Bay Faction - Florida Guilt Lyrics

I'll still smoke it if it's crust
Stomach empty
Would you dry my sweat?
I'm been burning up a twenty
And my health won't change
I don't pay attention
I feel no pain
I just can't let loose

Spin around the city like a drill bit
Talk through every window
Tell them how I feel
I just want to feel permanent
Skinny, cute, and comfortable
But can't I can't get that

I keep my teeth clean
For two weeks
Shaken up, headachy, caked in
Wake up queasy
Lost my conviction
Honestly, I think that's good
Hope my body's young enough
To feel you like I should

Spin around the city like a drill bit
Talk through every window
Tell them how I feel
I just want to feel permanent
Skinny, cute, and comfortable
But I can't get that

Glittery cinnamon
Like a Benzo day trip
I just wanna fall in
To your gold flaked champagne

Glittery cinnamon
Like a Benzo day trip
I just wanna fall in
To your gold flaked champagne

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Bay Faction Florida Guilt Comments
  1. Anthony Johnson

    I sometimes walk around the city and act like I'm in the music video when I listen to this song

  2. Danny Rosas

    He looks like ed nygma and John mayer put together

  3. Un-uh, peeling

    2:25 okay but this shot is also really amazing. Either I've watched too many "Now you see it" videos or I'm too high, maybe both, but the split from the gloomy green dull room he goes to when he leaves her and the other room with the long bright hallway of her sitting at the window is sorta powerful. The split in the middle symbolizes they are no longer together and separated living their own different lives. In the shot she is also more further away making her look smaller in the bigger picture, isolated and alone while still having potential to seek happiness with the yellow around her. While the boyfriend leaves back to the boring dull world he lives in and will always carry that guilt when he left.

    Eh I'm probably just too high
    Edit: Never mind, I just finished to the end so I'm probably very wrong but I still think it's a cool shot!

  4. Lauren Trifilo

    SIMONNNN !! Prom48 !!!!!

  5. Chris O'Buck

    Firmly believed just by the songs that the videos would be soft core pornos but guess not

  6. Ally Macdonald

    Jesus, so fucking good

  7. Christina Victoria

    This song is a glittery fever dream that has harbored so many hazy feelings of lust and love with an aftertaste of self loathing. But it changes each time I revisit it and I think it's just so versatile to experiences I've had... tyty xoxo

  8. I like Tuna Fish

    What an incredible song

  9. paul

    love this

  10. lil titty

    you guys deserve so much appreciation ugh

  11. Hannah Michelle

    i really don’t know how you guys haven’t blown tf up yet. your music is literally 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. AnewContraption

    gosh dang it...

  13. Lucas Faria

    Top!! Come to Brazil :)

  14. Cyrus Huxford

    5000 views? That's criminal

  15. Trainer Mono

    This is baller but their self titled stuff is baller also. Bring it back ? (:

  16. Beatrice BurstASMR

    So proud of u my angels ❤️

  17. Ollie w

    No homo but I'd go full homo for James

  18. Emily Boganowski


    The look James gives the camera as he gets on that bike I CAN’T.

  19. ashlee charles

    how can you not just fall in love with their sound and his voice

  20. tulipz

    That guy looks uncomfortably like my 7th grade art teacher and I don't know how to feel

  21. Brad Hankin

    yall deserve so much more!

  22. natalie

    so so proud of this. cannot wait to see what’s to come. love u forever 💙

  23. Daniel Lambert

    I love it!

  24. Johnny Rivera

    So is this song about a drug addiction?


    I'm pretty sure the blonde haired dude is closeted gay and comes out in the end? Idk I'm watching it again. So fkn good

    Johnny Rivera

    njg___ it has nothing to do with the lyrics. It could be a personification if drugs


    @Johnny Rivera uh yeah I guess..but even if its metaphor for drugs it doesnt change what is happening in the video

    Paula Speratti

    @njg___ thanks, I was trying to guess why they split up

  25. anthony beef

    wish you went back to the rock. tired of this shitty sad shit


    bro lmao

  26. Sandra Toma

    I’m in love with this

  27. Rebecca Alyse

    wow i cannot wait til you blow up. this deserves all the recognition in the world i love u

  28. Bad habit, snap out of it.

    This is pretty nice

  29. Matthew Shiels

    So excited to see you guys in London, I've been waiting for 4 whole years

  30. kaoyng

    fuck...this is so good

  31. Noah Maranesi

    Oh hell yeah

  32. laurel

    bay faction making big moves i see. that’s wtf i’m talkin ab

  33. Eloise Wilson

    biggest plot twist of 2019

  34. chey -

    what if we kissed on the set of a bay fac music video 😳😳😳


    lets do it 😳😳😳

    Etano B

    chey - haha jk....unless......

  35. Xalandir

    The kinda music that helps with my anxiety, I love bay faction so much. Quite literally my favorite band, I hope y'all do more!

  36. Ryan Lafave

    Rip jasper

  37. Savannah Boanca

    amazing video, loved that plot twist at the end lmaooo

  38. sarahkendray

    super cool guys!!!

  39. Paper Trailing

    "I just wanna feel permanent.
    Skinny, cute, and comfortable.
    But I can't get that."

    Good grief, that chorus... And everything else... For real, every one of your songs ruins me in the best and most excellent of ways.

  40. aidil

    1:22 is such a powerful shot ohmy gOd

    bs laine


  41. Nick Drago

    Had your entire discography on repeat for the past 6 months. Stoked for you guys!


    do you have a download link?

  42. Sarah Hasrouny

    this was the most fucking beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. thank u for blessing my eyes

  43. DavidBryantOffical

    God damn sexy

  44. alauna pete


  45. kobrakidsdead

    and I oop-

  46. niccy c

    Woah. The ending made the whole video make all the sense and my mind just exploded. LEGIT SAVAGE I LOVE IT for real mr steal yo man 🤘🏼

  47. Cory Steele


  48. Missy Misfortune

    So happy this is your first music video and I’m part of it as a viewer and listener. Keep it up guys <3!!!

  49. studio 4

    This is so beautiful

  50. Cropsey

    i love this so god damn much YESSSS

  51. mentallyabsent

    love u guys so much

  52. remurdereht

    Bae Faction 👌

  53. Alicia Morales

    Ugh! This is so beautiful! Love you guys

  54. Yaron Mad.

    The video really added to the song. It was great on it's own and you somehow managed to make it better. Makes me happy.

  55. Punk Julius, Rx

    you guys are so goddamn talented i couldnt be happier that i found you. i really would love to work with you all someday.
    my dream is for you to score my tv show in the future, flcl style. i hope you all get more recognition soon

  56. Emily Reed

    absolutely positively loved this! I love that Faux Snow Globe ended up in here too!!

  57. a a

    sweet! been following you guys for a while and was wondering what happened with that shoot at an airport or the one with the Vette? more vids on the way?

  58. Aidan Johnson

    Seriously, why are more people not listening to ya’ll.


    Let's keep it indie


    24pablox fuck that I want them to be successful

  59. RRT


  60. Katy McKellar

    my favorite band i love you so much please come to atlanta again <3


    I agrawr

  62. Deej

    Thank you for this

  63. Max Bins

    This makes me happy 😔

  64. C B


  65. Ruby Flores

    Incredible, thanks a million for this masterpiece <3

  66. Daniel Meade

    is jay jasper in this video?

  67. cattea jenkies

    mr steal your man

  68. Lara Kennedy

    i love u

  69. Sara R

    This is very satisfying.

  70. m i r a n d a b r o w n

    so awesome

  71. Thalia Baptiste


    Bay Faction

    this summer!!

  72. Rest EZ

    It went off on god

  73. Manuela Mila

    it's perfect

    Bay Faction

    THANK U💗

  74. cattea jenkies

    hey kings love this love u congrats

  75. soph

    i'm so happy, my favortie band :)

    Daniel Lambert

    Same here!

  76. LoveAlotLaura

    I'm SO excited !!!!!!!

  77. Harrison W

    REMINDER = ON. I cannot contain my excitement.

  78. Manuela Mila

    Un-follow Me Now, This is Gonna Be the Only Thing I Tweet About For The Next Week. Ive Wanted This For Years Fuck. What The Fuck.

  79. Brookelyn Robertson


  80. studio 4

    The wait begins