Bautista, Christian - I'm Already King Lyrics

This is the time
I have to believe
No one can take my faith away

And I'm flying through the night
Flying to the sky
And go higher and higher again
And go higher and higher again

I'm already king
In my own empire
I'm already here
I've already reached my desires
Uh no one… can take my dreams away

And I'm flying through the night
Flying to the sky
And go higher and higher again
And go higher and higher again

I'm already king yeah
I'm already king

And I'm flying through the night
Flying to the sky
And go higher and higher again
And go higher and higher again

And I'm flying through the night
Flying to the sky
And go higher and higher again
And go higher and higher again

I'm already king
In my own empire
I'm already here
I've already reached my desires
Cause I'm with you

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Bautista, Christian I'm Already King Comments
  1. Renz Carr

    whose watching today 2019

  2. JB Tadioan

    I used to play this song as lullaby when I was a kid. Then I just realized that this song has a powerful message. Don't quit even if it they said it. Believe to yourself :)

  3. Tony Rian

    i like it

  4. yhoung adonis

    Can I use this song for a music video?

  5. Brian Kim

    high school days ❤️

  6. jhobeth madronero

    guys ano po movie na ito kac nakalimotan ko

  7. Kimberly Joyce

    graduation song 😭
    grabe rin iyak ko sa movieee

  8. Nelly Sumarlo

    Finally i find this song .... The beautiful song 😍😍

  9. just kim

    2018 and I'm back to this song. Jeez! Interpretations vary, but this song is both inspirational and heartwarming for me. The feeling of elation I get is perfectly described by the song.

  10. Yanuar Eko

    Dedicated to S W N ... your my dream

  11. ge-anne Escama

    sino po may copy or link nung movie na A Special Symphony?please share nyo naman po sa akin....thanks

  12. Nadnadya Maulanii


  13. john ibaniez

    Ganda ng movie nakaka touch ng damdamin
    napanuod ko yan kanina
    ang ganda nakakaiyak

  14. Albert Jr Seidel

    Thumbs Up If ur watching this in JULY 2016?
    too much light

  15. Aljon Fedoc

    bakit wala akong mahanap na CD niyan?

    Michael Paloma

    Aljon Fedoc kase sa sinehan lang yan

  16. Jellyn Parel

    Ang ganda nitong movie 😍😭

    Michael Paloma

    Jellyn Parel opo naiyak po ako nung pinanood

  17. Ana

    Kahit 3yrs ago na yung nakakaraan nung napanuod ko yung movie pero hanggang ngayon tandang tanda ko pa yung nangyare :)

    KyUtlrEm Senpai

    +Ana Camille Toledo me too


    Ganyan po talaga kapag sobrang ganda ng storya kahit anong tagal na tanda mo parin yung nangyare :)

  18. Karen Faith

    I'm looking for this movie but I can't find it anywhere. I badly want to watch Christian Bautista in that movie.

    boxing fanatics

    a special symphony

    i search mo sa google mahahanap mo siya full movie pero meron kasing bayad

    Karen Faith

    +Ronnie Cuzon natry ko na hanapin, kaso ayun hindi ko parin mapanuod 😔

    Michael Paloma

    Karen Faith a special symphony po title nyan

  19. Momo Joue

    Hello. Very nice voice men with song love romantic video vevo give 10000% point thanks

  20. Charles Christian Villarias

    The title of the movie is The Simple Symphony

    melquiades pabillare

    +Charles Christian Villarias thanks...i like the song and christian's redition.

  21. Aldi s

    can i have the instrumenr or karaoke version of this song?? plizzzz anyone??? ^^

  22. Roi cata-cata

    zacky <3

  23. Marvin Nalayog

    ito ung matagal kunang hinahanap haha XD

  24. Shen

    One of the best movie I've ever seen :)) 

  25. Neo Morpheus

    A very beautiful Indonesian song sang by an amazing Filipino singer....Filipinos and Indonesians are brothers in music..both countries are musically talented....from the Philippines here !

  26. edward degohas

    This Is The Theme song In The "A SpeciaL Symphony" ! 
    Deba ! Po ! ;* ! 

  27. Prof. ReyDev

    Inspiring song and voice

  28. Prof. ReyDev

    Inspiring song and voice

  29. Arawatt Wongsanit

    I like christian much he got a beautiful voice.

  30. Ramil Blaza

    I & my daughter watched this together with hundreds of kids & parents @ SM Fairview yesterday as part of their educational film showing, the movie was worth the tickets we paid for... was touched with the special children's performance of "imagine" & this song when christian was at the airport. I would love to watch this movie again...

  31. Karl Yeah

    YEah.... Goodddd

  32. darwin shoichi babante

    its memorable song!

  33. karl pascua

    with this song, any man can be a king with his own empire.

  34. Chliefferwyn Superales

    Nc . nahanap ko din tong Song na to . mula nung pinanood namin Yung Special symphosium ..

  35. fudjiko yamato

    -. qai nspyrd , ;D

  36. andrew abinuman

    Even I noticed how meaningful is the lyrics of this song...

  37. Janine Tagabi

    Guess what this is our GRADUATION SONG!

  38. mau cedar

    beautiful it..

  39. joey recana

    ang ganda naman :)) i;m already king

  40. Ed Jr


  41. Ojnev Delacruz

    so like it

  42. pratiwi chelle

    handsome guy :*

  43. marlo suarez

    nc song

  44. neza elina

    song is amazing :) I like the song ,

  45. Skyler Waites

    may tama ka jan! :D

  46. vincent molano


  47. hiroaki ian mozo

    ang ganda ng movie na toh nakakaiyak.

  48. michie payadan

    i luv dis song.,!

  49. rhine ignacio

    i really2x love this song..:)..

  50. PhysicX ArvZz

    Last year, I watched this movie since this is part of our grades for Grade 6. It was awesome.

  51. Shaine Balanay

    i almost cried in this movie, keep up the good work Christian!

  52. albert fabito

    nice song

  53. andrew vilan

    sinu nakakaalam ng chords neto ??? post nyo skin eto email ko..

    [email protected]


  54. andrew vilan

    i really love this siong <3

  55. Edo Prabawandwika

    I like this song very much, so touching :'D

  56. Azhari Marzuqie

    I like this song, thanks.

  57. Farmer Kece

    Have A Link For Karaoke Version? I Love This Song , , ,

  58. eko apriyanto

    i like this

  59. anzhyo


  60. JOYLIVES 30

    i love his songs so much so inspiring. it makes you bealive in real lasting love and just your life your everyday feelings. im already queen.

  61. nattar13


  62. mrarturobautista

    muy buen cantante, saludos desde mexico, el es mi primo

  63. Angelina Josie

    RUANG MUSIK........ :D

  64. DeLaCruzer11

    How about a duet with Manny Pacquiao?

  65. agung dku

    lagu asyik buat bobok siang..

  66. jay123

    Best song ever!

  67. Willbefine Channel

    is my favorite song............. :)

  68. Ruth Nicolas

    I like this song.....

  69. Zulfikar Ristama

    We're already King!

  70. Christine Lizhen

    What a GREAT SONG !!...Yes, No one can take my dreams n my faith away....:):)

  71. riemathestar

    Just saw it few hours ago. From Philippines with love. Proud to be a Filipino because of him. I just notice that Christian Bautista didn't value the TEARS in this movie. I know he keeps on trying to be an actor but ... I'm not against to him just saying my insight.

  72. coolvideo5

    I like the song, it's so catchy

  73. Juan AJ

    hear this song make me remember Simfoni Luar Biasa :') ..

  74. AL Roberts

    great song

  75. halfbloodprincess13

    I will always be a fan... :-)

  76. paueehtee

    Kuya Christian, ang gwapo mo po sa A SPECIAL SYMPHONY. Thumbs up! :))))

  77. witchvain

    i love the song, it's so beautiful

  78. Dee Natalia

    nice song. nice lyric. nice story ...

  79. Kerokeroppi07

    Very nice song... :)

  80. Xym Fonie

    @lemueljosephoabel whhhooooooaaaa.. O_o thanx for the info..

  81. lemueljosephoabel

    @colien28 it's sopreso

  82. Kongkong Kurikong

    nice ang ganda nito ahhhh pacencya na nakapagtagalog akoh jejejejeje peace

  83. Rousell Ferrer

    This is one of Christians BEST songs! :DD

  84. Xym Fonie

    He sounded foreign. Really.. And he rocked! :DDD This is what you call SONG.

  85. jose alcala

    love these song, if i am the king c hanns cosico ang queen

  86. Fuuz

    He's so bless, I never get tired of listening to his songs, his wonderful calm voice

  87. philkor88bella

    galing... he sounds international

  88. keith alvarez

    u have always been the best for me...when i listen to your music...its as if im in the hammock..i love your voice,...and im so in-love with you...oh my..when will i get the chance of meeting u personally...

  89. 44thepistol

    this is what you call MUSIC. it is something that touches you deep in your soul just like this =)

  90. sdbjr007

    @iamleepalisoc sadly yan prob pag iphones/pads gadget mo, pra mkaDL ka nto kelangan mo pa mgJailbreak pero ang prob nman sa Jailbreak masyadong risky sa mga virus at malware. . .

    Very nice song. . .

  91. Kevin Mortega

    Heard this on the radio. :)

  92. Rochelle Angat

    this song is very special!!!! it touches our soul

  93. Erny Sadikin

    Love this song.. So inspiring..

  94. artemisjheni

    I love the song and I love Christian :)
    Imusenio pride :))

  95. Indo .Squad

    in my imagine..i never know christian can fight...OMG! he is damn hooot when he