusta Beach Fossils puede que también te guste "algún día saldréis" de dodble

  51. Will Noble

    They remind me of The Young Friends

  52. brandonholbrook4

    Too good

  53. Eva voncherry

    i love iiiit

  54. Violin Jazzmessenger123

    Lo-fi jammin'.  Buffalo.  11/18/13

  55. Soloxoman

    look up triple J unearthed, alot of bands like this with an indie summer sound.

  56. Dr. Pheel

    it also reminds me of hong kong garden by siouxsie and the banshees

  57. Dr. Pheel

    very. I love that song.

  58. TheACNobre

    what a pleasure to listen to this song

  59. Ryan Humphries

    check out my songs(:

  60. levicious

    they remmenber to field mice, great!

  61. NewSOUNDream

    This band make me see summer when I listen to them even when it's raining - You should search 'Paper Boats - Morning Image' too if you're into these guys! - Definitely worth checking out.

  62. Yehisa

    Sonidosssss Casi Perfectos ....... Buenaaaaaaaaaaa

  63. fireisforbadpeople


  64. Delfien Taillieu

    Can't believe I met the singer of this band on Omegle yesterday!
    He's simply amazing.
    The longest chat on Omegle EVER !

  65. jasmine s

    What a pleasure this song is!! I love this band so much. Thanks for uploading (;

  66. FOMH


  67. ryan582011

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!

  68. Hylton E

    This band seems pretty heavily influenced by Felt. Check them out.

  69. dlllon

    If you're into Beach Fossils, search up TAILED GHOST
    or check out my channel. thx!

  70. flowerise15

    j'adore ce groupe et cette chanson est juste magnifique

  71. Andrew Wilson

    the guitar riff is a lot like weird fishes by radiohead


    real hipsters are dicks

  73. Jordan

    So 80's revival?

  74. Hugo Stiglitz

    They have all ways been my Fav Band

  75. thebestever475

    real hipsters listen to beach fossils

  76. Jack

    @SkaterBill28 Brooklyn, NY

  77. timthetortoise

    @indiefanful haXup*

  78. Xavier Garnier

    @NawFXManny how?

  79. Massiveshitinhugeass

    all their songs sound the same but its just soooo good!

  80. Tony Bologna

    I don't know how I went from powerviolence to this, but I'm glad I did.

  81. IndieDodo

    AWESOME! <3

  82. IndieDodo

    The album is sooooo cool!!!!! all the 7 songs in it are awesome! Thats really a great band!

  83. Joseph Binkley

    music like this makes me proud to live in this time. ...lil wayne on the otherhand makes me disgraced.

  84. Nick R


  85. Allan Agudelo

    anthony parisi


    Greetings from Brazil !!!! Fantastic band !!! Fantastic CD EP ! Fantastic song !

  87. HJManson

    @deadhippie61 rydw i'n cytuno gyda ti, that's welsh

  88. Zach Ryan

    I take it all the way. <3

  89. Misterioso

    @indiefanful Alexander Posh

  90. Misterioso

    @indiefanful Charles Dunkin

  91. Jussi R

    whats the name of the singer?