Beach Fossils - Golden Age Lyrics

I'm not tryin' to lose my mind
But I couldn't care if I've been fine
You always see what you wanna see
I don't want you to see me

I don't know what I'm doin tonight
I never know what I'm doin at night
I never have plans when it turns to nine
Cuz I'm doin nothin but stayin inside

And I open my eyes
And everything's blue
From the top of the sky
To underneath you
Ain't trying to do more
Than just sit here
I can look in your eyes
And tell you're sincere

And we're dropping it off
And we're not coming back
'Cause we're trying to get lost
We both know that
You can gather the wine
And I'll carry the shade
And we'll hide in the pine
Of the Golden Age

I'm unlocking the doors
And we'll go to the roof
'Cause the stories we told
Are becoming the truth
Just put out your hand
And I'll take it in mine
Walk down to the center
Of the wind and shine

We'll take a swig
And we'll lie right down
We'll become all the colors
Of each others sounds
We can pick one up
And we can let it fly
'Cause in the Golden age
We will never die

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