Beach Fossils - The Horse Lyrics

I couldn't talk to you but
I'd love to walk with you
I drop from the sky
Right as you say goodbye
Forever heart-bound in our dreams

I lost my heart for you
And I set it free for two
Stones on the ground uncoverin' lines
That I never once knew were there

The horse of you
The horse with your head to the sky
We turn back again and I turn in my bed
The horse is now on the run.

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Beach Fossils The Horse Comments
  1. Bob Borton

    You take me to that place beach Fossils

  2. luna reed

    So how many times have you flipped your iPad thinking it was upside down when watching this video lol😊

  3. Weather report

    Hey hey hey down to my mind

  4. IKI


  5. shaariq jackson


  6. Philip Workman

    new order rip off


    What song? I wouldn't doubt you, I'm just curious because I'd probably like that one too. 

  7. TheNotice42


  8. Francisco Coronado

    "I couldn't talk to you
    But I'd love to walk with you.."

    I love this.

  9. bebop2193

    And they're great in concert, folks! :)

  10. Ricardo Roberto

    let's all cry and die listenin to Beach Fossils... :'(

    Joseph Santos

    Ricardo Roberto sounds like a plan lol


    They make you feel like you've lived through the 60's 70's and early 2000's all in one song or for this band multiple

  11. Joshua Tew

    Can't. Stop. Listening.

  12. FOMH


  13. Max Nevile

    The upside down picture is blowing my mind.... or maybe its the music

  14. Joshuah Clay

    This is immense!!

  15. SpuG3


  16. Sawyer Robbins

    Hey you, yeah you the one who disliked this song. Fuck you

  17. Alexander Underwood

    how can you even dislike this song? fuck you to the one person that did. This song brings my day up and makes me happy.

  18. CityFidelity

    I've made a video for this song
    Giving it a watch would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  19. Neverbh

    @mckchannel1 'cause this band play real indie

  20. Beefbud

    i always kinda thought it of it as like shoegazey surf pop. i like it. i like it alot.

  21. Nick R

    @mckchannel1 Dont even worry about that shit man, dont get caught up in lame ass labels.
    . Listen.Enjoy.Let it be.

  22. Ryanandrambo

    You know it's weird, because I see other people saying it too, but I literally have not come across one of these guys songs that I didn't like, extremely inspiring, what a great band.

  23. Dermot R

    i swear i just like every song they've made

  24. 3x3

    This describes exactly I feel about a girl. Also I haven't heard this song in a while,brings back memories.

  25. Robin N.

    This song always makes me happy when I hear it.

  26. batblood1

    great song!!!

  27. deadpool1102

    @xxzxcuzxmebby yeah thts not a lie :]

  28. Kelly MacLeod

    for some unknown reason, i hate when songs mention horses. I have no idea why, lol.

    Sounds good though.

  29. kim wilmoth

    @xxzxcuzxmebby No doubt about it!!!!

  30. L Shroyer

    Ryhmeasuarus????...? nobody...ok

  31. 9graff9

    Yesss gonna go see them tonite with craft spells!!!

  32. Fernando benitez

    Im not gonna lie i think theyre probably one of the best indie rock bands ive ever listened to...

  33. Popdivision

    They sound like New Order if it had sex with Papercuts

  34. Jonathan Levasseur

    Music like this echoes through my mind on a daily basis oOoooOoooOoooOoooOo

  35. YoourElectricFeel

    i collect beach fossils.

  36. olchevyman

    Very good....