B.B. King - Heartbreaker Lyrics

She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?
Oh, real heartbreaker, don't you know?
She's a real heartbreaker, mean man hater
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?
When she holds my hand I get warm inside
Something happened that I can't describe
She never talk serious 'bout love or romance
She's the kinda babe that won't give your heart a chance

A real heartbreaker, don't you know?
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?
She's a real heartbreaker, mean man hater
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?

No one man ever enters her mind
She loves to flirt with maybe eight or nine
When she goes out, man, she has a ball
She don't date one, she'd love to date them all

She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?
She's real heartbreaker, don't you know?
A real heartbreaker, mean man hater
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?

Well, no one man ever enters her mind
She loves to flirt with maybe eight or nine
She made up her mind, man, to really live
She gonna go out and live for real

She's a mean manhater, don't you know?
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?
She's a real heartbreaker, a mean man hater
She's a real heartbreaker, don't you know?

A real heartbreaker, a real heartbreaker
A mean man hater, a real heartbreaker

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B.B. King Heartbreaker Comments
  1. ali baba fishkebab

    fakka homse sang! jeg orker ikke ha dette i musikken på skolen

  2. Stevie Watts

    Amazing! Who’s the organist? He’s playing the bass beautifully.

  3. Mansak Hungyo

    Music is a fucking felling so, don't worry to adapt with music.

  4. Mary Salvi

    2019 yup, timeless and priceless, love !!

  5. Tinsley Ellis

    Sonny Freeman on drums! So great.

    Dennis Berrisford, db

    It was good to see Sonny for sure.

  6. seb :O

    Just recently been watching Luke Cage on Netflix, and I'm so proud of the tunes at Harlem's Paradise 😔👌

  7. Einaras Juodelis

    Him and Ray Charles are simply untouchable.🎶🎶💯

  8. Blues Rain


  9. Infidel14?

    Of this performance is shot in B&W. But I do believe is the rarely seen Red Lucille that BB is playing in this video. A truly historical sight.

  10. Sean Moyer

    Anyone been able to find even older footage of BB? He'd already been recording and touring for over a decade by the time this was shot.

  11. hcwollaston

    One of my favorites amongst BB King’s recordings. Couldn’t find this song in the Amazon Music Store today. Glad I found it on YT, with over 1 Million (fully deserved) views to boot! Thank you for posting it. BTW the Beatclub Live version on YT is a little different but also nice.

  12. Carlos Eugenio


  13. Magdalena Huber

    hey, yo!% what a great ideb. screw injure what's your opinion fbout

  14. Kevin Hackett

    Hi there. My name is Kevin Hackett. I am a musician from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you have a few minutes to spare, please listen to some of my music on this Live channel I am commenting from here and let me know what you think. I hope you like it and that it's not a waste of your time. Enjoy and have a great day.

  15. mzsilky000

    R.I.P...They'll never be another like u....

  16. Degree7

    Hey B.B. I like your bbq ribs at Lucillies. Keep wailing dude,



  18. Greg Kelley


  19. Einnif Nameloc

    Who are the 24 idiots who don't like this!!!!  OMG!!!

  20. Sebastián Boné


  21. Keiko Saito

    I would add Chuck Berry

  22. Rockhardt

    You should listen to his last 2 albums then. Really great stuff.

  23. ViL KoL

    Me encanta!

  24. lifexlovexlivin

    yeah if you don't got buddy on that list, you might as well take off hendrix

  25. eaglesallday0705

    Or Buddy Guy for that matter

  26. oscar kershaw

    peter green...

  27. Machine Gun Nest

    just wanted to inform you of your list - of some one very special= a guy who played like magic & he also invented the gal known as the electric guitar les paul=- fender had a whole staff and leo couldnt play-=- but les paul invented on his own & played premium-=- HE HAS BROUGHT US HERE--all of us

  28. Thomas Anton Geurts

    I'm a fan of clapton to, but for me nothing goes as deep as B.B, Albert and Freddy Fing

  29. Peter

    You must be one of the most intelligent people on the internet

  30. Georgy Porgy

    lol yeaj

  31. Ram Ben

    i think liz is a she not a his

  32. Nicholas Demirdjian

    I fuckin' love the 60s.

  33. Georgy Porgy

    i think clapton dosent send shivers down his spine

  34. Tim Birkenholz

    And if you know Peter Green, you ought to too!

  35. Santiago Perramón

    John Frusciaaaaaaaaaante

  36. nathan

    Technique....what the fuck is a technic?

  37. Dexter Morgan


  38. Josh Dunstan

    Where's Chuck Berry?! He inspired half of these legends! Don't forget the grandfather of rock n' roll.

  39. pagafantas94

    And Mark Knopfler

  40. Grant Briolat

    ur an idiot

  41. StSimonMartyr


    All send shivers down my spine and arent Tavistock sell outs/agents used for social engineering

  42. Luke Finch

    And Chuck Berry
    And John Lee Hooker.

  43. jesus lazo

    amo a los negros......y mas al blues....en especial a bb king....

  44. Adrian Rodriguez


  45. TheOromus

    He didn t compare Clapton to BB King.

  46. alex holt

    and chuck berry!

  47. Abdullah Joud

    and please for the 10000000000th time: IT IS """JIMI""" HENDRIX!!!

  48. Aaron DeMasi

    Jimi Hendrix.

  49. panther105

    So much awesome cool music I have to go back and listen to before I die. Thanks for this...

  50. Paolo Marini


  51. Thiago Justino

    BB King, meu nome deveria ser B.B Justino

  52. bwfc1000

    don't cry because I used a swear word, you little bitch

  53. David

    Check out Joe Bonamassa and you will ad one to your list.

  54. bwfc1000

    @Carpfingers what the fuck are you talking about?

  55. InnerCityRocker

    B.B. King was apart of the groundbreaking transitional phenomenon of the Blues metamorphosis into RhYthm & Blues.. and then R&B into Rock & Roll!!! LEGENDARY ARTIST right Here!!!

  56. zaribenn

    @LizyPage I think anybody ought to add Clapton among these giants

  57. DazedConfused1969

    @LizyPage kazuo takeda?

  58. cocainenigguh

    @agibono82 clearly you aren't religious.

  59. Mesojonistic

    @LizyPage Have you heard running up that hill by Kate Bush feat. David Gilmour ? It's amaaaazziinng !

  60. Bousho

    de eso se trata
    its about that

  61. rodostrong82


    Some arent alive right now! How great is that?!

    GOD since the beginning of time, is still ALIVE today!!!

    I'm not religious, but dang it!, who can be GREATER than GOD?


  62. Liz Page

    I ment JIMI Hendrix! I can't believe I spelled that wrong! xD my mistake...

  63. Liz Page

    Jimmy Page
    BB King
    David Gilmour
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Angus Young
    Joe Perry

    despite their technic or their contribute to music these are the ones whose tunes send shivers down my spine!

  64. Bobby Bluz

    Earl Hooker (even BB said he was the greatest ever)
    Eddie Taylor
    BB King
    Robert Jr. Nighthawk
    Luther Tucker
    Louis Myers

  65. Ryan Gaston

    HAHAHA FRED DURST?! NICKLEBACK? im open minded but fred durst sucks

  66. Chico Suman

    Puts all the english boys of that time in his pocket.

  67. peonwarrior

    Really great. But we want less blabla and more Solos

  68. James Destiche

    You'll never see him play guitar and sing at the same time. "A man's gotta know his limitations" - Clint Eastwood.

  69. Rodrigo Huerta

    black to the power!!! D: <

  70. Tauan de Carvalho

    my top is
    and King
    the rest is rest

  71. Oleg A.

    I love B.B. King's singing and playing - some real feeling in there

  72. dutchellene

    For those who like a good guitarist check out Jan Akkerman.
    He played in The Hunters, Brainbox, Focus.

  73. moonneeds

    @metachozoite ... it's with all the "blues masters" my friend...


    Im gonna be honest, i was expecting Zeppelin, but i love BB King, so its all good

  75. Philip Blades

    top 3 greatest guitarist 1= bb king 2 = eric clapton 3= cris whitney 4 and 5 = the picket brothers

  76. bobbos1075

    each to there own but if your gona make lists and not put Rory Gallagher on it you simply must not have listened to him, even the greats say he was one of the best the best in my opinion.

  77. cholinar

    I'm not gonna put them in order i'll just say my favorite guitarists...

    Jimmy hendrix, jimmy page, pete townshend, eric clapton ( on cream ), mark knopfler, chuck berry and Allen collins, i know some of you will read this and ask why didn't I put ( someone ) and i'll say well it's not in my favourites :P

  78. Marcus Edwards

    SMH ... WELL

  79. Ishzarks


    Jimi Hendrix

    B.B. King


    Those 3 are the best guitarist in the 20 and 21 century in the Blues and Rock genres

    The best Jazz Guitarist was Django Reinhardt...

  80. 31manyagi

    @LEDZEPP6610 you cant make a top ten of the best guirtarist but if you ever try it again,just not to piss the half of the world,put jimi as the best.

  81. kingson75

    BB King is the King for a reason.......and it ain't his last name

  82. mootle661

    Billy Gibbons

    Hendrix agrees

  83. KingCrow6

    @moonneeds you missed out SRV

  84. Keith Schiffner

    @ohwello Other than misspelling "Beerholder" I'm with you 125%...heck Keith Richards still says THE Robert Johson is phenominal and wishes he were that good.

  85. Jazz Man

    freddie king, albert collins, joe pass, mike Bloomfield, roy buchanan,
    gilmore and zappa suck

  86. Gustavo Barros

    @BnHwrd you forgot about james hendrix lol

  87. JandritoBlues

    I approve of the funkiness of this number.

  88. Miranda Z

    JACK WHITE....period

  89. BnHwrd

    1. Jimi Hendrix
    2. James Marshall Hendrix
    3. Jimi Hendrix

  90. Fretlessjay

    Clapton is the most boreing overated guitar god of all.
    !.David Gilmour
    2.Jeff Beck
    3.Page (possiblely the Most overrated...but i still love em)
    .4.Tommy Johnson
    5.Pete Townshed
    for my top 5

  91. Fretlessjay

    Clapton is the most boreing guitar god of all.
    !.David Gilmour
    2.Jeff Beck
    .4.Tommy Johnson
    5.Pete Townshed
    for my top 5

  92. SuperMadmax1965

    @ohwello if you gaze at the sky you will miss the beauty all around you.

  93. Franco Aguilera

    amen !!!

  94. Ольга Скрябина

    Fantastic video!^)))5*)/
    Fantastic song!

  95. Sissiaraujo

    Wonderful, the King!!!!

  96. 500ncb

    @Metalhead001122 why fred durst? duh

  97. stevenrthr100

    @Metalhead001122 He was making a point. you know what they say about opinions.They pretty much only matter to the person having them.

  98. thetravelwolf

    thnx for vid man)

  99. Siniša Marin

    Why 10? Why not 9, or 11? I prefer list of 2132 best guitar players ever. So I reserve place for me - proudly 2132!