Bazanji - Runaway Lyrics

Gotta runaway get away get away now
Too many games and they all tryna play out
Too many people and they all start to change now
Lemme take it back they gon know my name now
Yea we came a long way but it's one way
Got a long way to go like it's Monday
Some day gotta be in LA
Know I gotta make it work out like chest day
Yea we just young and we livin
We doin it right ova here while you missin
Just me and my homies we runnin the city
Not worried bout blowin these hundreds and fifties
Cause when you get caught up in money it's fake
The happiest thoughts end up goin to waste
I got all my people they holdin me down
They all comin with me when I got the crown

I'm goin track to track
Tryna master rap
I never gave it up
When they called me whack
Gonna run the game
Like I'm the runnin back
Gotta change it up
So you ain't stuck with that
Now give me the mic and gone
I'm hopin it ain't for too long
But I'm tryna make it all around the world
Meet the fans that put me on
You know we got it, yea we got it
We gon fill it up like its a wallet
We gon live it up like its college
We gon soak it up like its knowledge
Yea, and I gotta pay homage
To my fam and the fans from the hometown
Got the hill goin up when we back now
Put the 919 on the map now and I'm gone

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